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Just An Experiment

Chapter Thirty Six: Wakko’s Amazing Wacky Sack


Somewhere unreachable…

Tiger didn’t move as he played with his paddleball. Back and forth. Back and forth. His friend had betrayed him! He wanted some kind of power Tiger had. He didn’t understand. All he could do, was play with his paddleball. He wasn’t allowed to see the others, and he wasn’t allowed to see his mommy. He didn’t even know where he had been.

The Tiger had told him until he gets angry, he could not leave. No matter how long it took.

Angry? Tiger didn’t understand. He couldn’t fight back though. The Tiger said even when he learned about his power, if he tried to escape, he’d kill all his brothers and sisters. So, he couldn’t leave. All he could do was play paddleball.

He had played so hard and so often for his daddy’s love. He didn’t think he’d ever pick it up again, now that he knew his daddy couldn’t ever love him. Now, he was playing…

For fun.

It was the only fun he had anymore. The Tiger had an assortment of different things for him to play with for some reason, but he would never let him near another being. No one besides him would ever come near him. He had paddleballs and balls and toys and instruments. Instruments like a piano and guitars and drums. If it was any fun at any age, The Tiger now had it there, in a huge pile.

Tiger didn’t even remember what happened. One second, The Tiger was being a good friend and held his hand. The next, he was in some weird place. A place he couldn’t escape and he was never supposed to leave.

“No matter how long.” The Tiger growled and watched him. “You try and escape and I will kill them. I am not kidding you!”

Tiger nodded his head frantically. “I won’t! I won’t leave! I’ll never leave.” Once again, The Tiger threatened his family. Tiger always had to confirm he wouldn’t leave. He always knew what was at risk. He hadn’t learned about his ‘other self’ taking over until he was gone, but now that he knew, he wouldn’t mess up. If he did, The Tiger said it would be his ‘other self’, his evil Tigers self that would hurt his family. And he would never let that happen! He could never hurt his family. “I will never escape. I will never leave.”

“Good.” The Tiger grinned. Unless something happened, he would stay next to the young waryes. There was no way he’d let him escape. No, it didn’t matter how many years passed by.

After all, once he got what he wanted, he would come out and enter the past, some time after he had taken Tiger. It would be like mere seconds to the Warner Brothers, but years and years and years for the two if that’s what it took!

Until then, he just kept the warners in a safe time. Somewhere in 1994. Somewhere they loved, a happier time. Let them steal their past time again, their past selves were ‘occupied’. Or rather, unconscious in a safe place. Besides, once he destroyed everything, a little time interference wouldn’t be no big deal.



Scratchansniff tried to cheer the little warners up again. “Ja! See?! Zees is funny, right?!”

Cutie Pie, Zenny Jr. and Caress all watched him without cracking a smile. He was trying to make a funny face. Ever since Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Zenny, Aroma, and Tiger disappeared, they had not been very happy.

Scratchansniff was far from happy too. One minute, the warners were there, the next gone?! They still had not returned. The way it looked, they may never return. What would Scratchansniff do? Taking care of all the little warners?

Grammy Happy was helping him the best she could. She tried to help him and show him how to take care and feed the newborn and the other baby warners. She tried to help out with the others as well when she could but she couldn’t do a whole lot. She was still in charge of the whole Den after all. Most of the time, she appointed certain parents as helpers for the poor human.

Scratchansniff groaned. “Okay, bounce.” He gave in. Now, they were making the kids bounce and sing as much as they could. Whatever they could to keep them happy.

Junior, Cutie Pie, and Caress all started to jump unhappily. They didn’t care for bouncing much. At least when they were inside the facilities, they were with their moms. Now, they had no relation but Scratchy.

“Uncle Scratchy, when’s mommy and daddy gonna come back?” Junior whined once again.

“Eh…later.” Scratchansniff smiled weakly. Truth was, he did not understand anything. Where were they? Were they okay? One minute, they were there, the next gone! Where to? Where could they possibly be at?



The next day…

Yakko and Dot were already chowing down on their pizza. It was suppertime and take out sounded pretty good.

Wakko whined. “There’s no kick.” He grinned. “I know!” He started to pull out his wacky sack and dig through it for some hot sauce. While he did that, he filled the tower with weird things. From a Trombone to a full grown tree. Although, while he was digging something did catch his attention. “I don’t remember having this.”

