It was nearly six and suppertime before they reached the property that belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Liberty. Sans scoped it out first, but it was clear. They had already checked their social media to make sure they’d be leaving for a time. Their next step wasn’t something Frisk favored, but for everyone, it had to be done. They would be locking them out of their social media and taking over the accounts.

“Nice place, Dod,” Sans said as he came back to Frisk. “Let’s shake a leg. Gotta figure out where there little arsenal of magic and weapons is at before we can stand around all day.”

“Will you just wait?” Al complained as he was trying to shuffle out of the car. “I happen to be a small kid, thanks. It takes a little bit of time.”

“Could you gripe any louder?” Juleyard complained to him. “What a whiner.”

Sans nodded to Frisk who smiled in relief. The kids really were good actors. She didn’t expect them to pull it off so well at first, but they were already swimming like it was natural. “Come on, let’s go, Dodingo.”

“Dod is fine,” Sans said. “It’s better than Dud but not a real leap above it.” He chuckled. “You can’t even tell it’s acting, can you? Pap picked a winner. Come on.”

“So we’re really going to pretend to be your and Sans’ kids?” Al asked Frisk.

A little odd. She was his mother, what was the your? Maybe they are trying to distance themselves for the part? She had gone over their roles with them, tried to instill the acting spirit. Maybe that was just part of it too. “Let’s not talk right now,” Frisk said, eager to get inside where they would be safer. Relatively. “Cameras, Dod?”

“Sure I set the cameras, Liberty,” Sans answered here. “Right on my phone, like always. Let’s get going inside.”

Al and Juleyard were both checking out their rooms. They had to share one. Something they’d always been used to, but not something they were fond of at the moment. When they had a chance to hang out as brothers away from them, Al brought his guard down slightly. “Well, this is a fine mess to be in. Now how can we tell them?”

Juleyard landed on the bed, breathing like he was exhausted. “Can’t now,” he said softly. “You okay, Juleyard?” The answer came back that he’d been fine. They had switched places again. “Don’t worry. We won’t make any big waves.”

“We can’t just hide in here and not tell them about this,” Al disagreed. “Then again, if dad finds out, he and mom might want custody of us. With Frisk’s . . . I am talking way too much out loud.” They didn’t even know how detailed the security system was yet. If Sans was watching the cameras, they might pick it up. “Things just got more difficult.”

Juleyard just laid on his side on the bed. “Shouldn’t be here. Now we’re really stuck.” He buried his head in his pillow and tried to shelter the sound of a scream with it.

“Well? At least our counterparts are more representable,” Al said carefully. Al’s character was a little closer to shrewdness like Flowey, but also more relaxed and lazy. A whiney kind of lazy. Juleyard was more action-oriented and didn’t get along with his brother as well. Something ‘Chara’ was certainly excelling at. “Let’s just do our part, get through this mess, and then when they have all the kinks worked out we’ll share this little problem.”

“Little problem? It’s not so little.” Still, Juleyard was being careful too. Most likely Sans wouldn’t be spying on them, but it was still better to be safe until they got a good idea of how much he was going to be spying on his kids.

Bathroom . . .

“Found ya.” Sans was busy playing in the medicine cabinet that only had a few things.

Frisk watched him from the door. “What are you doing?”

“How’d you feel the first time you touched that rope that pulled you out of the Underground?” Sans asked. “You felt it’s weirdness, right?”

Absolutely. “I could tell it was terrible.”

“Yeah, that’s ’cause it was coated in some serious magic. Other stuff too, but the important thing is serious magic.” Sans felt around the bathroom in the corners behind things. “Well, I am magic too, and I can feel the less heavy stuff. Especially up here where there’s like none around here. It’s standing out like a siren.” He felt around the toothbrush container, a tumbler, another container, an irrigator, and a small tray. “Unfortunately the way to it ain’t magic. There’s a small spot for a key in the back of the medicine cabinet.”

Frisk looked through the drawers with him and saw an odd-shaped key inside a cotton swab container. She laid it out on the counter for Sans. Sans scooped it up and unlocked the medicine cabinet. Inside it was a huge box built into the wall. Sans took it out and set it on the counter.

When they opened it up, it was a bit of a surprise. At least for Frisk. Sans looked overzealous.

