The difference between staying with the safety of her parents, and the safety of her stolen identity? Only one. Frisk isolated herself now instead of her parents doing it for her. Going outside the property and being Liberty wasn’t something she enjoyed much at all. She went when she needed to, usually when Sans and the kids wanted to. She also got out to help the kids out at school.

Schooling. Her children were younger than the ones they had to portray but their intelligence still made schooling quite easy. Frisk didn’t want them to go to school at first, but Sans warned her it would look suspicious. For a little while in the beginning, Sans kept an eye out for them. So far, they had been as safe as her.

Maybe if it hadn’t been for Dodingo having come visited her in the home when they first got there, she could feel a little more ease. Maybe it was the fact she was portraying someone that felt proud of killing others. An image she wanted to keep in the distant past. She also had to use the social media slightly, which she wasn’t fond of at all. She kept it very basic, as basic as she could. Liberty had a hobby of doll collecting so instead of ranting as much, she tended to focus on things collectors would focus on instead. She had also talked about her baby and her kids too, since Liberty also did that.

Frisk was at the computer, looking up the newest doll that had come out, when she jumped!

“Geez, Beautiful, calm down.”

Oh. Sans. “Hey there, Hand-some.” Since the event with Dodingo, Frisk gladly let Sans call her Beautiful, but she also wanted a word for him too. Something that if the real one had been in Sans place, wouldn’t have suspected much, but it would be clear it wasn’t Sans. Figuring pet names might work, they went with Hand-some. It would be something she might say to her husband, and?

Hand-some. Some hand. Not a whole hand, just some. Just the bone part. Yeah, it was a pun within it too. She usually addressed him in that way once or twice before going back to Sans.

“Checked it again.” Sans wiggled his phone at her. “Liberty, Dodingo and all their wonderful kids are safely taken care of. They can’t come back. No one’s coming after anyone.” He squealed slightly. “Can we please not have to sleep with the boys tonight? Seriously? It’s been a month, Frisk. Their room isn’t far from ours.”

Frisk looked back to the computer at the dolls. The kids had been sleeping with them nightly, but even they had really wanted to break away. “I already compromised.”

“Sleeping bags in the same room isn’t the kind of compromise that’s gonna last forever,” Sans said. “Toriel or Asgore finds out about that, it’s gonna be bad.” He put his phone down. “Speaking of which, you haven’t told your mom the boys are still sleeping in the same room, have you?”

“No,” Frisk comforted him. “Lib always posts something on this day. There’s nothing big though.”

“Just post something like ‘miss my job again’,” Sans recommended. “That’s not so bad.”

Frisk didn’t want to deal with any of Liberty’s online friends asking her any questions about it. About her. “My mom and dad are asking when they can see me yet, Sans. What do you want me to tell them?”

Sans sighed. “Not until at least the boys are sleeping in their own room.” Sans backed away from the computer. “I hate to ask.”

“Then, don’t,” Frisk said. She watched Sans not just creep closer, but he sat down next to her. He folded his arms on the table and laid his skull on them. Staring, just staring.

“You’re going through some kind of trauma, and you won’t let anyone in.” He just said it, boldfaced, to her. “Can’t keep it all in. Talk to me.”

Frisk didn’t want to. “Trauma? I’m fine.” She continued to click on the keyboard before Sans stretched his hand out over it. “I’m fine.”

“Sure and it’s beautifully sunny outside,” Sans said back.

Was it? Frisk stopped to see if there was a window nearby. She hadn’t been out of the house since Friday picking up the kids from school. It was Sunday evening. “It’s not raining,” she said spotting the back window.

“No, it’s not, but it’s not sunny. It’s gloomy. Dark, grey clouds all over the place.” Sans moved his hand away from her keyboard back to under his chin. “You aren’t fine. People can only take so much in life, Frisk, and I think you hit your limit. If you don’t talk it out soon, you’re gonna explode.”