He was holding some kind of photo album. Wakko always carried the warners photo albums but they were always red or yellow or brown. That one was just a solid navy blue.

Wakko brought it out and then reached in again. “Aha!” He picked up his hot sauce. “Hooray!” He started to smother the pizza with it.

Yakko and Dot hadn’t payed much attention to the album as well. Not until they were finished eating. After they finished eating, Wakko started to stuff everything back away again.

Before Wakko put the photo album away though, he decided to open it to a random page. He started laughing. “Awww! Yakko’s holding a baby!”

“A baby?” Dot and Yakko said at the same time.

“What do you mean?” Dot asked. She looked over at the photo album and grinned. “Ha! Yakko, you suck at holding babies!” She flipped the page. “Oh, nevermind. You figured it out.” She flipped it back again. “Yakko, come look! When did you do this?”

Yakko came over and stared. In the picture, Yakko had a bizarre look on his face while he was holding a warner baby like it was a bomb. It rung a strong bell. “What is this? I’ve never held a baby warner.”

“Obviously!” Dot chuckled. She flipped the page. A picture of him holding the baby right was present along with him bouncing it. “You got better though.”

“You look different.” Wakko had to comment. He looked at Yakko, then at the picture. “You look like an adult. How did you pull that off?”

“Where did this come from?” Yakko looked at the back of the front cover. “Zenny and Dot?”

Yakko and Wakko both looked over at Dot. “Who’s Zenny?” they both asked.

Dot shrugged her shoulders and looked at the back of the front cover herself. “I’ve never heard of him.”

But, that was just the beginning of the strangeness. They started to thumb through the pages and saw pictures that could never exist! Dot was all grownup? So were Yakko and Wakko? And Scratchy was there too. With lots of little warners?!

Like a little warner girl Yakko always carried! Then, Dot was constantly carrying another baby!

“What is this?!” Wakko whined in frustration. “Who are these warners?”

Two other adult warners kept appearing frequently too. An attractive classy female warner and a casual looking male warner.

“I am really starting to freak out,” Dot whined.

Strangely though, Yakko wasn’t freaking out. He stared at the picture of him with the unknown female. She was holding a baby and he was holding a little warner girl. A little to the right, another little warner stood. ” . . . I know this. I know this, and I know that I know this.”

“Well, we all know that you know that you know that now.” Dot teased.

“So, should we know what you think you know too?” Wakko smiled.

Yakko wasn’t kidding though. He flipped to the very back. “This was made on Anima…in-?!”

“In what?” Dot looked over and gasped. “That’s not possible!”

Wakko looked over as well. “Ahh!” He started counting on his fingers. “That’s about 2007 for Earth! Right?! What?!!”

Yakko and Dot started to count their fingers as well. Wakko’s math wasn’t always the best, but he was right on. “It’s 1994!” Yakko yelled in frustration. He started to look at the pictures again. “2007?! That would be 13 years in the future!”

“Geez.” Dot just stared at Wakko. “The things you pull out of your sack.”

Wakko grinned. “Yeah. I wonder if I can pull any other future stuff out.” He started to reach inside and felt around. “Ooh, what if it could grant wishes?”

“Hellooo Nurse!” Yakko laughed as he went over and started reaching in as well. “Bikini clad nurses, are you in there somewhere?”

“Boys, go fig.” Dot shrugged her shoulders and pulled them both over. “It doesn’t grant wishes.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that!” Wakko grinned in delight as he reached down and pulled up some candy. “Look!”

“Anima candy?” Dot and Yakko both said at once.

Wakko started to pull more out. “Yeah! Anima candy!”

“Didn’t you run out a long time ago?” Yakko had to ask.

“Didn’t he just pull a photo album from 13 years in the future?” Dot reminded Yakko. She ran over to the bag and looked down. “What else do you have down there? Anything new?”

The warners spent awhile trying to find anything different in the sack. It was hard though since Wakko always carried everything in there.

Overall, they found a few more strange things but not a whole lot.

“A turbo booster? Some little warner projects? More Anima candy?” Yakko scratched his head. What was that doing there? Yakko was looking over at Wakko staring at some contract he held. “A contract from a Den?”

