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Just An Experiment

Chapter Sixty Four: Acceptance

Dr. Scratchansniff looked strangely at this new arrival. He looked very similar to a warner but he did not have a tail nor did he have a red nose. In fact, he was completely black, no white on him at all. The nose and the body, completely black. The only white were the white of the eyes. “Are you another warner?”

“Am I a warner?” The Tiger giggled. “No, I ain’t no fucking warner.”

Scratchansniff frowned. Not very polite. “Why are you here?”

“You know, many species have always tried to decipher that.” The Tiger smiled. “Is there a god? Is there life after this? Is there a purpose to living?”

Scratchansniff groaned and hit his head. This was definitely a warner. “What do you want?”

“Oh, let’s see…candy bars are pretty good….killing you might be fun…I might want cookies too, I don’t know. I’m a real fan of cookies.” The Tiger smiled.

Scratchansniff was not smiling. “Th-there is no reason to kill me. The Warner Brothers are not even here anymore. I’m old and useless, why would you want to?”

“Because it would hurt HIM.” The Tiger grinned. “Now, let’s see…how to do it.” He started to hum to himself. “Simply killing you quick and easy won’t be any fun. Maybe some torture would be good.-Ah-ah.”

Scratchansniff was suddenly completely paralyzed. He had tried to run but he couldn’t even move now.

“You know, the funnest way to kill something is with irony. It always twists the knife in the heart.” The Tiger just smiled at Scratchansniff. “You were a psychiatrist, always helping others with their problems. Kind hearted. Hearts, hearts are always fun to use…hmmm…”

“Who are you?”

The creature turned around and saw one of his most despised enemies. Yakko Warner. “You…” He growled dangerously.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot had just arrived on the scene to discover the creature talking about how to kill Scratchansniff.

“What are you? Another Tiger? It’s over, leave him alone,” Wakko yelled.

“Another Tiger?” The Tiger chuckled. “Another?” He started to laugh even more wickedly. “No, I ain’t no OTHER Tiger. I am The Tiger.”

“The Tiger, A Tiger, whatever.” Yakko yelled. “Leave Scratchy alone.”

The Tiger yelled viciously. “Shutup Yakko. ShutuP. ShuTuP. Can’t you ever JUST ShuTuP? Day in and day out, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap. Get it through your head. I ain’t NEVER giving in.”

“What?” Yakko frowned. “How do you know me?”

The Tiger himself looked confused a moment. “Oh, you’re not Yakko? You’re just some other goof? Well good.” He grinned. This wasn’t the Warner he had been running from. “Where was I? Oh yeah, about to murder this guy. How to do it? How about right in front of them? That would hurt HIM.” The Tiger laughed coldly as he grabbed the doctor and threw him outside to the ground.

The warners watched in horror as the poor old human hit the cement hard and rolled a couple of times. Humans were fragile. He was already hurt. They wanted to scream at this creature, but they couldn’t speak or move.

The Tiger just laughed coldly. “In the morning, In the evening, Ain’t We Got Fun.”

The warners were too angry at the creature to even notice the strange song he was singing.

“So, Scrrrrr-atchy. I believe that’s what these assholes always called you.” The Tiger grinned wickedly. “I was gonna kill you with just a bit of torture, but now that the warners are here, I think rrrrreal fucking slow and painful would be good.” He laughed at the Warner Brothers and their sister. “What do you think? Maybe we should smear HIS blood up and down your tower.”

“….Llllleeeeeeeeeavvvvve….” Yakko was trying with all his might, but he only got one word out. One word.

“Leave his body at a news station? What about strung up on the tower?” The creature grinned. “How about I go ahead and kill him, hang him from your WB door, then write BSS Forever across his chest? Wouldn’t that be great?”

“Oh Shit. It just can’t be?”

The future Warner family ran up to The Tiger. Two of them quickly stood in front of Scratchansniff.

“No The Tiger. You’re not getting him.” Mac growled. “Ever. Now, how did you GET here?”

“You.” The Tiger growled. What the hell? ALL the kids were still there? Didn’t that other Tiger take care of at least Samantha? ‘The timestream has not caught up?’ “I don’t have time for you.”

“No, no, no.” Princess whined. “I don’t believe it. How could it be right.?”

Mac growled evenly with The Tiger. He gave a small grin. “Well Tiger…where’s the big show, huh?”

The Tiger growled even louder. “Get off my fucking back.”

“Mac, are you crazy?” Dee Dee whined. “He’s gonna kill you.”

“No, he’s weaker. I feel it.” Mac grinned. “You’re weaker, aren’t you The Tiger?”

The Tiger growled even more. “I’m not as weak as you THINK I am.” He shot a dirty look over at Yakko. “Once I take care of business, I’ll be back. COUNT ON IT YOU ASSHOLE!” He yelled angrily as he ran off. He was running out of time.

