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Just An Experiment

Chapter Sixty One: The Wrath of Tiger

The Warners all blinked. What did he just say?

Aroma stared at Tiger. “You didn’t just say . . . I was hearing things . . .”

“No, I don’t think so.” Tiger smiled. “I said I brought them here so I can kill you in front of them. Did ya hear me wrong…mo-mmy?” He laughed maniacally.

The Warners eyes all grew wide. Zenny held Dot and his family close beside him, while Yakko went over to Aroma, Caress still firmly in his grip.

“What do we do? Your kids changed!” Wakko looked over at Yakko. “Yakko?!”

“Oh, you see I figured it out,” Tiger said. “Yeah, that’s right. I’m Tigers now. Tiger is loooooooong gone.” He laughed maniacally again. “Now, on with the slaughtering.”

“You keep your damn hands off of my family,” Zenny threated Tigers.

“Or what ‘Uncle’ Zenny?” Tigers just chuckled. “You’ll call me evil?”

Yakko continued to stare at Tigers. What was he supposed to do now? If Tigers defeated The Tiger, and he was unstoppable, how could they ever beat him?

“Yaddyyy!” Caress yelled as she clung onto Yakko tightly.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make it quick.” Tigers smiled at them all. “I just need them to see you die in some horrible manner that will scar them and anger them, thus changing them into angry warners. I won’t do it slow like the other me did. Fuck that!”

“Tiger!” Yakko yelled at Tigers. “Fight back. I know you’re in there. Come on? Please? You went to save us, not kill us!”

“Yeah. Twisted isn’t it, daddy?” Tigers just laughed. He hummed a familiar little tune. “dadadada dadadada ain’t we got fuuunnn?” He sang. “Yep. That one was fun. You guys were great on Earth in those old times, weren’t you? Just a bit crazier and maybe we could have been partners, dad.”

“We would never partner with you!” Wakko yelled. “You’re evil. You’re horrible. You….you….you just ruin lives!”

“Ruin? Sorry, didn’t mean to ruin. I’ll just kill from now on,” Tigers chuckled. “Okay, who’s first….maybe good old ma?”

“Not on your life!” Yakko and Zenny yelled together.

“Fight back, Tiger! I know you are in there!” Yakko yelled at Tigers. “We need your help! Please?”

“You’re not reaching anybody,” Tigers just smiled. “Okay, then maybe I should take out. Hmmm, oh wait.” Tigers snapped his fingers. “Oh, that’s right. Huh, almost forgot. What a dumb ass I am. My future self lost control and his powers when he killed Aroma Therapy. So, hmmm, I’ve got it.” He pointed straight at Dot. “Hellooooo Auntie Dottie! Goodbyyyyeeee Auntie Dottie!”

The Warner Brothers and Zenny all gathered around Dot protectively.

“You are not hurting our sister!” Wakko yelled aggressively.

“You’re not laying a hand on Dot!” Yakko yelled just as aggressively.

“Momma?” Cutie Pie squeezed her mother as tight as she could.

“Don’t let him touch her, all it takes is a mere touch!” Yakko warned everyone.

Tigers wiggled his fingers threateningly. “A touch. A simple, simple touch.”

Dot closed her eyes. She didn’t want to die. She just got her family back. She just got her kids back. She finally made it to the tower again. It couldn’t end like this. ‘No, no, no. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to go to the land beyond the ancients yet. I wanted to be an ancient! Old and crabby before the end! This isn’t fair!’

There was no stopping Tigers now though. It didn’t matter what any of them did. He was too powerful. No one could stop him. No one.

The Tiger started to groan on the ground. He blearily opened his eyes . . .

He saw himself going after his family? And his mom was alive still?

“Face it! It’s over!” Tigers laughed again as he slowly stalked forward. He loved prolonging torture.

“Get…get away.” The Tiger started to choke. “Get away from her.”

Tigers frowned and looked over at The Tiger. “What the fuck?”

“And . . . and . . . ” The Tiger started to get up very strangely. His vision was blurred and out of focus. “That’s . . .” Everyone stared at The Tiger. Had Tiger finally taken back control? “That’s . . .” The Tiger coughed up some flower petals that he had in his mouth into his hand.

Tigers growled and walked over to him. “You’re of no use to me if you became Tiger agai-?!” The Tiger had used what little energy he had to shove the small Eternal parts into that bad him’s mouth. The Tiger collapsed back on the ground. He didn’t know what he had in his mouth, but maybe they would help.

As Tigers started to cough, he was about to drop the newborn. Aroma’s instincts made her run and catch him just in time!

