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Just An Experiment


Chapter Sixty Eight:  Day Three.


The kids continued to laugh and play in the back seat. It was still any other day to them…


Dot held Zenny’s hand for support. It was day three. Yakko had it labeled what they would have to do. “C-cutie? Zenny Junior? Momma wants you to come up here.”


Zenny stopped the car.


Wakko got down into the back seat with Wakko Junior and Journey. He placed both of them on his lap gently. Iridescent got out of the front seat and got in back with Lucy.


Aroma exited the back sadly. She would have to tell her without him.


He had never come back…


“Sparkles? Come over here.” Aroma held Zinfandel and Giggles tightly in her arms as she exited.


Sparkles left with her outside of the car, along with Rita and Runt.


“Hey…we all want to tell you a story.” Wakko said, trying to be brave. “It’s about a really magical and great place.”


“Really Magical.” Dot added as she looked at her own children. She looked over at Zenny for strength.


Aroma sat down next to the car with Sparkles. “Every warner goes to this magical place.”


“Inside of it, there is supreme happiness. Every one has fun all day.” Zenny smiled sadly at Cutie Pie as he touched her face.


“Well what is it?” Cutie Pie asked. “Daddy?”


“When warners are ready…” Iridescent touched Journey’s ear gently. “They all go to this magical place.”


“Usually, it doesn’t hurt.” Wakko continued as he held Wakko Junior and Journey tightly. “Usually, warners get a lot of practice before they have to go. They live for awhile, just being happy and zany. Just having fun living.”


“Yeah. It’s very important to have fun living.” Iridescent agreed with Wakko. “Do you know what we’re talking about?”


“The Land Beyond the Ancients?” Wakko Junior asked knowingly.


“Yeah.” Zenny replied looking at his son’s eyes. “On Earth and on Anima. Pretty much everywhere, there’s a lot of hurt beings. They’re unhappy and they don’t understand how to just have fun! How to just enjoy everyday.”


“…but eventually, we’ll leave them.” Dot smiled sadly at Cutie Pie. “We’ll leave them for a grander place. Everyone there will be happy and zany! No one cries! No one’s ever sad! No one ever gets angry or feels unappreciated!”


“No one ever gets sick.” Aroma continued as she looked at Sparkles’ eyes. “No one ever gets hurt. It’s a paradise beyond paradises.”


“Gosh, it sounds awful nice huh Rita?!” Runt grinned at Rita.


Rita nodded her head slowly. She understood what they were talking about. “Yeah Runt. Sounds really nice.”


“Are there rollercoasters?!” Wakko Junior asked excitedly. “Like at home?”


“We don’t really know.” Wakko answered him. “You see, when you go to that land…you don’t ever come back.”


“So…you don’t really know about the land?” Journey asked. “Then how do you know what it’s like if no one’s ever made it back?”


“We know ourselves.” Dot continued. “Warners are naturally zany. We feel in our heart, there’s always been a reason. So wherever we go, when we can’t be here anymore, it’s got to be a happy place.”


“We don’t know if there’s rollercoasters. Or Candy. Or anything like that.” Zenny said gently as he touched baby Ember’s cheek. “We know it must be a nice place though. A wonderful place.”


Sparkles looked up at Aroma innocently. “Momma? Are we going to that land?”


Aroma slowly nodded. She tried to keep her tears back. “Soon. Really soon.” She looked at her baby Zinfandel. So small still…


“But if we go, we can’t come back?” Zenny Junior frowned. He crossed his arms and looked at Zenny. “I don’t think I like that! It might be a great place, but we’ll never get to come back!”


“If you knew more about it, I’d want to go.” Cutie Pie chimed in. “But it doesn’t sound like a good idea! Do we really have to go there?”


“Yeah…” Wakko looked over at Iridescent sadly. “Yeah, we all have to go there.”


“It sounds mysterious to me! I think it’ll be fun!” Journey smiled at Iridescent. “Are you eager to go momma?”


“…sure baby.” Iridescent replied softly. She looked back over at Wakko sadly. “We really did have fun though, didn’t we?”


Wakko nodded. “Wouldn’t change anything for the world!” He laughed, but a little bit of a cry slipped out with it.


Sparkles looked back up at her mother. “Momma? When are we leaving?”


“I don’t know exactly.” Aroma tried to be brave. “…soon.”


“Will daddy be there?” Sparkles had to ask.


“Yeah.” Aroma nodded her head sadly. “Your daddy will be there. Your brother will be there. We’ll all be there.”