“Yep, now that’s what I’m talking about.” He started to bring out small bottles. “Want to be a skeleton like me?” He jiggled the bottle at her. “You can be human red hair green eyes, human blonde hair blue eyes, a lizard, a dog, ooh?” He picked up a really interesting little bottle. “Reserved power.” He turned it on it’s side and read it. “Warning: May cause stomach pains, loss of bowels, loss of blood sugar, loss of blood, hair loss, weight gain, severe weight loss and should be eaten with a full meal.” He shook it. “Says you jump faster, higher, and your power level goes up three times than normal for 48 hours. Yeah, there’d be hella side effects to that.”

While he did that, Frisk noticed something else. The box was big for a reason. “This is them?” There was more than magic in there, it was what they really looked like. It was where they put their family secrets. Liberty was more lizard in her complexion, and the children took after her. Her husband looked more like a part dog-wolf with a huge foxish tail. “Their family pictures. Things they couldn’t show anywhere else.”

“Right.” Sans reached down and gave Frisk a bottle. “Ordinary. Brown hair, brown eyes. Should make you into what humans saw as Liberty.” He dug deeper. “Ah, found the kids’ too.”

“How safe is this?” Frisk asked. She didn’t want the children just taking any old thing and magic could be dangerous.

“This is like sealed up pre-used magic.” Sans opened up a bottle of his own. “Twenty four hours per pill. Don’t have hundreds of each thing they got, but the ones marked ordinary was them in every day life.” He picked up six more bottles. “There’s still even more in there. More than enough to last us to pretend to be them.”

Frisk opened the bottle and looked at the magic pill.

“Don’t take it yet,” Sans warned her, putting his bony hand over hers. “This should completely adjust us to them. We better warn the kids and find some clothes first.”

Frisk checked out Liberty’s wardrobe. Definitely not a stripes girl. She pulled out a black shirt and a black vest. Black and gray were her colors to choose from. Don’t complain, Frisk. This stuff isn’t yours. This life isn’t yours. You are in the wrong being here, not that she has absolutely no color in her wardrobe. Still, her mind talked right back to that logic. Not even an ounce of red or blue, what was wrong with this woman?

Still, she put on the clothes and swallowed the pill with a small glass of water. She felt a huge cramp in her stomach that knotted it all up real tight, and then de-knotted itself just as fast. She looked at the bedroom mirror and had to catch herself. Sans was right, it was exactly like the pictures she had seen on Liberty’s social media. The eyes, the hair, the bone structure, and the height. “Strange.” She touched her throat. Even her voice wasn’t her own. It sounded slithery. Slightly villainous and dry.

“The Skeleton not so liking this,” A voice came from the bathroom Sans had taken. He had taken his clothes to the bathroom so he could get dressed there. Frisk headed toward him. When she was at the bathroom door, she watched him come out.

He had on a silver chain with a wolf on it, a light red to dark pink shirt, and a dark vest and pants. He had blue eyes, brown hair, but his biggest disgruntlement? He was pulling at his skin and cursing at the same time. “It feels like I’m wearing a leather suit around myself. I mean not leather. Would be better as leather. Just this sensitive layer of weird squishy textured rubbery-ow.” He pulled at his skin again. He waved his hand around, having pinched too hard. “Stupid.” He looked toward her. “This feels stupid.” He touched the ends of his ears. “Floppy weirdness.”

Frisk didn’t mind. He actually looked quite normal to her. He at least had some color. Although. “Don’t pull that hard, Sans.”

“The nose knows too much.” Sans was fidgeting with his nose.

Everything must have been different for him. Imagine if she had to turn into something besides human how she’d feel? “If we have control of the cameras, we can be ourselves inside the house.” That seemed fair. “You shouldn’t have to feel like you have to be that way. Maybe keep it only for the outside?” Frisk recommended. “Oh, but these last twenty four hours.” That would be annoying for him afterward.

“You really don’t mind if I don’t wear the skin coat?” Sans asked, almost with a curious sound. “You’re human. You’re way more comfortable with human forms.”

“Yes, but I don’t want you to be uncomfortable if you don’t have to be,” Frisk said, gesturing to the little ears he was dinking around with again. “Don’t be something that’s not you.”

