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Just An Experiment

Chapter Sixty Six: Day Two.


On the open road…

Wakko Junior and Zenny Junior were just giggling in the backseat. So far, they had lots of fun.

“You know, maybe this was a good idea.” Dot smiled as she layed her head down on Zenny’s shoulder. “They seem so happy. And they’ve never met so many people.”

“Well, I guess it’s no more dangerous after all.” Zenny smiled. He looked through the rearview at Zenny Junior. “They do seem extra happy, huh?”

“Maybe we should go outside the country too?” Dot turned around to look at Yakko. “They could meet Coco Gazelle in France. Or that strange waiter. Ooh, or they could meet Gigantasaurus, they’d probably kick it off fine.”

“Oh boy. Different countries.” Runt grinned. “That sounds like fun.”

“No, we should keep doing this.” Yakko disagreed. They shouldn’t waste that kind of time. After all, they might not even make it there…

Dot noticed Yakko’s strange behavior again. “Okay…” She turned back around. She knew he was hiding something, something big.

Yakko knew she wanted to know too. ‘Just a little longer. Just let her live in blissful ignorance just a little bit-”

“Hey Uncle Yakko, what’s this?”

Yakko watched in horror as Wakko Junior grabbed his small notepad he had been holding. He wasn’t even holding on to it tightly, he was too careless. “Give it here.”

Wakko Junior had tears in his eyes. His Uncle had asked for it back really mean. “…okay.” He couldn’t help but look at the paper. “Land Beyond the Ancients?”

Yakko angrily took the slip of paper back. Careless. Now Dot was sure to-

“Land beyond the Ancients?” Dot frowned and turned back toward Yakko. “Yakko? What’s he talking about?”

“Nothing.” Yakko tried to cover.

“Yakko.” Dot scolded him. “Let me see your paper. What’s it say?”

“…” Yakko didn’t want to hand it over. He never wanted Dot to know. She should have been able to live a long, long time along with her big brothers.

“Yakko?” Dot gave him a sad look. “You’re hiding something, I know it. Please? You can’t hide it forever.”

“You have to tell her.” Wakko agreed. He nodded his head. “She needs to know, so she will live it to the fullest too.”

Yakko felt very sick as he handed the paper to Dot.

Dot took it and read it. ‘Day one. Visit everyone we can in Burbank

Day two. Visit everyone that we know outside Burbank

Day three. Discuss the Land Beyond the Ancients…’

Zenny noticed the strange expression on Dot. “What’s wrong? Dot?”

Dot handed him the paper awkwardly slow. She tried to hide any tears she felt like crying. She understood completely.

Zenny did too as he read the piece of paper. Warners usually didn’t discuss the Land Beyond the Ancients in great detail to little warners. They mention it a bit, to explain where it was their ancestors went to. Simple and Brief. To discuss it though, that only meant one thing…

They were going there. “…” Zenny tried to focus on his driving.

Wakko had already told Iridescent yesterday. Now, the only ones who didn’t know were the kids.

Zenny Junior whined at Cutie Pie. “Quit. Your leg’s on my side again.”

“You quit. It is not, your arms crossing the line.” Cutie Pie indicated a seam. “That’s the line.”

“Oh, somebody just end the torture…” Rita groaned. She quickly moved her tail before Zenny Junior could try and pull it again.

Iridescent gently gave Lucy a blue pacifer as she began to cry. Then, it became pink…

“…” Dot looked down at her baby Ember. She’d never even get a chance to say a full sentence. To really even speak. To dance. To joke… “Is…”

“There’s nothing we can do?” Zenny looked in his rearview at Yakko.

Yakko shook his head slowly.

“…” Zenny looked over at Aroma.

Aroma looked over at her brother. She looked back at Yakko.

Yakko looked back at her. Yeah, everyone knew now. Everyone but the kids and pets…

But even Rita and Runt were bound to figure it out sooner or later.


Yakko was startled a bit but looked beside him. “Warner? Where’s Waryes?”

“I’m still watching him.” Warner answered quickly. “I’ve got to talk to you.”