Tigers couldn’t cough up the Eternal petals. “That’s not gonna stop me! I-?” Wait. Eternals could give Tiger the edge to fight back from inside of him. “Damn! Can’t push it now.” He pointed at Yakko threateningly. “I’ll be back in one year warner. Don’t even think about following me.”

Yakko and everyone watched as Tigers ran away and left 2007.

“He left? Why?” Wakko whined. Nothing that happened just made any sense. Tigers had the upper hand.

“I don’t care, I get to live!” Dot yelled back at him.

The Warners all stared at The Tiger. He was still on the ground.

“Do you think he’s really your future kid now?” Wakko asked Yakko. “Or is it some kind of trick?”

“Tigers wouldn’t need a trick. He’s powerful,” Yakko commented. He wearily went over to The Tiger. “…hey?”

The Tiger started to open his eyes. He saw a warner he’d never seen before staring at him He quickly stood up and started to back away. “Who are you?” He looked around frantically. Who were these warners? He started to tremble. He looked over at Aroma. “I-I…b-but…m…momma?”

Aroma didn’t know how to react. This was the creature that had made her and Yakko pets. Pets. He’d stolen Tiger from her. He’d done so much wrong. But as she looked into his eyes she saw nothing but her frightened little Tiger shaking. “Tiger?”

“Dad, what’s happening?” Zenny Junior whined at his father. “Is he good or bad?”

Zenny shrugged his shoulders.

” . . . momma . . .” Tiger continued to tremble. He looked at his hands. He was so big again. “I’m still a big boy. Why am I a big boy?”

“He’s not The Tiger,” Yakko said confidently. Only a little warner would say something like that. “When did you first become a big boy?”

“Off and on. Few seconds, off and on.” The Tiger started to bop back and forth. “Last time, momma died. Somehow. But she’s alive? And momma?”

“He regressed to a warner state?” Wakko looked over at Yakko.

“I doubt it,” Zenny frowned. “He’s still big and a waryes. My guess would be the last time Tiger was in total control, he was still a young warner.”

“Just barely hanging on? That’d be a long time to lose yourself.” Wakko commented. He looked over at The Tiger. “How old are you supposed to be?”

The Tiger held up both his hands. Then, he held up one hand with two fingers. “This old.”

“Twelve?” Dot whined. “No wonder he’s so clueless. The waryes inside took him over that long?”

“What was the thing with the Eternals?” Yakko asked curiously. “Why did he take off when you did that?”

“What?” Tiger didn’t understand. “What’s an Eternal?”

“A flower. The flower petals that you threw in his mouth,” Wakko explained.

Tiger looked at him strangely. “What’s a flower?”

The warners all slapped their faces in disbelief.

Aroma pointed to the top of her head. “Flower. Remember? Didn’t I ever tell you I wore a flower in my ears before the capture?”

“Oh, yeah.” Tiger said softly. “Flower. I shoved a flower at him. It tasted funny. I thought it could do something.”

“Well, it did. We just don’t know what,” Yakko replied.

“Something that’ll make him stay away a year then come back.” Zenny sighed. “Not that it matters, I mean with everything that just messed up I’m sure the universe is just about to-?”

Yakko and Wakko noticed the expression on Zenny. They looked at where Zenny was looking at.

You could no longer see a planet.

“It got smaller?” Wakko started to cheer. “It’s not the end yet after all.”

“But how? I mean, I just got you guys. The kids were just sent here. Tiger changed.” Yakko whined. “I don’t get it! It should have ripped to pieces, not start mending itself. What happened?”

“Beats me. I coulda sworn it ripped because of time changing.”

Yakko turned around and saw Warner and Hope. “Warner?”

“Yo!” Warner said cheerily and waved at him. “Yeah, that’s weird. You know, I could have sworn it was because you were changing the past. You really  changed the past.” He looked up at the sky again. He looked over at The Tiger. A lot of his power was gone. “Wow. What happened?”

“Tiger changed and was going to kill us, but then The Tiger changed,” Yakko started to rant.

“Yaddy?” Caress looked up at Yakko. “Who is this The Tiger guy? And how come he keeps calling momma, momma?”

Yakko grimaced. There was no way she’d get it. “That’s your brother from the future.” “Oh. Okay!” Caress grinned. Nevermind. Little Warners believed anything.

“Well, looks like we’ve got a year for some reason to come up with a plan.” Zenny sighed. “Any ideas?”

“Yeah,” Dot smiled. “Let’s go back to the tower already. I missed home. I still never got to come home. You guys wanted to go to Dr. Fay’s ship and then we had to go rescue Scratchy, then we had to stay for awhile on Anima and-”

“We get it,” Wakko whined. “You want to go home. With your family.”

