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Just An Experiment

Chapter Sixty: Losing It

Tiger stared evenly at The Tiger. This was it. There was no turning back now.

The Tiger was oblivious of all the time that had gone by. To him, they were still at the exact time when he had been frozen. “You’re a fool, Tiger. You will never defeat me.”

“You.” Tiger growled at him and started to circle him to the right.

“Yeah, me.” The Tiger grinned as he started to circle Tiger to the left.

“You took everything away,” Tiger yelled at him. “You took my family. You separated them. You’ve done nothing but cause pain to everyone.”

“Me? Don’t you mean, you?” The Tiger teased him.

“Yeah. Me.” Tiger frowned. “You’re the me that didn’t have the guts to fight back.”

“Nah, I like being evil.” The Tiger laughed. “It’s kinda fun. Too bad you’re never gonna see just how much fun it is.”

It was over in a matter of seconds. Tiger was on the ground, bleeding from his right arm and leg.

“You’ll be lucky to even hobble.” The Tiger laughed at him as he picked Tiger up and threw him into a set of nearby trashcans. “Now, I gotta go. I’ve got an appointment with someone. Enjoy the afterlife for me.”

Tiger watched helplessly as The Tiger took off. He tried to move, but he was bleeding too bad. ‘Is this really it?’ He thought back on his life. It wasn’t worth anything. Nothing. He’d been worthless. He couldn’t help his family, and now The Tiger was off to hurt them. First, he would go to when Mikey was conceived probably. Then again, The Tiger was always heartless. He’d probably wait until Mikey’s mom and dad were reunited in 2007. Yeah, that made sense now.

Even if Mikey wasn’t killed, he would be raised by his dad, not by the scientists. He never would have met Cutie Pie or Shy or anyone. Hence, he would not have stayed back in 2007 and taken the kids. The Tiger would go get them now.

He failed. He failed miserably.

“Give into it.”

Tiger looked up at a face he had never seen. ” . . . ”

A warner smiled down at him. “Give in. Give into anger, Tiger. That’s the only way to stop him.”

“I’ll. I’ll never give in,” Tiger managed to choke out.

“Just a little?” The warner continued to smile. “Trust me, I want to save them too! Me and Hope.”

“Hope?” Tiger’s eyes became wide. “You’re Warner?”

“Of course!” The warner smiled. “I’m always here to make sure everyone gets a happily ever after.” He gently helped Tiger to his feet. “Don’t be afraid, kid, just give in to your hatred a little. A little won’t hurt. Then, you can go stop him.”

“Are you sure?” Tiger didn’t want to get his hopes up. Could he really defeat him?

“Yeah.” The warner grinned. “Trust me. Defeat The Tiger, keep the universe from falling apart, and go back to your family. Times a wastin’.”

“Yeah?” Tiger couldn’t help but feel a little hope. He started to hobble away. “Just a little. Not much. I can do it . . .” Warner said he could do it. Maybe there was a way. He had to stop The Tiger. Now. He was still so weak though. He didn’t have that much energy for even feeling out The Tiger in time travel. Instead, he went with his instincts. He knew where The Tiger would eventually show up.

The warner watched as Tiger took off. “Perfect.” He shook his head at the waryes’ dumbness as he changed back into his original form. For the first thousand years or so, a waryes could not change it’s coloring. He, however, was much older and even changing colors was not a limit to him.

There were no limits for him anymore. Waryes chuckled. “He really thought I was Warner.”



The Tiger grinned from ear to ear. He had just ‘disposed’ of the Mikey problem. He had interrupted just as Mikey’s mother and father were having such a sweet reunion. He had a bit of fun with them, but not too much. Just enough until Mikey was finally born. Doctor Otto Von Scratchansniff may have gotten away, but there was no way Samantha or that baby survived.

So, it was time to pick up his new recruits. The Tiger stomped into Perfume’s house angrily. “Where are they?!”

Scratchansniff just stared at The Tiger as he knocked down the door. ‘It’s him again?!’ That dreadful creature tried to kill him once on Earth. He was also the one who sent the warners all away to who knows where.

The Tiger grinned from ear to ear at the old man. “Where are the little munchkins?”

“Run, run, run!” Perfume yelled from the kids room.

“Dammit,” The Tiger yelled as he ran toward her voice. She must have sneaked off to warn the little brats.


Outside the house…

“Do you got him?” Zenny, Jr. asked Caress as all the kids started to run.

Caress was trying to hold her baby brother while Zenny, Jr. carried her sister Enchantment. “Yeah, I think so. What was Auntie Perfume yelling about? What’s happening?”

