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Just An Experiment

Chapter Sixty Seven:  Day Two Continues.


“A smile? I’d say a grin. You’re getting better Tiger.”

Yakko looked around himself. He heard Dot’s voice? ‘Oh great, now where’s he at?’ He looked around him and knew exactly where he was. He thought about the fact he wasn’t wearing a cape for a little while. Should he leave and find another?

“Hi there.”

Yakko smiled. He moved up closer, but stayed well hidden. He saw Journey bringing cookies to the past warners again. She was such a good kid.

The past Journey held up a single cookie a little unsteadily. No one looked very happy. “…cookie Tiger?”

“Never again.” The past Aroma growled at her. “Changed shape, but your still the same?”

‘Uh oh.’ Yakko frowned. He remembered this part. They’d start accusing his poor niece of poisoning Tiger. ‘Man, we were stupid.’ He watched as the past Aroma yelled and the past Yakko and Wakko tried to surround little Journey.

“We saved you.” The past Wakko frowned. “We brought you back. We thought you were good. You’ve been poisoning my nephew?”

The past Journey looked around. “I was…helping.” She started to get very nervous. What was she gonna do? She was on the inside of the Den, her family couldn’t help her. “I-I only wanted to help.”

Yakko watched as his past self and Wakko’s past self grabbed Journey.

“Little warner or not, you’re the evil one.” The past Wakko scolded her. “You’re not good, you’ve just been in disguise.”

The past Yakko gestured to Aroma. “Call Zenny over.”

Yakko watched feeling very angry as he watched poor little Journey. ‘She was only trying to help.’ He watched the past Zenny show up and learn what was going on. Zenny had started to dial The Brain’s number.

The past Journey started to struggle. She didn’t know what she could do. She was stuck. “No, I don’t wanna go. I’m not evil. Really. I just wanted to help him.”

“He doesn’t need your help anymore.” The past Yakko yelled angrily as he picked Journey up completely, not letting her wriggle away.

‘Look how hard I was being on her.’ Yakko thought angrily to himself. That was his little niece. She had already gone through so much. ‘Ah heck, the universe is ripping apart either way.’ Yakko looked for the biggest rock he could find.

“You’re just plain evil.” The past Yakko continued to badger her.  “It doesn’t matter whether you are old or young, you’ll never be-Ow.”

Yakko grinned as he watched his past self get smacked in the head by the rock. ‘Ha, serves you right. Or serves me right?’ He rubbed his head as he started to remember that smack he experienced last time.

The past Yakko looked behind him, but Yakko had hid very well. He handed Journey over to Wakko so he could get a clear view.

Not being completely unfamiliar with hostile conditions, the past Journey bit Wakko’s arm.

“Ow.” Wakko accidentally dropped her and she took off as fast as she could.

‘Good job kid.’ Yakko grinned proudly at her.

All the past warners were all behind her though, running after her. There was no escape.

‘Oh, who cares anymore. This’ll make the universe end, what? Five minutes earlier?’ Yakko thought bitterly. Then, he remember the strange yell he heard that day. No one knew where it came from, they thought it was a trick. ‘Well, maybe I am supposed to do it.’ “Yakko. Hey. Yakko.” He yelled in a strange voice.

The Warners had turned around and he started to run the opposite direction until they finally gave up looking for him and ran after Journey again.

Yakko started to look around again as his chasers had given up. The Tiger was still somewhere nearby. ‘Man, I hate traveling sometimes.’ It was never exact on sending you right next to your target. Sometimes, you’d be twenty feet from where you wanted to land. It made it much harder to find your target when they were in a smaller enclosed space. Although, Yakko couldn’t be completely mad about that inconvenience.

After all, renting out the fancy hotels was what delayed the first The Tiger from finding the older Yakko Junior. Too enclosed of an area., The Tiger would create a ruckus to find him, so Junior would have plenty of warning to get out again.

If it was exact on it’s targeting, Yakko Junior never would have gotten any rest period.

Still, Yakko didn’t like it. It shouldn’t have been THAT far off. Was the lightning starting to mess up as well?

He decided to forget about it for now, he had to find The Tiger. If he was back in that time of ALL times, he was up to no good.

Yakko looked all around the den, but couldn’t spot him. Thinking he went outside at some point, Yakko left the den. He groaned and continued to look for what seemed hours…

Then, out in the dead of the night, he saw it. Right through a clearing.