“Yes!” Dot cheered. “Come on you guys.” She smiled at Zenny, Jr. and Cutie Pie. “Momma’s gonna show you all kinds of things. And you can meet all kinds of new aliens. They’re really fun to get to know.”

Yakko and Wakko watched as Dot and her family took off to the tower. Everyone except Zenny.

Zenny looked over at the other two. “Any ideas?” He gestured toward Tiger who had strolled over to start touching grass nearby. “What about Mr. Clueless?”

“Ow.” The Tiger started to suck his finger.

“He’s still a waryes,” Wakko reminded Yakko. “Unlike with Journey. She had a pretty name, didn’t she?”

Yakko nodded. “A really nice name. You’re gonna go, aren’t you?”

“As soon as I can.” Wakko nodded. “I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I’m not leaving them defenseless waaaaaay over on Anima! I know I can’t change the past, but I won’t just leave them there now.”

Yakko smiled. “You’re gonna make a great dad, Wakko. Come back as soon as you can, okay? We’ll make plenty of room.”

Wakko grinned. “Yeah. Plenty of room.” He looked at his Enchantment sweetly. “My Iri and three more. That’s how many now?”

Yakko started to count on his fingers. “Well, there’s me, Dot, you, Zenny, Aroma, Zenny Jr., Cutie Pie, Ember, Caress, Enchantment, Your female, Your Journey, Your Wakko Jr., your Enchantment, Ummm . . . and him?”

“But can we trust him?” Zenny asked Yakko again. “What if he turns again?”

“That’s not too likely,” Warner interrupted. “Once the waryes in control is overcome, usually they can be helped.” He looked over at Yakko. “Just don’t ignore him, and he should be fine, waryes or not.” He gestured toward The Tiger. “In fact, show a little attention right now.”

“Huh? Oh!” Yakko ran over to The Tiger. He had started to wander over toward Ralph.

“Duuuhhh?” Ralph held his donut in his mouth.

“You’re fat and funny looking.” The Tiger poked his belly. “Why aren’t you wearing white shirt and white pants?”

“Ralph in white?!” Yakko started laughing as he went over to the two. “Hey, Ralph!”

“You get back in youse tower!” Ralph started to go over to his post to grab his catching net.

“Okay, I’m going. we’re going,” Yakko said to him. “Follow me overgrown kid.”

Yakko started to run with Tiger as Ralph started to chase them.

“Well, my welcome back visit is about over,” Warner said as he started to run. He needed to head back to Hope.

Wakko groaned. They had to climb like monkeys up the tower because his gag bag had been taken back in the past.

“Youse come back here!” Ralph yelled at them. “Duh, why do you always have to escape from your tower?”

“What’s a tower?” The Tiger asked. He looked up at the large thing Yakko was starting to climb. “Is that a tower?”

“Come on, already.” Yakko pulled The Tiger up with him.

“Duh, Yeah! And youse stay in there!” Ralph yelled as he shook his fist at the tower.


When everyone was inside, Wakko headed for his room. He felt naked without his gag bag, but he had 2 or 3 always stashed away in his room. “Yes. Oh, I missed you!” He hugged his bag and quickly found his old blue shirt. “And you.” He grinned as he came back out and placed his red cap back on. “Finally.”

Yakko and Dot smiled. Wakko didn’t waste any time looking for his old clothes and gag bags.

“Felt kinda weird without them, huh?” Dot smiled knowingly.

“You’ve no idea. Oh wait, I guess you would.” Wakko chuckled. He looked around the tower. “Well, maybe the rollercoaster does have to go out?”

“Wheeee!” Cutie Pie and Zenny Junior just went screaming past everyone at high speed inside the rollercoaster cart.

“Well, maybe it doesn’t have to.” Wakko chuckled. “Let’s see. We’ll have to make more rooms, there will be more when I come back after all.”

“You’re leaving now?” Dot whined. “But Wakko!”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, Dot!” Wakko said seriously, his laid back voice suddenly taking a back seat, like it had been forced before. “But I won’t blow this chance to go and see them again. What if it doesn’t last?”

“Good point.” Zenny agreed with Wakko. “You take care?”

“You be careful,” Yakko warned him.

“I will. You be careful too.” Wakko pointed over at The Tiger. “He’s a lot more curious than Caress was, don’t you think?”

“Augh!” Aroma went over to The Tiger. “No, that’s not food, Tiger!”

Yakko went over and shooed The Tiger away from the Trash. “This is trash. Not what we usually eat.”

The Tiger nodded. “Where are the cookies?”

“You don’t need just cookies future brother,” Caress said as she came over. “You can have ice cream and Candybars.”

“And actual food,” Aroma added to her daughter’s statement.

