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Just An Experiment

Chapter Thirty Five: Not Right



One week later…

Yakko couldn’t put his finger on it. For a week now, something’s been buzzing in the back of his mind. What was it? Neither Wakko or Dot knew, but they didn’t really sense it either. It was getting worse and worse everyday though. The feeling, that something wasn’t right.

Yakko was outside of the water tower, looking up at the sky. The strange clouds in the small vicinity hadn’t changed in the last week since it appeared.

“Yakko. Are you still out here?” Dot grinned as she came out. “Come on, what’s wrong with you?”

Yakko shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. Something doesn’t feel right.” He stared at Dot for some time. She looked fine. Happy, cute, exactly like she should. But, he kept getting very strange images when he looked at her. Small flashes with her actually in a full dress, looking pretty. ‘Why do I keep seeing that?’ “I’m coming.” He smiled and went back inside.

It wasn’t only Dot either. Everytime he first glanced in a mirror, he himself looked taller. Just, strange little things. Why? Why did everything feel so wrong?



Aroma was just humming as she walked along.

“Hellooooooo Aroma!” A warner shouted as he came up right beside her. He held a small flower in his hand. “I bought this just for you today.”

Aroma seemed unimpressed and looked at the tiny flower. It was white and on a small ring. Not very impressive at all. “What? No.”

“Take a hike.” Zenny frowned as he followed beside his sister.

The poor warner sighed. He had pursued Aroma over 2 decades now, and still no bite. He looked at his tiny ring flower. He tried to catch back up with her. “Aroma, come on! This thing set me back 16,000 wiggles!”

Aroma stopped and looked over at him again. She was far from interested in him. “Well, take it back.”

Zenny shooed the warner away again. He looked over at his sister. “Geez sis, that guy’s more annoying than all of them put together.” He watched him finally leave. “I can’t believe mom and dad want him to be your male.”

Aroma scoffed. “Please. That’s never gonna happen.” She continued to walk.

“Well, he is a singer.” Zenny added.

“Was a singer.” Aroma corrected him. “That’s the only reason mom and dad like him.”

“Yeah. You’re gonna end up with someone much better than that.” Zenny smiled at Aroma. “Someone who can appreciate you for who you-”

“Helloooooooo Aroma!!”

“…are.” Zenny finished as he finally got ‘rid’ of all the warners that appeared. “That oughtta take care of them.”

“Ha.” Aroma just laughed. “No way. I’m not ending up with anyone, period. That would mean kids and no more fun. What am I, crazy?”

Zenny smiled. Aroma was a fun-loving, adorable but high-class warner. A strange and dangerous combination. Her singing and talents attracted warners from everywhere to her. High class, middle class, low class, all of them came hoping to finally land her.

Unlike a lot of high-class warners though, she wasn’t real mean and belittling. Another reason poor Zenny was there. She didn’t take anything given to her as a gift and she rarely used guys for her own needs. Well, sometimes. Depending on the gift, some were hard to turn down.

Aroma continued to smile and just enjoyed the day. None of the other warners whistling at her ever bugged her. It was natural background noise. She didn’t really care for any of them. Well, she liked having fun with them, but they always wanted more. They wanted her as their female. Each and every one of them.

No way would Aroma be anyone’s female. She liked playing around too much.

“Oh gee Zenny, it’s kind of warm today.” Aroma commented as she wiped her forehead.

“Here, here. You can use this!” One warner tried to hand her a moist towel.

“No here. You can have this!” Another warner tried to give her a fan.

“No, this is better!” Another warner tried to give her a really big fan.

Aroma did not take any of them though. Zenny quickly scared most of the warners away again, but they were always like flies. Bat one, they all still eventually came back. After all, she wasn’t a typical warner. All his sister did day in and day out was avoid the onslaught of warners. Poor Zenny always had to be there to help guard her. She could never really go out by herself.

One day though, she would. Zenny agreed. One day, when Aroma just couldn’t take it anymore, she could quit her career and they would move. Somewhere peaceful and quiet. Somewhere without-

“Aroma! Aroma! Aroma! Aroma?!” her wannabe male’s always chanted. It was hard to even get close to her! Aroma only payed attention to the best.

“Hey Aroma.”

Zenny growled at Florgy. ‘Oh no.’

