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Just An Experiment

Chapter Sixty Five: Day One.




Plotz looked around in horror as he saw…”…?!”

Yakko and Wakko appeared first at the door.

“Hiya Plotzy!” Wakko waved at him. “Sorry we haven’t visited you for awhile. We’ve been busy.”

“You can stay busy.” Plotz growled.

“Oh no, we can’t. We’ve gotta introduce you to the fam!” Yakko laughed. They all pointed to themselves as Zenny jumped in the middle of them. “We’re the Warner Dads!”

Yakko and Wakko suddenly started to blow trumpets. Then, in the doorway Aroma, Iridescent and Dot appeared.

“-and the Warner Moms!” the female trio yelled cheerily together.

Just then, Zenny Junior, Wakko Junior, and Yakko Junior all rushed into the room! “We’re the Warner Brothers!”

Then Sparkles, Journey, and Cutie Pie ran in. “And the Warner Sisters!”

Plotz had a strange expression on his face as he watched the kids suddenly start to jump on his desk, his couch, spin around on his ceiling, mess up papers and pretty much just destroy his office. “…m-more?”

“Want more?” Dot and Aroma both winked at each other as they left the room.

Dot showed up first, bouncing up to Plotz with her baby. “This is Baby Ember!”

Aroma showed up second, bouncing up to Plotz with her two babies. “This is Giggles and Zinfandel!”

“Zinfandel?” Yakko seemed a bit surprised by the name. “Couldn’t we have just named him Com?!”

“You weren’t here.” Aroma smiled. “Besides, it was my daddy’s name.”

“Well, that explains a lot.” Yakko smiled.

Wakko had to laugh at that. He left the room for a second and came back holding another baby. “Heya Plotzy, lookie! Isn’t she the cutest? Her name’s Lucy.”

“Lucy?” Yakko looked over at Wakko with a strange look on his face. “That’s a weird name.”

“Well, I wanted to name her Lucky.” Wakko smiled. “But, Iri didn’t like it too much so we changed it a little.”

“…” The expression on Plotz’ face was priceless.

“WE’RE THE WARNER ENSEMBLE!!” All the warners who were capable of speaking replied.

The babies made laughing and cooing noises instead.

“…” Plotz started to tremble and opened up his drawer. He needed aspirin.

“Are ya looking for this?” Dot appeared suddenly with his aspirin. “Lesson Time Kids!” She grabbed the aspirin and ran to the middle of the room. Zenny was currently holding Ember so she had the floor. “This is aspirin. This is what creatures like humans like to take when they start feeling pain.”

“Pain? What kind of pain momma?” Zenny Junior asked.

“Physical and emotional stress.” Zenny smiled at his son. “So, which do you think he has?”

“Oh, I know. Probably physical!” Zenny Junior laughed.

“That’s right. Why?” Dot questioned her boy.

“Because he’s pretty dang fat.” Cutie Pie chuckled.

“I was thinking tub of lard, but pretty good. I’ll go with Cutie’s answer.” Zenny Junior grinned.

“I am not a tub of-!”

“He’s also losing hair,” Zenny Junior appeared behind Plotz and started playing with what little hair he had left. “Maybe that’s why he needs aspirin?”

“Good observation Junior!” Yakko grinned.

“Get out of here!” Plotz couldn’t take anymore! “Get out, Get out, GET OUT!! 15 Warners?! FIFTEEN?! This is a dream, it’s gotta be a dream!”

Cutie Pie slid across his desk and lying down cutely she winked. “How come mister? Because I’m just too inconceivably cute?”


“Well, we hate to leave ya so fast.” Dot smiled at Plotz. “But we’ve got a million other stop. Wave goodbye kids.”

All the Warner Brothers and Sisters waved goodbye .

The whole day, the Warners all went to and fro different place. If they knew them, they went there. There was no one on the lot who didn’t know the Warners again as the day was setting. The only creature who had been spared…

Was Scratchansniff. The Warners came no where near his door. They knew very well he did not want to see them, and they did respect HIS wishes.

“Ooh, that’s a good on.” Zenny was picking out a nice red car. “Says family don’t it?”

“Sits about five legally.” Dot smiled. “Yeah, we should all be able to squeeze in.”

“Great, I’m driving!” Zenny announced as he jumped in the driver’s seat.

Rita and Runt hadn’t been too much into bothering everyone like the Warners, but they weren’t going to be left behind! Rita hung on to the top of a seat, while Runt took part of the floor and the seats away from the little warners.

Still somehow, all the Warners ended up fitting.

“Quit pushing,” Zenny Junior whined at Sparkles.

