Frisk moved back toward her room to take off her dress and put on some shorts and a striped shirt. To look like the sprite again. She stared at her clothes on the hanger, then toward the corner. Then back to the hangar. It shouldn’t get to me. I’ve got this. It just felt strange knowing she was taking Sans back into that mess.

She wouldn’t have minded the help. Any help at all was a good thing, but Sans’? He was either helping because he wanted Papyrus to feel better, or because he wanted her mother to feel better. He wasn’t there for her. He didn’t even know her, and all she knew about him was what she knew from the games and her first experience. That first experience meeting him in person, it wasn’t something she wanted to savor.

She got dressed and headed away. At least he wouldn’t be really trailing her, just helping her when she needed it, which wasn’t that day anyway. She would have Monster Kid tagging along. If they did anything, it would be before Monster Kid. They did want to talk to Alphys though. Fine. Either way, at least she didn’t need to see him long.

“Frisk?” She heard her mother knocking on the door. “Are you ready?”

“Almost,” Frisk replied as she straightened her sleeves. Almost ready to go slayer again. She came out of the room, gave her mother a hug and went out. Luckily, Sans had stayed this time. At least hopefully.

Pancakes were good. Sans went in for seconds. He loved Grillbys but this was something new, something different. He wasn’t very good at making different things. He tried once and it just didn’t work out. But these? Dang, these were good.

“Sans?” Papyrus whispered to him. “Are you going with Frisk today?”

“She’ll be fine on her own,” he said. “Nah, I’m Monster Kidding you.”

Toriel laughed at his joke. “Aw, I missed that sense of humor.” She cleaned everyone’s dishes. “Have what you want of that, Sans.”

“Permission?” She might regret that.

“Sans?” Papyrus whispered again. “Two days.”

“Yeah,” Sans said. “What about it?”

“We really need to come up with a plan. We can’t just hope she makes it. Every monster deserves to be on the surface.”

“Plans are good. Good luck with that.” Sans went back to his pancakes. Lovely, yummy, fluffy, fresh, no magic needed, real ingredients, pancakes. Mmm.

“Not good luck with that!” Papyrus scolded him. “You must help too. When you get back, I will have invested this ‘game’ and what we can break to get her through it faster.”

“The whole kingdom’s on the line.” Ooh. Syrup was just above him? How did he miss that? He poured that over the pancakes. The viscosity was less than ketchup, and it was sugary and sticky. “For best results, involving Sans in important matters is not recommended. Write-up quote straight from Undyne.”

“Goodness sake,” Toriel muttered in the corner. “Sans, are you going to help?”

“I’m getting there, but you said I could have what I wanted,” Sans reminded Toriel. “Words are biting back? With syrup. And fluffiness.” He chuckled. “I’ll get there.”

Toriel shrugged. “Are you done yet?”

“There’s still one more out there.” Sans pointed to the plate.

“Oh. How did Grillby ever satisfy your appetite?” Papyrus complained. “Has Frisk gone yet? I’d like to talk to her before she leaves for good.”

Frisk walked into the house. “I forgot my guitar.” Her mother took off to her room to grab it.

“You shouldn’t feel bad about what you are doing,” Papyrus said to her. “There is no need to feel you are impure or not innocent. That is just the illusion to do what is right. I am very proud of you!”

Frisk seemed confused as her mother handed her the guitar. “What’s he talking about?”

“Encouragement.” Sans turned around in his chair, the pancakes all gone in front of his plate except one. “I’m coming with today.”

“It’s not really your concern,” Frisk said. “It needs to be played a certain way.”

“We will help you find the way to play it faster,” Papyrus said, trying to encourage again, but Frisk just nodded and left. “It’s not fair. Being dead has made things harder for me to lend any assistance.”

Sans yawned. “Alright, I’ll start following today.” He got up. “Good pancakes. I’ll be back.” He started to head out the door. He doubted Frisk was gone yet, that was a lot of equipment and it was probably more than just a little start button. But, every second counted. This was one thing he couldn’t afford to be late on.

