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Last song for the fanfictions. The song is My Time On Earth By Billy Gilman.

Just An Experiment


Chapter Sixty Nine:  Anger




All of the warners watched uneasily as Yakko Junior got back up. His eyes, could only be described as a dead red. His tail had grown as long as a regular adult warners again. “…”


Yakko gulped. The waryes said nothing, but he could feel something. Something that was making his tremble. “…”


Everyone felt it. Wakko and Iridescent started to back up with their children, as did Dot and Zenny. Zenny had been holding his sister’s babies, but he still motioned for Sparkles to come with everyone.


Even Yakko, Aroma and little Yakko Junior were all backing up…


Yakko Junior rolled his head to the side.


“Th-th-th!” Wakko spouted. He looked over at Iridescence. “That’s not The Tiger…”


“It f-feels really really weird!” Iridescent agreed. “It can’t be Yakko Junior!”


“There’s some bad vibes coming off of him!” Dot whined. “Yakko!” She yelled at her big brother. “Come back! That’s not your son!”


“S-something’s wrong Yakko!” Aroma shuddered. “I can’t help but tremble!”


“I know!” Yakko replied. “But he’s…”


Yakko Junior rolled his head to the other side as his nose started to turn a deep red. His fur was becoming more of a grayish color again.


“…he’s turning into a warner?” Yakko didn’t understand! What was going on?!


As The Tiger’s nose turned into a deep cherry red and his fur turned black and white, his eyes still spoke volumes. He had become a warner, but he was not bouncing. Not smiling. He did not look happy…


Aroma summoned up her courage. “Y-Yakko J-Junior?! S-s-s-sweety?”


The dangerous warner suddenly focused his attention on her. “…”


And Yakko did NOT like how he looked at her. “MOVE!”


Yakko pulled her out of the way before a flaming shot was fired from out of nowhere!


“That’s not…” Aroma clung to Yakko tightly. “That’s not our son anymore!”


Yakko could barely breathe by how tight Aroma was clinging to him. ‘Great, now I know where Sparkles gets it from.’


But, there was no time to relax! Another shot was fired from out of nowhere at Aroma again.


“Quit that!” Yakko yelled at the creature. “Yakko Junior, come back to your-?!”




Yakko looked back at the other warners in horror! “Wakko?! Dot?! Sparkles?!”


The ground had started to shift around and was splitting apart!

“Come on everybody, we gotta get out of here!” Zenny yelled.


The warners tried desperately to maneuver against the broken road!


“Geez! If we were humans, we’d be toast!” Dot cried out as she continued to move as fast as she could!


“Stop it!” Yakko yelled toward the dangerous warner. “Come back to your senses! What’s wrong with you?! You’re a Warner now, what could…p…”


“What is it Yakko?” Aroma asked. “What’s wrong with him?!”


“…years of running for his life, the mistreatment, the lies, the torment he must have gone through…” Yakko looked up at the tower. “He cracked.”


“You mean he’s crazy?!” Aroma cried out.


“Yeah, that and he’s angry.” Yakko yelled as he looked up at the creature. “He’s an angry warner!”


“An angry warner?!” Aroma couldn’t believe it! “No! NO! It’s impossible, it’s a myth!”

“I think it just came true!” Yakko yelled back at her. He stared at the dangerous warner. It wouldn’t matter how good the warner underneath was, if it was an angry warner, it would be unstoppable! It wouldn’t be Yakko Junior, it would be a THING! With only one thing on it’s mind!

Aroma kept denying it! Not her boy! “But if he was, he’d be-?!”


“Dead in a few seconds, I know! The cookies are probably the only reason he’s still alive! But, they aren’t gonna last forever!” Yakko grabbed her again. He started running with her and Junior. “Dammit! The more he stays angry, the less chance ANYONE has for survival!”


But the angry warner put a stop to that. He made the ground start to fall apart in front of them!


Yakko started to run in the other direction with his family, but the angry warner put a stop to that!