“You!” Sparkles whined back. “And you too!”

“Well tell her to quit!” Yakko Junior whined as he looked at Cutie Pie.

Yakko and Wakko were hanging on the back of the car. Wakko bent down to look at the license plate. “Plotz Toy?”

“Ah, don’t worry! Plotzy has other toys, he won’t mind us borrowing it for a little while!” Yakko grinned. “Now where to first?”

“Are we really gonna leave Burbank Yakko?” Wakko asked again. He looked his brother square in the eyes. “Yakko?”

Yakko sighed. He looked behind him as they started to move. He took his glove off and wrote on the back of the car with his claw, so Wakko could see.


Wakko read it loud and clear. He slowly nodded. He understood.

This might very well be their final days.

Wakko pulled out a wacky sack. It was an empty wacky sack. He looked over at Yakko one more time, then touched Wakko Junior’s hand. “Hey there!”

Wakko Junior grinned at him. “Yeah?”

Wakko handed him the sack. “This is a wacky sack. You can put whatever you want inside of it.”

“Really?” Wakko Junior eagerly took the sack. He looked into it and yelled. He heard his own echo. “Neato!”

Yakko met Wakko’s eyes as he looked back at him. Wakko’s wacky sacks were very sacred to him. He never  just gave them away.

He wanted to pass something down to his son before the inevitable end.

Yakko pulled out his paddleball. He looked over at Yakko Junior who was bickering with Sparkles. He wanted to hand down something too, but it wasn’t right. That Yakko Junior wasn’t his. The cute laughing silly warner bickering with the other kids wasn’t his.

He belonged to another Yakko. Another Yakko of another time…

Yakko put his paddleball away. No, he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t pretend, no matter how bad he wanted to, that his whole family would be there when it all ended.

He looked up at the sky one final time. He wouldn’t reveal all the space that was really there. Not yet…

“Whoah?” Wakko pointed to something behind them. “Did you see that? I swear, there was a little dog! A-and it changed to a cat?”

Or maybe he would have to. “Things are changing around. Don’t be surprised to hear echoes of yourself soon.” Yakko said sadly. “That’s why we need to go now. Enjoy it while we can.”

Wakko nodded. He looked down at Journey and started to rub her head. “Hey there! Enjoying the trip? Wanna come back here with me?”

Journey shook her head. Instead, she went up to the front seat where Iridescent had been scrunched into.

“…” Wakko looked down at Wakko Junior. “How about you?”

“I’m fine right here!” Wakko Junior grinned. He yelled into the sack again. “It’s endless and there’s nothing in it!”

“Here! Throw in a penny!” Yakko Junior threw a penny in.

“Hey, I didn’t hear it land!” Cutie Pie laughed.

Wakko looked down at his lap. His kids weren’t very used to him. Journey was still a little spooked by him too.

And now, he’d never get the chance to get over the awkwardness.

Dot and Zenny were blissfully riding in the front seat. Neither of them knew yet, but they would soon.

Aroma looked back at Yakko and smiled.

Yakko grinned at her. There was no time to think about the end! All he could do was enjoy himself the best he could! That’s all any of them would be able to do. ‘We’ve gotta live it the best we can. There’s no more chances waiting around the corner!’ He got up and reached over in the front seat for Journey.


Iridescent glared at Yakko. “What are you doing?”

Yakko didn’t care what she had to say. He went in the back to Wakko. “I’m not kidding.” He set her in his lap. “Enjoy it while you can, alright?”

Wakko nodded his head. He noticed Journey wasn’t exactly comfortable there with him, but Yakko was right. The kids may never get a chance to get over there awkwardness, but they’d never get a chance to be together again period! He just smiled down at her and handed her some candy.

He did what he knew and it worked. Journey took the candy and stayed on his lap.

Meanwhile, Yakko brought out a pen and some paper. He wanted to make sure he got what he could covered.

Day one: Visit everyone we can in Burbank

Day two: Visit everyone that we know outside Burbank

Day three: Discuss the Land Beyond the Ancients

Yakko didn’t write anything past day four. If they made it pass a day four, they’d just live it to the fullest. Live life to it’s fullest. That’s all they could do!

Even though Waryes had been taken away somewhere by Warner and The Tiger was still out there reaking havoc, it didn’t matter anymore. Whether Yakko changed him back, whether Yakko brought Yakko Junior to his real time, even if Waryes somehow became the warner he truly was, it was far too late for anything.

This was just the way it had to be…




Samantha groaned. She started to move, but stopped when she felt a lot of pain.

