“Over here this time?” Since his mother and Sans knew about their other wills, Juleyard was openly speaking out loud now.

Nah, too many. We need them over on the other side. Ooh, maybe on top of the fence, Yard?

The fence was small, more scenic, but kept the children out of the pond. It was wooden, short, and a frog right there would be pretty. Sans only gave Juleyard one rule. He couldn’t make anything that would leave a mark after they left, but everything he made could be taken with them. It made it a little harder. It would be nice to decorate the posts with the same kind of designs, just down the middle, of their creations. But, he respected Sans and would never stray from his duty.

As for Al though, him and Sunburst were okay growing flowers. It apparently wasn’t something Sans minded. If the people came back and saw pretty flowers in the backyard, it wasn’t exactly a bad or irreversible thing. They’d either keep them or take them out. Still? Blue and yellow would have looked more aesthetically pleasing than all blue. They even tried to get them to budge to red. “Very pretty blues!” He still supported Al and Sunburst though.

Sunburst was patting the ground delicately. “You must be very gentle with flowers, Al. They have a beauty to them, all their own, but they have no real defense against even a foot coming down to smash them.”

You like flowers before you were a flower, Sunburst?

“I had experience with flowers. Yellow ones.” Sunburst rubbed his head. “Don’t really want to get into this. These blues are a great color. White too, maybe. I don’t know. We should ask.” He left the ground and went toward Yard. “Hey, Yard? What about white and blue?”

“White would kind of go?” Yard’s nice way of saying not really. “Don’t push yourself?”

“Hm.” Sunburst would decide later then. I think that’s good for now.” He smiled. “Hey, do you want to go play on the swings?”

“Yes.” Yard put the frog on the fence and they both ran off to the other side of the yard where the playground had been. Yard and Sunburst were on the opposite side of the swings, pushing themselves ever higher, when they saw Sans and Frisk come out with Papyrus.

Al stopped the swing and watched them come over to him and Yard. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Sans waved at him. “So? Guessing your Al?”

“See me swinging or just sitting?” Al chuckled. “Swinging isn’t my thing. Unless it’s putting two swings together and swinging back and forth like a hammock.”

“Yeah, that sounds like you,” Sans almost chuckled. “So?” Sans looked toward Papyrus and Frisk. He nodded and looked back toward them. “We need to talk to Sunburst and Jewel. You guys share everything, right? So they would hear me even if I’m talking to you?”

“Yep,” Al said, before he started to slightly swing. “What is it?” The voice was the same, of course. Vocal chords didn’t change, but the accent and the way it used had been. Dead giveaway he flipped to Sunburst. “Jewel?”

Jewel stopped swinging. “What?” Soft and timid.

Sans scooted toward Al while Frisk scooted more toward Jewel. “So, this whole you being half other monster’s kids thing. I know you were hiding it for Frisk’s benefit so she could deal with it all. Thanks for that, but this can’t go on. Your half someone else’s kids now. So? Toriel and Asgore, your mom and dad, they’re moving in with us.”

“What?!” Sunburst and Jewel almost screamed.

Frisk grabbed Jewel before she left the swing, with Papyrus also helping. Sans held Sunburst frozen in place.

“Hey, look at that? We guessed correct,” Sans chuckled.

“We know your frightened,” Frisk started to explain to Jewel. “A lot of things happened in the other timelines.”

“Can’t!” Jewel kept moving while she started to cry. “I can’t do it, Frisk! Are you kidding me? I. I. I killed! And, I killed her! And!”

“Let go, let go, let go!” Sunburst cried. “We can’t go back to them, you don’t get it!”

“Wrong,” Sans answered him. He scooped Sunburst up in his arms. “You got a soul now, that’s different than what happened. You were just wills with no conscience, no good or bad, just there. Now, your sharing a soul, with Al. And, I know you aren’t bad. I betcha Tori was a great mom too, wasn’t she?”

Sunburst continued to cry. “I. Can’t. I can’t even stand to plant yellow flowers yet.”

“You can’t hide from them,” Sans said. “All that’s gonna do is make the situation even worse. Monster families is one, and me and Frisk. We can’t risk your parents finding out later afterwards if we never told them.” He shrugged. “Wanted to, but it’s just too risky. Do that, and they’ll take you all away from us forever.”

“They will understand,” Frisk said trying to comfort Jewel. “You aren’t filled with love, and you share a soul now.”

Sunburst was clinging to Sans. “Yellow. Flower.”

“Yeah. That’s part of your memories now too, but you can get past it.” Sans carried him inside a bit, and gave him a yellow flower. “Accept yourself again, Asriel. I mean, Sunburst, if that’s what you want to be called.”

Sunburst held the yellow flower in his hands. They trembled. Then? Sans gave him one of the red flowers too. “Yellow and Red. The beginning and end of Flowey.” He was crying so much he was starting to drip tears on the stems. “I didn’t mean to do that. I don’t want to hurt them. Should water them at the base. It hurts when something hits the top of the stems.”

