If I have my stuff out in the top three highest places for fanfiction, then why should people visit the site? I figured an easy tell-tale reason list would be a good idea for you all.

  1. Alternative Stories: Undertale has alternative stories. None of the alternatives (except maybe one) can ever be written in full out there because it diverges in it’s path and becomes much different than the other. Other sites do not like repeat material, hence the alternatives are only here.
  2. Knowledge is Power: I have my calendar on the side of the site, letting you know whenever something is coming out and where.
  3. Exclusive Stories: These are stories (counting Alternative plus new stories) that won’t be available anywhere else and/or are not ready for prime-time. You need to keep at least an update a week for a story, and if I know I can’t do that, then they are exclusive to the site until I am ready, until they finish up, or they may never leave.
  4. Apocalyptic Fairytale Exclusives: Oh, I won’t get into all of this, but because you should have some prior knowledge of the little books, I only offer . . . a lot of Apocalyptic Fairytales here, including the new ones that will never be published out there anymore.
  5. Surprises!: Some days I am going to be able to have more time and if I add an extra twenty chapters to that story you’ve been following here, it won’t suddenly get twenty chapters elsewhere. Or if I just get up a brand new book. It will still be as per the schedule everywhere else. Yeah, that’s a bonus for you for visiting.
  6. Extra Chapters: I am going to try and start adding an extra chapter sometimes if I can, to keep these stories a little bit farther. I can’t keep it up with everything, but I will do my best to keep at least a couple stories here ahead of schedule than on other sites.