“Okay.” Frisk checked everything over once more. If the game crashed and took her out, she’d have to start all over. That would be terrible.

“Let’s go.”

Frisk jumped, hearing Sans’ voice behind her. “Um.”

“Not Um. Sans,” he joked. “Relax. I’m not here to kill you. You’re not here to kill me.” He repeated what he said almost the first time they met. “Help. I’m helping. Let’s go.”

“I don’t really need help today,” Frisk said. “I’ll have Monster Kid.”

“Not all the time,” Sans said, almost knowingly. Probably knowingly. “Let’s go, Girl Frisk.”

Underground: Ruins

When Frisk arrived, she was in the Ruins again.

Underground: Waterfall

“Uh?” Frisk looked around. Damn, he’s so fast. She was next to the booth, very close to where she left. Now she didn’t have to traverse empty ground. Good. That did save time, but it wasn’t really just time crossing against places with no more enemies that was the problem. It was the enemies. She didn’t see Sans anywhere around though. Maybe he left to go talk to Alphys? Weren’t him and Papyrus talking about that? Either way, this was perfect. A real modern game would have her pop up right there too, instead of at the beginning.

Underground: Waterfall

Sans watched from a distance as Frisk solved the simple puzzles at the beginning. She kept herself level. He watched the encounters, and her moving back and forth with them. She often took them out fast, but he could still see some monsters shaking. Fright. Tori’s right. That’s what gets her.

“Shoot, shoot, shoot!” Frisk checked her life. “I didn’t want to have to.” He watched her walk backwards into Snowdin. Dead quiet. No one around. She went into the shop. Sans peaked in. He saw Frisk look at a note. “Please don’t hurt my family.” She put the note back down. “Just get it over, Frisk.” She looked around. There was nothing to pay for, everything was free, in order for her not to hurt the seller’s family.

Tension. Sans felt it too. She didn’t want to take anything, but she already knew she had to. She had modified it so she could take strong weapons, but when she was up against more than one enemy at a time, they could also hit her. It wasn’t too bad, but that kind of lucky only lasted so long before she knew she needed some extra help. She left out of the shop again and made her way back out.

Aarons’. Woshua’s. Moldsmals. They all eventually fell until no one confronted Frisk anymore. Sans could see the problem. She started strong, but emotionally, she got weaker. Her pace was slowing down.

Underground: Gerson’s Shop at Waterfall.

“At least I gave them time to get out,” Gerson said to her straight on.

Frisk tried not to take it to heart. He was doing what he could to help others. She tried to see if she could at least sell something.

“I wouldn’t buy your chintzy garbage at knife point.”

Hm. Much the same. Darn. Fine. She’d buy a little bit. She felt bad enough having to take something earlier, but she should have taken more. She didn’t have time to go back again. Frisk gave him money for a couple of supplies and headed out. Waterfall was a beautiful place, but it was so creepy too. It was less beautiful waters and more swamp like green areas. Moving through the waterfall earlier wasn’t fun, and the less she had to go in the water, the better.

Then, she heard something in the distance. Undyne again? Monster Kid? No, that wasn’t right. As she made her way through the bubbles of Waterfalls maze, she got closer and did hear it. It was milder, not in the style she was used to, but the instrument being used was different. Yet, she recognized it. Frisk pulled herself up straighter and pulled out her guitar. There was no one else who would come to fight her, and she needed to remember.

Sans was trying to help. Not just with teleporting. Frisk started to play the ancient monster song ‘Hopes and Dreams’ on her guitar. It was important to keep up with it. Not only for energy, but emotional support as well. To keep herself remembering who she really had been. Not the monster everyone was running away from. Not the killer that places closed down for. Not the human killing everyone Gerson assumed she had been.

With the guitar and the trombone together, Frisk lost her emotionless face and smiled for half a second. She shouldn’t do that. She didn’t modify that. It would be rare that Donald Rainier would catch it though, and she couldn’t help it. It wasn’t just the thought of getting out of there later to help her. There was someone in the Underground, showing their support for her. Who understood her. Now.