Sans carried him back out. “Listen. I have no clue what you’re feeling. Never lost my soul from my will, and then got one back. Never seen it before, but I can tell you are a good boy. And? You really should plant those flowers.”

He placed Sunburst down. He looked at each color. For most of his time as Flowey, he was yellow, but at the end of his life, he was red. Many events happened between. So many years. If he concentrated, he could remember them . . . otherwise, they kind of seemed to fade away. Just like his life as Asriel.

“Got a great idea.” Sans picked him back up and placed him by a blue flower that had already been planted. “Why not some yellow, some red, and end it with blue?”

“Blue.” Sunburst looked at the blue.

“Yeah. Red don’t have to be the ending color.”

“Oh.” Sunburst looked up toward Sans. He always was a lot smarter than he looked. He got down on the ground, grabbed his nearby gardening tools, and set to work.

Frisk looked toward Sans. It looked like he had worked well with Flowey. She could have, but he wasn’t the same one she knew. The difference she could make, it would be too slim. Sans apparently knew what he’d been doing. Instead, she was still comforting Jewel. All the memories of destroying the Underground. The countless times she killed her parents. She even confessed that they had killed Flowey several times, which was where that Flowey came from. While Sans shrugged off talking about his dad, apparently Gaster had the ability to yank Flowey from one timeline, to that one.

Gaster could see into other timelines, but he never showed that much interaction to it. She never remembered feeling any invisible force trying to stop her. What he could do was very minimal. To yank something from one timeline to the other, it couldn’t have had good repercussions for him. Then again? If he saw into the future as well. Maybe he knew that the Underground was doomed, and he was trying to fix destiny. I hope he’s at peace. “Are you feeling better, Jewel-Yard?” Funny. It did work. She could address both of them.

“Are you sure momma won’t be mad?” Jewel’s voice finally came. “And Asgore, when he gets mad-”

“They love you more than you could possibly know,” Frisk answered her. She felt a slight sting inside when she called Toriel ‘momma’, but it was something she would need to learn to cope with. Sharing her children.

“Having them around would be great too. Sans’ power, mixed with the greatness of nobility. We couldn’t ask for better protection for my new brothers or sisters,” Jewel answered.

Heh. Odd, but true. Same body, same soul. She would think of Frisk’s children as her brothers and sisters. In fact, they all kind of were. In a way, even Jewel and Sunburst herself, were now her and Sans’ kids too. “Yes,” Frisk agreed.

“Doubly yes,” Papyrus also agreed. “And don’t forget about me, I’m not cheap.”

Wait. Papyrus? Asgore and Toriel said they could take the form and shape of Liberty’s mother and father for their stay. Who was Papyrus supposed to be?

“It’ll be okay, then?” Jewel asked her once more. “The scientists won’t find you. You’ll be okay. I didn’t mess everything up again in the timeline?”

Frisk nodded. At least for now, it was okay.

Early the next morning.

“This is way confusing,” Al said as he looked in the mirror. “So now, we got grandparents, we got a mom, a Sans, and a new mom and a new dad?”

“I don’t know,” Yard said back. “I think we are still momsy and Sansy’s, but Sunburst and Jewel are Asgore and Toriel’s? And the grandparents are everyones?”

“I think so,” Sunburst said. “I don’t know. I don’t think they know.” He shrugged. “But, Toriel is prone to liking kids. She’ll probably think of you as hers at some point.”

“Yes, Toriel was wonderful! We lived with her Underground for a little while,” Yard agreed back. “Asgore though. We saw him when Sans took everyone to him when the timelines adjusted. He’s.” He coughed. “You’re father is a little scary.”

“A little,” Sunburst had to agree. “But, Papa can make you feel protected when he hugs you. If he hugs again.”

“Aw, your dad will hug you again,” Yard smiled to him. “Truly! Momsy said they’ll forgive you, so they will.”

“Still dunno,” Al shrugged and stepped away. “Even when someone isn’t in control, they still talk to us. They are all still hugging us. What do we do? Make boundaries with them?”

“Oh, I do not want to do boundaries again,” Jewel said as he backed away from the mirror. “Do that, and then Frisk and Sans will have to divide up times to ‘be with their kids’.”

“We are all here the same way,” Sunburst agreed. “Jewel’s right, that could go bad, especially if they start getting jealous of someone getting more time with someone else? Trust me, monsters are real protective of family. Sharing is not something they relish.” Al walked toward the door. “Yeah, Sunburst is right. Unless the adults set some kind of standard, we better just go like this. It’s natural.”

“Yeah,” Jewel agreed.

“Of course, just logical,” Al agreed.

“You bet,” Yard agreed.


Frisk looked over toward Papyrus. Or better yet, Dodingo’s brother. Since things were relatively going to be a little strange at first, Asgore and Toriel believed it would be better to pull over one more identity. It was trickier since his brother hadn’t been an assassin, and now they had some woman named Cherise that they had to check up on along with his real brother until they could get them sent safely out. Which wasn’t the best plan, considering Cherise was also a target to be murdered, so she couldn’t go to the same place. Round and round.

