Repeating the past, Lyle has impregnated Miss Parker in a similar fashion as their mother, with Jarod’s children. The scrolls are coming true, and the chosen boy ‘Jarod’ isn’t what everyone wants now. It’s the Angel carrying angels. And they’ll send out the devil to get her back.


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1. No Matter How Strong

2. Voice Over

3. True Self

4. Little Miss Inner Sense

5. A Girl Named Jarod?

6 Broots’ Secret

7. Rescue and Abduct

8. For Now

9. Easy Come, Zoe Go

10. Daddy’s Angel

11. Funda-wha?

12. Pretenders Are Dangerous

13. Sydney’s Move

14. The DSA’s of Miss Parker

15. A Child Screams Only Once For Him

16. Invisible Cigarette

17. Family Discussion

18. Wicked Queen

19. A Ride With Jarod’s Mom

20. The Pretending Family

21. His and Her DSA Cases

22. Jarod’s Family Takes A Stand

23. Angelo?

24. Never Befriend Again

25. Eavesdropping

26. Twin Angels and A Devil

27. Beautiful

28. Letting His Angel Fly

29. Jarod Meets His Mom

30. Competition for the Angel’s Hand

31. Truth In Dreams

32. Her Geek

33. Duly Noted

34. Beyond the Glass

35. Slippery Slopes

36. Face to Face: Jarod and Thomas

37. If You Give A Pretender A Brownie

38. The Triumvirate Sends the Very Best

39. Angel and Onyssius

40. Family Surprise

41. Through the Cracks Whispers An Angel

42. Mighty Foundation Cracks

43. At The Exact Same Time

44. Buckle Her Seat Belt

45. Christmas Blackmail

46. Gemini’s Angel

47. A Sacrifice to Save

48. Tattoos and Beer

49. Reunited

50. Constantly Talk, But Say Nothing

51. Heart of Africa

52. Sydney’s Decision

53. The Carpet Under His Feet Looked Plush

54. See How Nice Denial Feels?

55. Sad Clown

56. Heaven’s Hall