Look Elsewhere?

All my fanfiction will be free flowing to the site that they can be on. I am no longer going to be updating this site.

I love my site and I love writing, and I will be continuing my fanfics. I am giving them purpose though, a new purpose to me. A purpose that shouldn’t be confusing my audience though. I need to create my new author site, and if I am putting my purpose out there, then I need to focus out there more than glimpse back to this site.

I wanted to join sites at first, but I don’t think it’s necessary. People simply need four profile links and they can find my work. Fixing this site up takes time from what I want to do next, and having everything out there is way more important.

I will finish my fanfictions, but it is going to take time. I will not be rushing them, and I will be putting work into the one I am working on. However, they will be slow because I have multiple properties that I will be writing on, and if some don’t get a lot of attention and fall behind, I will move back to them when I’ve finished more.

Why? Everything I write is free. There are no promises of when something will be done, and I am going to be using it for the purpose of being able to drop out of a genre I publish in to keep myself from burn out. I picked my most favorite genre, as well as one that has the most navigation room. I know for a chance of future success, in this heavy publishing climate, I am going to have to focus genre wise on what I am doing.

So you see? I can’t quit, because no one can write on one thing forever. However, I don’t need a whole other site. While it also hurts to think of the loss of the SEO that might have been gained? The SEO for the site didn’t really help, and wouldn’t help, my original work. Plus?

I just need to go out there and post and write and publish. I have less need to fix up my sites, especially with MyBookTable.

So don’t worry if you know about the exclusive content my site had. I will be posting them out across ff.net, ao3, and wattpad. Everything is getting it’s new home.

I originally kept my site to make sure nothing happens to my work. Now, with the modern age and three to four sites working together, along with staying in that area to keep up with changes? I feel confident I won’t really lose my work. Sites take time to die down, and I would still have it out there on another. If another heavy property came through too, I could also distribute them that way as well.

This site is up for renewing in less than two months. In that time, I will have everything moved off of it. I will do my best to get everything actually out there ASAP so I no longer have to worry about anything here.

So, I will still be updating! No worries. All exclusive content will be flowing outward. I suppose that’s kind of nice to me too. I will see if there really is an audience for it somewhere.

Thanks everyone for all your support on this site. Before it’s expired, I will be redirecting it to my new writing name, Serena Cooler, if anyone wants to keep tabs on my original work too. Thank you.