“Hell then. Not a problem.” With a snap of his finger, Sans moved back to mainly being himself. He still wore the clothes with ease, Dodingo being almost his stature, but he was back to being a skeleton. “Simple frozen dinner kind of magic. Easy to reverse and inverse again for me.” He seemed to shake himself lightly, adjusting back to his normalcy. “You want a break from looking like that, let me know. Same for Juleyard and Al.” He wiggled his bony fingers. “Nothing like the real deal.”

At least he was feeling better.

“Now, a nap and then we’ll umm . . . I guess I better tackle the whole thing with Al and Juleyard.” Sans moved past Frisk. “Come on, Beautiful, bed time.”

Frisk looked back toward him a moment before following him. “Do you have to call me that?”

“It fits,” Sans replied. “I mean the package is okay on the outside, but I can’t deny that you do shine on the inside.” He turned back around and looked toward her. “I know the human guy was definitely considered cute from his social, Frisk. You didn’t care an inch.” He was quiet for about twenty seconds. “Cared more about me being happy instead of riding around in attractive human skin.”

Sure, that guy was good looking, but what did that matter?

“And that’s why it fits,” Sans said, not even hearing her out loud. “We’re going steady, Frisk, and eventually I’m going to be your main squeeze. Compromise and mutual agreements. It’s a thing. With you being human, me being skeleton, we were going to have to run across this appearance bridge at some point.” He stepped up closer and bopped her nose. “You stepped up before it was even an issue. Thanks.”

Frisk touched her nose afterward, feeling her cheeks get a little warm. She wasn’t used to that level of attention from him. She was the one running around the Underground, running into him accidentally. She was the one he brought to King Asgore to knowingly kill. She was the one who he needed to sort of get along with to see Al and Juleyard. But this? This was nice.

“Alright. Short nap.” he grabbed Frisk’s hand. “Then, we’ll get the next part. After all this though, I need a nap. Oh, and then we better post on their social. I stopped them from getting on at least. Not completely useless.” He rubbed his eye socket. “At least they got a big bed.”

In the Kids’ New Room

Okay, deep breath. No big deal. They already know me. Not that bad, just get through it. “Hey there, Al. Juleyard. Sup? Can we all talk for a second?” The kids had been hanging out on the floor, discovering the toys of the other kids’. They moved toward Sans. “So. Um?” Hmm. The kids seemed a little strange. Then again, the day was strange. “When your mom was taken, I found out more about your dad. It wasn’t Gaster.” Hmm.

“It was you,” Al said for him. “I couldn’t completely tell but the worse you clammed up, the better I could guess.”

Great. One of them knew. That explained the weird feeling he got from him. “Yeah. Sorry. Not that it’s bad, it’s just? Different,” Sans admitted. “Still like ya the same way. But, uh, I’m also the daddy of the other twins inside your mom right now.” Huh. Shouldn’t he at least be getting something from Juleyard? They already talked about this possibility? How did they know? “Did the whole ‘can’t see your grandparents’ thing give it away?”

“Well, duh,” Al answered. “I mean, whatev. No big deal, we’re cool. Right, Juleyard?” Juleyard still wasn’t answering.

Odd. He was usually so talkative. Situation must really have him in a bind. “Okay. Well.” He promised Frisk he’d tell them, but they both already seemed to know. All that stress for nothing. “Bet your worn out after all that. Better get some rest. Our temporary life is weird, but we’ll all get through it.”

“Okay, Smiley . . . Sans.” Al smiled uncharacteristically. “Heh? It’s a joke. You’re a skeleton, so you can’t smile.”

“Don’t explain the joke.” Juleyard was finally started to speak, but not to Sans, to Al. “Night.”

“Uh, night.” Sans gestured to each of them. “Your mom’ll be here in a bit to say goodnight. You want me to say goodnight too? A hug or something?” Okay, so he wasn’t perfect yet. He went over to Al and placed his hand on his head. “Goodnight, Al.” He placed his hand on Juleyard’s head. “You too. Get some rest. It’s a Skeleton’s best friend.”

“That was bordering on lame,” Al said. “We aren’t even in bed yet.” Then, he switched the pitch of his voice, and quickly renegged on what he said. “I mean, that’s fine! I know everything is hard to get used to. Dad. Um. Poppa? Sans. Whatever.” In the meantime, Juleyard had already climbed into bed.

