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Just An Experiment

Epilogue:  Happily Ever After


“Hey, I know! Let’s go bug new actors!” Wakko yelled happily.

Yakko laughed as he bounced on the couch. “Yeah! New actors are always fun!”

“Really fun!” Dot yelled from her room. She was busy hanging upside down, hanging up her new poster. “I hope I meet him! He’s sooooo dreamy!”

Yakko and Wakko both peaked in her room and saw a poster of Pirates of the Caribbean too.

“I’d be Johnny’s anyday!” Dot laughed as she finished hanging her new poster. “Let’s go see who’s out there!”

“Oh wait!” Wakko whined. “We can’t go! We have an appointment with Scratchy!”

“Oh yeah.” Yakko groaned. “Ya think he’d retire already!”

“Nah! He loves us too much!” Dot giggled. “Let’s go!”

The warners started running out the door. Wakko started going through his sack to look for something to get down. “Aha! Here we go!” He pulled out three sticks of gum.

Each Warner took one and started to blow a bigger and bigger bubble, until they started to lift into the air!

Then, they all popped their bubbles as they landed on the Psychiatric building. They eagerly took off to the empty window below and zoomed right in.

“Hiya Scratchy!” They proclaimed happily as they landed inside.

Scratchansniff was busy typing on his laptop and didn’t even notice they came in at first. “…huh? Oh!” He looked at his watch. “Our session already?”

“You mean you forgot?!” Yakko ran up to Scratchansniff and looked at his laptop. “You really think Freud was right about the sexual personification of-whoah hoah!”

Scratchansniff closed his laptop. “Sit down! It’s time for our session!”

Yakko laughed as he jumped down.

“Hey! What did it say?” Dot asked Yakko eagerly.

“It does not matter. Now, let’s begin.” Scratchansniff sat back in his chair.

“Yeah! Let’s begin with who YOU are chatting with!” Yakko grinned.

“Scratchy’s chatting?!” Wakko chuckled.

“So, how bad did you lie to her?” Dot asked innocently.

“None. It is a simple chat, now let us forget this.” Scratchansniff replied. “Dot, how has-“

“Doctor?” A nurse’s voice came over the intercom. “There is a package for you.”

“Oh? Bring it in then.” Scratchansniff smiled.

“Ooh, a package! I wonder who it’s from!” Yakko winked it him. “Perhaps miss MSN?”

The nurse walked in with a basket of cookies. “It’s signed Mr. And Mrs. Hippo.”

Dot smiled. “Good thing those two got everything sorted out! They made a cute couple.”

“A cute couple of what?” Wakko asked. But as he saw the basket he became quickly distracted. “Ooh! Can I have one Scratchy! Please, please, please!”

“Me too! Me too!” Yakko and Dot shouted as they bounced on his couch.

“Fine.” Scratchansniff gave in.

Yakko and Dot both took a plain chocolate chip cookie.

“Ooh, look! That one’s red!” Wakko sniffed. “Strawberry raisin?! Can I have-Ow!”

“Can you have ow?” Yakko looked at his brother. Wakko looked like something just hit him on the head.

Wakko rubbed his head. He looked around. ‘What was that?’ Forgetting about the strange occurrence Wakko tried to grab the red cookie. “Ow! Ow! Ow!”

“What are you owwing for?” Scratchansniff frowned.

“There’s nothing hitting you Wakko.” Dot groaned. “Quit trying to get attention by being hurt!” She smiled. “There are different ways you know!”

Wakko looked around again. He looked at the red cookie. “That’s cursed.”

“Sure it is. I’m sure it came from the Black Pearl.” Dot chuckled while she munched on his cookie.

“Or maybe the place from The Grudge?” Yakko commented as he looked at Wakko. “If you see a spooky kid hanging around you, tell me. I’ll leave to another room.”

“The cookie is not cursed.” Scratchansniff grabbed the red cookie and took a bite. “You see? Perfectly fine.” He finished the cookie. “Now, on to-?!”

“What’s wrong Scratchy?” Wakko asked.

Scratchy felt his belly. “Maybe there was something to that cookie.”

“Oh, do you feel like throwing up?” Dot asked innocently.

“Okay then!” Yakko grinned. “We better leave before someone says words like ‘mud covered sandwich with greasy banana peel sausage covered in-“

Scratchy headed for the bathroom.

“Oops! Was I responsible for that?” Yakko smiled innocently.

“Ewww! Do you hear the sounds he’s making?!” Dot whined. “Session OVER!!”

The warners quickly took off out of the office.



“Oh, I missed home!” Dot grinned as she started eating some anima candy. “It never changes.”