It was Yakko Junior? He was small and still a waryes. ‘Is that him?’ Yakko looked closer through the bushes. It was a ways, but it HAD to be him. The past Tiger would still be in bed. But, The Tiger was with him? And he was tickling him?. ‘No way, he’s not hurting him.’

Yakko could barely see the two and he was high on top of a hill, but he tried to run in their direction as fast as he could.

“The Tiger? You’re lots of fun.” the little waryes Tiger laughed.

“I have tons of fun too.” The Tiger grinned. He knew if Yakko did figure it out how to defeat him, he might come after him again. Even though he probably couldn’t reach Yakko Junior on the inside, he couldn’t risk it. The universe WOULD end. He didn’t care what he had to do. Even if kidnapping some random past little waryes Tiger was what it took. He HAD to distract that warner. “You’re doing so much better my little friend. Your laughing and smiling. Seem really great now.”

“Yeah. I’m all better.” The little waryes grinned.

“Nah Tiger.” The Tiger shook his head. “You’re not better yet. You only think you’re better. It’s a start though, huh? So hey, you doing good with the paddleball now?” The Tiger just smiled wickedly. The little waryes would think he was the exact same creature he recently talked to. He’d give him just a few minutes to earn his trust, and off they’d go.

The little waryes grinned from ear to ear as he brought out his paddleball. He played a whole minute before he messed up. “You made me better than I thought I could be.”

“Nah kid, it’s a natural talent. You just didn’t see it before, you felt too afraid.” The Tiger grinned slyly. “Why don’t you go-?”

“YAAAAKKOOOOOO!” Yakko yelled out. He knew he had to be getting closer.

The Tiger growled as he watched Yakko appear. ‘Dammit. I took too long.’

“Yakko?” Yakko replied. The boy looked alright. Finally. Did he finally have him?

Was this finally his Yakko Junior? The one Waryes had taken?

The Tiger had growled but he saw what Yakko was holding in his hands for preparation. ‘He’s got some kind of small vial?’ Getting the heebie jeebies from just LOOKing at the small bottle, he quickly started to dart off.

Yakko knew he had to get The Tiger, but right now he was focused on Yakko Junior. ‘Finally. He’s okay.’ He grinned from ear to ear. Even if he couldn’t save the Universe, he could spent the rest of it with his family and his son. His REAL Yakko Junior.

But then, the little waryes said a few simple words that crushed Yakko’s spirit. “Are you gonna tell mommy I’m out here?”

‘Tell mommy…I’m out here?’ Yakko felt crushed. ‘No way. It can’t be. Is it? This is still…’

He knew he shouldn’t have got his hopes up, but he had done it anyway. It hurt so much as he felt all his happiness start to drain away…

That wasn’t his Yakko Junior either.

Yakko looked back out where The Tiger ran away too. He looked back at the little waryes again. ‘The Tiger was after him? A past version? Why would he bother? Does he know I get how to defeat him now?’

Yakko started to run after The Tiger. If he was going back in time to try and steal past versions of Yakko Junior, that would not be a good thing. He ran and ran, trying to find him. ‘Where did he go?’

Getting anxious, Yakko returned to his past son and saw The Tiger. He had knocked the little waryes out.

“Look, we’ve gotta go.” The Tiger grinned as he picked the little waryes up.

“No way.” Yakko held his vial very carefully and started to open it up.

“What is that thing?” The Tiger yelled. He didn’t like it.

Yakko started to run at him. If he could just get it on him.

The Tiger didn’t know what Yakko had, but he didn’t want it touching him. Instead-

“Here, catch.” The Tiger started to throw the little waryes at him.

Yakko had to stop. He caught the little waryes and sat him back down. He looked around but it was too late. The Tiger had disappeared. ‘…’ He looked down at Yakko Junior longingly. He had believed so much it was finally him.

Yakko sighed. ‘I can’t just leave him out here in the dark.’ He picked him up and quietly took him back to the den.

He started to go to his past self’s sleeping area, but he remembered. He never slept with the family. Not even one night. ‘I can’t put him there. My past self would be uneasy. He’d think Yakko Junior did it, and that would make Yakko Junior even more uneasy. Plus, what if he wakes up and sees me?’ Yakko sighed but started to head to Aroma’s little sleeping area. She slept with the kids all the time.

Yakko smiled as he saw the scene. His whole family sleeping together had looked kinda cute. Too bad he wasn’t there too.