‘Dammit. I wanted to take out that psychiatrist. I wanted too, I wanted too, I wanted too. And that fucking Mikey kid was still around? He should not be around.’ The Tiger was growling angrily. The timestream should not have taken that long to correct itself. It had even started to mend some unfortunately. How, he didn’t know but he didn’t care. But dammit, why that kid?’ “Fucking Time Messing Up.” The Tiger realized. “Ohh…wait.” He started to smile as he looked up at the sky. “I get it. Most likely-”


The Tiger watched as he heard Yakko running up behind him.

“What are you doing in this time?” Yakko asked angrily. He was near Scratchansniff’s house.

“It doesn’t matter now.” The Tiger yelled back at him. “Why won’t you leave me alone?”

“Never.” Yakko simply replied. “Not until Yakko Junior comes back.”

“Is that all you want?” The Tiger growled. “For that twerp to come back? Really? Oh, I could do that.” He grinned wickedly. “Real easy. Wanna say hi?”

Yakko wouldn’t fall for the trick. “Come on Junior. Just wake up already.”

“You don’t get it.” The Tiger chuckled. “I don’t have to run from you anymore.”

“Well good, it’ll make it easier to reach him.” Yakko yelled back.

“-reach him.”

“save him.”

“save her.”

“save them.”

Yakko looked around. He heard his voice echoing all around?

“Uh oh…” The Tiger grinned from ear to ear. “Hey Yakko, do you get the feeling we’ve been here before?”

“Been here before?”

“Been there before?”

“Saved me before?”

“What’s going on?” Yakko started to look at the sky. The hole was still small, it still seemed to be mending.

“I’m getting tired of you.” The Tiger grinned at Yakko. “But I guess, it doesn’t really matter. As long as it all ends. Right?”

Yakko was very confused. He looked at the sky again. The hole had gotten smaller every day.

“I get it…” The Tiger gestured toward the sky again. He took off the simple illusion spell. “Good old Waryes. Thinks of everything.”

Yakko’s mouth dropped. The sky? It wasn’t. It wasn’t even-? “It’s gone?”

Very VERY small traces of the original blue sky remained. Warner’s planet was fully showing. AND Yakko even swore he heard thunder?

“Time’s messing up.” The Tiger’s voice frizzled as he said it. “Don’t ya see? Things aren’t changing as fast. We’re hearing echoes, of our future and past selves having different conversations. It’s all going to hell.” He laughed triumphantly. “And Waryes just covered it up. That’s all he did. So easy too, why didn’t I think of it?”

The Tiger waved his hand across the sky. Complete blue. He waved it back. Nothing but space. “Fun, huh? Such a simple spell. Hell, you can fucking do it too.”

Yakko stood very still as he stared at the sky. The Tiger was right, it was nothing but an illusion spell. “I thought it was okay…”

“So you’d just jump through time again.” The Tiger chuckled. “This is a riot. That guy was good.”

Yakko started to hear the thunder again. “…lightning…”

“It’ll come. Very soon.” The Tiger grinned. “Then, there’s no stopping it. The timestream is already messing up.” He pointed at Yakko happily. “Well look. Like father, like son.”

Oh. That statement hurt. Yakko didn’t know what to do as he continued to stare into the sky. He thought when The Tiger had changed to Yakko, Jr., everything would be okay. He just needed to change the other one back, then, it would all be okay. “I…I was…I was sooooooo stupid. SO STUPID!” He started to hit his own head.

The sky hadn’t been mending, hadn’t been getting smaller at all. It was nothing but an illusion.

Even being out of the way, Waryes STILL managed to stay ahead.

“It’s all over. Just go home and leave me alone.” The Tiger smiled. “In fact, I’ll tell you what. I won’t EVER bug you again. You go ahead and have some touching family reunion. You and your brother and your sister and your kids…” He tried not to laugh. “I think it’ll be better that way. To end your lives before the end, I think that would be merciful.” He just laughed maniacally. “Enjoy it. Just, go have fun. Go laugh and play and run around these last few days. IF you have even a few days left.” He sighed and then tried to control his laughter. “Yes, just you and your family. Oh, and the other world Tiger.” He started laughing again. “Sorry. Ah, this is just so fucking grrrrrrrr-eat.”

Yakko remained still. He didn’t feel himself tremble, but he felt strange. He watched as his hands were ungloved, then gloved again. “…everything’s falling apart.”

He watched as The Tiger took off again. He didn’t go after him. Why should he? He looked at the sky again. “It’s over.”

He said it. He admitted it. He tried to stop it. He tried to understand it. He tried to conquer it, but it was no use.

The Universe was in fact…ending.