“I’m tired of talking to YOU.” Yakko said bitterly. “We’re living out the rest of the time right here. All together, like we want to.”

“Yakko, I understand.” Warner said emphatically. “But there’s still a chance.”

“A chance?” Yakko laughed sarcastically. “Really, and what could I possibly do now? Huh? What have I not done?”

“Can’t you just leave my brother alone?” Wakko yelled at him angrily.

“Yakko.” Warner frowned. “You can spend the rest of the days with them. Or, you can leave them and have a chance of stopping this.”

“I’ve done all I could!” Yakko yelled at him. “And look what it got me? Did I do any good at all? In the end I mean, did I?”

All the other warners were silent.

“Fine.” Warner held his hands up in defeat. “But I think I know how to stop everything from ending. I think I understand why it’s finally ending.”

“Well good for you.” Yakko said sarcastically. Warner had been wrong about a lot of things. He wouldn’t risk these last days for just a hunch.

“Not even gonna talk to me are you?” Warner frowned.

“Leave my brother alone.” Dot turned around in her seat to yell at him. “You’ve done enough to us. Leave us alone. We just want to live out the rest in peace. Why can’t you see that?”

“Dot.” Zenny held her hand tenderly. “It’s okay.” He looked in the rearview at Warner. “Just leave him alone now. There’s nothing more he can do.”

Warner shook his head. They were so close, but Yakko wouldn’t even listen. “Alright.” He said defeated. “By the way, Waryes has been taking care of your Tiger.”

“WHAT?” All the adult warners yelled.

“My brother Waryes wasn’t completely taken over. He has moments where he can be himself.” Warner said softly. “He said The Tiger’s the same way. He’ll have moments.”

“Tiger?” Aroma uttered softly.

“Yakko Junior? Mine?” Yakko didn’t know how to act as he heard that. “Can we get him?”

“I don’t know where he is, Waryes couldn’t tell me.” Warner admitted. “He is holding part of his mind hostage from the worm inside of him, so he can’t find him. He just let me know.”

“Well thanks, that really helped.” Yakko growled.

“I’m sorry.” Warner apologized. “He wouldn’t tell me. Maybe if you went…”

Yakko recognized what he was doing. “You’re trying to get me to leave still? Unbelievable.”

“That’s dirty-handed.” Wakko yelled at Waryes. “If he didn’t tell you, he won’t tell Yakko and you know it.”

“Alright, alright.” Warner admitted. “Fine, I did. But I’m telling you, there is still a chance.”

“Fine. Tell me, how?” Yakko yelled. “Why is everything ending? How do I stop The Tiger? How do I stop everything from ending, huh?”

The kids all looked each other. What were the adults talking about?

“…Mikey.” Warner replied softly. This part wasn’t going to be easy. “The timestream didn’t like time travel, but Waryes said it wasn’t damaged greatly from it. It wasn’t until a being was born from two different times. Then, it started to rip.”

“Mikey? Scratchansniff’s kid?” Yakko frowned.

“You’ve still got your sky cloaked.” Warner said to Yakko. “But you felt it, didn’t you? When you sent Yakko Junior back to where he belonged? It was the right thing to do. You see, it’s all being destroyed because of living in different timestreams. THINK about how often you haven’t been in 2007.”

“So I did?” Yakko’s ears started to droop. “I am the one responsible.”

“No more than anyone else.” Warner said as he put his hand on Yakko’s shoulder. “Dot and Zenny went to 1943. The Tiger constantly moved around. Excuse me, IS moving around. Tiger moved around, You moved around. Wakko was trapped in the distant past. Even your Tiger has been living in a different timestream.”

Wakko didn’t like where this was going. He didn’t have to be informed about what else Warner had to say.

“Then what? Erase Mikey and send The Tiger back where he belongs?” Yakko said in disbelief. “Yeah, I’m really sure he’d follow me. Besides, he’d just leave.”

“Not if you take his Eternals.” Warner said wisely. “Not only that, the Tigers inside of The Tiger has been relatively squished for some time, he doesn’t have the right kind of power to SURVIVE time travel without Eternals.”