Limit? “I’m fine.” Frisk denied the concept that something was wrong. “Why wouldn’t I be fine?” She looked back at the computer. “I’m pregnant, so I don’t have to worry about being an assassin. Dodingo’s brother won’t release Cherise until I give the word, so she’s technically safe. Although at the same time, his brother is probably only barely keeping her alive so I can deal with her however I want when the time comes. Still, she’s alive.” Yeah. So that was fine. “I don’t want to involve myself into this strange life and get caught being asked about things, so I stay inside. I go and get the kids with you, and that’s decent enough.” That was fine. “The kids are fine. I mean, their acting skills have gotten so superb, sometimes I swear Juleyard became two people and Al became three people. And. And that’s fine.” It was all fine. “What’s left not to be fine? My parents? They are talking to me. They’ve talked to you a few times. I’ll be meeting them eventually. Sure, they still sort of see me as their daughter being taken away and my mom bursts into tears every few minutes on the phone. But, they are safe. I am safe. We are all safe. So. Everything’s fine.” Everything was fine. “It’s fine.” Absolutely fine. “I’ve been through much worse.”

Then when she said that, she realized that she’d actually dripped a tear on the keyboard. Oh no! She pulled away quickly, not wanting to damage the keyboard. My eyes are wet. Am I getting a cold? Allergies?

She felt Sans rub her eye. “Uh.” Little embarrassing. “The weather must be affecting my allergies.”

“You don’t have allergies, Frisk.”

“Then, I have a cold.”

“That’s not a cold, Frisk.” She felt Sans scoot his chair further to her. “You used to test barriers and weapons. Literally getting your butt kicked over and over.”

“Yes, of course.” He knew that. “What about it?”

“You once got overtaken with LOVE and killed a lot of monsters. Including Papyrus,” Sans said.

Okay. Why was he doing that? “I thought we talked about this already.”

“Yeah. We did. Papyrus is fine. Toriel’s fine. Nobody even remembers what happened except us, and I don’t even remember the genocide timeline of us. I told you once I knew how strong LOVE had been.” Sans took his hand and put it in hers. “It don’t change the fact it happened.”

Frisk pulled away and stood up. What was he doing? “It never did. A whole new me. Another me came over me, and did that. It’s not me, I’m clean. I’m fine.” She never killed Toriel or Papyrus or anyone. She was fine. Everything was fine. Everything was fine!

“Not in this timeline.” Sans didn’t move, but his light guiders stayed on her. “But it’s as there in your head as anything else. It’s not fake, not made up. Those feelings. You know it. Not just the physical but the emotional details. You even knew one day the Monster Kingdom would try and kill you.”

“Stop,” she warned him.

“You know that bitter pill. Somewhere between accepting and wanting to escape that pain.”


“And all that, compounded with what the humans are trying to do to you, what we are having to do now, and what you technically have to pretend to be?” He stood up. “To forget would mean losing the memory of your kids, but deep down, you still wish you could go back to that.”

Frisk didn’t move but her legs felt like jelly. He was. Being. He was reading every deep down thought she’d been trying to hide, even from herself.

Sans stayed still, not moving toward her. Which was good because Frisk really felt like just getting out of the room. “Been staying out of it,” he admitted. “Figured you should work it out in your own way, but you’ve been getting worse, not better.” He stood up, but held his hand toward her. “Don’t bail.”

Frisk tried not to as he approached her slowly. He crept a little closer. A little more. Then?

He hugged her.

Falling. Apart. Even when she was condemned to death in another timeline, she’d kept it all together, but it was all too much now. Even her only friend in the world, who knew in a lot more detail what she went through, couldn’t be there for her. “My thing is jokes and humor,” he admitted as he held her. “When life turns shitty, that’s my go-to spot so sorry if I suck at this part.” He sighed briefly tightening the hug. “I have a feeling there’s a little yellow flower that was supposed to be here instead of me.” Yeah, she started to break down even more.

“He should have remembered, but he didn’t, so it couldn’t have been him! When he skipped in timelines, he always joined his other self. He told me that. He wouldn’t lose his memories, it didn’t work that way, so it wasn’t him. But.” Where was he? “He left me for another timeline. For the other me. Like I wouldn’t have even cared!”

There we go, now he was getting somewhere.

“And Al and Juleyard! I don’t even recognize them through this acting anymore. Half the time they are themselves, and the other half, it’s like they just aren’t. The acting, I was hoping they would be good, but they are better than good. And, it feels like, like even around us they continue acting. Like maybe they are forgetting who they truly were? And Al, Al’s even worse! He started out being the perfect actor and now, part of him feels so guilty and sad. Juleyard, half the time it feels like he just wants to run away and cry, like my very presence hurts him!”

Yeah, Sans noticed that too. There was something going on with Al and Juleyard.