Yakko looked back at his ball. “This is the end…” It wasn’t a question anymore. He picked up his pink ball. “Everything…it was for NOTHING.” He yelled as he threw the ball down on the ground. “You didn’t do anything for me. Nothing good. You. You damn ball, you can’t do any good. You never have.” He started to kick it. “The timestream’s messing up. Lightning will come. Everything’s-Everything’s. EVERYTHING WILL END!”

He covered his face. It was all gonna end. Sooner or later, it would end. It was the one thing The Tiger never lied about.

Yakko picked up the ball sadly. There’s only one thing he needed it for now.

He wanted to go back home. He wanted to spend those last few days with his family…

If it was going to end, that’s how he wanted it to end…



Yakko stepped through the door with the look of hopelessness written on his face.

“Yakko?” Wakko was back, along with his kids and female. Yakko had been gone a long time. “Are you okay?” He gestured over to Iridescent. “That’s Iridescent by the way. And you know the other two.”

Wakko Junior and Journey just waved.

Iridescent tried to smile at Yakko. He didn’t seem like he cared much at the moment for anything.

“Where’s Aroma and the kids.” Yakko didn’t even ask it like a question.

Dot gestured toward the back. “Why? What’s wrong, Yakko? Did something-?”

Yakko started to walk off before he could answer her question. He went toward the back of the tower where Dot had pointed.

Aroma was playing peek a boo with the babies in their crib.

“Momma.” Sparkles ran up to Aroma and showed her her new drawing. “Looky, looky.”


Sparkles turned around and saw Yakko. She gasped. “Daddy?”

Yakko picked her up as she started to run toward him.

“Momma. Zenny Junior told me that-.” Yakko Junior stopped and smiled at Yakko. “Hey, he’s right. Hi..”

Aroma turned around and saw Yakko herself. She was glowing with happiness for only a second. She knew by his look something was wrong. “Yakko?”

“It would be it anyhow.” Yakko said simply. He didn’t need to explain it to her, the look in his face said what he really meant. He smiled at Sparkles. “Hi Sparkles. Guess what we’re doing all this week?”

“What daddy?” Sparkles smiled.

“We’re gonna go see everyone.” Yakko laughed. “We’ll see Plotz. And Ralph. And I’ll show you ALL around Burbank. And outside, we’ll go outside of Burbank.”

“Outside of Burbank?” Yakko Junior spoke up happily. He grinned as he looked at Yakko. “Really? We’ve never gone outside Burbank. We’ve barely left the tower. Everyone said it was too unsafe.”

“Well we will.” Yakko scooted Sparkles over to one arm and picked up Yakko Junior. “Everywhere Junior. We’ll show you all of America. So come on, let’s go. No time to waste.” He grinned at Aroma. “Come on, chop chop. Let’s go right now.”

Aroma understood. She went over to Yakko and gave him a gentle kiss.

In which he turned it into a different kind of kiss.

“…” Sparkles just looked over at her brother. “What is that?”

“I don’t know. I think it looks weird.” Yakko Junior replied. “Are we going now-”

“One minute.” Yakko grabbed Aroma’s arm. “Mommy and daddy need to talk. You guys, go see your Aunt and Uncles real quick.”

Sparkles and Yakko Junior looked very confused as Yakko started to drag Aroma away. “…??”

They both headed for their Aunt and Uncles like he said though.

“Hi Auntie Dottie.” Yakko Junior waved at Dot. “We’re going on a trip.”

“We’re going to go to the outside of Burbank daddy says.” Sparkles grinned at her Uncle Wakko.

“Outside?” Wakko looked over at Dot. “But they were still learning Burbank. Barely.” He looked over at Iridescent. “Do you think we should take them that far from the tower?”

“I don’t really want to. There’s still something out there.” Iridescent reminded him. “Wakko, I don’t think it’s safe.”

“I don’t either.” Zenny agreed. He looked over at Dot. “Things are too unpredictable.”

“They really are.” Dot agreed. She looked over at Yakko Junior and Sparkles. “Hey you two. Where is your daddy?”

“With mommy.” Sparkles informed her. “He told us to come out here and talk to you. He wanted to talk with mommy.”

“Yeah.” Yakko Junior agreed. “He just grabbed her hand and they just took off…” He thought about it for a second. “…I think it was in the direction of his room.”

“His WHAT?” Zenny yelled angrily. He started to run, but Dot stopped him.

“Zenny.” Dot warned him. “Don’t jump to conclusions.” She looked over at Wakko for backup.

Wakko didn’t really know what to believe right now. Yakko had looked so strange ever since he came home. He never even told them whether he found Tiger or not. “I don’t-ah. Ah.” He ran over to Wakko Junior and pulled him away from the light bulb. “Light bulbs are okay, but NOT when they are plugged in.”