Wakko pulled out his latest weird find. He had a very bizarre look on his face. ” . . . thirteen years in the future.”

Dot eagerly grabbed it. She started to read. “What? Registered in a Den?” She ran over to Yakko and shoved his face in it. “Look! What is this, big brother?”

Yakko read it over. And over. And one more time just to be sure.

Wakko was the first to speak. “You were registered as a Den dad, Yakko! I was the Den Uncle! Look who is else is on there!”

“Aroma.” Yakko seemed puzzled. He knew that name from somewhere. “Preborn: Unnamed. Born: Enchantment, female. Caress, female. Tiger, male?” His eyes grew wide.

“Then there’s that weird other part,” Dot whined as she pointed below. “How in the world could I have kids with some warner named Zenny? And look! Scratchy’s registered as the Den Uncle too?”

“Wow. This is reaching into the future?” Wakko looked in the bag. “Come on winning lotto numbers for tomorrow night!” He started reaching in.

“It’s not the future, it’s a weird joke!” Dot crossed her arms. “Even if I ever became a mommy, it wouldn’t be that soon.”

Dot looked over at Yakko, waiting for him to agree with her.

He didn’t though. He just stared at the contract, his hand in his pocket, touching the eternal. Strange words entered his mind. “Aroma . . . Scented . . .”

“A scented aroma?” Wakko chuckled. “Isn’t that the same thing?”

Dot just humphed. “Pack all this stuff up. Someone’s just playing a joke. Maybe someone got into your bag.”

“Who?” Yakko frowned. “Think about the things that were in there. Only another alien would put anything like those in there.”

“We’re the only ones here though.” Wakko frowned. “Besides Cousin Sakko.”

“He is a weird one.” Dot shivered. “Would he think this was funny? I’m not laughing.”

Wakko shrugged his shoulders but quickly started putting everything away with Dot and Yakko.

Still, Yakko couldn’t get over it. The pictures and names. Everything. Where did it come from? And why couldn’t he get the pictures out of his head?



Mikey stayed next to Journey and held the Eternal tenderly. Centuries had gone by, but if he gave Journey’s mom some Eternals, it should come back. At first, they didn’t want to risk it but they already messed everything up. Might as well get Journey back to where she belongs. He knocked on the door. It was his job to take care of Journey before they started everything. After this night, he’d meet the others and they’d figure out the next step. They had come together earlier and worked out a very small plan:

After Mikey finished, they’d take the next step. That was pretty much their plan. Meanwhile, they would find out what they could from their family what had happened.

At first, the lady warner was not willing to believe again. Mikey managed to make her hold an Eternal though. It wasn’t too hard once she realized what flower it had been. She stared at it for a time…

“I don’t…I don’t…” Yet, something inside of her couldn’t turn the two strangers away this time. “…” She looked down at the little warner. “…could it be really real?”

Mikey grinned and handed her two more Eternals. “Yeah. Here, have some more! The more you have, the faster they’ll work. Please don’t turn Journey away!” He had a ton of Eternals if that’s what it took this time. She had to remember. They couldn’t take care of Journey anymore. Not right now. They couldn’t just leave Journey to defend for herself though. She had become like a baby sister.

The lady warner looked curiously at the Eternals and held them all.

…Momma! I can go higher than Tiger can!…

Strange visions started to feel her head. “…Tiger?”

“Her brother.” Mikey smiled. “You remember? He’s kinda gone right now, but you get it, right?”

“Brother…” The warner shook her head, trying to clear her mind. “I don’t . . . this is so fast!” She grabbed her head as more visions started to flood her mind.

Then, just like a calming sea the rapids disappeared. Only the clear calm vision of her past remained. The past she hadn’t remembered. “…Caress?”

Journey smiled. “Momma? Do you remember?”

“Caress?!” The warner quickly grabbed her as if she would suddenly disappear. “How could I forget? How could I ever forget you?!” She held onto her tightly. “Oh, Caress…”

Mikey smiled as he saw the reunion. Journey was finally home.

“Tiger! Enchantment! Where are they too?!” She asked desperately. “Did they…did they hurt them?”