“I just, I’m tired of it all!” Frisk finally held Sans back, deepening the hug. “Even when I am supposed to have been on the ‘good side’ and kept my children, and been okay? I’m still hunted, now not to kill me, but to separate my own will from my own body. That’s worse than death! There’s no protection, no barrier keeping them out, no Underground, nowhere to hide. All I have is the identity of a pregnant assassin and I have to believe and trust that everything is going okay and that nobody will figure out who I am!” Her whole body almost relied entirely on Sans now. “I-I don’t want to die, I never did, but I don’t want to go through it all over again, and I don’t want my will separated from my soul. I just. I can’t anymore.”

There we go. Sans rubbed her back. Took a month, but she finally did it. Broke that heavy shell on her. Now she was weeping on him, using him for her support. He held her a few more minutes before he spoke. “Don’t mind the tear stains, don’t worry, might even help take the catsup one’s out.” For once, Frisk actually chuckled at his joke. “Gettin’ better?” He felt her nod her head as she pulled away.

She wiped her tears. “I’m sorry.”

“Eh.” Sans shrugged. “I’ve been there. Multiple times. ‘Cept, usually had a Papyrus to cry on. In fact, he usually figured out something was wrong ahead of time. Guess I’m paying it forward now.” He reached out and ruffled her hair. “Things aren’t that bleak. Heck, we already figured out the Underground barrier. Up top, found a lot of things. Only thing really holding us back is supplies.”

Frisk sniffled involuntarily. “What do you mean?”

“Well, if we had the Underground still, we could move it. Have everything set up nice and tight real fast. Underground was burnt to a crisp, nothing left,” Sans reminded her. “Buildings, houses, eating spots, shops, all of it has to be remade. Come on, come with me.”

Outside Dodingo and Liberty’s Home


He hadn’t shown her before. Sans figured he’d tell her eventually, but now was the time. He walked away from the property and stopped. “I don’t know how much you feel it, but did you feel something just now?” She shook her head. He pulled her back for a second, and then forward again. “How about now?”

“Vague,” Frisk admitted. She did the same thing as he did, scooting herself back and forth. “A quick brush of force, like swimming, but even more mild than that. It could have even been a wind if it wasn’t the same spot.”

“Yeah, been working on the barrier over at what’ll be our permanent home.” He took his arm and moved it back and forth in the wind. “When we found the tech, we all wanted to make sure it was the strongest. Some of us took and tested it. Papyrus, Alphys, and me.” He chuckled. “Yep. That’s our invisible barrier around the house.”

“Huh?” Frisk looked around it, trying to see something.

“Completely invisible. Real ones going to be reflective, and out in the open, it’ll be totally safe,” Sans said. “Truth is, I keep the interference on it daily, I just reduced it today since I planned on telling you. Been working fine a whole week. Nobody who isn’t our family is gonna get through here.” He held up his phone. “Tested it with delivery too. Poor guy about tripped over himself getting out of here.”

Really? “So, we’re already protected?” Sans nodded and Frisk let out a big, audible sigh.

“Yeah, we’re fine there. Safest can be here, but even outside?” Sans messed with his phone. “Got 24/7 surveillance on them all. Look around hard enough and you can find Dodingo, his wife, and his kids. There’s no one to call you out.” She knew that, but he wanted to reinforce it again. He put his phone back away. “Now, Al and Juleyard.” Sans knew what she meant there. “Acting is kind of changing them.”

“I knew it.” Frisk crossed her arms. “They’re too young to keep this up, Sans. They are literally falling too deep into the roles.”

“Yeah.” The kids’ pretending was getting out of hand, but they stilll needed to pretend. “I’ll tell you what. House rule. If no one new is over here, and we are all at home, then no acting should be done.” That should keep them on the straight and narrow. “That means after school, Al will be Al and Juleyard will be Juleyard.”

Frisk didn’t seem as sure of that plan as he had been. “I just.” She rubbed her shoulders and started to head back inside. “It’s not just that. I mean, sometimes Al is completely fine, as if nothing happened, and then he changes. Juleyard too, but Al’s character isn’t even right for the child he is posing as anymore.”

“Well, we’ll talk to them,” Sans said. “Help them keep the acting to just acting. It’ll be okay.” Of course, he didn’t really know how to accomplish that, but he was hoping the bullshit was hidden in his voice. Truth be told, it was nerve wracking. Sans could always read someone, and although the kids were more difficult to read at times, it didn’t change that fact.