“Yeah, just? Whatever works,” Sans said back to Al. Smiley Sans? “Your mom’ll be in soon,” he repeated.

After he turned away, Juleyard whacked Al behind his head.

“Flowey, you idiot. You almost blew it,” she criticised him. “Just keep it toned down.”

“I’m trying.” Al rubbed the back of his head. “I’m not Flowey, we’ve been through this. I’m. Not Asriel either. I need a new name.”

I can help. The real Al’s voice came to his head. But only if you stop treating Pop-Bro so mean. You got some definite issues. The Flowey I knew, he wasn’t like that, but he lived a long time with momma. Helped him to figure out how to act, even without a soul.

Al groaned. “I’m trying. I know it makes him feel bad, which makes me feel bad.” He could feel emotions. “Still, your mom almost killed me with Chara.”

“Not Chara,” Juleyard complained. “Don’t call me that. That was a long, long time ago. Flowey.”

“Chara,” Al said back to her in a hiss.

Look, I always hated the name Sunburstal. I like Al. Al fits me. Since you’re kind of me now, take the first part. Suits ya, don’t it?

“Sunburst?” Al actually smiled. “Hey, I like that Al. Sunburst.” He gestured toward Juleyard. “Call me Sunburst.”

“Fantastic. I don’t care,” she said. “Actually, I do.” She gripped her fist. “Frisk’s kid is changing me. I feel a lot more. I don’t like it, not one bit. I don’t know how long I can take this.” Her guilt. For what happened. It ran so deep, it was hard to even talk to Frisk as Juleyard. If that wasn’t bad enough though, Frisk came in.

“Hey?” She went over toward her boys and picked them up. “So, Sans told you the truth about him being your father? He wanted to do it on his own, and I respected that,” she told them, “but if you have any questions, I’m right here.”

“How do you go from bro to dad?” Al asked. “I mean, what was the process there, ma?” A half cracked smile. “How do women have babies?”

“Al,” Juleyard scolded him lightly. She wanted to whack him on the side of the head again. He was doing that on purpose to Frisk. He just didn’t have the same relationship with her the other one did.

“Oh, well?” Frisk shifted their weight lightly as she carried them each to their beds. “It involved science. That’s all you really need to know right now.”

“But we didn’t have science when man was first created,” Al continued. “They had to have kids to keep going. So how did that happen?”

“Sunburst!” Juleyard really scolded him this time, tired of his mouth. “Leave momma alone.”

Al tried to hide his smile. “Alright, whatev, ma.”

“He called her momma. I mean, you call her momma!” Shoot! Juleyard smacked her own face. How could she mess up like that?

“Um?” Still, Frisk just kissed Al on the forehead. “Don’t you worry about that.” She came over to Juleyard and gave him a kiss on the forehead too. “Don’t worry, Sweetie. I know this is all a little harder to accept, but Sans will be a fine dad. As good as he was a brother, if not more. Get some rest. Tomorrow, we have to learn a whole new life.” She stroked Juleyard’s hair. “You two tried acting today, I could tell, and you did really well. The better in tune you stay to acting, the better you’ll get.” She sighed. “Sans and I will be acting too. Mainly outside the house, but we need to keep everything as close to possible as the people we are pretending to be.”

She moved over toward Al and also stroked his hair. “The better we are, the less questions involved. We need to handle each situation as them, instead of as us. And don’t worry, no matter what? We know it’s not the real us. No judgment will be passed. Don’t feel embarrassed or sad, okay?” She moved away from each of them. “It’s going to be this way until we figure out how to protect ourselves,” Frisk told them, “but it’s not forever.” She winked at each of them. “We only have to act for so long.”

Huh. That’s what she thought. Juleyard watched Sunburst try to get comfy in his covers. The sooner it was morning, the better.

Frisk took a brief shower, trying to get used to her new body. She rubbed and scrubbed, feeling somewhat full of regret and shame. This shape wasn’t hers. However, it also wasn’t Liberties either, it was just magical. Still, it felt wrong and it was hard to get used to touching it. For her new life though, she needed to be comfortable with herself. The more comfortable she felt, the better the acting would be.

“Scrub your back?”

Frisk quickly grabbed the shower curtain as she heard Sans voice in the room. She looked out. He was covering himself in the appearance of Dodingo again. “What are you doing?”

