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Just An Experiment

Chapter Seventy:  Saying Goodbye


Somewhere reachable but very few knew of it’s existence…

Yakko looked up at the sky. “…where’s the pink lightning?”

“Most of it’s gone.” Warner grinned at him. “Congratulations Yakko Warner! You’ve just saved the universe from extinction!”


“Dot?! Wakko?!” Yakko just about toppled over as his siblings ran straight into him.

“You did it Yakko! You saved everything!” Dot bounced up and down.

“We’re all gonna be just fine now!” Wakko shouted as he bounced around with Iridescent.


“Zenny!” Aroma ran to her brother and gave him a great big hug. “We’re safe!”

The warner kids had all been playing around in the Eternals, until Sparkles saw him.

“Caress?!” Yakko Junior laughed happily.

Sparkles grinned! If he called her Caress that meant-! “Yakko Junior?!”

Yakko couldn’t help a small chuckle as he watched Sparkles tackle her brother.

Aroma looked uneasily at Waryes the warner.

Waryes didn’t really know what to say. “…”

Yakko just smiled and nodded. He understood. As a true warner again, Waryes wouldn’t remember a thing about being the evil experimenter. He gestured toward Yakko Junior

Yakko Junior ran up to him. “Yeah?”

Yakko smiled. It had been SO easy to change him! If he had just spent a bit of time with him before the whole mess, they probably could have avoided everything! Still, he wouldn’t let anymore negative thoughts dwell in his son’s head. “Hey, I know you heard me that one night say I couldn’t be your dad, but I AM your dad. I didn’t have anything to back that up.” Yakko smiled at him. “I was just ranting! It was the first time I was a dad, that’s all.”

“Oh.” Yakko Junior grinned. “Okay!” He smiled as he wiggled his nose. “Aren’t these colors great! I can finally change!” He groaned. “Does this mean I could turn pink and purple like Auntie Dottie did?”

Wakko started to crack up laughing. “I remember that! Oh, we teased her so much, didn’t we Yakko?!”

“Hey, shutup! That was always mean!” Dot shot back. “Quit laughing! Yakko?!”

Yakko had started laughing too! He started laughing really hard! He hadn’t been able to laugh so happily in such a long while! “We called her the Cootie Monster!”

“Yeah!!” Wakko was laughing just as hard. “She would be all like-!” Wakko stood on his toes and raised his arms in the air. “RAAARRR!! Don’t make fun of my colors!!”

“Quit it!” Dot whined. She ran over to Zenny. “Zenny, the guys are making fun of me!!”

Zenny chuckled as he comforted Dot. “There there. You’re not a Cootie Monster. If you were a monster, you’d be a cutie not a cootie.”

Wakko stuck his tongue out at him. “Suck up!”

Yakko just cracked up laughing! He grabbed Yakko Junior and started swinging him around! His little warner Yakko Junior!

“Why does he remember everything though?” Aroma had to question. “I thought warners lost their memories?”

Yakko put Yakko Junior on his shoulders. “Only when they give in completely! I bet since The Tiger forced the change, he was okay!”

Yakko Junior looked at his arm again. “I missed my old color.”

“Yep, these warner colors look best on ya!” Yakko brought Yakko Junior back down to look at him. “Their yours to keep forever! Okay?!”

Yakko Junior nodded.

Aroma came over and started to shower him with kisses. Finally! Her own little Yakko Warner Junior!

Sparkles coughed slightly as she started to pull on Yakko’s trousers.

Yakko grinned as he saw Sparkles. Of course, she wanted some attention too. He handed Yakko Junior to Aroma and picked up Sparkles. “Didja miss me?!”

“Yeah!” Sparkles grinned as she clung to her daddy’s neck.

Yakko felt happier than he had in a long LONG time! Everything would be okay now! The universe wouldn’t end! He grinned over at Warner. “So come on already! How did your brother change back?!”

Hope appeared from behind Yakko. She had been holding Zinfandel tenderly.