The angry warner glanced at the psychiatric building nearby.


Yakko ducked for cover with his family as it suddenly exploded! ‘Oh please, let everyone else have gotten out!’

Then, one by one all the buildings started to blow up as if they were black cats tied together still on their strings!


“Oh my god, what is that thing?!”


People and cartoons alike screamed in terror for their lives!


The chairman’s building was blown up! Soundstages were blown up! Mindy’s house! Slappy’s Tree went up in flames!


“Aunt Slappy, what’s going on!” Skippy cried out as they ran past the burning buildings nearby.

“I don’t know, what do ya asking me for?!” Slappy yelled at him as she tried to hold on to her hat and her poor nephew’s hand! “Just move it Skippy!”


“Man, this is serious! The mime just screamed!” Someone nearby shouted. They pointed toward the dangerous looking warner on the tower. “What is that thing?! Is it part of the BSS?!”


“Lady! Mr. Man! Buttons! Lady!” Mindy cried out as she found herself alone on the streets.

Buttons leaped through the streets and grabbed her just in time before a telephone pole fell and hit her!



It was constant destruction everywhere!


Yakko held Aroma and Yakko Junior tightly! Without any memories, the angry warner would destroy everything! Forget timestreams ripping everything apart, HE’D finish the job! ‘What can I do?! He’s destroying everything!’ “Wake up! Come on, quit being angry!”


Then, three featherless birds fried extra crisp fell at his feet.


It took Yakko a moment to realize who they were! “OH MY GOD!!”


“I picked extra crispy! Did you want original recipe?!” The angry warner laughed maniacally. “Want to go out the same waaaaaaayyy? HahahaaHHAHAAHHAHahahahhahaahhaaa!!” He jumped from the tower. “Let’s all go out! We don’t deserve this! Don’t ya feel it?! Anger, deep inside! It’s just YEARNING to come out! Tap it! HIT IT! IT’S POWER!!”


Yakko tried to run with his family again!


“POWER! DON’T YA FEEL IT?!” The angry out of control warner yelled. “Why I could…I could….I could destroy PLANETS!!”


“NO! YAKKO JUNIOR, COME BACK TO YOUR SENSES!!” Yakko yelled as loud as he could. “THIS ISN’T YOU!!”

“EEEE-WRONG!” The angry warner laughed. “NOBODY’S HOME!” He laughed maniacally! “HahahHHhhahahhHHHaAAAHhahaha! No one’s home on Anima anymore either! KABOOM!!”


“No…no, no, no, NO!!” Yakko grabbed his head. “DAD?! MOM?!”


Aroma held on tightly to him and Yakko Junior. “Everyone’s gone?! He’s kidding, right?! It’s a sick joke, isn’t it?!”


Yakko didn’t believe it. As much as he wanted to, an angry warner had limitless power. All he had to do was think about what he wanted to destroy!


Which proved, he was just toying with everyone on Earth right now!


The angry warner growled at little Yakko Junior. ‘Something…irritating…he’s irritating…’ He looked at the tower behind him andraised his hand. The tower started to shudder and broke free of the concrete.


It stood floating in mid air.


‘Please oh please! Dot! Wakko! Please have gotten out of Burbank!’ Yakko screamed in his mind. He watched as the angry warner started to walk up to them again. They were running out of places to run!


The angry warner pointed at the little waryes Yakko Junior. “You! There’s something!”


Yakko and Aroma both looked down at their little Yakko Junior.


Yakko Junior just tried to smile. He laughed nervously. “…hi?”


“I don’t think so!” Yakko picked Junior up. Even if he had no chance against an angry warner he couldn’t just let him get destroyed!


“You! You’re irritating my mind!” The angry warner yelled loudly.


Yakko Junior suddenly felt himself being flung by no one to the top of the floating tower! Yakko had held on tight though!


Aroma just gasped! Were they okay?!


Yakko and Yakko Junior quickly scrambled back to their feet.