“Hi Florgy.” Aroma chirped as she ran straight into his arms. She didn’t pay attention to most warners, but she did like Florgy. He was cute and kinda funny at times.

Zenny on the other hand, hated Florgy. He was deceiving, conniving and egotistical. But, he had to tolerate him. Unlike a lot of the others, Aroma actually could stand the guy and he was pretty high up. Out of her ten best, Florgy was the highest on her list. One day, whether he liked it or not, Florgy would probably be his baby sister’s male. Of course, that would be a long way off since Aroma didn’t want anyone anytime soon. “Hello, Florgy.”

“Well, hey brother!” Florgy grinned right before he started to kiss Aroma and then spin her around in a circle.

Aroma laughed! Florgy was always fun. “Hey?” She jumped on him as he continued to spin her. “Why didn’t you come to my tournament yesterday? It was great, I won by a landslide!”

“Oh, I was busy.” Florgy smiled.

Zenny frowned. Busy. Never busy enough to miss her singing, but always busy for her paddleball. If only she could just open her eyes.

Well, Aroma’s eyes were open. She knew Florgy never came because he didn’t care for paddleball. That really didn’t phase her though. After all, he was cute and she was just playing around. She never hid that fact from any warner.

They all knew she just wanted to play. In the end though, they still wouldn’t give up. They wanted her.

“Hey Zen, why don’t you go take a break?” Florgy grinned as he picked up Aroma in his arms. He looked down at her. “Wanna play?”

“Ooh.” Aroma yelled excitedly. “What should we play? Tag?”

Florgy laughed as he set her down. “Yep, and you’re it!”

Aroma groaned but started to run after him happily.

Zenny started to walk away. Florgy was powerful enough himself to handle any warners that messed with her.

“Hey Aroma.”

Florgy growled as some of his toughest rivals for her showed up.

Aroma stopped and ran over to them. “Hey you guys. We’re playing tag and I’m it.”

“Tag?!” The others growled at Florgy.

“Quit making moves without us,” One of them warned him.

Florgy growled back. “She agreed to play with me. Deal with it.”

Aroma groaned. Really, it was just a fun game of tag. She touched one of her other interested companions. “You’re it!”

Zenny still watched from a distance though. Aroma never liked just one warner. She just kissed and hugged any strange warner she found cute or entertaining. On one hand, that was a good thing. She couldn’t get tied down to Florgy that way. On the other, it was bad. Because she never made a decision, and all of the warners wanted her. Making them fight that much harder for her.

She wanted fun and they wanted her. Zenny sighed and continued to walk slowly away again. One day, he knew one of those wannabe’s would try something. Then, that would be the last straw. Goodbye Anima, hello some other planet. Phloren would be nice, but isolation from other species was more of their goal. Most likely, they would head somewhere real isolated like Earth.

Someday though, he really hoped she would end up with someone deserving. That they both could.

She could find someone and make her entourage go away for good.

Wasn’t there anyone out there? Someone who understood her, someone who liked her for who she was and not just what she was or had?

Zenny smiled. ‘If that happened, then I could finally find someone.’ He grinned. ‘One day. One day, there’ll be a warner out there perfect for her and me!’



“My remote,” Yakko whined as he fought over the remote with Wakko.

“No! You’ve already had it!” Wakko whined back.

Dot entered the struggle and then gasped. “Look! There’s Hello Nurse in a bathing suit.”

“Where?!” Yakko and Wakko were instantly distracted, so Dot won the remote.

“I never get to get it,” Wakko whined.

Yakko crossed his arms. It should have been his. He stood up. “This is boring.” He stuck his hands in his pockets casually and felt something strange.

Dot gasped as she saw what he brought out. “An Eternal?!” She instantly grabbed it from him. “Oh Wow! Yakko, how did you get an Eternal?!”

Yakko shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. How did I?” He brought his pockets inside out. That was really strange.

Dot held her breath as it started to gently fit upon one of her gloved fingers like a band. “It is an Eternal!”

Yakko and Wakko both stared.

“There’s no way Yakko could get one.” Wakko frowned.

“Yeah. That and they aren’t on Earth.” Yakko agreed. “So…where’d it come from?”