Aroma set Sparkles down and took Zinfandel. Sparkles started to run to the others.

“Wait up!” Yakko Junior started to wriggle. Yakko put him down and watched him take off.

“Overwhelming emotion.” Warner finally answered Yakko. “Waryes and I, we didn’t really have good parents. They wanted to play outside all day and just forget us. They were too young to be parents in the first place, and they distanced themselves from us. That’s why we snuck onboard in the first place.”

Waryes bowed his head. That was true. Their parents really didn’t care much for them.

“We were cute and cuddly, and that’s about it.” Warner pointed at Yakko Junior. “You were just as distant with him at first.” Waryes smiled sadly. “I knew, if I could just make him watch the two of you finally bond, that would be it.”

“Yeah.” Yakko smiled as he watched Yakko Junior and Sparkles playing Tag with all the other little warners. “I kinda sucked at first, but at least I tried. Sorry to hear you didn’t have very good parents. But, how were you so positive that would work?”

“I wasn’t! Another reason I didn’t tell you.” Warner smiled. “And don’t worry!” Waryes hit Hope on the butt. “I turned out to be a great father! And grandfather! And great grandfather! And-“

“He gets it!” Hope groaned.

Waryes finally came forward a bit towards Yakko. “Ummm…I don’t-“

Yakko held up his hand. “You weren’t in control. Heck, I’ve SEEN what it can do! No matter how good the warner is inside.”

“So…” Aroma smiled. “The damage that he caused? The beings that were hurt?” She fidgeted with her fingers. “The angry warner even said something about Anima.”

Yakko looked over at them anxiously too.

“…” Warner looked over at Waryes.

“Anima did get…and…” Warner couldn’t continue. “It’s time to talk about something else. Yakko, you saved Waryes. You saved Tiger, you saved The Tiger. You did a great job, but there’s still something holding us back.” He gestured toward Wakko’s kids. “Mikey and the others, are gonna create a problem, but we’ll take care of it.”

Wakko immediately joined into the conversation. “What are you saying then?!” He looked at Iridescent that had appeared anxiously by his side.

Warner brought out another time ball with only one lightning to it. “They need to go where they belong.”

“…” Wakko shook his head back and forth vigorously. “No! I can’t just erase them!” He looked at Yakko for support! “I can’t just let them be erased!”

Yakko nodded. “I know.” He looked at Warner. “No. No, I don’t care! Those are Wakko’s kids, they exist! You can’t erase them!”

“They were born out of two separate times!” Warner protested. “Yes, time traveling did a bit of damage, but that can be mended! Mikey and the others were the ones creating the rips! Even if NO ONE travels, it will still be ripped! It might take a thousand years, but it will become bigger and bigger!”

“They’re my little warners!” Iridescent finally spoke up. She hung on to Wakko. “I don’t care. 1000 years, fine! Their mine!”

“Warner.” Waryes spoke up. “We can’t just erase them. In fact, we can’t let it end this way.” He looked over at all the warners. “You deserve the future you were supposed to have.”

“Y…you can do that?” Dot asked a bit non believing.

“Waryes.” Warner sighed. “Even if we do, those kids were never supposed to exist.”

“What did you say your specialty was Warner?” Waryes grinned.

Warner started to grin himself. “Alright, I buy that. Okay.”

“What?” Wakko growled. “Now what?!”

“Easy.” Warner held up his hands. He looked back at Waryes and nodded. “Go take care of it all.”

Waryes nodded back and picked up his own lightning ball.

Yakko watched uneasily as Waryes disappeared. “Where’d he go?”

A few seconds later, Waryes appeared. “Done.” He smiled. “It never happened.”

“What never happened?!” Wakko asked. “Did you do it?! If you erased them, I swear-!”

“Don’t get angry!” Warner just smiled as nice as he could. “So…can I have all your Eternals?”

Yakko pointed to himself. “Mine?”

“No. Everyones.” Warner just smiled again.