“I-It’s okay Yakko.” Yakko said trying to be brave for his son. He started to look around anxiously. He saw Aroma staring at them from the ground. “It’ll be fine.”

That’s when they heard a rumble! Up before them shot a hill of concrete and dirt! On top of it, the angry warner was glaring at the two!


“YOU! WHO ARE YOU?!” The angry warner pointed at Yakko Junior. “I gotta know! Tell me! TELL ME!!”

“I-I’m…Yakko Junior.” Yakko Junior replied weakly.


The angry warner raised an eyebrow at him.


Yakko held Yakko Junior’s hand anxiously. “It’s alright, I’m here Junior! I’ll save you somehow, we’ll figure out something!!”


“You will?!” Yakko Junior asked anxiously! Did his daddy really care for him that much now?!


“No matter what it takes! Just hang on to my hand, okay?!” Yakko nodded anxiously. “We’ll be okay!”


Yakko looked back at the angry warner while Yakko Junior looked down. He smiled…


His daddy was risking everything for him…


Yakko Junior hit his chest. He coughed slightly, then looked back up at the angry warner. ‘Daddy will get us out! I know he will, he wouldn’t lie! Be brave Tiger! I mean, Yakko Junior! Daddy calls me Yakko Junior now!’ He couldn’t help but be a bit disgusted when he realized he’d just coughed up a worm though.


“WHO ARE YOU?!!” The angry warner yelled angrily at Yakko Junior.


“I…I’m you.” Yakko Junior replied softly as he hung on tighter to Yakko’s hand.


“You’re me? You’re ME?! WHO AM I?!” The angry warner started to yell. “WHO AM I?! WHO AM I?! WHO AM I?! I WANT TO KNOW WHO I AM!! TELL ME!!!!”


“I’m you…” Yakko Junior couldn’t explain it. He found himself hypnotized by the angry warners eyes. There was a connection between the two. He knew in his heart the angry warner wouldn’t kill him. Yakko on the other hand…


Yakko Junior made his hands into fists. “I’m sorry dad!”


“Wh-wh-whooooooaaaaahhh?!” Yakko felt himself being pushed off the tower! He landed on the cement below. “…ow.”


“Yakko?!” Aroma ran up to him. “Are you okay?!”


Yakko Junior looked back at the angry warner.


The angry warner twitched his eye and kept staring at Yakko Junior.


“I’m you…” Yakko Junior replied. “I’m Yakko Junior…I’m Tiger…I was part of The Tiger…and I am you.”


The angry warner growled and hopped onto the tower. He rolled his head to one side and continued to stare at Yakko Junior.


“What’s going on between those two?!” Aroma had to ask as she helped pull Yakko to his feet.


Yakko looked up. He could see Yakko Junior and the angry warner just staring at each other. “I don’t know, but I don’t want him near him!!” He picked up the heaviest rock he could find and hurled it at the angry warner.


“I SHOULD KILL YOU!!” The angry warner yelled at Yakko Junior! He barely even felt the rock Yakko hit him with. “I WANT TO DESTROY EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! EVERY PLANET! EVERY ANIMAL! EVERY LIVING AND DEAD THING, DESTROYED!!!!”


“No, you don’t…” Yakko Junior tried to be brave. He reached his fingers out to touch the angry warner.


Strange images filled the angry warners head! Warners he didn’t know! People he didn’t know! And…”Scientists! Scientists?! OBSERVERS!!!!” The warner yelled angrily. “Watching. WATCHING! TAKING NOTES! NEVER! No, no more! NO MORE!! I’LL DESTROY IT ALL!!!!” He glared down at Yakko and Aroma who were both throwing stuff at him now. “QUIT IT!!”


Yakko stuck his tongue out at him. “Ooh, the big scary warner can’t take some hits?! Huh?! What, you need your mommy to kiss your boo boo?!”


“What?! How dare you speak to me like that!!” The angry warner jumped down and started running after Yakko and Aroma!