“Yeah. Earth’s getting more and more technological.” Wakko sighed. “Just watch! Soon they’ll have flying cars and everything.”

“Aaah, we’re still some years off that! Don’t worry!” Yakko grinned as he played his paddleball. He was warming up for his big competition! After he finally called home some years ago, his dad informed him he’d missed a NEW tournament! Well, Yakko LOVED first time wins! He had been a bit angry at his dad for some time about that. It wasn’t every century a new tournament came along!

So this time when the new one came, Yakko Senior called his son right away.

“We’ll go visit our mom and dad!” Wakko grinned at Yakko as he grabbed Dot’s hand. “Good luck winning that competition!”

“Luck?” Yakko chuckled. “I don’t need luck! I am the best there is! I’ll see ya guys in a couple of hours!”

But the couple of ‘hours’ had turned into a few days!

Wakko groaned. Yakko was STILL competing! He had been competing against the same female for days!

“Will somebody put me out of my misery?!” Dot cried out. “Somebody win!”

“Oh yeah, right! Like that’ll work!” Yakko laughed as he stood upside down paddleballing with one hand.

His opponent Aroma Therapy had just finished flipping through the air, still never losing the beat! “Ha! Try that one on for size!”

Yakko just laughed. He kept walloping his own paddleballs. “I’m not even tired! But I can hear you breathing hard!”

“Quit it! I always win! I’m the best Yakko Warner!” Aroma shouted. “You’ve been missing from too many competitions, you’re out of practice!”

“If I’m so out of practice, why am I kicking YOUR butt Ms. Champion?” Yakko laughed.

“That’s it!” Aroma whistled toward the judges. “A third paddleball!”

“Third paddleball?” Yakko frowned. “What are you gonna do, play with your mouth?!”

“You only wish!” Aroma continued to paddle with both of her hands but she caught the third paddleball…

With her tail?!

Yakko’s jaw just dropped! Now his tail was flexible to a point, any warner’s is, but to CATCH a paddleball and start playing with it just as well?!

Aroma laughed triumphantly. “See, I told you I was the-?!”

She didn’t much of a chance to speak as Yakko jumped right on her and started kissing her!

“Whoah!” Wakko just watched in amazement. He laughed and cupping his mouth with his hands yelled “Take her down Yakko!”

Dot had no comeback. What could she say?!

“Disqualified!” A warner judge came out and tried to pry Yakko off of her. “You lose!”

“Only to you!” Yakko reached out for Aroma again.

It took a ton of warner security to hold him back.

“Are you insane?!” Aroma yelled at him.

“Aroma Therapy, you’re mine!” Yakko declared as he wriggled under the security. “You’re sexy, you’re cute and you can play paddleball with your tail! What ELSE can you do with that flexible tail?!”

“You’re a hound!” Aroma yelled at him angrily.

Wakko laughed as Yakko started howling. He looked over at Dot. “Call it a gut feeling. I think we’ll be visiting again soon.”



Dot watched Wakko trying to make sure his fur was as nice and sleek as ever. “Don’t tell me! Going back to Anima with Yakko again?!”

“I met someone last time.” Wakko smiled. “Her name was Iridescent!”

“She’s like 800 at least!” Dot reminded him.

Wakko didn’t care. He placed his cap on his head, making sure it looked alright.

“Leaving again. Yakko left 20 times this year alone! And now you?!” Dot crossed her arms. “I remember the good old days when you’d just whistle at the women here!”

“Come on! Last visit! I’m sure I can get her now!” Yakko laughed as he stuck his head in the room. “Come on Wakk, let’s go!”

Dot humphed and sat on the couch. First, Scratchansniff got married and had kids. Then, Yakko started chasing after a girl! Now, WAKKO found someone?! “I think I miss the old days! I wish they’d give up on these girls and just stay put already!”



Yakko grinned in triumph! He was actually wearing a shirt today, just for her! After all those years, he finally got her to say yes!


Yakko dusted his shirt off, making sure it looked good. “Yeah?”

“Ummm…” Dot laughed nervously. “Big brother?”

“NO! NO! NO! I don’t like it! Forget it!”

Yakko frowned as he heard Wakko yelling in the other room. He looked at Dot. “What’s going on?”

Dot just laughed nervously. “Well you know how you got Aroma to come down and Zenny came along and how he’s a really nice warner and you know how I haven’t been chasing around as many actors around the…” Dot sighed. She needed to stop rambling and blurt it out. “I don’t want Zenny as a brother, I want to be his female someday!”




“Kootchie Kootchi Koo! And another koo for good measure!” Yakko laughed.