Zenny, Jr. shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, just keep running!”

“Zenny! I’m scared!” Cutie Pie yelled at her brother as they ran. She was holding Ember as she continued to run as fast as she could.

“I don’t know, just keep running!” Zenny, Jr. yelled back.

But they all stopped as they saw a strange looking warner show up in front of them.

“Who’s that?” Cutie Pie whispered in a scared voice. “I-is he after us too?”

“No, I’m here to help.” Tiger smiled at her. He looked over at Caress affectionately. “It’s okay. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

As soon as The Tiger started to catch up, the kids all hid behind Tiger.

“When I get through with you, I’ll-?” The Tiger growled at Tiger. “Tiger. Why don’t you just die already?”

“I’ll never let you get away with it!” Tiger yelled at him angrily. “You’ve hurt everyone. Everything I’ve ever cared about.” That was it. He couldn’t take it anymore. He felt the anger within him start to boil. “You’ve hurt everyone! Especially Yakko and my mom! You’re just a fucking asshole who wants to end the universe so you don’t have to deal with how big of a wimp you are!”

The Tiger growled angrily. Now Tiger was getting mad? But not because of Yakko, he directed it at him? “You ungrateful little shit! I raised you! I gave you everything you could have ever wanted! I kept you from turning into a Tigers!”

“And in return you never let me see my family? No Thanks!” Tiger yelled angrily.

The kids stared at Tiger’s feet. He had been a grayish funny color but his feet had been white. Now they were turning grayish.

“Everything you ever did for me, was just to turn me!” Tiger yelled at him angrily. “Well, I never turned and I never will! I’ll never give into you!”

Zenny, Jr started to pull Caress and Cutie Pie more away from Tiger. He could feel an unnatural negative energy from the warner. ‘I don’t have a good feeling about this.’

“You pulled me away from everyone I ever loved!” Tiger yelled at The Tiger. He pointed at him and took out some spare Eternals he had saved just in case. “Now I’m gonna make you pay! Eat it!”

The Tiger didn’t have anytime to dodge. Tiger had become as powerful as him somehow?

Tiger landed square on The Tiger’s stomach and started to shove Eternals down his throat, one by one. “This is for taking me away when I was just a baby! And this is for making Yakko and mom your pets! And this is for Uncle Wakko! And this is for my whole Family you destroyed! And this!” He held a single Eternal in his hand. “This is for you being the biggest coward in the world! For falling prey to some damn worm inside of you! And crawling deep inside and never coming out! You coward! You’re nothing but a coward!”

The Tiger choked on the last Eternal the hardest as Tiger shoved it down his throat harshly.

“You’re a coward!” Tiger yelled as he smacked him. “I’m a coward! Because I’m you! And I know it! I know it!” He yelled out into the sky.

Zenny, Jr. was starting to pull Cutie Pie and Caress even farther away. That warner was going mental.

The Tiger was starting to scramble away but Tiger grabbed him roughly and threw him several feet.

“You’re gonna pay! You’re gonna pay for everything!” Tiger was seething. All the pain he ever felt was coming to him at once. “I know everyone you did, I know! I know you even killed her in your time!”

The Tiger was trying to get away.

“You killed her! You killed your own mother!” Tiger grabbed The Tiger and bringing him down started to pummel him again. “Your killed mom! You killed her! You fucking killed her and then crawled back into your shell? You coward! Wake up! Fucking wake up!”

The Tiger managed to growl a bit. This wasn’t good. ‘Aw, Dammit. Fucking Shit, he always gets too close when we’re together too long. Dammit, dammit, dammit.’ He had never gotten that close though, not that close. It was too close, and add in those Eternals and-


“Fuck.” The Tiger growled. He just heard the voice within him. He hadn’t heard the voice since the day he killed the experiments mother so long ago.

“It doesn’t matter! Nothing matters! The universe is ending!” Tiger yelled angrily.

‘He Destroyed Everything!’

“Yeah! You destroyed everything,” Tiger yelled. He was so angry he didn’t even realize he was talking with the voice inside of him.

‘He made them suffer! Make him suffer! Make him beg for Mercy!’

“I’ll make you beg for mercy!” Tiger grabbed The Tiger and started to beat him up again.

‘For everything he ever did!’

“For everything you ever did!”

‘For what he did to Yakko! For what he did to mom!’

“For what you did to Yakko! For what you did to my mom!”

‘For all the killings!’

“For all the killings!”

‘For all the warners you ever hurt!’