Dot felt a little weird as she held it. That sense of déjà vu Yakko always talked about was starting to hit her as well. “Yakko? You know, that feeling like something’s not quite right? I think I feel it too.”

Yakko grinned. Yes. Finally, one of them felt the same way. “I know!” He looked down at the Eternal. “Must have to do with this thing.”

“But, how did you get one?” Wakko asked again. “It’s impossible. How?”

“I don’t know, but it’s an Eternal!” Dot laughed cheerily as she bounced up and down.

It took some time to wriggle the flower away from Dot. Some time and some running after her, before she finally agreed.

Yakko promised her she could probably keep it later. He wanted to find out where it came from though. I mean, how did this of all flowers, end up in his pocket?!



Mac and his other siblings all hid behind an old toppled trashcan.

“Are you sure about this Mac?” Princess asked him once again. The Warners were only a few feet away.

The mysterious seven had barely ever met their parents. Well, not their present parents. It was too risky. The Tiger could have killed any of them in a blink of an eye.

But, The Tiger was busy manipulating Tiger. He wouldn’t be anywhere near his own time anymore.

Mac made his decision clear as he popped up from behind the old trashcan. “Hellooooo!”

Yakko, Wakko and Dot all stopped playing tag and grinned.

“Hey! It’s another warner?!” Yakko was the first to run over. “I’m Yakko!”

“I’m Wakko!” Wakko was the second to dart over.

“And I’m cute!” Dot giggled as she showed up third. “Among other things. Hold your applause.”

Dee Dee and Princess giggled. She was good.

Princess went up to Dot first. Eternals grew rapidly on almost every planet now. Meaning . . . Dot might have remembered the ten years. Maybe. “Do you remember me?”

“Oh, should I?” Dot tilted her head and examined the warner closely.

“Hey, it’s relation,” Wakko laughed as he went over to Princess. “Look at her, she almost matches completely.”

Princess just smiled at Dot sadly. Could she remember? Chances weren’t good, even with Eternals all around, it had been so long ago. Maybe it was too painful and too long to ever remember again.

Dot started to step up slowly to her. “…” She looked very close into Princess’ eyes. “…P-Princess of Cuteness?”

Princess grinned. She did remember.

“Caress?” Yakko started to look over closely at the little girl too. He looked over at all of them. “No way.”

“They survived? They survived!” Wakko yelled joyfully as he went over and started to hug Mac. “I’d recognize you from anywhere, Zenny!”

“Zenny?” Mac was a bit confused. How did Wakko know that would have been his name?

Yakko, Wakko and Dot all started to laugh.

“I thought you were lost for good!” Dot gave Princess a great big hug. “My sweet Cutie Pie!”

“Cutie Pie?” Princess asked confused.

“Don’t you remember?” Dot smiled. “Come on. I named you that after we escaped. Don’t you remember at all?”

“Escaped?” Princess looked back at the others. They had changed the future?

“Well, yeah.” Dot frowned. “You don’t remember?”

“Do you remember me?” Yakko asked the kids in the back eagerly. Judging from his choices, he guessed they were his.

Shy couldn’t nod, she didn’t really know him. Com couldn’t really nod either, he never really knew him. He only remembered the past Yakko. Giggles wished she could have said yes too, but she’d only been a baby.

Yakko looked at the three and noticed the very shy one between. He knew in seconds who that one was. “Caress?” He laughed. “Come on, you remember me?” He pointed to himself. “It’s your Yaddy!”

“How…?” Shy blinked.

“Whoah. We did change it?” Mikey looked around. “Everything looks the same, but memories are different.”

“That’s because we managed to change just a little.” Dee Dee butted in. “Not a whole lot. We were still separated in the end.” She frowned. “How come our memories weren’t changed?”

Yakko was trying to play ball with Shy, but she kept moving away. She wasn’t used to him being so close.

But Yakko was. She was the only one of his kids he hadn’t been afraid to get too close to. Mainly because she was like a niece at first. The other two were too small and the first one had…

“Come on Caress, let’s play!” Yakko tried to throw the ball at her. “Like we used to. Remember?”

Shy didn’t know how to act. This closeness he remembered, she wasn’t there for it. She watched it at times, but it wasn’t her just a past her.