“Hey? Lady? Are you okay?”

“I…” Samantha opened her eyes. She saw a small warner who was grey and black? Much like Dr. Fay looked. “Who are you?”

The little boy smiled. “I’m called Tiger. Don’t worry, everything will be okay.”

“Everything…” Samantha gasped. “Otto! The Baby?!”

“They’re okay. He told me that anyhow.” Tiger shrugged his shoulders. “He hasn’t come back since though.”

Samantha started to move around a little more. “Otto…”

“It’s okay.” Tiger held out his hand. “Mrs. Scratchansniff? Right?”

“No…I never made it that far…” Samantha closed her eyes sadly.

“You’ve been out for some time. I was really worried!” Tiger handed her a simple flower. “Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be fine!”

Samantha looked around her. “…where am I?”

“Earth.” Tiger smiled. “It’s Earth.”

Samantha stopped moving as much. “Oh god…I hurt…”

Tiger handed her a little cookie. “This is a good cookie for you. Waryes gave it to me.”

“What? Who’s…?” Samantha took the cookie anyhow. She was in a lot of pain, she’d ask questions later.

“Waryes. Waryes, he’s the one who takes care of me.” Tiger smiled. “He eventually comes for me.”

“Tiger? Are you Aroma’s little one? The one they were looking for?” Samantha had to ask. Her power was slowly returning.

“Who?” Tiger scratched his head. “I’m sorry lady, I don’t really have any memories. Waryes said, it’s better that way.” He shrugged his shoulders.

Samantha felt tears start to stream out of her eyes. The boy was very lucky. She remembered everything…everything.

////”SCRATCHY!! PLEASE, TAKE CARE OF HIM!!” Samantha yelled to the top of her voice as she handed her newborn over to him. “Just get out before it’s too late!”

“He will kill you!” Scratchansniff warned her. He tried to bring him with her, but she wouldn’t hear of it.

“He wants the baby’s memories ERASED! He will not stop until he’s dead!” Samantha hugged him one last time. “Please? Otto? Give him different memories on Earth? Keep him away from the Warner’s children, he’ll be safe! Please! Let me do this for him?”

“NO! SAMANTHA?!” Scrathchansniff didn’t want to let go, but he had no choice. They had temporarily escaped The Tiger for the first time. It would not be long…

Samantha started to run in the opposite direction.

“SAMANTHA?!” Scrathchansniff yelled out one last time.////

Tiger went over and hugged Samantha. “I’m sorry. I guess you’ve been through a lot.”

“I lost him…I’m…alive though?” Samantha tried to make sense of the situation. “I ran into a burning building. I got him out, but…”

“Waryes.” Tiger smiled. “Waryes is a nice waryes.” He chuckled at his joke. “I made a funny!” Tiger stroked her hair affectionately. “Don’t worry. Waryes will help when he comes back.”

“How?” Samantha stopped moving again and just layed on the ground very still. “How did he find me…”

“Waryes is nice and smart.” Tiger replied. “Although, he says he’s not. I’ve only seen him as a nice waryes, but he says he has another side.” He stared up at the sky. “He always said, I’m safe as long as I never remember. He always said, he’ll never let his other self know…he was kind of strange that way.” He shrugged his shoulders and sat down. “I’m weird too though. I normally…I don’t talk very much lately.” Tiger tried to smile. “Waryes says, I have to though. He says, I have to force myself to stay strong. I can’t let any voices trick me. I can never give in.” He pointed to a flower just a ways away. “And, I’m never supposed to touch that. I can look, and I should stay near it, but I can’t touch it.”

Samantha gazed at the Eternal the boy was looking at. “…you’ll remember if you touch it.”

“Huh?” Tiger seemed confused. “How?”

“Dot said they’re magical. They grant many powers to you, including untampered memories.” Samantha looked at the Eternal again. “Many bad people are after you though. But good ones too. No one can find you because you don’t know yourself?”

“No. Waryes said I have to know myself, have my own strong emotions that only my memories will stir up. Otherwise, they can’t find me. I’m just…a blank.” Tiger looked over at the small flower. “…” Waryes had always told him not to touch it. He said it was very dangerous. That bad beings were after him. But, he never said that nice beings were looking too. “…”

Tiger turned back around to look at Samantha. “I can’t.” Tiger pointed to his own heart. “He said not to depend on that. That I had to depend on this. And…Waryes is the only being I really know.”

A touch. A simple touch. But, Tiger was right. Bad creatures would sense him too.

Samantha layed her head down again. “I want to go back. But even if I do, I’ll only hurt him.”