“Oh, it’s so cute! And Tiny!” Dot commented. “Look at the itty bitty Yakko Junior!”

“He has Yakko’s ears I think.” Iridescent laughed beside Wakko. “How’s Aroma now?”

“Doc says two days in the hospital, but she’s really fine of course!” Yakko tickled his newborn son again. “Welcome to the world Yakko Junior! You’re daddy’s going to teach you everything you need to know! Like how to get free food! And how to make special friends! How to run and laugh and jump and play! You’re gonna have a ball!”

Yakko Junior just wriggled slightly in Yakko’s hands and smiled.

“Ummm…speaking of really cute babies…” Zenny urged Dot to speak up. She’d been pregnant about a week and she STILL wouldn’t say!

She just shook her defiantly at him! Yakko could have his glorious moments of fame a bit longer before she plunged anymore worry into his world.



“Ah, no way! What are YOU doing here?!”

Rita and Runt just grinned awkwardly at Yakko who had just discovered them underneath Yakko Junior’s bed.

“Yakko!” Yakko yelled for his son. He started tapping his foot repeatedly. “What’s underneath your-?!”

“Oh, it’s a doggy and kitty?!” Cutie Pie yelled with Zenny Junior as they came rushing in. “Doggie! Kitty!”

Sparkles laughed as she darted in as well. “We’ve got pets now?!”

“Hey, I never said-?!” Yakko watched as all the kids started to play with the cat and dog. “Ohhhh…”

“But their homeless dad!”

Yakko watched as Yakko Junior came over and put his arms around Runt. Yakko Junior nodded his head toward Sparkles.

Sparkles went running over to him. “”How can you throw them out onto the street? So heartlessly daddy?” She glanced quickly at Cutie Pie.

Cutie Pie winked at her! Her cute get-whatever-I-want lessons she had been giving her sister were paying off!

“Oh, what’s going on in here?!” Dot cried out as she entered with Zenny, Aroma, Wakko, and Iridescent. They had heard all the commotion.

“Oh cool! A cat and dog!” Wakko Junior yelled happily as he ran into the room along with his sister.

“…” Yakko looked nonplussed.

Wakko shrugged his shoulders as he looked at Yakko.

Dot whined a bit while Aroma just smiled.

“…fine.” Yakko finally mumbled. “Since they are homeless and they HAVE been hiding here who know’s how long.”

“Two months.” Cutie Pie covered her mouth. “I mean two days?”

Yakko Junior shoved her in the side to keep her quiet. He noticed his dad’s stare. “I…” His voice slid just like Yakko’s. “…I can explain?”

“What’s to explain?” Aroma sighed. “He is YOUR son Yakko.”

Yakko groaned and looked down at the grinning Yakko Junior. “Okay…” He groaned. “We own a cat and a dog now?!” He whined as he looked over at his siblings.

“Well, it’s not too bad.” Wakko shrugged his shoulders. “Something tells me things could have been a lot worse.”

Yakko nodded and smiled. Yeah, for a future they didn’t do too bad.


Somewhere reachable but very few knew of it’s existence…


Waryes, Warner and Hope all watched the different timestreams with the Warners, to make sure everything turned out right.


“Dot and Zenny end up having three kids. Yakko and Aroma actually end up having SIX.” Hope had to chuckle. “Wakko and Iridescent will have four. Samantha and Dr. Scratchansniff turned out fine, having Mikey and a little girl. Plus, you slipped cookies to Rita and Runt and had them end up with Yakko Junior anyhow.”

Waryes chuckled. “Warner, you do work like no one else could!”


“Thank you! Thank you! Hold your applause.” Warner smiled.

Hope smiled. “They finally get their happily ever after.” She chuckled. “So do we.”


“So does the Universe.” Warner corrected her.


“Well yeah, but so do WE honey.” Hope winked at him.


Waryes groaned. “Another one? Are you two ever gonna stop?!”


Warner shrugged. He chuckled knowing full well what Hopes wink meant. “What to name this one? They’ll make fun of it for awhile if we name him Warner again.”


“We’ve already had too many Yakko’s.” Hope frowned. Then she smiled. “What about Happy? Happy grew up so well.”


“Yeah, but she barely stayed 300 years.” Warner crossed his arms. “She should stay at least 400 this time. Heck, she’ll live awhile anyhow. How old was our last Happy? 2500?”


“Yeah. She does a great job watching the dens.” Hope smiled.


Warner, Waryes and Hope all stared at the beauty of their space. Finally protected once again by Yakko Warner and his future son…


Hopefully, for the last time.