“Oh geez…you’re ten times as worse.” Yakko frowned. With what had happened to her older brother, he shouldn’t have been surprised. “One step at a time then. Ball?” He smiled.

Mac looked over at Dee Dee and Princess who were all starting to group hug and chat with their mom. He kept looking around suspiciously though.

“Watcha doing that for?” Wakko had to ask him. “Do you expect someone else?”

Mac seemed surprised. “Well, if The Tiger finds us, we’re done for.”

“What?” The expression on Yakko’s face showed a lot of . . . hurt?

“Zenny Junior?!” Dot was absolutely shocked with what he said! She looked over at Yakko and watched as he just started to run away. She growled back at him. “It’s such a nice reunion after all these years! Why did you have to say that?”

“Say what?” Mac was very confused. “The Tiger would find us.”

“He’s dead. They’ve been dead for a long time.” Wakko frowned. “I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys. You remember us, and yet you don’t. You remembered what happened, and yet you don’t?” Wakko looked over at Mikey. “And who are you?”

“Yeah. What is up with this?” Dot whined. “Why don’t you remember everything?!”

“The Tiger is gone?” Princess spoke up first. “Really?”

“The Tiger and Yakko, Jr.,” Dot corrected her. “For a long, long time.” Dot tried to smile. “Let’s not talk about that though. Come on, you can join everyone back at our old tower.”

“Everyone?” Dee Dee had to speak up. “What do you mean everyone?”

“…Aroma and Zenny? Dur?” Dot sighed. “I swear, it’s like you only remember parts.”

“Zenny’s alive?!” Mac grinned. “You’re kidding? How?”

Dot just looked at him in surprise. “Junior? What do you mean how? Zenny’s been trapped with Aroma here for a long time with all of us. Ever since that day…” She cleared her throat. “Now come on!” She started to run off.

Wakko looked over at Mikey a second and then ran off as well. He’d find out who the human was later he supposed.

The seven siblings all stood in silence for a time.

“We did change our time.” Mac finally spoke up. “We changed it more than we thought.”

“Wow, is this really our life now?” Princess added. “I thought it didn’t do any good! The Tiger and Tiger is gone? But, how do they know both?!”

“He must have tried to finish the job. Afterwards, came back?” Com suggested. “Sounds like Tiger ended up doing the same thing as…”

“-No.” Shy spoke up. “No…not again.”

Com dug in his pocket and picked out an Eternal. He held it close. Eternals always helped make you a tiny bit happy, no matter what happened.

Mac noticed it and pulled out his own. “I bet this is our answer. To our memories at least.”

“True. Once we ditch them and come back, we should have our memories.” Giggles agreed. “Then we’ll know what’s what!”

“Not yet.” Mikey frowned. “Don’t you see? We changed everything. If we just figure out what we could change again, the future could be even better.” He grinned. “Yeah! The future could be a paradise!”

“One trip though and look how much we did,” Princess reminded him. “I don’t know why the Universe didn’t end, but we should be happy with what we have now! We can be with them again!” She cheered.

“Maybe.” Mac started to speak. “We could be with them. Go over and start over with them again. At 4 centuries old.” He frowned. “We could forget all about Journey and whatever happened that triggered this new future.”

“Mac.” Princess whined. “I wanna be with momma!”

“I want to stay too!” Giggles whined. “I mean, I barely met dad! Now, we have a chance! What if we mess up even bigger? What if there is no future to come back too next time?”

“She’s right! And Zenny and Aroma are alive,” Princess reminded him. “Come on, we can meet our dad.”

“Well…I’m happy for you.”

All the warners turned toward Mikey.

“Maybe…maybe I should just go back?” Mikey recommended. “I could take care of Journey.”

“Mikey?” Shy spoke up softly.

His brothers and sisters gathered around him.

“You’ll be welcome here.” Mac tried to reason with him. “Sure they aren’t your parents, but they’ll be fine with it! They like humans you know.”

“No, I couldn’t interrupt on your families.” Mikey smiled sadly. “Besides, Journey is going to need someone until her mommy accepts her.” He reached in his pocket and picked out an Eternal. “Maybe this will help. One Eternal shouldn’t make much difference.”

“Mikey…” Giggles whined. “That’s not right.” She shook her head. “This isn’t right.”

