All the hero and his sidekick wanted was to help. They had sworn to help the world, but foul tricks have been used against them. They both must face new obstacles and uncover secrets if they are to survive. Regret, anguish and hidden feelings force themselves forward as the world becomes more impatient for the cure.
The only cure. A sweet, innocent cure.
The blood of their unborn child.

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Extra Information: Sweet Cure is a redone/remastered version of Death by Cake series. I completely took out the first book, added new parts to the second (that was needed to understand without the first book), and of course, it gleamed great by the third. When it first came out, it struggled to find itself. Readers loved and hated it, and as I read it, I loved and hated it. I eventually whipped it into some serious shape, and now it is Sweet Cure. I really hope you enjoy it.