“There’s a time and place for everything.” Tiger said wisely. “He told me to remember that.”

Samantha didn’t want to hear anymore though. Not anymore…

She was tired. Of the running. Of losing the ones she loved…



Yakko just stared at him. Yakko Junior was laughing at a joke Wakko Junior just said. ‘He should belong. He should belong.’ He just wanted to pretend that he did. That everything would be fine.

But, he felt that instinct. That feeling…

The boy didn’t belong there. He belonged somewhere else. To another Yakko…

“Yakko?” Wakko asked softly. “You said to enjoy life.” He reminded him. “You don’t look very good.”

Yakko gulped. He looked over at Aroma, before he came to a decision. He started to climb to the front seat. “Zenny, pull over. I need to talk to Junior for a little while.”

Zenny wasted no time and pulled over. Yakko gestured toward Yakko Junior and the warner easily jumped out of the car. He laughed and ran over to him.

Yakko smiled at him. “Hey…we need to talk.”

“About what?” Yakko Junior smiled.

“You’re a good warner.” Yakko pulled out his pink lightning ball. “But, I don’t deserve you. You don’t belong in this time. You know that, right?”

“Yakko?” Aroma called out unsteadily.

“Listen.” Yakko bent down to the little warner’s height. “You don’t belong here. You should be someplace else with a lot of different memories.” He looked up and down at Yakko Junior. “I know you have an Eternal. Give it here.”

Yakko Junior began to look unsteady. “…”

“You always had Eternals. You and you. Oh, and you. You always did, and I know you do now.” Yakko replied knowingly. Eternals kept Tiger safe, always had. Protected memories, protected time, protected everything. But, they were obviously addictive and everyone was better off without them.

That’s why they were kept far away, found only near the timestream with the waryes worms.

Yakko Junior started to hand over his Eternal while Aroma had jumped out of the car and ran toward him.

“What are you doing?” She asked him anxiously.

“He doesn’t belong here.” Yakko said sadly. “You feel it too.”

“So? He’s still my son!” Aroma yelled at him angrily. “You said it yourself before you left! You can’t just leave him somewhere!”

“I’m not. I’m not doing anything. I’m giving him this ball, taking his Eternal, and letting time find him.” Yakko explained. “It will tell him where he belongs.”

“But he’s…” Aroma started to get very teary-eyed. It was her Yakko Junior, it didn’t matter what time he was from.

“He doesn’t belong,” Yakko yelled at her firmly. “You and I both know it! He’s a good little warner and he DOES belong somewhere though. And you know what? Maybe if I stopped being so selfish and do what I should have done in the first place, we’d gain a day or two!”

“…” Aroma didn’t need to ask. They had already talked about what had happened in the room.

Yakko took the Eternal and put it in his pocket. He himself had at least two on him. In fact, somehow just about everybody but the kids had some kind of Eternal on them.

“I have to go away?” Yakko Junior asked sadly.

Yakko smiled at him. “You’re going home. To the time you belong in. To the Yakko you belong to. Don’t be sad, you’ll feel safe and happy! That’ll be your home Yakko Junior.”

“You can’t just…the ball though, it’s got-” Aroma tried to find any excuse.

“It will be okay.” Yakko assured her. “Besides, there’s only one bolt left in here.” He spun it around on his fingers a few seconds then gave it to Yakko Junior. “Hold it okay?”

Yakko Junior nodded.

“Now, there’s a little latch at the top.” Yakko started to back away. “…pull.”

Aroma couldn’t bear to watch as Yakko Junior disappeared.

Zenny was about to get out from the car and comfort her, but Yakko was already holding her.

“Trust me. I felt it, I’ve felt it for a long time.” Yakko said to her softly. He smiled at her and looked back at the car. “Come on, we still have a lot of other people to see!”

Aroma tried to smile as she headed to the car. She knew Yakko was right. That it wasn’t really the right son for the right time, but it was still…


Yakko felt a strange vibration and looked at the sky. It was still cloaked, but he could feel it. Sending Yakko Junior back to wherever he belonged had changed something. Probably for the better…


Who Cares Where…Who Cares When…

The Tiger growled dangerously as he felt a strange vibration ran through the sky. ‘…FUCK!’

He figured it out?

‘No way! How?!’ The Tiger started to run away again. Yakko Warner had figured it out?

The Tiger held an Eternal safely in his hand. He held two inside his jacket, and a couple in his pants pockets. He’d have to be extra careful now.

He felt it inside. Yakko had just sent the other Tiger back to where he belonged WITHOUT his Eternal.