“No!” Yakko Junior cried out as he watched the angry warner jump down! “Mommy?! Daddy?!”


Yakko and Aroma continued to run as fast as they could! It wasn’t easy though, the way the streets were all broken up!


Yakko Junior felt so bad! “I’ve gotta keep talking!” he started to bounce. “I want to be a good boy! I need to stay a good boy! Boingy! Boingy!” He pulled out his little piece of paper that had a poem written on it. ‘This always makes me feel better…’


////’It was around here.’ Tiger thought. He looked around himself. The weird dream last night had really been bugging him still. It had to be a dream, but it felt so real! ‘Yakko didn’t seem to remember. But…I know…’ His mom and the other adults had gone out flower shopping, and left Scratchansniff in charge. Considering the old human was watching Ember, Enchantment, Caress, Zenny Junior, and Cutie Pie he knew he could get away for a little while. ‘Maybe it was a dream…what’s that?’


Tiger picked up a piece of paper. He smiled as he read it. ‘This is nice. Did my friend drop it?’ Tiger looked around. ‘He was here in my dream…was it a dream?’ Tiger felt so confused! He decided to keep the piece of paper though. He liked it.////


‘That’s where I got it from?’ Yakko Junior smiled. He looked up at his paper. ‘I won’t change. I know mommy and daddy will save us somehow. After that, we’ll be done so I can’t change!’ He smiled and started to sing his poem softly to calm himself and make him feel better…”My time on Earth. Long as it seems…”


“Come on!” Yakko was trying to help Aroma through a rough part in the crumbling streets. “Come on Aroma, before-?!”

But it was too late! The angry warner had grabbed Aroma angrily around the neck.

“AROMA?!” Yakko yelled in desperation! No! Even the universe was ending, it shouldn’t be this way! Not like this!



“It’s OVER!” The angry warner started to squeeze Aroma’s throat. “I CAN’T STAND ANTHING ANYMORE! EVERYTHING IS GOING N-nnn…ow?”


“…A short refrain
Of life’s endle … ”


Yakko noticed the angry warner’s pause. He quickly grabbed Aroma and started to run, lifting his ears up a bit. He could have sworn he heard something! “Are you alright?!”

Aroma choked a bit but nodded as they ran. “Why did he stop?”


“breath I breathe…”


Aroma’s ears lifted a bit too when she heard the small sound. “Yakko Junior’s singing?”


“Probably to calm himself!” Yakko agreed. “But I think it’s doing more than that!” He looked over at Aroma. “I can barely hear him though! He’s too far away from that angry warner!”


The angry warner wiggled his finger in his ear.


“He needs to sing louder! For some reason, it reached him!” Yakko grabbed Aroma and they dodged the angry warner while he was messing with his ear. They had run a good ways away, but they’d have to double back!


Yakko reached around on him. ‘Microphone! Microphone!’ He looked over at Aroma. “Come on, you’re the singer! Don’t you have a microphone!”


Aroma fidgeted around herself. She grinned when she saw her chordless microphone. She threw it at Yakko. “How’s that?!”


“That’ll do just fine!” Yakko yelled as he and Aroma continued on their way. As they neared the tower, they both jumped as high as they could to reach the legs of the tower! They both started to climb up as fast as they could!

As Yakko pulled himself up the tower, he saw something so shocking he almost fell again! “Hey! He changed back to a regular warner?!”


“MORE AGGRAVATION!!” The angry warner yelled. He wanted to destroy everything! But now that song had bugged him! He barely heard it, but it had really bugged him!


“Yakko!” Yakko yelled as he ran over to his son.  He held the microphone in front of him. He was happy to see his son in his regular warner colors, but there was just no time to dwell on that! “Sing your song again!”


Yakko Junior seemed confused. “My song?”


“Yes sweety, a song! Go ahead!” Aroma cheered him on ‘accidentally’ stepping on the white worm she just saw on the tower.