Then, she spotted the source. As she thought, Sans was playing just a slight distance away on a bench. He couldn’t get near her, and she couldn’t get too near to him. She wasn’t supposed to meet him again in the game. But? Thanks. She pressed onward, feeling a little more energy and a bit more power behind her, and she would need that.

She’d be trying to kill a kid, and end up killing Undyne by the end of that day. But? Something happened to make that script get compromised yet again.

“Did you see Sans just a few feet away from you, playing the same thing as you?”

Her tag-a-long. Oh no. He was starting to speak. She got through those parts with him quick, but he remembered the game just as much as Sans and her mother did now.

“Are you going to take him out, Chara? Like you are taking everyone else out?” That voice was unavoidable. Frisk turned and looked at Flowey. She turned away again. The sprite never spoke, there was no reason she had to explain herself to him. “To savor later? I thought I’d seen everything! This is interesting, so interesting!” And then, he was gone, popped right back into the ground.

Little goof. Flowey had strange parts in different game plays. She could get away with that. Right?

Junkyard. Mad Dummy into Glad Dummy. The rain on the statue. More Monster Kid. Frisk kept it together as best she could. It felt a little easier now that she had someone tagging along beside her, not treating her like a genocidal freak. But, the moment had come.

“Undyne had told me to stay away from you,” Monster Kid said to her, now staring at her the same way so many others had. “She said you hurt a lot of people. Bu, yo, that’s not true, right?!”

Frisk turned to the side as Monster Kid asked why she wouldn’t answer him. Pink. Hit her with Pink. In the game, Undyne came back after losing her determination and saving Monster Kid. She didn’t want that. She needed her to go down.

“A . . . and what’s with the weird expression?” Monster Kid asked.

Frisk turned around. Yeah. Full fledged fear in the little monster’s eyes. He had turned away from her, and then faced her. Threatening her. A frail little monster was threatening her. Gathering up his courage to face her.

An encounter. Frisk held her pink knife. She only got one charge out of it. The hit points should look like enough. If Undyne was too strong, if the green line in the encounter didn’t disappear in the menu . . . Paranoia. Just do it. She struck out to hit Monster Kid, but of course hit Undyne.

It was over. Frisk closed her eyes. It was over. She moved forward more, seeing a save star. It was always the safest place to exit. She tried to see where Sans had gone. He would want to come back with her. Then again, she couldn’t just have him beside her when exiting. If he did that, it would have to look like some kind of glitch. He just has to be ready. She touched the star.

Surface: Gaming Room

Frisk wasn’t surprised to see Sans had caught on her at the last moment. She took off her guitar and started to begin the process of shutting down. Behind her, she could hear Sans played a couple of notes on his trombone. She looked over her shoulder at him.

“Papyrus will be happy I got my trombone back.” Sans looked toward the door. “So how long’s it take to shut this whole thing-”

Frisk felt herself getting shoved out of the way as a spear pierced through the gaming door! Sans held her to the side.

“Human, what have you done to me?!”

Frisk heard her mother yelling at Undyne, trying to calm her down. Undyne showed up inside of the gaming room, briefly looking around and holding up another spear. “Move, Sans!”

“No.” Sans didn’t flinch with her. “Knock it off.”

“She tried to kill Monster Kid!” Undyne yelled. “She killed Papyrus too. You know it. Why are you defending her? Wait, are you dead too? Am I dead?”

Frisk heard Sans trying to reason with her, but her heart was pounding in her chest. She had no power outside of the game, if she died, she died for real.

“I’m not dead, I’m here!” Papyrus’ voice sounded from behind Undyne, making her turn around. “Please don’t hurt the human. Look around you, Undyne. You aren’t dead, and neither am I. We are free. On the surface!”

Undyne looked back toward Sans. She looked back to Papyrus. She stepped back outside and looked around. “Not some land beyond being dusted?” Undyne asked.

“No,” Papyrus insisted. “The human wasn’t bad, it was good. It freed us. It will eventually free all of the Underground.”

“What’s going on?!”