But, there was no time left for regrets. Yakko opened Aroma’s arms and tucked Yakko Junior in safely. ‘Good night kid.’ He gently touched the top of one of his ears. ‘Take care.’ He got up and started to walk out.

Everything should be okay. Yakko went out a little ways from the den and looked at his lightning balls.

‘Purple or pink?’ he tried to think. Purple kept the past untampered, but the way the timestream was going who knew if the lightning even worked right any more?

Yakko had been so off course too. Not only that he SWORE he had used pink, but he remembered getting smacked in the head in the past. Pink was acting like purple? “Time’s so messed up, I bet I’m lucky to even land now.” He shook his head sadly. He didn’t have much choice though. Even if the lightning did mess up, and even if it started messing up it’s location, he HAD to keep going.

Everyone was depending on him. Feeling a bit more nervous than he had been in a long time with the ball, he opened it up. He had to try and find The Tiger, no matter what.



“Samantha. Are you gonna get up soon?” Tiger asked

Samantha didn’t want to. “Why should I? I can’t be with them…”

Tiger started to munch on a piece of corn. “You’ve been down here for awhile. Do you want some corn? Humans have to eat much more, right?”

“I don’t care.” Samantha said softly. “What’s it matter…”

Tiger sighed. He pulled out a piece of paper he had kept for some time. “You miss your family. I understand.” He wiggled the paper at Samantha. “This is all I have too. I don’t know if I did it, or someone in my family did. But, it always makes me feel better. Why don’t you read it?”

Reading a piece of paper. Yeah, like that would make any difference. But, as she read the words somehow…

She felt better. At peace with herself. “That’s beautiful.”

Tiger took his paper back. “It’s all I really have, but I like it. I memorized it. I even made a song for it.” He smiled. “I don’t know why, but I really like songs. I can’t do a lot, but I can sing some.”

Samantha finally started to move. “Do you remember any songs?”

“No.” Tiger stopped to think. “Well, maybe. It’s just a tiny thing that’s always in the back of my head. I don’t remember anything after it though.”

Samantha started to sit up. “Will you sing it? I really could use a song right now.”

Tiger nodded. “Someone’s happy to see me today. Someone’s happy to see me today. Someone’s happy to see me today. Someone’s happy to see me today.” Tiger shrugged his shoulders. “That’s it, it’s just one line.”

“One day, I’m going home to him.” Samantha said confidently. “I will be Mrs. Scratchansniff and I’ll raise my son with him.” She smiled blissfully. “We’ll be happy.”

Tiger smiled. He looked around himself. “Well, there’s always plenty of corn here to eat.”

“Yes. Why are you staying in a cornfield though?” Samantha asked.

“I’m not supposed to leave it. This is where Waryes comes, when he gets a chance.” Tiger sighed. “I’ve only seen him three times…it’s been really lonely-ah?” Tiger shook his head. “Nope, can’t think depressing thoughts.” He grinned and started to bounce. “I have to make myself bounce. I have to make myself talk, even when no ones around. I have to be a brave little boy.”

“Yes. You’re a very brave little one.” Samantha finally smiled.

“One day, I will go home too.” Tiger said confidently. “One day, the bad beings will stop looking for me and I can go home.” He grinned. “I really want to remember home. I wish it was safe.” He looked up at the sky. “I wish I could remember…more than just one line.”

“Someone’s happy to see me today. Someone’s happy to see me today.” Samantha smiled. “They give a smile and they brighten my day. Someone’s happy to see me today.”

Tiger gasped. “That’s it. You knew it?”

Samantha nodded. “You’re mother Aroma sang it to your baby sister Enchantment a lot when I was with her.”

“Enchantment…Aroma…” Tiger nodded. They were familiar names. “Someone’s happy to see me today. Someone’s happy to see me today.” Tiger sang and laughed at the same time. A small memory of a beautiful warner in white pants and a white shirt dancing around and singing with him entered his mind. “They give a smile and they brighten my day. Someone’s happy to see me today.”


Who cares where…who cares when….

“Someone’s happy to see me today.”

Yakko stopped in his tracks. ‘What was that?’ He could have sworn he actually felt something. Yakko had become a pro to feeling out Yakko Junior. Big, little, it didn’t matter. All day long he heard past versions crying and laughing. It had become the norm for him. But this. This was loud and powerful.

Could it be the present Yakko Junior.