He bought that after Frisk came back, the kids were visibly and mentally shaken. The whole burning of the Underground, yeah, more shaken. Running around on the surface after stealing a car, then a regular car, and then being told they were his kids. All causing a shakedown. Then after that, just the constant need to act.

He cared for Al and Juleyard, deeply. He had cared for them like little brothers before, but the closeness now that he was supposed to be their father never really came. “Sometimes, it’s like their ready to handle a situation. No prob.” Like smiling, calling Frisk momma, and being generally close enough to treat at least her like the mother she’d always been. “Other times, it’s like something’s making them shy away.” They needed to talk it out with the kids. “Let’s go talk to them now.”

“Now?” Frisk asked again. “It’s already evening. They’re winding down the night.”

“So? They’re kids. They gotta be ready for a talk at anytime.” And besides, this was overdue. Once they all had that mess figured out, Frisk would feel a whole lot better.

The Kids’ Room . . .

More red maybe? Red’s a good finishing color.

Red and Green is too festive, Jewel. Ooh, maybe a shade of blue? Juleyard stared at his sculpture. He wasn’t allowed to paint it without supervision, and firing it was all Sans’ work to do. He was observing with Jewel though. Since the will that had once been known as ‘Chara’ didn’t feel like her old self, he had helped to find the most perfect name for her, such as Al found for the will that had been ‘Flowey’, but was not.

Since Al never cared for the Sunburst in his name, he split it with him, like they split their body. It fit him to a ‘T’, especially as the old Flowey acted less like himself and more sweet and caring. He was a troublemaker at first, but over time, Al seemed to have helped him tone down into something closer to a normal, sweet boy like them.

Now, Jewel. Juleyard loved Juleyard, but he wanted to give his other will a name too. Something to help her through it. Taking Jule and turning it into Jewel was brilliant. She loved it, and he was left with Yard when she addressed him. One of his favorite kinds of art! His name seemed to reinvigorate him toward staying toward that style too. Instead of going everywhere and doing everything in the name of art, he could focus with her. It felt right.

And, he and Jewel were a perfect duo for creation. What shade of blue?

Ooh, turquoise.

Turquoise! Yard agreed with her assessment. How about some fractal design around it that is turquoise?

With red and green as the solid colors between the fractals. Yeah, and I’m good with fractals.

It’ll be awesome, Sansy and momsy will like it. Yes. Momsy and Sansy. Although he should be saying something like ‘father’, Jewel wasn’t comfortable with the concept of sharing that idea yet. There was something in her past that kept her very distant from their mom and dad. He had tried to tell her countless times, that now, they were also hers. It only seemed to make things worse, so he moved down to just calling him Sansy. He kept Momsy though. His momsy would always be momsy.

“Knock, knock? Hey, Juleyard.”

Juleyard turned around and looked at Sansy. “Hello.”

“Hey there.” Beside Sans was momsy, but something felt wrong between them. “Where’s your brother? We want to have a little talk with the two of you.”

Oh, that was easy. “Outside, planting the flowers you bought for him.”

“You bought him flowers?” His mother asked.

“He wanted them. He’s been wanting them.” Sans held his hand up. “Just, probably his way of grieving I think. Well, come on. Let’s all take a breather outside then.”

Juleyard went with ease with Sans, but his mother still felt strange. “Momsy, are you okay?”

“You protest for your art, to complete it. You always have.” She wasn’t angry, but she sounded confused.

“But we’ll be back,” Juleyard comforted here, “and then we will finish.” Oops. “I will finish.” That only put his mom on a deeper edge. “You okay?”

“You never said that before we came here. I always tried to make you see that, but you never did that.”

Something was very wrong. “Then doesn’t it make you happy I can?” He looked toward Sansy, but he wasn’t talking yet.


You were the one who picked it out, Sunburst.

I know. I just, I don’t know if this was right. Sunburst held the red flower in his hands, almost trembling. “Red’s a beautiful color,” he said softly. “I didn’t mind, but.” The red though. Red and yellow. They were supposed to plant some yellow and blue flowers, but so far, there were nothing but blue.

