I think I briefly covered this before, but now more than ever, it feels like this should be shared, and it will help draw a line for me on where to focus my attentions on. First of all, I have been crossposting (and even censoring/editing for a teen audience) across some places. I didn’t go berserk, just a few. Royalroad (original), FFnet, AO3 (Always been there since I wrote my first Undertale) and Wattpad.

Now, Wattpad: I have been hacked twice on my wattpad. I have changed my password, but I am not even getting any email about the issue I sent out about it. (If you have a website and your people are getting hacked, you should move fast on it. At least a default message that says they received my email and will be in contact soon or something.) I don’t know why it’s taking so long to get replies, or why I’m getting hit, but it’s quite annoying, not just for me but people following me.

Over 300 people were followed. I don’t go into my wattpad all the time, but that is a huge amount. Now, I liked wattpad. When I was first exploring where to post after all these years, before I chose A03, I chose wattpad. It did well with my Animaniacs, people really liked it and commented. My Beetlejuice also did alright. Anything else kind of hangs around, but that was the point of crossposting, and some people did discover me in different things.

I liked the fact that I could easily hook up videosĀ  and images too, and I liked that it didn’t ban songfic, so I was still able to share my Just An Experiment there.

It is one site that is potentially gone because I don’t trust it. I will watch my account, see if anything happens, but right now trust is minimal. I don’t want an account that gets taken away from my control and starts spamming people. That is terrible, and I don’t want to be seen that way.:(

I left a message to my followers about it, but the day is young and there will be quite a few people still in classes or at work. Hopefully they get it. Right now, I am not adding anything new (right now) to it. I am unfollowing 10-15 a day that the spammer followed if they don’t ring my interest. (This doesn’t seem to be the case as I only speak English and it kept following I think spanish speaking profiles?)

Anyhow, I am writing this to connect with this, so that I could explain without involving the time of those that don’t use wattpad.