Yakko Junior looked at them both like they were crazy, but he started to sing into the microphone. “Someone’s happy to see me-”


“No, no! Not that one! The other one, the one you were just singing!” Yakko whined at him. “And could ya hurry it up! He is KIND OF ANGRY!!”


“Yakko, ease up on him!” Aroma scolded him. She looked anxiously at Aroma. “That song you were just singing!”


“Oh. It’s just a poem I sung.” Yakko Junior replied.


“Well, go ahead and SING it!” Yakko said, trying to be patient. Although it wasn’t easy as he watched the angry warner running even faster! Once he didn’t care to play cat and mouse with Yakko and Aroma anymore, the universe would be doomed! They didn’t have much time!


“Okay…” Yakko Junior still didn’t understand but he started to sing his song again.

“My time on Earth

Long as it seems

Is just a moment
In the grande scheme of things”

“A short refrain
Of life’s endless song
Sung only once
And then we’re gone”


Aroma smiled. That was such a pretty song.


“My time on Earth
Each breath I breathe
Is one more chance to share my love
With those around me.”


The angry warner stopped his running. He could hear that song clearly now.

“We come and go
Like shooting stars
The truth be known,
That’s all we are

The more that I know
The more I can see!
The older I grow
The more I believe!
It’s not the length of the life!
Or the depth of the grave!
In the end we’ll be measured
By the love that we gave…”


“I know that…” The angry warner started to roll his head from side to side.

So my time on Earth
On fate depends
But all that happens
In the space we’re meant to live


Yakko was amazed! That was a powerful song! Songs of the planets?! Of happiness?! With warners being so susceptible to songs, this might work!

“Depends on me
And choices I face
For better or worse
They’re mine to make”


The angry warner had stopped his rampage and started to head to the trio. ‘How do I know that?! How do I know that?! How do I-?!’


////”Finished. I think it’s actually good!” Tiger turned around. “What do you think R and R?”


“I’ll live and love for all it’s worth. ‘Til I live out my time on Earth.” Rita repeated some of the paper. “Nice job Tiger. You could be a poet.”


“Nah, takes time away from fun!” Tiger laughed. He stashed it in his pants pocket. “Besides, I think it would make a nice song one day. Don’t ya think?” he chuckled.////

“The more that I know
The more I can see!
The older I grow
The more I believe!
It’s not the length of the life!
Or the depth of the grave!
In the end we’ll be measured
By the love that we gave”


“Make a nice song…” The angry warners breathing started to slow.


Yakko started to sneak off. ‘Now’s my chance! That song is affecting him!’ he quickly darted off. He looked into the angry warner’s eyes. They weren’t a dead red anymore. Just a confused pink. He snuck behind him and started to feel around for Eternals.


The angry warner was so out of it, he didn’t even know Yakko was there.

“So my time on Earth
Will be well spent
And when I leave this world
I’ll leave with no regrets”


Yakko ungloved his hand and pointed just a small ways behind him.

“I’ll live and love
For all its worth
‘Till I live out
My time on Earth”


“My…mine.” The angry warner started to wobble back and forth. He looked around himself as memories started to slowly come back. “…noo…noo…”


“‘Till I live out my time on… Earth”


Yakko stood in front of the angry warner. Simple warner eyes that just looked scared. He gave him a slight smirk, seeing full well it was Yakko Junior again.


“I’m…” Yakko Junior choked. He looked around him. Not a single building was standing. All the trees and plant life were dead, singed to a crisp. “Oh no…d-did I? Did, was it me?! I! I!”


“Don’t belong here.” Yakko grabbed his shoulders and looked at him. “This is all a bad dream. Do you have any hidden Eternals?”


Yakko Junior shook his head. “I’m…I’m s-”


“Hey, you’re okay! That’s the important thing! Now, you go back where you belong Yakko Junior!” Yakko grinned at him. He tried not to look at the destruction they had been left with. “Just Go see your mom! Your sister! Me! Everything’s gonna be Okay!”


“How?” Yakko Junior asked. “How do you know?”