Yellow was just too hard, and even red. Even though it was a short time, it was how . . . Sunburst sniffled, rubbing his nose. They had already changed the scheme from blue and yellow to an easier blue and red. But, the red was affecting him too much as well. “There’s nothing wrong with blue. What about blue and white, Al?”

You know, I bet white would be pretty. Even prettier.

He was trying to comfort him. Sunburst put the red aside and grabbed another blue one.

“Okay, we got some serious issues alright.”

Oh no. Sans? Al turned around, taking over again. “Yo, Sup?”

“You just called yourself out, like it was a different entity.” His mom covered her mouth.

“You’re not someone different. You’re Al. Come here.” Sans came over. “Leave the flowers. We need to talk. Why were you crying?”

Huh? Al rubbed his eyes. Sunburst had been more emotional. “I dunno. Allergies?” He chuckled. “I’m around flowers. It’s not totally out of the ballpark.”

“Now you’re Al,” Sans said, “but you didn’t sound like it before.”

Shoot. What do we, Sunburst? Sansy is figuring it out, and my mom is way concerned. “Whatcha mean? I’m Al. I’m always Al. So, what, ’cause I like flowers I’m gettin’ too strange or somethin’? Guys got a right to change his mind.”

“Nope, and that’s not right.” Sans brought them both over. He was eyeing both of them. Deeply.

“This acting.” Their mother was starting to lose it as she covered her face. “It’s shattering them. They have split personalities.” She was rubbing her eyes.

“Don’t cry. Don’t cry.” Jewel took over Juleyard. It just happened. It was often controlled, but sometimes emotions just overrode it. “Don’t cry.” He started to shy away, but Sans pulled him closer. “Don’t do that.”

“Why not? You’re my family,” Sans said to him. “No, scratch that. You’re. My. Kid!” He pulled him into his arms along with Al. “I already told you. You could have even called me more than Sans or Sansy.” Jewel was still struggling to get away. Sans had no choice but to put them down. “What’s going on?”

Frisk reached for Jewel, and Jewel let her. She still didn’t stop freezing though.

“You won’t even let the momma you always knew hold you.” Sans light guiders were practically flashing between them. “Split personality?”

“Uh? How do we .  . . reverse it?” Frisk asked. “Can we?”

“Split personality. Bull. Shit!” Sans cursed. “I want to know what’s going on, and I want to know now! And don’t you start with some split personality thing, I can see that it ain’t that.”

Oh. “Welp?” Al looked toward Jewel and shrugged. “Hey, it lasted a month, it wasn’t going to last forever.”

“No!” Juleyard screamed, pulling away from Frisk and running inside.

“Juleyard!” Frisk yelled after him. Sans, however, didn’t move. He was frozen, staring at Al.

“We would have told you,” Al said. “Seriously.” Remembering how angry he was, he tried to look for something different to bring his guard down a bit. “Dad. Pops? Poppa?” Not helping at all. “Momma was frazzled enough, Sansy, come on. I never seen momma so . . . well . . . weak?”

“She’s not weak,” Sans corrected him. “A person can only have so much crap piled on top. Your momma’s limit of crap she could take, it hit it’s limit. That’s not weak. That’s normal.”

“I didn’t mean nothin’ bad by it.” Damn. Sans was not being easy. “We didn’t wanna worry her or hurt her, and they? Well, their kind of . . . scared.”

“They?” Sans asked. “Keep usin’ them words, Al ‘they’ ain’t cuttin’ it.”

Al scratched the back of his head. “I don’t know what happened, but, well . . .”

I can, Al. Sunburst came back. I remember. Al moved back into the soul, and Sunburst took over. He held his hand out. “Flowey was hanging over the water, the liquid trapped in the container with Frisk,” he began, “and . . . as much as he struggled, he fell in. Frisk got his power, and even held his dead carcass next to her. Flowey ‘died’, sort of.” He moved back slightly, starting to see the look in Sans eye. He was really starting to guess what was wrong. “Just like the scientists wanted to eventually steal her will and give it to her kids? When Al touched her, he inherited the free wills inside of her. The event seemed to loosen them. Frisk took more than Flowey’s power, she took the other will inside of her too.”

“Flowey?” Sans asked carefully.

“No. Yes. No.” Sunburst rubbed his eye. “I’m sorry! It’s, we didn’t get a choice! We were just there, and Juleyard hugged his brother, and it separated and . . . Al and I share souls now, and the one that used to be Chara shares with Juleyard. But we didn’t get a choice? I’m. I’m.”