Sans and Papyrus’ Proclaimed Spot

Sans waited outside the shower. It took time to get Undyne to calm down enough to explain the truth accurately. After believing Frisk was a terrible human killing and trying to kill everyone she ever loved or knew, it took a bit longer to get her to settle down. When they did explain good enough, they took her to a shower. She of course was just as grody as they had been.

For now, Toriel banned Undyne from even saying ‘thanks’ to her daughter. She babied her way too much. Not that she didn’t have reason. Frisk put a lot on the line. Maybe Toriel’s babying helped even out everything else that sucked in Frisk’s life?

Undyne came out with a new outfit. There were lots of those, Toriel had been prepared. Although, Sans decided to take his brothers advice and make her shirt cool by adding something to it. It didn’t meet his brother’s idea of ‘cool’ though.

Undyne gestured to her shirt. “Fish Queen, Sans?”

“I don’t get his sense of humor.” Papyrus shook his skull. “If you ask me, he royally screwed up.” Then, Papyrus bones reverberated as he heard Sans classic trombone again. “Why did you grab that?”

“I’d miss it.” Sans held his trombone. “Playing the ancient songs down there makes Girl Frisk feel better, so she moves faster.” He looked back toward Undyne’s shirt. “You gotta be there to get the joke.” Sans looked out the window. “You’ll get your own place soon. An Aaron is still deciding which place fits him better.”

“I. I think I need to see the human,” Undyne admitted.

“You’re banned,” Sans reminded her.

“Still gonna.” Undyne looked out the window with him. It felt nice to enjoy the stars, real stars. Not just glittery things pasted at the top of the cave. “The human is saving monsters, but she’s hunting them to save them. For her brother, and for us. In one more day?”

“Doing what we can,” Sans said.

“I want to talk to the human woman, Frisk. I’m not going to kill her.”

“I bet I can talk to Toriel,” Papyrus said. “I think it would be good for you to become friends with the human! Any extra help from you is helpful.”

Sans sounded his trombone again.

Papyrus glanced toward Sans. What was that for? “Why did Undyne helping Frisk result in you blasting that?”

“Because,” Sans said. “Undyne helping Frisk after their experience together just makes things-”

“Don’t say it!”

“Fishy.” Sans blew on his trombone again.

“Ooh!” Papyrus stomped his foot. “Come, Undyne, I will take you to Toriel.”

“She’ll tell you everything that’s going on too. Toriel will. Too. Toriel.”

“Sometimes, Sans, you just have such baaaad days!” Papyrus sailed out of the house with Undyne moving behind him.

“Heh.” Of course he was. He was on the surface. Papyrus was safe. Everything was coming together. Even if Frisk couldn’t make her deadline, the monsters on the surface were still freed. “If she keeps her pace, we can do it though,” he said out loud. A couple of Froggits outside looked over to him, like he was expecting him to blow his trombone again. “What? All I said was . . .” Wait. Oh. “Did you guys get your showers yet? Seems like you got dirty minds still.”

He watched as both of them hopped further away.

Frisk’s Home . . .

Eat and straight to bed was the motto for Frisk. She ate and washed up. She was even now in a pair of long blue pajamas. Something a little less revealing in case two skeletons made their presence known in her room again. Well, no one had visited her room, but Papyrus brought Undyne to Frisk, wanting them to talk. Momma Toriel wasn’t happy about it at the time. She stayed for at least fifteen minutes while Frisk gave Undyne the news over again, and Undyne sort of . . . apologized.

Frisk looked away. “There’s nothing to apologize for. There is no way to know I’m not some vindictive creature killing everyone.”

“No dust,” Undyne mentioned to Frisk. She gestured toward her hands. “It didn’t make sense, but neither did you in the Underground in the first place.” Undyne had a bite of Frisk’s food too. “Papyrus said you’ve got to do the rest in one day.”

“That’s right,” Frisk said. “One more day.”

“Have you thought of asking for more days? You’ve got a long way to go still to cross to the barrier.”

“I thank you for stopping by and letting me know, that you understand,” Frisk said. “I am glad you won’t hunt me down. I really should get to bed.”