“There will be lots and LOTS of warners.” Dot tried to laugh sweetly for them. “All the warners who went there before and never came back. They’ll all be there.”


“But there’s plenty of room for everyone.” Zenny added as he rubbed Zenny Junior’s head.


“Can I bring my new wacky sack?” Wakko Junior asked his dad.


“Yeah…yeah, we’re bringing everything.” Wakko replied softly. “Everything’s going with us.”


“We’ll laugh and play happily for eternity.” Dot smiled at her baby Ember. “Everyone will, even you. We’ll sing and we’ll dance everyday, forever!”


“Well, okay.” Cutie Pie gave in. “It sounds really nice! I hope it is.”


“Where is it?” Zenny Junior asked curiously. “Does everyone go to one huge planet and get lost that way?”


“It’s not like that.” Zenny said softly. “We’re more or less, just taken there.”


“But what about Rita and Runt?” Sparkles patted Rita’s head. “Are they gonna come too?”


“They will go to someplace just as nice.” Aroma smiled sadly.


Runt grinned and looked at Rita. “We’re going somewhere just as nice Rita!”


“Yeah Runt.” Rita nodded. “Somewhere just as nice. Somewhere where cats and dogs get along. Where we’ll get fed the best food everyday. I’ll always have a toy or a ball of yarn. You’ll have tons of fire hydrants and bones. Someone will always be there to pet us and play games with us. Never ending fetch, Runt. Never ending fetch…”


The adult warners all looked up at the sky. They wished they could see how far it had progressed. Instead of just the illusion of endless blue.


But, after awhile it didn’t matter anymore. The Warners all held each other tenderly as they basked in the beauty of the setting sun.


Rita snuggled closer to Runt.


Wakko held Iridescent close and looked down at baby Lucy.


Zenny held Zenny Junior on his lap along with Cutie Pie. Dot rocked baby Ember.


Sparkles laid on Aroma’s side gently while her mother held baby Giggles and Zinfandel…


No one spoke any words as they watched the sun sink lower…and lower…


And lower…





Yakko laid motionlessly on the ground. He didn’t even care to rant anymore. He knew it was coming soon…


He started to think about everything that had happened. He had been a hard to control little warner, with a great mom and a great dad. He had a nice time being a joke teller, but he had the most fun on Earth. With Wakko and Dot. The craziness of the 30’s. Being trapped in the tower so long…


Freedom again. Scratchy. The Burbank Studio Slaughterers. Finding Dot. Learning about his family. Going to Anima. Losing everyone. Finding everyone. Finding Tiger. Losing everyone…


All because of Waryes. ‘At least I finally got him.’ Yakko thought as he closed his eyes. ‘I took his balls and Warner finally took him away…’




It hit him! Yakko remembered!


//// “Not as dumb as I look, am I?” Yakko gave Waryes a strange smile. “Face to face finally, huh?”

Waryes was on the ground. He didn’t even have enough energy to stand up. “…almost.”

“You’re the one responsible! For everything!” Yakko yelled at him. “I oughtta just…grr!” He took a deep breath and smiled. “But hey, me getting angry wouldn’t be a good idea right now. Instead, we’re gonna have a little heart to heart!”

Aroma glared at Waryes.

“Now, now.” Yakko smiled at her. “Smile Aroma. Let’s not get angry. Warners should never get angry, remember?”

Aroma whined slightly. She started to bounce with Tiger, so she could reduce her anger. “Come on Tiger! Boingy! Boingy! Boingy!”

Yakko went over and felt around Waryes. He found his pink and purple lightning balls. “Oh, you don’t need these anymore! 2007 will treat you just fine. Although…” Yakko started to take off his glove. As weird as it was, he knew Tiger and The Tiger probably picked it up from him. He made a small incision on his palm and touched Waryes’ palm.

Waryes gave a slight growl as he felt his hidden lightning being taken away by Yakko.

‘Whoah! Okay, that feels weird!’ Yakko quickly covered his hand back up with his glove. “Yep, looks like your going to stay awhile!” He started to scratch his glove he had just removed. “Man, this feels weird.” He smiled at Waryes. “So Mr. I Wanna Destroy Everything! Tell me…how do I stop The Tiger?”////

“THAT’S RIGHT!!” Yakko looked at his glove. “I still have one left?!”

He had taken it from Waryes! He had traveled with the balls though because he didn’t even know what kind of lightning it was! That, and it felt weird when he first absorbed it.