“Lib!” He took a step back. “Damn. Uh? When did you get back?” He was nervous.

Oh no. That’s not Sans. That was Dodingo, and he was supposed to be long gone!

“I thought you were supposed to be long gone? You were gonna meet with me with the kids?” Dodingo questioned her. “Didn’t leave yet? I thought you left. I told you I had a couple things and I’d take a different flight. Did you miss yours?”

“Yes,” Frisk quickly acted as best she could to be Liberty. “You snuck up on me. Don’t do that, I don’t like to jump just because someone snuck up on me in the bathroom.”

“Yeah, I know that, I didn’t think I was scaring you.” He came over closer to her. Frisk held the curtain tighter, and tried to calm her breathing. This guy was Liberty’s husband, and she was supposed to be Liberty, completely comfortable with him in every form. “This is fine, you take yourself a long shower, okay? I’m going to go out for a bit.”

“When are you getting back?” Frisk asked, hoping she did it in a way that showed concern.

“Well.” He sighed. “Lib, there’s just some things, hon, that I got to take care of before I can go. You catch the next flight. I promise I’ll be back.” Then just like that, she felt him start to kiss her.

She had to keep up her acting skills, but this was risky.

He pulled away and looked toward her. She gripped the curtain even tighter than before. “You okay? I thought we talked this whole Cherise thing out.”

Cherise? Frisk had no information on a Cherise.

“You’re still blaming me for it?” He was becoming defensive. “Lib, I told you. I didn’t do anything. I never would!” He growled. “I’m a monster, I’d rather die than screw my family up. It was for a botched planned mission, I didn’t get a choice but to kiss her because of everything I said during it, but I promise I didn’t like it. I put the mission down.” He hung onto the curtain, right where her hands were. “You trust me, don’t you?” He heaved a little harder. “In fact, I mean, that’s what I gotta go do. I’m trying to find her to finish the mission before I go. The closest that human will get to me is the bullet.”

Uh. Okay, he thinks Lib is mad about that. My not easing up is making this worse. He needs to go already. A deep breath. “I believe you, Dodingo.”

“Dod, Lib. Come on, don’t get formal on me.”

“Dod, I believe you,” Frisk said, feeling like she was definitely out of her stretch for her acting on this one. “It just takes time with what happened, but I know it wasn’t your fault.”

“It wasn’t. It really wasn’t.” He smiled at her. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll call her, have her come down here, and I’ll let you have the kill. I’ll clean up the mess.” He chuckled. “I know you’re not supposed to be on a mission with you pregnant, but you can just stow yourself away in the corner with a gun. Harmless human, you can’t hurt yourself. I’ll take the credit, say I did it, but you can have the action. I know your monster blood is boiling about this, and I just want you happy.”

Frisk’s stomach was bubbling with butterflies in it. Now what was she supposed to do? “You go ahead on the trip then. The children are at my mother’s place. I’ll take care of this the way I need to.”

“Lib, you’re carrying our next little one,” Dod answered her. “I’ll let you have the kill, but I can’t just put you in a dangerous position without making sure everything is absolutely fine.”

There. There was her way in. “Why?” Frisk addressed him roughly. “You don’t think I’m capable of handling a human, just because I’m pregnant? Really?!”

“Oh, not this again,” he groaned. “I know your capable. I’m just worried.”

“Well, stop worrying. If you really want me to have it, then I’ll have it!” she almost hissed at him. “No mercy killing. The next time you see her, you won’t even recognize her corpse.”

“Yeah, I knew you weren’t going to just let this go, even with that offer.” Dod sighed. “Fine, I won’t be here, but I’m sending someone to watch out for you. I’d be irresponsible to just let this happen. I’ll give my brother her phone number. He’ll call and come over, let you do what you want, and clean it all up afterward.” He took his fingers and pinched her cheek softly. “I love you, Lib. Tear apart all of it’s skin for sneaking a kiss on me if you want. Whatever you want. Wear her teeth as a trophy, anything. My love is only for you.”

Monster. Charm. Ugh.

“I’m worried too.” He stroked her cheek. “Your power, Lib, it feels different. Lower. I know it fluctuates because of the baby, but I don’t like that. So you kill her however, just as long as you feel better.” He finally left. She quickly waited for him to be completely gone, locked the door, and got dressed. She needed to get to Sans right away.