“You’re right sis.” Dee Dee agreed. “We can’t just leave it like this. We might have our parents, but we still only reached them finally now. At 4 centuries? We’ve missed too much time and now, we’ve really screwed things up with time itself. Who knows everything we did.”

“So what? Risk losing our dim future but still a future for more?” Com asked sadly. The warners and the human all started to slowly walk toward where Yakko, Wakko and Dot had ran to.

The tower. The water tower no longer stood up anymore. It hadn’t for many, many years. It lied on its side, the door left open unless it rained now. With the little happiness the warners had had anymore, it wasn’t enough to even manipulate space. The only space within was the circumference of the tower itself. A little over five warners were probably all that fit within. It was always more of a place to stay nearby in case the weather turned bad. The Warners never could bear to leave it.

Mac saw his mom and dad both giving each other a little kiss. His mom was excitedly trying to tell Zenny all that had happened. Yakko was actually a little ways away, standing near three graves that weren’t there before. He seemed to snap out of it and ran back over to the others. He grabbed Aroma’s hand and started telling her the kids’ news.

The seven siblings all saw the graves, even from a distance. One was Otto Scratchansniffs. His grave . . . well, his memorial had always been much further away. The second was labeled ‘Fallen Soul Yakko Jr.’ Most likely, The Tiger’s. Then, there was a little one labeled ‘Yakko, Jr.’ They were covered in Eternals and were well taken care of by the warners.
No. It wasn’t right.


The next night at Scratchansniff’s house…

“Go away!” Scratchansniff insisted for the third time. “Go away you crazy varner brother!”

Yakko refused to give up. “But Scratchy. Really! I had this weird dream, and I don’t remember, but I know it’s important. Something’s been really wrong Doc, I know it.”

“Well then come to my office tomorrow. Not here, zis is my home,” Scratchansniff whined as he tried to make him go away again.

“I don’t wanna worry Dot and Wakko. Come on Doc, pleaaase?” Yakko begged annoyingly at the door.

Scratchansniff groaned. He was in his P.J.’s already and he had been sleeping. Most people were sleeping, it was 2:00 in the morning. But, as determined as Yakko seemed to be he wouldn’t be able to make the kid go away easily. He’d already been bugging him 10 minutes. Eventually, the Warner Brothers always won. “I need coffee.”

Yakko grinned and shot in. He looked around the room. “Don’t you ever get bigger digs Scratchy? You’re pretty famous you know. You could get a house 10 times this size.”

“I don’t care. Big enough for me,” Scratchansniff replied as he went groggily to the kitchen. He had to make some coffee to help wake up. What a horrible night. He looked over at Yakko who was just looking over at the walls. For some reason, the Warner Brothers and their sister had not been as hyperactive as usual. Maybe there was something wrong. ‘I don’t know.’ He decided to just head for the kitchen. The sooner he made coffee, the sooner he could help the cartoon and get him out.

Yakko yawned as he waited. Boring. He looked into another room and saw some boxes. He went in. Usually, Scratchy had boxes and important things like that out of the way, just in case they did stop by. ‘Hope it’s more than just taxes.’ Most of the boxes were boring with just paperwork and old psychiatry stuff. “Boring. Boring. Boring.” Yakko was getting tired of looking. Didn’t Scratchy ever have anything interesting? He decided to just leave the room again.

Scratchansniff soon appeared, coffee in hand. “Now, tell me about this dream.”

“Are you cleaning, Scratchy?” Yakko had to ask out of curiosity. He pointed to the room with the boxes.

Scratchansniff wasn’t surprised by the question. “Some leak, I had to move them out of the basement temporarily. Now, about your dream?”

Yakko told him the small parts he could remember and how everything made him feel.

“So. Confusion, happiness, and being scared.” Scratchy sipped on his coffee. Even though it was early in the morning, he just couldn’t get over how cooperative the Warner Brother was being. “Sounds like a typical bad dream.”

“What about Dot being all grown up? That’s a weird thing, isn’t it?” Yakko whined. “Come on Scratchy, everyday I feel more nervous. Something is wrong.”

“Vell, what could possibly be wrong?” Scratchansniff asked. “You are a Warner Brother and you go bonkers around everything everyday.”

“Yeah, I know. I should feel really zany and happy.” Yakko frowned. “I’m a kid, I should be almost uncontrollable!”