Undyne picked up the spear she had laid beside her. “Papyrus can’t stand to let people hurt. Sans probably doesn’t care as much. He’s not really the active type, but his brother cares, and he cares for his brother.” She clinked her spear on the ground. “So your screwed anyway. If I’m the mediator though, I can do something you can’t.”

Really? “What?”

“I can make them back off of you if they get too wild.” She clinked her spear again. “Least I can do.”

“That would be wonderful,” Frisk admitted. “They came into my room this morning without even knocking on the door.”

“Or using it. I know, they are boneheads,” Undyne said. “They at least try.” She paused. “Papyrus tries. Sans lingers. Are you getting Alphys tomorrow?”

Frisk paused and told her. “The genocidal route never involved even seeing her once. In order to free her, I have to solve everything.” It was the same manner in how she needed to free her brother.

“Then make it count,” Undyne countered. “We’ll all make it count, but if you can’t make it, you still need to find a way to get extra days.”

” . . . I am borrowing it as a friend. To go longer, I think I’d have to go farther,” Frisk said. “I don’t want to go farther. I would be faking attraction to him.” She shook her head.

“One of those situations,” Undyne said. “Yikes. I hate those. I once had to deal with Papyrus trying to date me, he was confused between the difference. Don’t recommend that again. Not that it was bad, just . . . it was weird and nothing sparked.”

“Special spaghetti,” Frisk laughed quietly. “He did that once when I was being good through the Underground.”

” . . . he’s not . . . Papyrus is great,” Undyne said quickly. “Top notch. He’s smart. He’s funny. He’s just way too kind and gullible. So, I get it.” She sounded sincere. “More days would equal hurt. As little choice as we have Underground, I can understand that better than you think.”

Frisk fidgeted slightly. “I don’t allow myself to think about it. I am going to beat it.” There was only one way she wouldn’t beat it tomorrow.

“Something wrong?” Undyne asked her. “You look iffy.”

“There’s . . . something,” Frisk said softly. “There’s only one thing. It was what someone told me a long time ago. That I couldn’t beat a certain monster in the shape he was in. But, there’s no way the other approach could have worked either. I needed to touch the monster, or hit the monster with Momma Toriel’s magic.” No. “It’s nothing. It’ll be fine. Mother swears it’ll be fine. I should really get to bed. I have to spend as much time as possible with the machine. Rainier comes to get it between 3 and 5.”

“If I were you, I would kill him. Keep his technology, but get rid of him.”

“That’s not an option,” Frisk told her. “For several reasons. One, he only puts in enough magic and power to suffice his machines. They don’t last forever. Two, my mother has delved into the machines more than once, and she can’t figure out how much magic or where to place it to make it go. She said it probably takes a special monster. We are quite certain his own magic is bonded to his own creation. It would be like someone else, trying to throw your spears, without being another one of your kind.”

“Heh.” Undyne kept her spears near her. “That’d never be an option”

“Besides. He’s not that bad of a person,” Frisk admitted. “I’d be the one tricking him into believing I like him. I love him. It’s all a ruse just to get what I want. Besides. He is the very last descendant of monster magic. After all this time, up here, to hurt him in any way? It would just seem wrong.”

“Yet, he has monster in him.” Her mother appeared in the doorway. “Bed, Frisk.”


Sans and Papyrus’ House . . .


“This is all we got so far?” Sans asked, looking over everything Papyrus could add. It all seemed to boil down to only one thing. “Get her through it as fast as possible. Guess that’s it. Every minute counts, and I know what happens in the game like the back of my bony hand.”

Each of them worked into the night, trying to think of everything they could to follow the genocide path, but speed it up. Alphys lab was long and drawn out. She didn’t need to deal with the tricks, but she’d still have to cross it, along with dealing with muffet, and several of the big boys that would finally come out. This was the time the residents were being evacuated and Frisk would fight the harder monsters. They would be giving their lives to the cause.

Sea Tea would help her move. Sans would constantly put out little cups of water along the way. Her being human would make her susceptible to slowing down with the heat. “I’ll take all my G and buy as much as I can for her. Not like I’m going back down to stay down.”