Mikey debated on whether he should tell her or not. Should he? Maybe not. No, it was for the best. Technically, what he would say wouldn’t be false. “Your son is gone. I’m afraid, we don’t know where your daughter is either. Sorry.”

You could see the pain within the warner’s eyes but she clung tightly to Journey.

Mikey couldn’t tell her. Who would want to know? Her other daughter was probably taken to prison like everyone else, if she was one of the lucky one’s who survived. Most likely, she was left for dead on Turyip like so many others.

But, that wasn’t the part he wanted to hide. It was that her son . . .

Was one of the Burbank Studio Slaughterers.

No, it was better she thought differently. “I don’t know how this will affect you. With your male and everything-”

“Don’t have one. Not anymore.” She picked Journey up. “I never had any kids for some reason. Now I know why.” Yes, she may not have remembered, but she always felt too scared. It would have felt wrong.

“Your mate’s not gonna remember either. We don’t know who he really is. I’m sorry.” Mikey informed her. “His information and his number are gone. But well, at least Journey is here safe and sound now!”

The warner nodded and hugged Journey. “Yeah, he was a good guy.” She giggled. “Always talked differently though, like he knew something I didn’t. He was around for a little while and then he just disappeared,” she said sadly. She sighed and smiled at Journey. “Journey is a beautiful name! It fits you!”

Journey smiled and hugged her momma. Finally, she was home!

Mikey grinned. “You take care now, Journey. You hear?” He rubbed her head affectionately and started to walk away.


Mikey turned back around to look at the mother warner.

The warner bounced Journey lightly. “It’s been at least 6 centuries. She looks exactly the same as right before I…l-left.” It was hard to speak. About everything, but she had to know! “Will you come in and talk to me about this? Why is she . . . ?”

Mikey nodded. He had expected that might happen. He would stay the night and watched Journey and her mom get reacquainted. He knew the warner would want some time to spend with her daughter first. Then, they could talk.



The whole warner family ate at the table, eating pieces of metal. There wasn’t much left to eat on Earth, and metal was always everywhere. They may have been really  weak magic wise, but at least they could still chew through certain stuff. Their natural eating abilities was one of the few things that kept them alive.

“So…” Dee Dee tried biting into the hard substance. “Can we talk about something?”

“Anything you want Ember,” Dot said delightedly.

“Back teeth.” Yakko said as he noticed Giggles having trouble. “Use your back teeth. Not used to iron in your diet, huh?” He joked. He looked over at Shy. “You need help too?” Yakko tried to hold the bar for them.

Com was doing okay, barely. He started to notice Yakko’s help, so he started to bite from the back. It was hard and it definitely didn’t taste good. They weren’t raised to eat just anything like the others were. Where they were from, they ate something else that was plentiful but not hard.

They had some normal cookies, but they should probably save those. Who knew if they would need them later?

“No, no.” Yakko tried to help Giggles again. “Come here. From the back harder. Less front.” He smiled proudly when she got it. “There you go!”

Dot was still staring at Dee Dee. “Ember? What did you want to talk about?”

“About Tiger.” Dee Dee replied softly.

Yakko’s delightful smile soon started to fade. His ears started to droop very low. “Don’t.”

“I know it’s really painful, Yakko-” Com began.

“I keep telling you I’m your dad, so you call me dad!” Yakko scolded him. “You’re my son and I’m your dad!”

Com nodded. Unlike the past Yakko, this Yakko was really big on family now for some reason. He made Com, Shy and Giggles all refer to him as dad. Of course, this Yakko probably experienced a lot more than the other they came to know. Not only that, at 7 or 8 centuries, a warner usually started wanting children. The other Yakko was only 4 and a half centuries.

Their dad, in their time, was 8 and a half centuries. He really wanted kids but he already had kids. Him and Aroma. It would have felt like they were replacing them. Not only that, but they couldn’t have anymore. Not in the kind of world they lived in now. Who would want to bring new life into such a dark world?

Zenny and Dot had felt the same way. The five continued to live together, no more children became a part of the group. No more children could be a part of the group.

But now that they were finally back, Yakko was trying harder than ever to be a good dad. He wouldn’t make any mistakes this time.

“I know!” Yakko went over to Com. “Let’s go play ball outside. You and me.”