Still, it made Sans much happier. Frisk looked at her watch. Liberty’s ‘mom and dad’ that would be staying for the pregnancy were on their way.

“You okay?” Sans asked her. He’d known the kids for about a month as his, and maybe two weeks extra in total. Round it to two. Two months. Frisk knew them all their lives. Getting used to the situation and Toriel and Asgore being the second set of parents wasn’t too stressful, considering he knew they wouldn’t at least separate them from the kids like her parents were wanting to do to him. Heck, they were trying to be on his side, even when they were leaving the Underground.

But, Frisk? She was a momma their whole life, and now she was sharing her kids. Bound to be affecting her. “You realize that four of the most powerful monsters Underground are now living together? Wickedly cool. Even if we were found, no chance some scientists are making it through, you know?” He tried to remind her of the good things about it. “Plus, with a second set of eyes, Papyrus and I can really help get things rebuilt for the new kingdom.”

“Yes, any and all help is welcome,” Papyrus agreed with Sans. “And many monsters are trying to help since it’s such a reflective barrier. Feels quite safe, and it has a beautiful view of the sky.”

“Yes, I know,” Frisk said to them. “Yes, I get it too. I’m fine, really. Toriel was already wonderful with the boys. She was like . . . a mom-grandma combination,” she settled on. “Beyond the days, but still so refreshing and sweet.” She had even once wanted to stay with her as a child, if not for all the guilt.

Then, came the knock. Frisk answered the door. From the pictures, they both got it quite accurate. “Come on in.”

They came in and each of them looked around.

“Papyrus, why don’t you fetch the scamps?” Sans said. He went over toward Toriel and Asgore, to make the best impression. “So, welcome to Chez Not Really Sans’.”

Toriel only smiled and hugged him, before pulling Frisk into a hug too. “You two are the best of monsters I’ve ever met!” She looked toward Frisk. “And human surely. Thank you.”

Yeah. Frisk was right, it was the right decision. Toriel hadn’t even seen them yet and she couldn’t help but cry. “So, they aren’t a little goat boy and human girl,” Sans said, as one last reminder. “They do sound a little different from ours, but it’s the same vocal chords. You’ve gotta listen carefully for how they talk.”

“Yes,” Frisk agreed. “The children seem to share, equally and mutually somehow. So, even if you’re with one, you can easily be with the other in seconds. A little disorienting.”

“They are all there at the same time as well, unless the other one’s really asleep,” Sans said. “According to Al anyhow. So, when you address them, they prefer Jewel-Yard or Sunburst-Al, unless you really need to talk to just one. Don’t recommend doing that though. Might make the other feel less important.”

“Oh. Well?” Toriel’s smile didn’t dampen. “I’m sure we can all manage.”

“Yeah. We’ll all get used to it,” Sans said. He watched as Papyrus brought them in. Al and Frisk learned a lot about them before Asgore and Toriel arrived. Considering the situation, it was a safe bet they were probably Sunburst and Jewel right now.

“Asriel?” Toriel said, before shaking her head. “Sorry, just a little lapse.” She moved closer toward them both. “Sunburst?”

Sunburst was quiet but eventually waved. “Howdy.”

Sans watched her pick her up into her arms with her words. No doubt she recognized her own child’s accent. Over time, those kinds of things tended to change, making even Jewel stick out if you listened. Asgore joined her in hugging their son, before he looked toward Jewel.

Jewel started to back up, but Frisk moved behind her.

“Both of the kids are kind of uh . . . the whole no soul thing,” Sans said gently. He’d already gone into detail with them on the phone, he wasn’t going to do it in front of the kids. They’d covered a lot. Everything from the sins committed as wills, to their daughter ‘Chara’ now being a boy.

“There is no shame or regret you need to feel,” Asgore said as he came toward Jewel-Yard. “I’ve also done terrible things. We all have. No one is perfect, and to blame anything on you?” He reached his paw out to him. “It would be hypocrisy.” Jewel accepted his paw, and found himself in his arms. “I love you as well, boy or girl, always. Whatever you wish to be called.”

“Thanks.” Jewel hugged him. “Yes, thank you for making her feel better, King Asgore.” Yard.

“Dad or Papa is fine,” Asgore answered him back. “You are also my child now. Welcome, Jewel-Yard.”

Sans noticed Papyrus looked toward him a second. Yeah, they worked out a lot of things alright. It wouldn’t be fair to try and separate time or make them each feel inadequate. So? While Yard and Al were theirs, Sunburst and Jewel were also now theirs. For Toriel and Asgore, it was also true. And, uh? There’s no way he could hide the fact they were calling him Sansy instead of dad. Had to confess to that.

It looked like Asgore would be a good builder block to the whole dad thing. He had good experience. Even establishing that whole dad addressing right off the bat. Yeah. Way better than him at it . . .