“You’re not Flowey.” Sans was really pulling it together. “Asriel without a soul was Flowey. You must be Toriel’s son.”

“No,” he said, shaking his head. “I remember being Flowey. I can’t ever . . . be the same.” He was shaking, he knew it. He used to be able to handle himself so much better. “When I first came, I was more like Flowey, but it fades and I feel worse and regret and shame and I’m sorry! I don’t know what else to do, Sans!”

Sunburst felt Sans’ arms back around him. Not what he was expecting.

“I’m sorry there. Look at you, your really trembling.” Sans picked him up. “You’re trapped sharing a soul with my Al?” He nodded. “You trade off, naturally, don’t you?” He nodded again. “Let me talk to Al.”

He nodded and let Al come back. “Sup? Am I grounded?”

“You okay with this whole thing?” Sans asked him.

“Yeah,” Al said confidently. “Me and Sunburst, we get along really well, Sans. Don’t be mad at him. Hell, he’s less like Flowey than you know. He’s downright gullible, but he’s a sweet kid. Please don’t try and take him away? He’s like, becoming one of my best friends. Even closer. I mean, you just don’t get it. It’s kind of like with Juleyard, but different. We don’t even need to really ask when we switch around. It just happens. We just do it.”

“Had to be. You naturally balanced.” Sans seemed confused at first, then something seemed to click for him. “Oh damn. Two wills that defied the timelines, and another two wills that defied the timelines, and you.”

Hmm? Al didn’t get what he was saying. He felt Sans grasp on him tighten.

“This was our fault.” Sans looked toward Al. “Then again, if not, well you wouldn’t be here.” He rubbed his head affectionately. “Okay. Uh. Okay. I need to talk to your mom.” He placed Al back down. “Don’t worry. I won’t separate your other self from you.”

Huh? “You sure?” Al asked.

“Nah, I couldn’t. It’s destiny. Nevermind that right now,” Sans answered him. “Um? But you both go by Al? He didn’t seem to like either name for himself.”

“Yeah,” Al said. “Momma always called me Sunburst, but I always liked Al. So, to give him a break, I let him have Sunburst. It seemed to fit him.”

“Yeah, if there was any doubt, it’s gone now.” Sans voice had been high-pitched. “Okay. Come with me.”

“You sure?” Al asked him. “Sunburst, he’s kinda shy. He don’t really like to hang out with you and Frisk much, if he can help it. Kind of bad um.”

“No choice,” Sans answered him, picking him up. It explained everything. Everything. He went back into the house, seeing Frisk trying to comfort Juleyard who was crying on the floor. She wasn’t doing so hot herself. “Juleyard’s fine,” Sans said. “I got to the bottom of things, Frisk.”

Frisk looked back toward him.

“Give him a second.” Sans placed Al down. “You guys all comfort each other, okay? Nothing bad’s gonna happen.” He reached toward Frisk and took her to another room. “Frisk. Do you remember way back when, in the double timeline, when I said you don’t know how things break, they just did?” She nodded. He shifted a moment. “Well, things also fix themselves, and you don’t how they do it, they just do too.”

“What do you mean?” Frisk asked. “What’s going on with Al and Juleyard?”

“Our kids.” Sans had been letting her get away with saying ‘my kid’ for a whole month, or just saying their names. Now more than ever, he really needed to cement his role. “We made a double timeline, and even though we fixed it, things still aren’t the happiest. But, before that, the timeline had other trouble. Namely, Chara and Flowey.” She stiffened up, not wanting to remember. “So we were all on it’s shit list pretty much.”

“Yes?” Frisk didn’t understand where he was going.

“You don’t find it ‘odd’ that I ended up being the perfect potential one for all your kids?” Sans asked.

“I know that,” Frisk said softly. “Pretty easy to see we were punished that way.”

“Yeah, well I was doubled, and you were doubled, and we had kids. Destiny kind of hurt itself with that, but it didn’t. I guess, I didn’t see it.” Or maybe want to see it. “It needed us to have kids, so it could fix the problem. It took it’s problems and turned them into solutions.”

“Sans, I’m not understanding you,” Frisk answered. “Please? What is going on with my kids?”