Yakko jumped up and grinned. “Great! I bet I just hold out my hand and-?!”

As fast as he seemed happy again, he lost it. “No Eternals. I won’t remember…” He looked at his glove again.

If he traveled without an Eternal, he’d lose all his time traveling memories! Then, he’d never be able to try to help in time.

“An Eternal? Is that all you need?” Samantha asked. She reached in a hidden pocket of her dress. “You need this?”

“Where’d you get that?!” Yakko reached out for it quickly and examined it.

“I’ve had it since before I met Otto.” Samantha told him. “When I was being used as a guinea pig. Then when I came back, they wanted me to keep it. Said I would ‘remember more detailed information’ with it.” She said a bit bitterly. “Afterwards, I just kept it. As a momento I guess.”

Yakko looked at his hand, then at the Eternal. He grinned from ear to ear.

“Can two people travel?” Samantha asked softly. “If it is the end, I just want to be with him.”

Yakko nodded, he understood. One more being along for the ride should be fine. “Come on lady, I’ll drop you off at Scratchy’s really quick!”



Otto Scratchansniff covered his son in a warm fuzzy blue blanket and picked him up. He walked out of the baby’s room and sat down in a chair.

He couldn’t explain it, but he could feel something going on. Everyone in the city could. Feelings of anxiousness were widespread. Crime was higher than ever, everyone’s anxiousness were driving them crazy! Even cats and dogs were howling up a storm!

In that sunset that was so beautiful, everyone felt something so wrong.

“Mikey…” Scratchansniff smiled as he touched his son’s nose. Mikey was a good name, and if the boy from the future had liked it, that was all that had mattered. “I am so sorry you never had ze chance to grow up und see the world.” He rocked him gently. “And you never got to know Samantha. She was a great mother to you. She sacrificed everything for you…” He held the baby closer. “She ran into a burning building while we had to run…” He tried not to cry. “An evil creature named The Tiger had believed we perished for some time. Even if it didn’t give us much more time, you should always remember what she did for us…”


Scratchansniff growled a deep warning. He knew that voice. “Get. Out.”

“I will, but I gotta make a delivery!”

Scratchansniff turned around angrily but saw…

“Samantha?!” the doctor quickly got up out of the chair and went to her.

“OTTO!!” Samantha ran over to him quickly and hugged him, being careful not to squish her son. “My baby?!” She couldn’t help cry as she started to kiss Scratchansniff.

Yakko just looked away. Scratchansniff with a girl, young or old was always weird. “Alright, alright! Scratchy, Samantha’s fine! Waryes took care of her yada, yada! Sorry to rush off, but I gotta go!”

Scratchansniff nodded happily. He shook the warners hand unexpectedly. “Thank you! Thank you sooooooooo much Yakko Warner!”

Yakko just smiled and nodded. “Good luck with fatherhood doc.” He winked at him. “Now, I gotta go!”

“Understood! Hurry, time is drawing very close I can feel it!” Scratchansniff warned him.

Yakko could feel it too. But, he felt more than that. He felt just how much time there really was left…

Samantha hugged Scratchansniff again. “I’m so happy to see you! And the baby!” She looked back. “Thank you so-?!”

Yakko was already long gone.


Back at the Tower…

The Tiger held Tiger’s shoulders beneath him. “It’s all gonna disappear…and it’s all because of you. Great, isn’t it?”

Yakko Junior looked sadly at him. “You are me? I’m not just a kid? I was an evil thing, created to destroy the universe?”

“Yeah.” The Tiger grinned. “And we’re watching it all. Here.” He looked at his imaginary watch. Which became a real watch. Then back to an imaginary watch. “Close!”

Universe ending or not, The Tiger still wanted something. HE still wanted to be the one to end it for the warners! They weren’t going softly into that night, oh no!

They were gonna go out with a BANG!!

But of course, he needed an audience!

Yakko Junior watched as The Tiger took off. A little while later, all kinds of familiar warners appeared!

“Daddy?! Where are we?!” Cutie Pie clung to Zenny. She looked above at their tower. “Who’s on our tower?!”

“No…dammit!” Zenny growled as he pushed Cutie Pie behind him. “Just let us go in peace!”

“Wait! Junior?!” Aroma yelled out as she saw the young waryes below The Tiger.

“…m…momma?” Yakko Junior uttered slowly.

“Welcome!” The Tiger cheered. “The universe is ending, but I’m not letting you warners off THAT easy!” He laughed wickedly. “You’ll feel so much pain, you’ll be praying for the end to come!”