“Aww…” Wakko Junior groaned. He looked beside him and saw a basketball. He popped it into his mouth and ate it instead.

Wakko looked back over at Dot and Zenny. “I don’t know. Yakko’s acting a bit strange, maybe we should just give him a few minutes.”

“All it takes is a few minutes.” Zenny growled. He wanted to go back there so bad. What were they doing?

“Wakko?” Journey pulled on Wakko’s arm. “Wakko Junior’s getting into-”

Wakko looked over at Wakko Junior again and ran. Never in his life had he met a warner kid like him. “No, no, no. What is it with you and electricity?”

Wakko Junior was biting a fork and trying to stick it into a socket before his mommy Iridescent grabbed him. Wakko came running up behind him.

Wakko took the fork out of his mouth. “Eat with forks or eat forks. Quit trying to eat electricity.”

“…but…” Wakko Junior looked at the socket. “I bet it tastes good.” He pulled out a stick of dynamite. “Like this does.”

Wakko didn’t stop him in time from putting it in his mouth. “That better not have been lit.”

“Junior, you are too YOUNG for electricity and dynamite.” Iridescent warned him.

“It wasn’t lit.” Wakko Junior crossed his arms. “I bet it’d be good though.”

“Not until you’re 100.” Wakko said firmly. He looked over at Iridescent. “What?”

“Nothing.” Iridescent sighed. Wakko Junior definitely took more after Wakko’s side than hers.

Wakko turned back to Dot and Zenny. Even though he went to get his family and bring them back, they still weren’t that close. Wakko had missed a lot of time with them and Journey had been a bit scared of him at first. Wakko Junior took to him just fine, but Iridescent couldn’t help but have a little bit of…resentment toward him. Not much but, only time would heal being left alone for all those years. Being left alone when she had the kids and when she had really needed him.

Zenny slowly started to walk to Yakko’s room, but Dot tried to stop him. “I’m just going to knock on the door. Make sure everything’s okay.”

“Zenny.” Dot sighed. “Yakko’s a big boy and so is your sister. Just give them some time, alright?”

“But-?” Zenny started to make big gestures with his hands. “What if-?”

Dot grabbed his flailing hands. Her male was being anything but smooth right now. “Zenny.” She whispered. “They are each other’s. Just like you and me, you’ve got to let them be.” She looked back briefly at Wakko and then at him. “This verbal contract between you guys is probably long gone by now.”

“But, she’s…” Zenny sighed. “She’s my baby sister.”

“And I’m Yakko’s baby sister. I know.” Dot reminded him. “If he was doing anything she didn’t like, you’d hear her. Do you hear her?”

“They better not be…he BETTER just be talking.” Zenny growled again.

“Most likely they are.” Dot assured him. “But you guys need to grow up. I mean really, you can’t even tell them the truth about Cutie Pie MAYBE being yours through natural means?”

“…maybe one day.” Zenny muttered. “Not right now though, don’t speak too loud.” Zenny looked over at Wakko making sure he didn’t hear her. He looked back over toward Yakko’s room. “Would he JUST get out of there already?” Zenny’s mind was still focused on Yakko and Aroma.

What in the world were they talking about?


Some time later…

Aroma and Yakko finally came out of his room.

Zenny was glaring daggers at Yakko. “What were you in there so long-?”

“Shutup.” Yakko said it simply but seriously. “We’re going out of this tower now.”

“But Yakko.” Wakko frowned at him. “HE could still be-”

“He’ll be anywhere or everywhere, it doesn’t matter.” Yakko said gruffly. He smiled at Aroma. “Hey. Let’s go grab the babies too. Everyone should have fun today.”

Wakko and Dot looked at each other. The way Yakko was acting…

Yakko didn’t even answer any questions as he opened the tower door. “All aboard for the funnest day on Earth?”

Sparkles and Yakko Junior both rushed out the tower along with Cutie Pie and Zenny Junior.

“Wait.” Dot called out to them, but it was too late.

“First stop, Plotzy’s.” Yakko laughed as he grabbed Aroma’s hand and jumped down from the tower with her. The kids were already long gone.

Zenny was furious. “Who does he think he is?” He just pointed to where Yakko was standing. “He didn’t even have the gall to tell me what happened in that-?”

“Zenny.” Dot shouted at him angrily. “Will you SHUTUP? Look, I know Yakko. If he wants to leave and do something, there’s a reason. Now let’s follow him, the kids already did.”

Iridescent looked over at Wakko.

Wakko nodded his head. “We’ll follow.” He looked down at Wakko Junior and Journey. “We’re gonna have fun today. Isn’t that great?”

Zenny was reluctant at first, especially after the way he was treated. Yakko never treated him like that before. But, he eventually grabbed Ember and followed Dot out along with Wakko and his family.