Yep, he just figured it out! The Tiger kept patting himself down making sure he had plenty on him. He ALWAYS had Eternals on him! If he lost his Eternals and entered the time he really belonged to…

It’d be over. He was still too young of a waryes to survive time travel without the protection of an Eternal!

“If he figured it out…” The Tiger headed for the closest tavern he could find. “Maybe he just felt it was right.” He said, trying to make himself feel better


Warner’s Home Planet…


Warner was ignoring Waryes’ attempts at trying to talk to him once again. He was trying to keep a close eye on him, but he wouldn’t be stupid. His brother was long since gone.

“Warner…” Waryes groaned. “Do you remember that time? Just us? When we played tag that day, saying how happy we were?”

“…” Warner didn’t reply.

“We we’re playing in time…we thought it was fun…” Waryes replied. “…sometimes, things are good and you have control. Most times, you never will. All you can do, is remember the good times. And help when you can…”

Warner looked over at Waryes strangely. What was he talking about?

“I’m…” Waryes sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“Huh?!” Warner looked directly at Waryes. “Brother?”

“Not for long…just a few minutes at the most.” Waryes said, feeling very exhausted. “With the perfect cookie, he’ll be the same way…glimpses. That’s all…The thing inside me, I know him and he knows me. But I still have some power. I won’t let him tap into all my mind…never…”

“Waryes?!” Warner shook his brother excitedly. “Let me help! I made this formula-!”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s been way too long brother, you know that…” Waryes breathing started to get slower. He had wasted a lot of energy in his efforts to save Samantha, but he HAD to talk to his brother! “I’ve got very little strength left. I have to choose carefully when to come out. The more time passes the less time I have.”

“…brother.” Warner looked sadly at him. “I wish I could do something…”

“You can’t, just listen up.” Waryes said seriously. “I won’t have time to repeat myself. Warner, changing time isn’t what is ripping the Universe apart. It’s not even because of all the corruption…that HE did…”

“What are you talking about Waryes?” Warner asked.

“Everyone belonged somewhere in the timestream. They did not belong anywhere else.” Waryes explained. “When time traveling began, the timestream did not take kindly to it, but it was fine…until the impossible happened. A child was born and belonged to two different timestreams.”

“Mikey?” Warner frowned.

“That was the beginning of the first tearing. So small, no one noticed it. But now, Tiger and The Tiger are in separate times, away from their own…Yakko was skipping around. The Warners were all about. So many were skipping around. Even now, The Tiger is out there…” Waryes sighed. “Waryes told the first The Tiger, he could go ahead and erase Mikey if he needed too. After all, Wakko Warner had created three more.” Waryes said sadly. “I even infringed on time. I had to, I couldn’t let him just take him…” He started to get very slow breathing and started getting very weak. His time was up. “Tag. Time. Playing tag in time….we were happy…” Waryes smiled at him. “Just remember…tag…”

The next minute, Waryes was cussing Warner up and down to let him out.

It didn’t last long though. Warner turned away.

He thought his brother was long gone. It had been so long. His brother was definitely weak as he talked to him though, he must have been using all his strength just to hold on for a little while!

‘…’ Warner didn’t know if he felt better or worse now. He smiled sadly as he thought about what Waryes had said. “Yakko needs to send The Tiger back.” He sighed. It wasn’t going to be easy. How could he trick The Tiger to go back to his own time? And even if he did, he’d still remember that he could come back! “He’d have to take all the Eternals away too. He’s not letting go of them that easy.” Warner frowned. “And Wakko’s kids? I thought it was strange, but…”

Would he have to erase them? Would he have to erase Mikey?

Everything Waryes said made sense, except his harping on their old tag game? Warner knew what he was talking about. It was just an old cornfield they were playing tag in some different time.

They were happy. It was a new experience! Just a random place in a random time, their first time traveling experience. A game of Tag shared between them…

Warner couldn’t help but smile. Traveling through time the first time was so amazing! He remembered the feel of the wind on him…the feel of running through Earth’s cornfield… It had been unforgettable…

Was Waryes trying to help himself stay happy? Or was there something else he was trying to say?



“Are you gonna get up soon?”

Samantha heard Tiger again. She didn’t want to get up. She wanted to stay in that strange place, and never move again.

Tiger put something near her nose. “Here human. This might help better than the cookie.” He wiggled some corn near her nose. “Waryes always told me not to just depend on cookies. Corn’s really good, it’s fresh.”

Samantha lifted her head and looked at the corn. She layed her head back down.

She was alone, away from her baby boy and Scratchansniff. She was trapped only with a small boy in a little cornfield…

Why should she ever even get back up?