The Warners did not look pleased at that.

“Do you want your original future’s or not?” Warner asked. He looked over at Wakko. “With a little twist in yours, I promise! They weren’t erased.”

“And Scratchy?” Dot frowned. “What about him and Samantha?!”

“Come on, don’t you know who I am?” Warner groaned. “I give happily ever afters! Since they got mixed up in this, I’ll give one to them too. All he needs is a cookie and a chance meeting.”

“But we only had Yakko Junior and Sparkles.” Yakko frowned. “What about-?”

“What am I, magical?” Warner groaned again. “Alright, alright! Fine, I’ll keep throwing out reminders about more babies everywhere you go until you decide to have more! Sheesh!”

Dot looked over at Zenny. “So…this would all be over?”

“No more?” Aroma asked. “No experimenting?”

“No jailtime?” Yakko asked.

“No. Just a happily ever after.” Warner grinned. “Everyone use the lightning ball.”

Hope smiled. The Warners really did deserve a happily ever after after everything they’d been through.

All the warners looked at the ball. No more experimenting? No more jailtime? Just their normal future?

Iridescent held Wakko’s hand tenderly.

“Don’t worry! I told you already, don’t worry about a thing! You two will have yours!” Warner sighed. “Talk about a full plate.”

“They did help save the universe.” Hope reminded him.

“Yeah, yeah. Okay.” Warner gestured toward Waryes.

Waryess took off toward Wakko’s kids.

Wakko and Iridescent watched nervously as their kids were given balls and had disappeared.

“They weren’t erased. They weren’t erased.” Wakko kept saying to himself.

Warner gave it a few minutes. He looked up at the sky. There were fewer and fewer pink strikes now. Yep, now was the time. He smiled at Dot. “Eternals please!”

Dot gave him the Eternal she had. He tossed her the ball in return.

“Just pull the latch.” Yakko told her. “And go.”

Dot looked one more time at Zenny. “We won’t meet for a long time.”

“But we will.” Zenny held her hand tenderly. “I promise we will!”

Dot closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath, she pulled up the latch.

Everyone watched as she disappeared.

Warner brought out another ball. “Good thing these are so simple to make!” He looked over at Zenny. “Ready?”

Zenny nodded and handed over his Eternals. He caught the ball. He took a second and lifted the latch.

Warner threw another ball at Wakko after Zenny disappeared. “Promise, promise, promise.” He smiled at him confidently.

Wakko handed over his Eternal. “…” He looked over at Iridescent. “If we meet somehow, do you think that…?”

Iridescent simply smiled and nodded.

Wakko grinned. He looked at the ball a few seconds more, then pulled on the latch and disappeared.

It was getting to be like clock work. Warner took Iridescent’s Eternal and handed her a ball. After a few moments, she disappeared.

Waryes had been giving little lightning balls to all the little warners. It was so much easier making them go. Especially the babies.

Warner tossed a ball at Yakko. “You know the drill better than anyone else.”

Yakko looked over at Aroma. He had grown pretty used to the idea of a family and life with her. “…”

“Eventually.” Aroma smiled at Yakko. “Right?”

“Right.” Yakko agreed. “Til then…TRY and stay out of trouble?”

Aroma just chuckled as she pushed him gently. “Just go. I’ll see you in how many years?”

“I don’t know.” Yakko spinned the ball on his finger like a lightning ball. “I’m not really that mature. Heck, it took me traveling through time for me to even want to be a dad!” He stopped spinning the ball. “…”

He grabbed Aroma unexpectedly and gave her a kiss.

Even though it wasn’t the sweet kisses she liked as much, she willingly kissed back.

“You take care.” Aroma smiled. “And enjoy whistling at nurses while you can buster.”

Yakko just chuckled as he brought her back up. He started to lift his latch.

Aroma took one last look around at the planet. “…” She handed over her Eternals and took the ball. She slowly lifted the latch…

Warner and Hope both smiled as the last of the Warners were finally gone.