“No one ever told me he was this old,” Sans said to Frisk as he watched someone who was almost a dead look alike to Grillby serving behind a counter.

“Solomon the Salmon, I will bring the Hammer of Justice down on your head if you touch my burger again!” Gerson’s voice. Young, yet still somehow the same tortoise. He looked back toward Sans and Frisk. “The burgers are new on the menu. Recommend trying them. Pretty tasty.” He glanced back at Frisk again. “Your wife?”

“Hey, it’s new nephew.” Blaster came over toward them. “Hey, new nephew. Hey, new nephew’s lost girl. What’s up? Hey, Flameboy. Burrito, dude.” He took a seat. “Three of them. Don’t forget the fish on mine.”

Sans watched as multiple little flames ran around sending out food. The place was definitely bigger. If it was so near the kingdom, maybe that’s why Grillby’s little place had lasted so long? The monsters nearest the kingdom when the final deal was struck were the only ones who survived.

“Here you go.” Blaster took a plate of burritos from the little fire racers. He handed one to Sans, and one to Frisk. “So Lost Girl? Your name’s Frisk, right?”

Frisk nodded and took a small bite of the burrito.

“Aw. You know. Don’t feel too sad. ‘Cause you get to make a new future. It never came yet,” he reminded her.

“We liked our future,” Sans said bitterly, until he felt a little awkward for what he said. “Starting to like it.”

“Well. I’m sorry about the babies you were carrying too,” Blaster said. “Even if you can travel back in time ’cause of some overdeterminated mom, it just couldn’t come. Too far back.”

“We. Know.” Sans didn’t want to hurt his Uncle. First time he ever got to talk to him, but he wasn’t helping anything. Frisk knew she couldn’t go back a thousand years and have her kids be just fine.

“It just wasn’t meant to be. Things aren’t always meant to be,” he answered. “Even if you didn’t lose them, they probably wouldn’t have been meant to be. I mean, some flower being forced to give his power to you? It doesn’t work that way. Should have known from the beginning.”

“Hey, Blaster.” That was it. “You’re not telling us anything new so just leave us be for awhile.”

“Just saying. If the other you had kids that couldn’t be born without help from your mom, just to keep things even while you had to, then chances were only one of you would have them, PG. Shattered interference never turns out super well.” Blaster bit into his burrito. “Forcing a situation to two timelines meant that only one was going to end up with them, and since that flower didn’t know or care about you nearly as much, made sense that the one he went with was the winner.”

“Knock it off!” Sans got up. He moved Frisk out of the way. Could he have made her feel more dead inside?

“If Flowey had stayed . . .” Frisk finally spoke. “I lost them because he didn’t choose me.”

“Frisk.” Sans moved her backward farther toward Gerson. “Watch her.” He turned back around and went back to Blaster. “You. Outside. Now.”

“Stop.” Gaster appeared at the door. “Blaster, are you bothering them on their date?”

Blaster shrugged. “Being honest with them. Nobody else would say it. No regrets before I get killed in the war.”

“You won’t get killed in the war!” Gaster yelled at him. “Stay near the castle. Stay out of trouble. You’ll be fine, Brother.” He groaned. “Go.” Blaster left the area. Gaster looked toward Sans. “Walk with me, Sans. Gerson can watch Frisk. He is in charge of the defense right now, trust me. Come.”

Sans walked along the beach. Nice place. “I don’t want to leave Frisk for long.”

“I need you to understand a couple of things. Son,” Gaster added. “Should I call you son?”

What a sense of deja vu. “Sans the Son is fine with me,” he joked. “Sans is fine.”

“Sans,” Gaster went with. “King Asgore and Queen Toriel spoke to great lengths with us, not wanting anything to mess up. Blaster doesn’t always deal well with some news. Hearing of his death was greatly disturbing. His emotions jumbled up what he was trying to say to you.” He cleared his throat. “The children of the other timeline were not supposed to be. Since Frisk’s mother balanced the timeline, giving her the children she shouldn’t have. This Frisk did not have them. She did.”