“NO!” Aroma yelled as she held all her children tightly. “YAKKO?! WHERE ARE YOU?!”


The Tiger turned around and felt something being shoved in his mouth!

Yakko had suddenly appeared behind The Tiger! Finally getting a decent targeting spot, Yakko used the element of surprise and had shoved the open vial into his mouth!

The Tiger spit out the vial, but started to grab his stomach. “SHIIITT! FUCK! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!”


Yakko quickly grabbed Yakko Junior. “No Pizza I guess, but I’ll take him as a tip!”


He quickly jumped off the tower with Yakko Junior. He looked from the tower back to the other warners.. “You guys need to get out, now!”


“Not without you big brother!” Dot yelled at him desperately.




“NOOO! AAAHHHH, WHAT DID HE DO TO MEEEEE?!”  The Tiger screamed. He felt such a horrible pain in his stomach!


Then, the pain finally started to get lighter. ‘What did he to me?!’ That’s when he realized it. He couldn’t speak?


Yakko Junior was coming back?!


Crumpling to the ground, The Tiger hit the roof tower full force.


‘…?’ Tiger started to tremble. ‘…what?…what?…’ He tried to get up, but crumpled to the ground. “…” He sat up and started to rock back and forth. ‘…what…’



‘I ain’t far Tiger! Go ahead, enjoy it while you can! Hahahahahahahaha!!’


Tiger started to tremble even more. ‘Oh…it’s….it took over?’ His eyes became wide. ‘It took me over?!’


‘Oh yeah! Tiger buddy, you wouldn’t BELIEVE the things we did!’


‘Mom?! Yakko?! CARESS?!!’ Tiger started to stand up. ‘No…noooo!!’


‘Oh yeah! You took care of ALL of them! They didn’t stand a chance! You did it! You did it all! Your mom! Your dad! Everyone, you took out EVERYONE!!’


“Ooh, he doesn’t look good!” Wakko whined. He looked over at Yakko. “Is that really Yakko Junior now?!”


“I don’t know! The Tiger’s tricked me more times than I can count!” Yakko looked back at the tower. “Either way, he’s out of it!”


“No!” Tiger screamed as he grabbed himself. “NOO!”


‘You should have heard your mom! She cursed you as she watched you slaughter your baby sister! Your little warner sister! She cried out for help, and you just laughed! You just laughed at her!’


“No! NO! I couldn’t! I wouldn’t!” Tiger started to run covering his head. “NOOOOO!!! Not me! NO, I would never! I didn’t!”


“Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s him now!” Yakko decided. He started to run back to the tower.


‘And you should have heard your dad! That’s right, your DAD! He confessed the truth after he saw you slaughter your mom! He said he had lied that special night to you Tiger! He WAS your dad! He just didn’t WANT TO BE!!’




‘Deny it all you want! Won’t change anything! Besides, I’ll come back! You’re weak Tiger! In a few minutes, you’ll be back here! Again! Only this time…you won’t be sleeping peacefully! You’ll be there! You’ll watch everything I do, crying out in misery!”


“No. No. No. No. No. No.” Tiger repeated over and over as he started to walk away. He didn’t want to be conscious! He didn’t want to know, and not be able to do anything! He KNEW what that evil was capable of! “You Hurt! You Kill! You Slaughter! You’re EVIL! NO! LEAVE ME ALONE! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID!!!!”


Yakko stopped. He felt a tremendous wave of negativity that just came off Yakko Junior. “Stop getting angry!” he warned him. “Junior! Can’t you hear me?!”


Unfortunately, Yakko Junior was NOT hearing him. He could not see that his own family was in front of him! He could speak and he could scream, but he was sooo overwhelmed still, he couldn’t even see the obvious!




Yakko looked back and saw Aroma running toward him. “Stop, go back!”


“He’s my son too!” Aroma yelled at him. “We’ve got to help him Yakko!”


Yakko tried to move forward again, but the WAVES of negative power coming off Yakko Junior was intense!


The little Waryes Yakko Junior watched helplessly. He closed his eyes…


////”No…I’m scared…” Tiger whined again.


“Of what? You’re nose turning black. Your different color change?” his mother smiled. “It’s okay Tiger, you’re a growing warner! Warners shapeshift and change colors and do all kinds of things as we grow older! Your body’s just learning about it. Right, Dot?”