Yakko quickly stopped in his pursuit and opened up his ball.

Unfortunately, even thought The Tiger was being chased, he wasn’t stupid. If Yakko was leaving, there was something going on.



Yakko looked around himself. “A cornfield?” He scratched his head a bit confused. Was the lightning way off it’s mark? He started to run through it.

“They give a smile and they brighten my day. Someone’s happy to see me today.”

“JUNIOR?” Yakko yelled out. Could it be? Could it really be him this time? Not a past version. Or a future version. Was it really his son?

Samantha heard Yakko’s voice. She quickly stood up very alert. “Tiger, behind me honey.”

Tiger felt Samantha grab his hand. He followed her lead and quickly went behind her.

Yakko rushed into the clearing almost out of breath. He HAD to do a double take. “Samantha?”

Samantha sighed in relief. “Yakko Warner, right? You’re Dot’s brother.”

Yakko saw the little waryes hiding behind her. “Junior? I-Is that really you?”

“It’s okay.” Samantha slowly brought Tiger out from behind her. “This being is safe Tiger. I believe he’s your father.”

“My dad?” Tiger looked at the warner up and down. “Are you my family?”

Yakko grinned and nodded his head rapidly. “Yeah. I am.” He ran over quickly and lifted him up. “Finally. I’ve found you.”

“You’ve been looking for me?” Tiger smiled.

“Yeah. Oh yeah, for a loooong time.” Yakko couldn’t help but crush him in a hug. He finally found him.

Samantha couldn’t help but feel emotional as she looked at the duo. She barely knew either one of them, but it was clear they had really wanted to see each other.

“Can you tell me about home dad?” Tiger smiled at Yakko.

Yakko looked confused.

“He doesn’t remember.” Samantha explained. “He said the being he was with told him it was better that way.”

“That makes sense.” Yakko rubbed Tiger’s head affectionately. “Well, first thing first. Your real name is Yakko Junior.”

“Yakko Junior?” Junior asked.

“Yeah.” Yakko laughed. “And your mommy is Aroma. And you have an Auntie Dottie-and what am I doing?” Yakko hit his head. He got so wrapped up, he forgot about-.

“So that’s the little guy huh?”

Yakko looked behind him at The Tiger. He growled dangerously as he held on tightly to Yakko Junior. “You stay away from him.”

“So, that one is yours, huh?” The Tiger chuckled. “Finally found his daddy, did he?”

“Y-y-y-y-” Samantha was too terrified to finished her word.

“You?” The Tiger took a stab at it. “Well, I’m The Tiger now, so close enough. So, you actually survived? I thought the other The Tiger took care of you.”

Samantha didn’t even want to comment about how strange that sounded. She knew of the horrors he was capable of.

Yakko stood in front of Samantha too. “You’re not hurting anyone. Beat it.”

“Yakko…” The Tiger chuckled. The truth was, he didn’t really fear Yakko anymore. He just ran because too much emotional attachment could give Tiger enough power to come out for a few seconds. But, things just got interesting…and Tiger was way too weak right now anyhow. He smiled at Tiger. “Hey, do I ring any bells little guy?”

“Don’t talk to him.” Yakko yelled angrily.

The Tiger simply grinned and held out his hand. This time, it wasn’t for time travel.

Yakko yelled as he felt himself getting blown away by a tremendous force. He had rolled against the ground at least twenty times before coming to a stop. He looked around anxiously. “Yakko Junior?”

Yakko Junior had only tumbled a few times with Yakko before he had lost his hold. He was trying to get up.

But he was helped up quickly by The Tiger.

“LET GO OF HIM..” Yakko yelled very angrily as he ran to The Tiger.

The Tiger continued to hold Junior. “Ah. Ah. I don’t care what happens to him, I’m protected by Eternals.” The Tiger started to dangle Junior in the air. “So stop right there.”

Yakko stopped but looked at The Tiger with eyes of pure hatred.

“Now that is nice.” The Tiger grinned as he saw Yakko’s expression. The Tiger started to fidget around in his pocket. “Drop your Eternals Yakko Warner.”

“My Eternals?” Yakko shook his head defiantly. “Never.”

The Tiger just grinned as he pulled something out of his pocket. “Recognize this?”

Yakko growled. He knew what that was…

“Your boy makes no difference to me.” The Tiger chuckled. “The world is ending, he’s not really needed at all.” He moved the worm over to Tiger. “Do you know what happens when a WHOLE worm is swallowed?”