“And if I did that, we’d be safe?” Yakko still wasn’t getting his hopes up.

“No, we wouldn’t…”

Yakko looked over at Wakko.

Warner sighed. He knew the other warner would know.

“Wakko Junior. Journey. Lucy.” Wakko said sadly. “They’re all like Mikey…”

Warner nodded sadly.

“What are you talking about now dad?” Wakko Junior asked. He heard his name mentioned.

“…nothing.” Wakko touched his son’s head. “You just bug your sisters, alright?”

Wakko Junior grinned. He got permission to bug his sisters?

“Ah. Hey quit.” Journey whined. “Momma, Wakko Junior’s pinching me.”

None of the warners replied to her comment.

“They never should have existed.” Warner said sadly. “To save everything, they have to be taken care of somehow too.”

“…stop the car.” Iridescent cried out. She couldn’t take it. She jumped out and ran as Zenny stopped the car.

“Iri?” Wakko jumped down and ran after her. “Wait.”

Wakko Junior just had a puzzling look on his face. He looked over at Journey. “Hey, do you know why momma got upset?”

Journey just shrugged her shoulders.

“Iri.” Wakko yelled at her as he finally caught up about a mile away.

Iridescent finally stopped and crumpled to the ground. ‘My Wakko Junior…my Journey…my little Lucy…’

Wakko bent down and held her. “It’s okay, come here.”

Iri let Wakko hold her. “There’s no hope, is there? The universe ends and they disappear like the rest of us or Warner erases them somehow, and they still disappear.”

“Don’t talk like that. We’ll figure out something.” Wakko tried to smiled. “It’s okay. I promise, I’ll figure out something.”

“Promise.” Iri scoffed and pushed him away. “Like you kept promising you’d be there for the delivery?”

Wakko tried to hold her again, but she wouldn’t let him. “I told you. I couldn’t. Time was already messed up enough, I couldn’t go back and stay with you. I wanted to, I really did.”

“Sure.” Iri said bitterly. “You disappear for 600 years, then just show up on my front doorstep holding Lucy.”

“Iri. You said you understood.” Wakko said sadly. “I wanted to stay with you…I wanted to get to know them. At least you got that. It’s all ending, and…I got maybe a little over a month with them. And I wanted more.” Wakko yelled at her. “I’m sorry about how it all turned out, I really am. But you’re not the only one who got hurt.” He tried to settle back down.

“…” Iridescent didn’t know what to say. “…I wanted you there.” She couldn’t help as a few tears fell. “I tried to be brave…I had to stay in intensive care for a month. They didn’t think I’d make it.”

Wakko looked heartbroken. He knew the delivery would be hard, but he’d almost lost her? “I’m sorry.”

“I know. I just wanted you there.” Iri said softly.

Wakko held her gently in his arms as he laid his head down on her shoulder.

“I missed you Wakko.” Iri cried out. “I needed you. I needed to hear your jokes. Your weird Earth references. Your laugh, your smile, your zaniness.”

Wakko just continued to hold her.

“I don’t want to lose them. Do we really have to lose them?” Iridescent asked sadly.

“…Iridescent.” Wakko couldn’t help a small sniffle. “I don’t know.”


Back at the car…

“Would you quit pushing?” Journey whined as Zenny Junior laughed.

“Zenny Junior Warner, quit pushing her.” Dot yelled at him angrily.

Zenny Junior instantly straightened up. Why’d momma get so upset?

Yakko had been talking to Warner one on one.

“There is a chance then.” Yakko sighed. “But Wakko’s not gonna like it.”

“He already knows.” Warner reminded him. “Yakko, it’s not always easy to make life’s choices. But there’s a real good chance. I’m not lying, The Tiger will probably be armed with a ton of Eternals. If you could just get him to change back though, just for even a few seconds and just MAKE Tiger get rid of his Eternals and push him through time, maybe we still could have a happy ending.”

“In maybe a few days. Something I couldn’t achieve over a month?” Yakko frowned. “Even constantly following him I got no responses from Yakko Junior.”