“You got Flowey and Chara’s power,” Sans blurted out, “but you don’t have their wills, and their wills are still alive. They balanced, with Al and Juleyard. Their souls each share wills.” Yeah, she was getting it now. “I don’t know about Chara, but we will soon. I have a feeling it’s not bad though. ‘Cause Sunburst pairs just fine with Al. Sunburst being what used to be Flowey, but even that isn’t right. Probably closer to Toriel’s past son, Asriel, from all the good I feel from him.”

Frisk’s breathing seemed stuck. Then it unstuck itself. “My sons have other wills trapped in them?”

“Not trapped,” Sans reminded her. “The timelines been fixing this since it got the chance. Al and Juleyard, they were meant to be with the other pair. I mean, even the names? You can’t tell me Sunburst don’t match something that used to be Flowey.”

” . . . Chara?”

“I don’t think LOVE carried over, either way, Frisk. She just subconsciously wanted to forget everything as soon as her mind was freed at first.” Still, Sans watched her move away from the room. He tagged along after her.


Sharing a will, sharing a will, sharing a will! Frisk moved toward Juleyard, who was scooting away from her. She looked at his eyes. Scared. Nervous.

“It’s not her fault, anymore than it was yours,” Sans voice came from behind her.

“I know.” Frisk looked back toward him. She stepped forward again. “It’s okay. I know it’s you.”

Juleyard looked around nervously, then back to Frisk. “I-I didn’t do anything! It was stupid Sunburst, really! I mean, I-I had no control! I wasn’t going to do anything!” She yelled. “And I-I didn’t mean to take everything away, I just, I didn’t want to remember!” She started having a fit on the floor.

She clearly had no LOVE in her. It really must have gone to the genocide path. She only wanted to forget all the pain, and it made me forget. Frisk reached toward her. “It’s okay. No one’s here to hurt you, or cast any judgment on you.”

“That’s true,” Sans said from behind her. “LOVE filled individuals get a big ol’ break from me. Ask Frisk.”

Frisk moved a little closer. “LOVE invaded us both, but it was my fault for messing us up. I can’t blame you.” She moved closer again, feeling an intimate closeness to her. As if. She was something she had to . . .

Frisk reached out more and held her. This time, she didn’t fight back. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. We’re all safe now.” She looked back toward Sans who was bending down by her side. “We’re all safe.”

“Every one of us.” He reached out, trying to hold Juleyard’s hand. “So, relax. You don’t have to avoid us. Neither you nor Sunburst. By the way, you got a name too? Destiny kind of works this stuff out.”

Juleyard rubbed his chin. “Jule, but um. J-E-W-E-L.”

“That’s pretty,” Sans said. “He’s Yard then?”

“I like Yard!” Juleyard finally got a chance to take over. “I’m so glad you talked to her! She was driving me nuts the way she just wouldn’t communicate with you. A lot of guilt, but I tried to make her feel better. When she gets real emotional though, I can’t take over for her, or I would have. I hate for her to feel bad. She’s like, a sister, sort of.”

“Yeah,” Frisk looked back toward Sans, seeing him nod. This wasn’t just a soul thing, which was dangerous to mess around with in the first place. It was a destiny thing. The children were meant to be together. Even their names, had somehow been up to destiny. “She’s like a sister.”

Inside the new Reflective Barrier . . .

“No, no, more over there,” Papyrus dictated. He was trying to handle some of the construction work that needed to be done to rebuild the Underground again. While the barrier was working perfectly, just standing around on grass and staring up at the sky wasn’t going to do much for anyone. Sure, it was wonderful looking at the bright sky, and he took breaks to do that, but it wasn’t going to get their kingdom re-established.

His phone rang and he answered it. Finally! “Sans, what are you doing? Unless your mission is dictating something, you should be here right now. What’s going on? It’s Friday evening, what are you doing?” It shouldn’t take Sans long to get there. Sure, at first, it was tough. They didn’t know their way around the surface, so they couldn’t correctly transport. However, it had been a month now and their transporting magic and intelligence of the surface had been a breeze. Sans had even started helping more than once a week, he was helping at least every other day.

“Got some issues, Papyrus. I need you to come here instead.”

“What for?” Papyrus asked as he tried to indicate to the helping monsters where to lay more of the wood.

“Someone might take Frisk from me after all, and it’s not her parents.”

Not her parents? “Who?”

“Toriel and King Asgore.”

What?! “Why?!”

“Cause. My kids are half theirs.”