Yakko went over to the cupboard and looked around. There was still a tub of ice cream left. “Aha.” He pulled it out and got out four bowls.Wakko might have been right. What if they didn’t get this chance for long? Yakko dished up the ice cream and strolled over. The words in Tiger’s letter were still fresh in his mind. “I’ll be right back, okay?”

“Okay. Yaddy!” Caress grinned.

A few minutes later, Yakko returned with Rita and Runt.

Dot looked at him questioningly, but didn’t say a word.

“You want some ice cream?” Yakko asked them as he gave Rita and Runt the rest of the bucket.

Yakko was giving them ice cream? That was something only Tiger ever did.

Yakko went back to handing out the ice cream bowls. “Dig in!”

“Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!” Caress shouted excitedly.

The Tiger looked at the strange concoction. He looked at the weird gizmo in his hand. He started to eat it.

“No, no,” Aroma chuckled. “Spoon.” She held up her spoon. “Spoon goes into ice cream.” She dug into the ice cream with her spoon.

Yakko went and fetched another spoon for The Tiger. “Here.”

The Tiger took the spoon. He dug it into the ice cream and started to eat. “Wow, this is good momma!”

“Ice cream is very good,” Aroma agreed with him.

Dot and Zenny were preparing ice cream for their family too. It may have been a short time to the kids, but it had been a long time for them.

“Quit it!”

“No, you quit it!”

“Mommy! Zenny pinched me!”

“I did not!”

“Yaddy?! Can I have some more?! Ow! Zenny pinched me!”

“I did not! It’s a conspiracy!”

“Cons Piracy? There are lots of cons to piracy!”

“Pirates are like cons. Oh Zenny, you spilled your ice cream. No Runt, bad dog! Off, off! Don’t lick that up!”

“No, Tiger! No, no! You’ll electrocute yourself if you shove that in there!”

“Yeah! It’d be a shocking experience,” Yakko said as he took Tiger’s fork he had just discovered away from him.

Things were about as normal and happy as they could be now. No one knew what would happen in a year. No one knew how they would stop Tigers from attacking in a year. There was still a lot of the universe at stake. No one knew where Waryes was at. There was a lot of uncertainty.

But just in case these were going to be the final days, they would make the most of it.

“Momma?” The Tiger pointed over at Yakko who was looking for something. “Who is that guy? How come he is so close to Caressy?”

“Oh. Well, that’s your dad,” Aroma smiled. “Yakko Warner.”

As Yakko came back over he heard a word from The Tiger he had never heard before.


Yakko felt a little strange as he heard the word, but not as much as he thought he would. “Yeah?”

“You’re my dad?” The Tiger asked again. “How are you my dad?”

“It was a storky thing!” Cutie Pie and Zenny Junior ran over. “You’re dad was chosen by the stork!”

“Stork?” Aroma looked over at Yakko.

Yakko groaned. Oh, he remembered that explanation.

“A stork chose my dad? What’s a stork?” The Tiger asked.

Yakko and Aroma both groaned as they heard Zenny Junior and Cutie Pie inform him of where baby warners come from. From storks.

“Oh. Okay, dad.” The Tiger smiled at Yakko.

“Yaddy doesn’t like daddy though,” Caress warned him. “Call him Yaddy. ‘Cause it’s like dad, but not.”

“No.” Yakko interrupted Caress. He went over and picked her up. “Little Monkey. You can call me daddy now.”

“I can call you daddy now?” Caress asked excitedly. “Really?”

“Yeah.” Yakko nodded his head. He looked over at The Tiger. The words in Tiger’s letter still rang inside his head. Over and over. The only ones that didn’t make sense


Well, I guess this is goodbye. You were a good friend ’til the end Yakko. I wish you hadn’t pushed the dad thing so much though. Really. I was never going to believe you because I heard you confess it with my own ears when I was younger.


When he was younger, he said it? Yakko would never say something like that to him. Why would he think that? Was that the reason he could never accept him? ‘It shouldn’t matter now. That Tiger’s gone.’ Yakko reminded himself. He looked over at The Tiger who was investigating the carpeting nearby. “What are you doing?”

The Tiger looked up at Yakko and gestured toward Runt who was beside him. “He’s doing it.”

Dot quickly grabbed Runt. “Come on, big lug! That’s for outside!”

Yakko smiled. He looked over at Rita. She was quiet. “It’ll be okay,” Yakko said to her. “I know he must have meant a lot to you.”

“Yeah,” Rita sighed. She looked over at Yakko knowingly. “I know he must have meant a lot to you too.”

Yakko didn’t reply. He started to head out the tower and stood, staring out at the balcony. He just stared out at the now setting sun. Tomorrow, a new day would begin.

And hopefully, somehow, a brighter future.