Yakko started to remember back to the first conversation he ever had with Warner.

////”Do you remember how I said the worms were really bodysnatchers?” Warner reminded him. “Using juice is one thing, but he had started to use whole worms after awhile. Once a real worm is swallowed whole, say goodbye. It’s OVER.” He shook his head sadly. “He only had six patients. Tiger, Enchantment, Cyrus, Caress, Moxie and Tigger. They all became infected. They walked and talked, but they weren’t themselves anymore. Their real selves were dead, it was the worms who were speaking and talking now.”////

“He wouldn’t have any warner power.” The Tiger laughed. “But hell, the worm will take over really quick and the kid’ll have no chance of survival.”

“DON’T YOU DARE!” Yakko screamed.

“Then drop them and kick them over.” The Tiger grinned. “All the Eternals. Now.”

Yakko slowly started to drop his Eternals. Originals and hybrids, he dropped them all. He couldn’t try to keep one. If The Tiger sensed he was tricked, he’d probably make Yakko Junior eat the worm. One by one, he kicked them over to The Tiger

“And you’re lightning balls.” The Tiger grinned. No more running from Yakko now. He’d be stuck in whatever time he was in.

Yakko was reluctant, but he gave in. He gave his last balls to The Tiger.

“Good job Warner Brother.” The Tiger laughed. He held Yakko Junior even tighter in one hand. “Let’s call this little guy Insurance. You follow me again, and it’s over for him.”

“NO, LET HIM GO.” Yakko yelled angrily, but it was too late.

He was gone.

Yakko fell to his knees in defeat. So close…

He had been so close…

“Dot…Wakko…Aroma…” Yakko closed his eyes in misery. “Sparkles…”

“I know.” Samantha said softly from behind him. “I can never go home either.”

“It’s all ending.” Yakko looked up pathetically at the sky. “A few days, it’s over. And now, I can’t even be there with them. Not even in the end.” He yelled. He stood up and shouted out to the sky. “You’re ending universe, huh? Fine. I don’t care. Do it. Erase everything, it doesn’t matter anymore. Just do it already, quit dragging it out.”

Samantha took a few steps back. The warner was not looking too friendly right now.

“What are you waiting for, huh?” Yakko continued to yell at the sky. ” You’ve already done everything you could. You can’t hurt me anymore!” He screamed. “I can’t even BE with them at the end. So just, DO IT. END ALREADY. I’LL NEVER GET YAKKO JUNIOR BACK. I’LL NEVER SAVE THE TIGER. IT’S ALL OVER. JUST DO IT. JUST TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT. RIGHT HERE!”

Samantha looked very sadly at the warner. He wasn’t act zany or happy at all like a warner always should.

He was downright pissed and Samantha understood why as he yelled out everything.

Even warners could only take so much.

“Please?” Samantha asked softly. “I know you are very hurt, but I’ve heard that angry warners are not a good thing.”

“…it doesn’t matter anymore.” Yakko seemed out of it as he spoke. “It’s all ending. It’s just a little warner spell on the sky.” Yakko took his hand and waved it across the sky.

Samantha gasped. “There’s no sky?”

“And lightning will come shortly.” Yakko informed her as he looked up at the real sky.

Space. Endless space. Traces of blue, so very very low but thunder could still be heard. More and more…

“I couldn’t see it, but I knew something was wrong.” Samantha confessed. “…I wanted to be there with them.”

“Join the club.” Yakko grumbled.

Samantha waited for the punchline like Dot and Aroma used to use. ‘No really. We meet on Saturdays.’

But it never came. There was absolutely no smile, no cheer, no zaniness, no happiness and no humor for this warner. He had given up on everything.

Samantha looked toward the sky pitifully. ‘Please? Someone? Anyone out there listening? If there is anyone out there listening, please help us? We’re not ready to go yet. I just had my baby. I found love and such a wonderful life. And Yakko, Yakko has just lost his son. Again. Please, is there anyone out there that can help. Anyone merciful at all?’

But all Samantha got back, was a small chill in the air. Just a cool breeze that barely caressed her dress and face. And as soon as the chilling breeze had come, it had gone.

She heard the corn in the fields move as the wind moved through them. She watched the grasshoppers move about from plant to plant. She watched with no expression as a bug started to crawl across her shoe.

No. There was no one out there anymore…