“Well if he is sleeping inside, you could give him this.” Warner handed over the formula he used on Wakko Junior so long ago. “It might help. I doubt it will cure him, this Tigers has been very strong.”

Yakko took the formula. “…” He looked over at Dot.

“Yakko…” Dot didn’t look very happy. “You’re going to leave again, aren’t you? I thought you were done. I thought you’d stay now.”

Yakko looked back at Warner and at the formula. ‘I want to stay, this might be the end. But if I still have even a slim chance…’

Dot looked over and saw Wakko and Iridescence coming back. “Are you gonna say goodbye?” She asked Yakko bitterly.

Wakko tried to smile as he jumped beside Yakko. He frowned though when he saw Yakko’s expression. He knew what it meant. “…our last days.”

“Maybe.” Yakko confessed. “There’s a chance though Wakko. I can’t be selfish, as long as there’s a chance, I’ve gotta go.”


Yakko looked down at Sparkles. She knew he was going to go somewhere. He smiled at her and picked her up. “Hey there little monkey. You be a good girl, okay?”

“Do you have to go again?” Sparkles whined. “Daddy?”

“Yeah. Daddy’s gotta go save the day again.” Yakko chuckled sadly. “You be a good girl for your mommy, okay?”

Yakko jumped off the car with Warner as everyone got up from the front seat.

Aroma ran over to him and gave him one final hug. “You BETTER come back. If this IS the end, you better make it back here. Understand?”

Yakko nodded but lost his breath as Dot plowed right into his side.

“Why do you have to go again? Why don’t you make Warner do all the stinky work?” Dot cried out as she held Yakko tightly.

Yakko didn’t say anything to her. He just put his head on top of hers.

“You better make it back.” Zenny smiled. “I’m going to have a lot of crying females all over me if you don’t.” He tried to laugh.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Yakko chuckled. “Dot’s a huge whiner, and Aroma would probably cry up a storm.” He looked kindly at Aroma. “Be strong though. Sparkles will be watching you.”

Aroma nodded.

Yakko started pushing Dot toward Zenny. “YOU take good care of her, no matter what.” He warned him.

Wakko jumped off the back of the car and walked toward Yakko. “I wish you luck I guess.”

Yakko knew what Wakko meant. He couldn’t say I hope you save the world, because his kids would have to be erased. He couldn’t say I hope you don’t either because that wouldn’t make any sense.

Yakko gently pushed Aroma toward Zenny. He smiled at him. “You take care of them, alright?”

Zenny nodded.

Yakko started to walk away slowly.


Yakko looked back and saw Zenny running up to him.

“Look, before you go.” Zenny began. “I wanted to say something. About Aroma.”

“What, the talk in the room?” Yakko asked. He just waved it off. “Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything you haven’t done with my little sister.”

“Well, yeah that.” Zenny smiled in relief. Until he wondered if Yakko knew the truth of just how close they were? Nah nah, his imagination. “I just wanted to say, I was wrong.”

“Wrong?” Yakko asked. “About what?”

“About you. I know I said you didn’t deserve her, but you’ve been really good to Aroma. I’m sorry I never said that before now.” Zenny replied. “I just don’t know the future, and I wanted to let you know. You know?”

Yakko nodded his hand. “Yeah. I know.” He smiled at Zenny. “I’m sorry too. You’ve never been anything short of a prince to Dot. Me and Wakko just didn’t want her to…and she’s so young…”

Zenny nodded. He held out his hand. “Good luck man.”

Yakko shook it. “Good luck…brother.” He smiled kindly before he started to walk away again.

Yakko reached for his lightning ball. He looked back one time at everyone. The kids were all watching him from the car sadly. Rita and Runt looked just as sad. They knew something bad was going on somehow. Zenny was holding Aroma in one arm and Dot in the other. Wakko and Iridescent were both holding hands beside the car, watching Yakko.

Yakko nodded one more time. He closed his eyes. He had to find out where The Tiger went to. It couldn’t be too hard, he became really good at pinpointing his location over and over. ‘There.’ He opened up one of his last lightning balls…