Yakko pointed at himself. “‘Cause my name’s Yakko! And Yakko spelled backwards is O-kkay!”


Yakko Junior nodded his head. He shook Yakko’s hand. “Thanks Yakko.”


“Dad!” Yakko reminded him. “I’m not repeating myself! That night, yada yada, I ranted! I AM your dad! Okay?! DAD!!”


“Okay!” Yakko Junior agreed. Geez, he was getting scolded? “Thanks dad.”


“That’s better. Now, go through that hole behind you.” Yakko said knowingly. “And it’ll be okay.”


Yakko Junior nodded. He looked at the hole. ‘Caress…mom…I’m finally coming home!’


Yakko watched as he disappeared into the hole.


The sky started to change from it’s many shades of red to the color of night. Even stars were twinkling happily in the air.


“At least we’re together…” Aroma was walking toward him holding Yakko Junior’s hand. She took Yakko’s hand gently in the other. “Come on. Let’s go see if we can find the others.”


Yakko nodded. He did what he could. There was nothing left to do. It had taken so long to accomplish his goal, he doubted the universe was saved. Not only that, who knows how much destruction the angry warner did with JUST his mind?

At least they could have a nicer ending to the whole universe now. He looked down at Yakko Junior…


And their entire family would be together.


“So, where’d you learn that song?” Yakko asked him as they started to walk along.


“I picked it up.” Yakko Junior admitted.


“From where?” Yakko asked. “Great songs like that don’t just fall out of mid air!”


“Well…” Yakko Junior sighed. “…”


“Come on, don’t clam up! That’s not good for you!” Yakko grinned at him. “Well?!”


“I…I got it from outside.” Yakko Junior admitted.


“Outside where? The den?” Aroma frowned.


Yakko Junior nodded. “When you went to get flowers, I kind of strolled away.”


“From Scratchy watching all kinds of little warners? Nah, how’d you accomplish that?!” Yakko laughed.


“You strolled away?” Aroma frowned. “Yakko Junior!”


“What?! It was just-I had this dream that last night! And…yeah.” Yakko Junior didn’t continue.


“Oh?” Yakko smiled. He knew what he was talking about! ‘The Tiger must have dropped the future Yakko Junior’s poem accidently. Probably when he threw him.’ “Well, forget it. It’s fine.”


It was fine. The kid disobeyed, left the den outside, picked up a strange piece of paper and kept secrets. No respect for his authority. Heh! Little Stinker!


Even as a waryes, he had been a chip off the old block!


Yakko couldn’t be more proud.

“You did great work Yakko Warner.”


Yakko turned around and saw Warner.


Warner started shaking his hand! “Yakko, you deserve the highest honor for what you did!”


“…holding a microphone?” Yakko asked confused. “Yakko Junior here saved the day temporarily.”


“That’s not what he’s talking about.”


Yakko turned around. His eyes grew wide! He couldn’t believe what he was seeing!  “Waryes is free?! A-and a warner?!”


“Stepped on the worm myself.” Warner smiled.


“But how?!” Yakko whined. “I mean those things are powerful! I traveled constantly hounding The Tiger for a loooong time!”


“It’s not about length.” Warner smiled as he looked at his brother. “It’s that.” He pointed to Yakko casually holding Yakko Junior’s hand.


Yakko and Yakko Junior just looked at each other. Each of them scratched their head and looked back at Warner. “Huh?”


“I told you before. If I told you then, it’d put pressure on you.” Warner reminded him. “So, I didn’t tell you.”


“Tell me what? And can we walk while we talk?” Yakko asked. “I WANT to get back to the others!”


Waryes just smiled at Yakko kindly. Truth was, he didn’t remember anything that happened at all. “I guess?”


But Warner had different ideas.


Yakko groaned as he saw him open a time portal. “Ex-queeze me?! Hello, it’s already ending!”


“Trust me! The rest are already there.” Warner gestured toward the portal. “After you of course.”