“For all the warners you ever hurt!”

‘Kill Him!’


“No, I won’t, it’s evil!”

‘But I want to! I want to!’

“But I want to, I want to!”

‘He ruined my life! He deserves to die!’

“He ruined my life! He deserves to die!”

‘I want him to die! I want him to go away! Make the pain go away!’

“I want him to die! I want him to go away! Make the pain go away!”

‘Make the pain go away!’

“Make the pain go away!”

‘Make it go away forever!’

“Make it go away foreverrrrr!!!!!”

‘Make it go away forever…forever…’

Tiger hit the ground unconscious. ‘Forever…forever…’ “You’ll never feel the pain again, Tiger.” Tiger chuckled. He started to get up to his feet and dusted himself off. “Because I’m going to destroy this universe once and for all!” He laughed maniacally.

Tiger had lost control. He was now deep within, feeling no more pain. No more sorrow. Oblivious and disconnected to the outside world.

Tigers was now in control. He looked around himself anxiously. “Ooohh kiiiii-iiiiids. Your hero beat the baaaaad guyyyyyyy. Come out, come out, wherever you aaaaa-aaaarrrreeeeeee.” He picked up The Tiger with his hand and called out to them again. “Hey. Come on. Don’t you want to go see your mom and dad?”

“Mom and dad?!”

“No, shutup! That guy was mental.”

Cutie Pie ignored her brother and headed toward Tigers. “Can you take us to mommy and daddy?”

Tigers grinned evilly. “Yeah. We’re gonna visit your mommies and your daddies. Right now.”



Zenny was trying to comfort his sister Aroma. She was not in good shape.

Dot tried to talk to Yakko, but he didn’t want to talk about anything. “Maybe there’s a chance?” Dot tried to smile encouragingly at him. “Maybe your kid will be okay?”

“He hated kid,” Yakko said. “I always called him kid. He wanted to be called Tiger. He was Tiger. He wanted to be called Tiger.”

“We call everyone kid,” Dot reminded him.

“But, he wasn’t just an everyone.”

“Yakko? Are you gonna be okay?” Dot looked over at him and over at Zenny. “Yakko?” She looked over at Zenny again. Yakko should be the one comforting Aroma.

Aroma was crying in Zenny’s arms. Muffles and wails, she couldn’t even speak. Her son, her son who had grown up without her was about to die. He just gave Yakko his will! Her innocent baby boy was going to give his life to save the universe. Her baby boy.

Yakko didn’t look anyone in the eye. He just acted fidgety. Looking at the ground. Looking over at the tower. Looking at his feet. Looking at some grass nearby. Looking at anything but anyone else.

Rita and Runt were quiet as well. They would never forget Tiger. He was compassionate and warm. The best owner any pet could ask for.


Yakko’s ears perked up as he heard that familiar voice. “C-Caress?” He turned around and saw her running toward him along with all the kids. “Caress?!”

“Mommy! Daddy!” Cutie Pie and Zenny, Jr. yelled as they both kerplowed right into Zenny and Dot.

“Zenny, Jr?!” Zenny laughed in joy as he picked his boy up and swung him around. “My boy? Is it really you?”

“The one and only,” Zenny Jr. laughed.

Dot held her baby Ember in one hand and her little Cutie Pie in the other. “My baby girls? Momma missed you sooo much!”

Caress was holding Enchantment while she ran up to her mommy. “Mommy?”

Aroma was still crying but she reached out for Enchantment and held her Caress tightly. She didn’t have any words to say. She could only hug them. Only hug them and cry.

Caress smiled and went running toward Yakko. “Yaddy!”

Yakko scooped her up right away and held her tightly. He didn’t say anything as he just held her tightly.

Wakko looked around. He didn’t know how the kids got back, but he was slightly hoping for a miracle. No such luck. He’d have to figure out his own way to see them.

“How did you get here?” Zenny laughed happily as he swung Zenny, Jr. around.

“By me.”

The Warners all looked over and saw Tiger smiling at them, The Tiger limpless in his right hand.

“Tiger?!” Aroma yelled in happiness. He was alive after all? And he brought back the kids!

“Yeah.” Tiger laughed a bit strangely. He was holding the newborn. “I’m fine. I’ve conquered The Tiger.” He dropped The Tiger unceremoniously to the ground. “And now, the kids are all here with their families.”

“Thank you sooo much!” Dot grinned at him as she held her little Enchantment closer.

“Don’t thank me.” Tiger’s smile changed into a wicked grin. “I’ve brought them here so I can kill you in front of them.”