“Right!” Dot grinned. “I’m sure that’s the case! Heck, I turned pink and purple for four years! Yakko and Wakko teased me constantly!”////


////”Your mom was worried sick kid!” Yakko didn’t even know what to say! Aroma wouldn’t let them eat for 45 minutes! They were the last to leave the table, and the food had already been cold. Yakko looked over at Scratchy. “You okay?”////


////Yakko whined. “That Tiger kid! He’s…he can’t be mine!”

Tiger just stared at Yakko. ‘I can’t be his?’

Yakko started pointing at his fingers. “He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t joke, doesn’t riddle, doesn’t run, doesn’t do anything normal! Caress and Enchantment, those two are mine. I know that, I can’t deny that.”////


‘That’s right…I remember now. I’m not Yakko Junior, I am Tiger.’ He watched as his parents both tried to get closer to The Tiger.


///Tiger gave The Tiger his hand. “Will this hurt?”

“No…” The Tiger grinned wickedly and chuckled. “No. YOU won’t feel any physical pain…” He laughed a little louder.

Tiger couldn’t help but yell as Tiger suddenly stood up! He was grabbing Tiger’s hand so hard! “What are you doing?!”////


‘I trusted him?! I did! I’m the one to blame for this!’ Tiger though bitterly. ‘They must hate me! But Yakko…’


////”My dad?” Tiger looked at the warner up and down. “Are you my family?”


Yakko grinned and nodded his head rapidly. “Yeah! I am!” He ran over quickly and lifted him up! “Finally! I’ve found you!”


“You’ve been looking for me?” Tiger smiled.


“Yeah. Oh yeah, for a loooong time!” Yakko couldn’t help but crush him in a hug! He finally found him!////


Tiger grinned. ‘No, I am Yakko Junior! Yakko really loved me! Daddy really loved me!’ But he whined as he watched Yakko and Aroma still trying to break through. ‘It’s still my fault though! I need to do something!’


“Hey wait!” Dot tried to grab little Yakko Junior. She hadn’t expected him to take off like that!


“Momma!!” Yakko Junior yelled.


“No, Junior! You go back now!” Aroma yelled at him.

“Get back there!” Yakko scolded him too. “NOW!”


“No! I remember!” little Yakko cried out. “It’s my fault!”


“It’s not your fault, you were tricked! Now you get back there!” Yakko yelled at him again.


But Junior refused to move.


Yakko growled. Now he had to grab the kid just to take him back! He looked back up at The Tiger.


His eyes were starting to change. It was like he was becoming something…


Not The Tiger. Not Yakko Junior. Something else…


And as the Warners started to hear him sing, they ALL knew they were in trouble!


“I can’t escape this hell…

So many times i’ve tried…
But i’m still caged inside…” Tiger closed his eyes and started to sing a bit louder.

“Somebody get me through this nightmare!
I can’t control myself!”


“So what if you can see the darkest side of me?!
No one will ever change this animal I have become!
Help me believe it’s not the real me!
Somebody help me tame this animaaaal!!”


Yakko did NOT like the sound of that! ‘Just hang on Junior!’ He kept trying to move forward!


“I can’t escape myself…” Tiger said softly again as he wobbled from side to side.
So many times i’ve lied!
But there’s still rage insi-i-ide…” Tiger felt his heart painfully.
“Somebody get me through this nightmare!
I can’t control myself!!”


Yakko tried to hurry! Yakko Junior was really losing it already!


“So what if you can see the darkest side of me?!
No one will ever change this animal I have become!
Help me believe it’s not the real me!
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become!
Help me believe it’s not the real me!
Somebody help me tame this aaaaaniiiiimaaaaaaaal!!!”

Aroma was trying to push through too! It wasn’t easy though, it was like going through a blast furnace!

“Somebody help me through this nightmare!
I can’t control MYSEEELF!








Then unexpectedly…


The worm was coughed up by the side of the tower. Everyone watched as it fell down.


Yakko and Aroma were close enough to see it completely splat on the ground.


All the warners stayed silent.


Yakko and Aroma slowly started to move forward, along with Yakko Junior.


“Is that it?” Aroma looked above at the tower where her future son had collapsed.


“I don’t…” Yakko stared at the worm. The Tiger was finally dead. He looked up at the tower.


The warners watched as the sunsetting sky had started to change. The pinks and the yellows were starting to change to a reddish tone. They started to swirl strangely. The clouds in the sky started to swirl around as well and started to turn a pinkish hue. The swirling colors of the sky settled to different shades of red while the clouds became crimson…


“Somehow…” Yakko held up a finger while his voice slid. “I…I don’t think so.”