“But we really need to talk.” Com frowned. “About Tiger.”

“That is not his name,” Yakko snapped at him. “Don’t ever say that name. His name was Yakko, Jr and you better get that straight right now!”

“Okay! Yakko!” Wakko stood between him and Com. “He doesn’t mean to stir up trouble.” Wakko made Yakko sit back down calmly. “Something happened to their memories. Don’t blame them.”

Yakko nodded. He tried to smile at Com. “Sorry there, son! I just lose it sometimes.” He looked over at Giggles anxiously. “You got that now?”

Giggles nodded. She was chewing just fine now.

Yakko looked over at Shy. “What about you? Need any help?”

Shy just shook her head.

“Their older, Yakko.” Aroma said gently. “Their adult warners themselves. They’ve got it.”

Yakko was a bit gruff when she said that, but he started chewing on his meal. ‘Giggles.’ Yakko looked over at Enchantment. That name fit her well. He remembered she was always really giggly. She often made others around her giggle too. He looked over at Shy. The name did fit her, but he still didn’t like it. Then again, it was better than the code names. He wanted to forget the code names. Forget them all…’They named themselves. Parentless, they went and named each other or themselves.’

Zenny patted Yakko’s back gently. “I know. I missed it all too, Brother.”

Yakko and Zenny just smiled sadly at each other. They both started to eat again.

Wakko tried to ignore their look and went on eating. He should be happy! At least they were lucky.

“Yakko, Jr.” Com tried again. “And The-.”

“Fallen Soul of Yakko, Jr.” Wakko said quickly before Com finished and upset Yakko again. “You shouldn’t want to talk about it. Let’s be happy!” Wakko grinned. “Say, you never ran into any other relation, did you?”

The six warner siblings all shook their heads. No, they didn’t know any other relation from that time.

“Okay.” Wakko said softly. “Just making sure.”

Dot seemed a bit quieter as were Aroma, Yakko, and Zenny. Earth wasn’t the only planet that suffered, they knew that. Still, none of them wanted to believe Anima was gone as well.


Later that night…

The six siblings all knew they wouldn’t hear anything from Yakko or in front of Yakko. So, it wasn’t until after bedtime, they could ask what they really wanted.

Zenny and Wakko both took the initiative and brought their missing relation out toward the graves.

“No one really understands it,” Wakko began softly as he dusted a little dust off of Yakko Jr.’s grave. “Your memories start going away when The Fallen Soul of Yakko, Jr. showed up?”

The six siblings nodded.

“Well, we were brought back to 1994. Our memories were erased. But, we figured it out again eventually,” Wakko smiled sadly. “We got out and we found The Fallen Soul of Yakko, Jr.’s trail. Somehow, he was able to manipulate time now.”

Everyone nodded again. They were afraid of that. Before The Tiger destroyed all the experiments and scientists and ships, that was probably the only thing he took.

“We tried to stay on him, but we weren’t very successful. He moved fast and in all kinds of different times. We all got separated though. We had met different characters, did different things along the way . . .” Wakko didn’t say much more than that.

“Anyhow.” Zenny took over for his brother as he patted his shoulder. He continued for him. “Yakko had changed a lot. We were separated from him for awhile, and he would never tell us anything about where he’d been. To this day he still won’t tell us. Aroma refuses to tell us anything either.” Zenny looked over at Mac and the others. “We never found you. We never found Yakko, Jr. either until it was too late.” Zenny sighed. “Everything looked really bleak but…Yakko, Jr. did something. We don’t know what it was, but it drained all the power The Fallen Soul of Yakko, Jr. had. Everything just stopped. The Fallen Soul died first. Then, we were too far away and Yakko had reached his son first. Yakko Jr. said something to him but again, he would never tell us what,” Zenny said softly. “Yakko never told us anything. All he ever did tell us, was that we had to bury both of them with love and respect…and we would never refer to either one of them as their code names ever again.” He frowned. “I don’t get it. Sometimes, we slip but we never do it in front of him.”

Wakko nodded. “Even after all that though. We still couldn’t find you six.”

Stunned wasn’t even a strong enough word. The Warners had found their way out and followed The Tiger?! And they still couldn’t change anything? Then, what could they possibly do?