“Take mine too,” Undyne insisted. “I have more. Tell her not to bother with Burgerpants, he’ll just waste her time.”

“She probably knows that,” Sans answered. “She probably has my moves memorized in the game. I’ll keep it the same. I’ll fall asleep much faster on her.”

“You can’t pull punches though,” Undyne warned him. “She has been trying hard to keep this playing exactly like the game. The owner of the system, for all we know, he might know everything by heart. Be careful. Don’t kill her, but . . .”

“Right.” Fight her though. Not something he wanted to do now. “After that, it’s easy. She’ll kill the flower Flowey and King Asgore. Then, it’s all over.” The Underground would be restored to it’s original place in Mount Ebbot. “Hey, does anyone know where Mount Ebbot is from here?”

“She’ll need to come out by 2:30ish to call the Rainier guy,” Papyrus said.

“Yeah. Hopefully he doesn’t come pour over here anytime soon.”

“Afterwards, she can go back in for a certain amount of time, once she has a clear idea of where he’s at,” Undyne said. “Sans, you can teleport her straight to where the last shining star had been.” She muttered. “Random shining stars on the ground no one understood. Just chalked it up to leftover condensed magic.”

“Well, Snowdin was where excess magic settled,” Papyrus reminded her. “It’s just the way of things. How were we to know it’s purpose? How were we to know anything?”

“Either way, last day tomorrow,” Sans said. “I better get what rest I can. It’s gonna be a big day.”

Underground: Hotlands

Frisk entered into hotlands quickly. Today was mostly fighting and moving across farther distances. The same events needed to occur, but she needed to move faster than usual. She could explain that to make sure she solved it, she boosted her speed on the last day. Donald Rainier would buy that since he knew she really wanted to solve the game. She ran through the mazes as quick as she could. She still had to deal with the steam pipes, but everything else was turned off. When she reached Mettaton’s, she took Undyne’s advice and left Burgerpants alone. She didn’t need his stuff.

Because Sans was using the boxes for her. He had deposited several things to help her survive. She no longer had to worry about saving up, running out, or having to steal. Each time she went to a box, it was packed. While she felt odd yesterday having him there on her side, that was fading. Sans was wanting her to make it as well as everyone else. She wasn’t alone. As she ran too, she could hear the sounds of his trombone playing the old ancient melodies. It was a constant sound in the background. Sometimes distant, and sometimes very close. Never close enough for him to appear in the data as being the source of the sound, but close enough that she could usually hear him.

Today she had to make it. She made it through the lab only taking out Tsunderplane and Undyne’s Royal Guards. She could feel herself slowing down as she took out Muffet so quick. No response except a flower left behind where she’d once been. She’s fine. She’ll be happy, she’s free. Free. Frisk moved quickly again until she was stopped slightly by the last defenses: Whimsalot, Final Froggit, Knight Knight, Madjick and Astigmatism. There were a lot of monsters going down today. Her blue knife mixed with temperature took them all out in one hit.

Mettaton was Mettaton Neo. Giving her a heroic speech, he gave it his all, but she was able to take him out with blue too. He was gone, quick. There was no time to just hang around, she had the hardest part of her journey now.

Which wasn’t Sans, it was walking but getting disturbed by Flowey’s speech. The walk with his speech interrupted her intensely and there was no way around it. She tried walking, but it still happened the same. She tried running extra fast, and it still couldn’t bypass one sentence with him. His speech kept stopping her nearly twenty minutes.

Then, she finally made it to Sans. This shouldn’t be too hard. If he just stayed still. She went in, and saw him appearing in the front in shadow. He gave his speech, word for word, but he said it like a kid forced to do math. He just had to say the dialogue, but it didn’t matter how he said it. Which made it a lot easier too. He kepts his attacks deliberately slower for her, and he went to sleep pretty quick, within the first five minutes.

Frisk took him out, but felt a little bad. She wouldn’t have him in the background with his trombone anyhow. It’s almost over. Almost over. She moved as quick as she could, met up with Asgore, watched Flowey take him out, and then took out Flowey.

It was over. It was finally over.