“Sounds like the same thing,” Sans remarked.

“No. Um. Very few things can cross from one timeline to another. An unborn soul is one of them. Since Frisk had been sent back, knowing her mother, her children went to the other her. If it hadn’t been for Frisk, the other her would have lost them.” Gaster swallowed. “Whether you want to tell her that or not is up to you. Destiny gave her children to the other her that shouldn’t have had them.”

The other her. “Her mom interfered. Other Frisk has them, because her mom interfered.”

“They would be outright dead if Frisk traveled this far back with them,” Gaster put into perspective. “Frisk’s mother? The shattered. They can see across everything. She did what she could. I’m sure if she could have prevented everything altogether, she would have.”

Sans thought back to the presence he felt in the lab when he first went up to get the kids. “Yeah. She tried.”

“Sans? I speak to you as more of a friendly father with this next part,” Gaster warned him. “Um.” He seemed stuck for words. “The future is unwritten now. I encourage you to make your own.”

“Yeah,” Sans agreed. “I know. Get up and move on with life. I get it.”

“I imagine it’s tough to do that with the human. She is a hard reminder of what happened,” Gaster said, “but-”

“Not ditching her.” Ever. Maybe she would get some nice humans to live with to take her in, but there was a greater chance she would get taken in by a bad human. Rights for women back then? No way. She also couldn’t just hang around the monster kingdom without someone watching for her. “Never gonna happen.”

“I was going to say that I think that’s fine. There is plenty of room in our home for her too,” Gaster confirmed to Sans. “We’ve been at war for some time, and some of the hardest hit were our family. So? Plenty of room. Blaster is supposed to be out getting sheets ready for the beds. Our home is now your home. Sans the Son. I tried and I failed with that one.”

It was the same way Sans felt before with his boys. Only, backwards. It didn’t matter how awkward or out of place Gaster said things. He was talking to his father. It’s all he used to want to do as a kid. Know his dad. “Nah. You did it right.”

“I got sheets up.” Blaster teleported next to Gaster.

“Are they clean?” Gaster asked. “We are having a human sleep in one of them.”

“What? You mean two rooms?” Blaster said annoyed. “I thought PG and him were getting somewhere.”

“Don’t call her that.” Sans’ Uncle on the other hand? He was pushing way too hard.

“Frisk,” Blaster corrected himself. “The lovely little lady Frisk. Miss 3L.”

“Frisk, Blaster, just call Sans’ girl. Friend, Frisk.”

“Friend Frisk. Gotcha.”

“Not Friend Frisk. Just Frisk.”

“Just Frisk. Gotcha. I’ll go make up a bed for Just Frisk.”

“Blaster!” Gaster scolded him. “Blast you sometimes.” His brother chuckled as he left. “You can get back to Frisk now. Thank you for the walk.”

“Nah, thanks. Plus, I know Gerson. He’s still alive in my time,” Sans revealed before he teleported away.

Blaster came back. “Do they have to be hygienic as in fresh washed and dried? Or more like the human won’t catch anything serious?”

Gaster slapped the front of his skull. “Keep her clean. Bathed. Hygienic. Get my soul contraption out from the closet if you could. I’m going to talk to the royalty once more before heading home.”

“Ah. Okay. Oh?” Blaster asked. “So, do I just wait on cleaning another room and getting out cribs yet? You know? Are they still bumping around, or do I actually have a shot?”

Gaster quickly covered Blaster’s teeth with his finger. “Stop, stop, stop!” If Sans was near Blaster, he’d hear. “This is not the time. Leave them be.”

“A lot of the good girls took off for the war. Only the goody good girls are around,” Blaster complained. “In my experience, girl monsters that have kids that never got married have great experience to pass on.” He fidgeted. “A little one on one might make her feel better.”