Shy went over closer to the graves. She touched Yakko, Jr’s. It was much smaller than the others. “…he died so small.”

“He had been big. He was an adult waryes.” Zenny put his hand on his niece’s shoulder. “When we got to him, he was a small warner again. Cherry red nose.” He smiled. “Yakko was just holding him…” He shook his head. “Ah, what am I doing?! The past is the past, let’s leave it be!”

“Yep! We told you, and now it’s over!” Wakko tried to smiled. “Let’s concentrate on the future! I bet you and your parents have a lot of catching up to do.”


Back to Anima….2007

After she settled Journey down in a spare bedroom, Journey’s mom went over to Mikey. She had spent some time playing and talking to Journey before her bedtime. Now, they could talk. “Okay.”

Mikey sighed. “Well, umm . . .” Mikey looked at her curiously.

“Iridescent.” The warner smiled. “My name is Iridescent.”

“Iridescent.” Mikey smiled politely. “It’s hard to explain, and I’m not even gonna start with the basics. I don’t even understand it.” He groaned. “Let’s just say, that she transformed back when she was overcome with an emotion she couldn’t stop.”

“Why?” Iridescent asked again.

Mikey whined. He knew she’d ask that. “Okay, do you know what happened to her after you left?”

She surprisingly nodded her head. “Yes. He told me what would happen. My male.” She smiled sadly. “Before he disappeared. He wanted to help, but he didn’t know how. I know she became something very dark. Tiger and Enchantment probably did too.”

“Yes. But you see, it’s not them.” Mikey touched her shoulder gently. “You can’t change a warner. They are happy go lucky creatures that need to be happy or they don’t survive. They are changed into something that drives them into unhappiness. At that point, something takes over. What I would refer to as the ‘warnevil’. I can’t explain it, I’m really not that good at understanding myself. You wouldn’t want to know anyhow. Just know, that is your daughter. Her body changed over the 6 centuries but not her thoughts or experiences. When she went through the ‘warnevil’ for the first time, she came in and out at first. But, she won’t even remember that. Her warner conscience will only let her remember before she changed the first time. So, when she finally changed back into a warner, she was little again.” Mikey smiled.

Iridescent smiled blissfully at him. “…”

“Yeah, exactly.” Mikey sighed. “It’s hard to understand. We were apart of it, and we still don’t understand. Okay, basically as simple as I can make it. Warners grow mainly in their mind, not their body. They do develop as time goes by, but they can shape shift into just about anything. With me so far?”

Iridescent nodded her head.

“Okay, well if their mind doesn’t develop, then their body won’t develop. They don’t learn how to transform or shape shift into anything else. Now, when Journey became a warnevil, her warner self was gone forever, into a deep sleep in a way. Even though she may have gone from bad to good and good to bad, she was still not a warner.”

“A warnevil?” Iridescent looked puzzled. He kept using that word. “That is an evil warner?”

“Well, yes and no.” Mikey replied. “Once the happy warner self is gone, the warnevil comes out. They can be depressed or good or evil or angry. But, they can never be a warner again. Just a warnevil or an evil warner.

“This warnevil?” Iridescent asked nervously. “This is what my Journey is now?”

“No, it was kicked out. Too much emotion.” Mikey explained. “She will never become a warnevil again. So, anything that happened from the moment she changed into an evil warner to the day she finally came back to her senses, was basically erased.”

Iridescent still didn’t really understand but she nodded her head. Sometimes, humans made things too complicated to ever understand!

It sounded like something only a warner could explain to another warner.

“Anyway. It’s…” Iridescent turned around and looked over at Journey’s room. “It’s like hardly any time’s passed to her.” She smiled. She sighed and looked at Mikey. “Thank you. You’ve…you’ve given us a second chance.”

Mikey nodded. “Don’t thank me, I can’t change warnevils back to their original selves. No one can. Only certain things do.”

“Well, thank you for bringing her back!” She smiled delightfully as she started to hug Mikey. “I missed her so much. I just got on the verge of depression, on the slim line of staying happy. I was so lonely but I couldn’t seem to go on. I missed her and I didn’t even know it. She’s part of what I’ve been missing!”

Mikey laughed with her. Finally, she was at peace again and Journey was safely home.