“Not every kid is uncontrollable.” Scratchansniff disagreed.

Yakko didn’t know how to answer that. Scratchy never knew where the warners really came from, he couldn’t say much else. “Something’s just wrong.”

“Yes well, we’ll discuss it more tomorrow,” Scratchansniff replied. “For now, it was probably just a small nightmare. Means Nozhing. Understand?”

Yakko nodded his head but he still didn’t believe it. He didn’t remember anything about his dream but Dot. She was grownup and wearing white shirts and white pants alongside a group of other warners he never saw. They were staring at him in sadness. That was all he could remember, but whatever he dreamed, it was frightening. Scratchansniff just didn’t get it.

Scratchansniff got up to get more coffee but Yakko was on his way out again. Scratchy didn’t believe him, he knew it. He was heading out the back door, but stopped as he saw the basement door open. His curiosity got the best of him and he went down to see how big the leak was. It was just one pipe by the looks of it. Some of the boxes must have really meant a lot to Doc, only a little water would have got in. He didn’t even call a plumber yet. Probably had to wait until morning. It was only plugged up with a small towel wrapped around it right now.

Scratchy’s basement was nothing but boxes, but it wasn’t surprising. He probably kept a lot of old stuff down there. His curiosity satisfied, Yakko was heading away again, when he saw something interesting.

One box that had been pushed out of the way was a bit open. In it, he saw a little book. It didn’t look like an adult educational book, nor a psychiatry book. Yakko went over and flipped through the pages. “Huh?”

“What are you doing down here? Get out already!” Scratchansniff whined. “I helped you with your problem, please get out!”

Yakko turned around and held up the book. “Scratchy, why do you have this?”

Once Scratchansniff recognized the book he immediately went down and ripped it from his hands. “Do not touch that!”

Yakko took a step back. Scratchansniff always begged for the Warners to be good or he’d be really angry and frustrated and tell them to get out. But the look in Scratchy’s eyes this time.

That anger wasn’t just for Yakko and there was pain in the old man’s eyes. “I wouldn’t hurt it,” Yakko said. “Just curious.”

“Just get out.” Scratchansniff put the book back in it’s box again. “I will see you tomorrow,” He said a little bitterly.

Taking the hint, Yakko started to leave. Holding that book didn’t just anger or annoy the old man. It had hurt him.

Yakko quickly left the house, still extremely puzzled. ‘What was so important about that book? Why would Scratchy have a book like that?’ Yakko just didn’t get it, but remembering the look in Scratchansniff’s eyes he’d never bring it up again.

Just why was an old fashioned children’s book ‘The Alphabet from A To Z’ published in the 1940’s be doing in Scratchy’s basement?



Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Aroma and Zenny all looked around for their long lost kids.

“This isn’t a joke, right?” Zenny frowned at Dot. “Really, this isn’t funny.”

“It’s not, Brother.” Wakko whined at Zenny. “Really! They were here!”

“They didn’t remember much. Just different parts.” Yakko looked over at Aroma. “I swear, they were here Scented.”

Aroma nodded. “I believe you Yakky.” She held his hand tightly. To see her children again, after all these years? She was excited and scared at the same time. So many years lost, but they would be together again.

But the seven siblings couldn’t do it. In one trip, they nearly wiped out everything! But at the same time, they had gotten to know their parents and their Uncles and their Aunts and they had somehow changed enough to save Zenny, and Aroma was there. They never knew if she was dead or alive anymore, she was just never found. But they were all together. They managed that from one trip.

“We’re risking everything.” Princess whined as she looked back one more time. They could accidentally wipe out their future forever.

“We risked it last time,” Giggles reminded her, “And even though it looks a little more cheery because Aroma and Zenny are alive, it’s almost the same. We can’t give up yet.”

Mac nodded as well. “No, we can’t. Not yet.” He smiled as he looked back at the Warners. None of them had spotted them, just like they shouldn’t. “Warners should get a happily ever after.” He grinned. “And dammit, if we have to go back and change time itself again, I’ll risk it all to get that.”

The others grinned and nodded their heads as they all ran off. They would either have a future worth living, or no future at all.

Risking everything, they would do it once more. Once more, they would go back . . . to him.