“Just get my soul contraption,” Gaster said again. “Leave the human alone. I will talk to the King and Queen. And for the love of all Monsters, Blaster! Stop talking to the human and my future kid about things? They probably don’t understand your weird humor.”

“Kay.” Blaster dusted his jacket. “Hey, Gaster? I talked to the royalty already.”

“And?” Gaster asked. “What is it?”

“It’s another boy.”

Another what?


Gaster arrived at the castle, once again bracing himself for what he’d see. His brothers hint before going off again was telling enough to make him think.

Well. This one looked more like him. Gaster waved his hand.

“You! You’re not Sans.”

Any doubt eliminated. “Papyrus?” He gestured to himself. Usually, he had a large dose of a name to give. Today was a day for getting large doses of news, not of sharing his whole wonderful name. “I’m Gaster.”

“Father?! I mean. Um? Hello.” Papyrus’ voice stood up straight, but Gaster could hear his bones rattling. “I’m. Honored. Y-y-your genius knows no bounds!”

“Thank you?” Gaster looked toward King Asgore and Queen Toriel. “Frisk’s mom?”

“Her determination. If she had as Sans said, been watching them because of Frisk’s relationship further on. It made sense that, in the end, she would send his brother too,” King Asgore said. “It’s hard to stay together without the twin. Gaster? You’ve studied the shattered? Which actions are she committing first, to assign the most importance in putting her presence into?”

“What an absurd question,” Gaster announced. “Coming from the king no less.”

“Coming from the ‘king’,” Papyrus said to Gaster. “You speak so boldly to royalty itself.”

Oh no. This one seemed to favor him a lot. Sans had also liked him, but this one was looking up to him? He looked back toward the King. “To answer your question, there is no sense of first or last. No sense of time. Think of her as surrounded by infinite mirrors, with infinite hands. She is committing each act in a timeline at the exact same moment. We only see what has occurred when she puts her strongest powers first.” Gaster stepped toward Papyrus. “Where have you been?”

“Oh. I.” He seemed odd. “I was catching up?”

Gaster listened as Papyrus explained. Since he was traveling with only himself, and awake apparently eating a substance of cream ice in a 24 hour Cream Icery unable to sleep, he saw what Sans and Frisk did not while asleep. Something he had a feeling he would find out soon from himself.

“It was like a laser show, slow at first,” Papyrus said. “I saw two bright flashes of lights, screaming, a jail cell, a Frisk banging on a cell screaming something, being Underground with the children, and then poof! It moved so fast I could no longer see or sense anything.”

“Eureeka, you just proved it!” Gaster said excitedly. “Only a Skeleton could pick up something so grand if actually moved backward through time so far! I will add this to my theories.” He took a deep breath. “So, time moved slow enough when it was beginning to unexist, that they did escape. That slowdown soon sped up until you arrived here.”

“Who escaped?” Papyrus asked.

“Nothing important, just involves my work. So, where were you then?”

“I went to the Underground first. I thought Sans would be there,” Papyrus confessed. “He is here though?” He asked hesitantly. “I really would like to see my brother. He must be so worried, especially after all he’s been through!”

“I know that feeling,” Gaster said. “Come home with me. Still plenty of room. Blaster can wash some more sheets. There is something you should know though.”

“We already told him that the children didn’t come,” the Queen interrupted. “There was quite a crying session. It’s best to get him to his brother.”

“Yes. I suppose. My twins should be together.” Should be such a common phrase to say. Then, he felt himself getting rice thrown at him.

“Congratulations!” Blaster said as he threw out more rice at Papyrus. “Welcome to the family. Can’t you wash your own stuff, nephew?”

“Blaster!” Gaster complained. “What are you doing?”

Blaster put the rice can down and picked up wheat. “Wanted wheat instead?”

“That is for weddings!”

Blaster shrugged. “Weddings equal boom boom in room room, which equals little monsters. Closest thing I could think of.”


“I know, I know. Go home and wash extra bedding.”