Underground . . .

Oh, they’re back again? While they were gone, Alphys made more adjustments. “Never, never, never. You’re never getting in here.” She adjusted her dials. This was still just the first puzzle to crack, and they would eventually give up before they even reached puzzle two. Or puzzle three.

Or puzzle twenty. Losing Undyne, Alphys couldn’t relax. The entire Underground was on her shoulders. She rested, she ate quick, and she worked. Continuing to work. She watched Sans and the human taking their instruments off their backs. What were they doing now?

The human held her guitar out, and kept her hand up high.

Sans kept his trombone out, positioning his fingers.

What are they-

Sans blew in his trombone, a high pitched tone she’d never heard before. When he did that, the human struck her guitar on a single chord as loud as she could. With their sound together, they somehow were making the ruins in the camera start to shake. What?! She tried to get a hold of her system but the human was starting to hit a note high again, while Sans continued to blow.

No. No! She could see the ruins around her start to shake. Clouds of dust and rubble were entering into her vision. Collapsing, all collapsing. It wins. It still wins! Alphys started to run. The only thing she could do was warn everyone. Their last moments. “The human is breaking through!”

Everyone was moving out of the way, heading out of the way as fast as possible.

“Don’t fight the human if you can, it’s death! Try and avoid the human!”

Monsters were tunneling into the ground or hiding into the trees.

The homicidal human found a way in. “Avoid Sans too, he helped her in! They’ve paired up, he’s gone insane!”

They were starting to dive into any water sources they could find. Doing what little they could to save their lives.

Over. It was over. It was over. All over. Humans were finally going to take them out. I don’t want to believe it, I don’t want to believe it, why? Why?! What did we ever do? Yes, Monsters were scared and challenged the human, but that didn’t explain why it was viciously killing them. “Unnnndyyyyne!”

She let her down. She let them all down.

It was working. The life force of Rainier was working. Down, crumbling, it was all breaking. They kept playing with all they could. Frisk’s guitar broke first though from the unstability. It was broken, from the inside out, glowing a neon green on and off before blowing up. Sans could feel his own trombone giving way.

All those years with it, Underground. All those times he used it to help out his punchlines or others. Adding that something special more to his schtick. He let go of it as the wall in front of them finally broke free. The brick exploded all around them.

Time to go.

When they moved outward, they went through several rooms. “Watch it.” Sans pointed out the spikes under the rubble. Alphys was prepared with several puzzles. He continued to trudge on with Frisk. This area hadn’t been inhabited very long, it was just the wild. Besides Alphys tech, it was bare.

Frisk readied her daggers. She had two of them side by side, closing her eyes. Sans watched as she suddenly smacked two monsters that had been on the opposite trees of them. “No encounter technology on this side.”

“No time.” Sans went toward a puddle near them, seeing something flick. Every single one. He reached his hand inside the puddle, pulling out a baby fish monster. He heard the wails of it’s parents and grabbed another one. The mom. The father was howling at him. Soon enough. “They’re hiding in some of the puddles too.”

He heard one of the monsters shout ‘betrayer’ at him. Oof. Remember like Frisk. It’s not what it looks like, and we can’t play explainers, they won’t understand. “Frisk.” He tossed the two little fish in the air, and reached for the dad as Frisk smacked each of them with her lowest dagger. Sans heard the screams of all the nearby monsters, running for their lives, leaving their hiding spots.

Frisk pulled out multiple daggers, stabbing each one as she could in one shot. She shot a tree next to them, at a monster that tried to sneak up on her. Sans checked the trees again and found a wailing wife. He tossed her in the air to Frisk, letting her take the shot at it.

Damn. Sans pulled off the bag and looked in. He had to refill these extras. There was no more Toriel to help. His power wasn’t nearly as strong. He held two in his hands, doing what he could. Just enough to take out the little monsters right now. “Frisk.” He handed her one of them, and struck another monster getting brave enough to come closer.

When the area was cleared, they continued on. Sans poured magic into daggers two at a time. The monsters were going to get stronger as they kept going. The weaker monsters wouldn’t travel as far or as fast.

As they kept staggering their way through the wilderness of the uncivilized Underground, it wasn’t easy. Frisk would hit them as she saw them, but she wasn’t looking so good. No guitar for protection. He needed to put his power into the daggers, but he had to help Frisk too. “Sit down, Frisk.” He stopped.

“So many more still.” Her voice was sounding different. “It’s all or nothing.”

“Dying makes it nothing. Down.” Sans helped her sit down. He placed his hands over hers. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I have a small cold,” she admitted. “But you can’t worry about me. You’re overextending yourself on the daggers. Even Momma Toriel, she could only do so many.”

“I got it. Don’t worry about me.” He rubbed his hands over hers more. “Hell, you’ve got a whole kingdom, your brother, and your health to worry about. Not me. Sans is a big boy, no worries.”

“Liar.” She hung onto his hands. “We need a break. How many more do you think?”

“Fifty maybe.” He found himself starting to lay against her lap. Crap. “Damn.”

“Momma Toriel was queen, you’re just my little joker. Don’t push yourself.” Frisk held him closer. “I can’t bear. I can’t lose anyone else.”

“Oh. Well, why don’t you empower me with some sex?” He joked. “Eh? Wait. Um. I didn’t.”

His weakening power was making him a little whacky. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Yeah, no. That came out wrong. I was supposed to ask for a date first before sex.”

Okay? He’s delirious, right? Wasting too much power? The cold symptoms had lessened, thanks to Sans. “It’s okay, I’m feeling better.”

“That’s good. I’m not.” Honest. “I didn’t mean to scare you as a kid, Frisky. I couldn’t help what I had been. How much of this decay . . .”

“It’s okay. I know, Sans. It wasn’t easy to hear your world was a game. The world can be extremely cruel sometimes. We just do what we can to survive in it.” She patted his wet skull. She needed something to get the sweat off. She ripped at the side of her shirt, dunked it into a puddle nearby and placed it on his skull. This side of the Underground was so different. “Is this what it was like before?”

“Think so. Just, not unified.” His voice sounded tired. “You are out of daggers again. I gotta make you one. I can’t let you get struck. Teleport isn’t an option right now.” He propped himself up more. “Give me one.”

“No.” He was taking a break. “It’s not worth you.”

“It’s all or nothing,” Sans reminded her. “Give me a dagger. If you get struck, you’ll be dragged to the beginning. I can’t get you again. I don’t want you going through the sludge with no protection.”

“It’s a give and take. All or nothing. If I get struck, then I’ll be on my own and you’ll recover.” She patted his head again.

“Nope.” Sans groaned. “Just one more go. We’ve gotta do this.”

Frisk watched as his hands were starting to radiate a red color. What is that? No! “No, are you insane! You are not wasting your life force! You can’t reclaim it, Sans!”

“All or nothing.”

“Stop it!”

“Just me. This one thing. I can refill everything, you can take out the rest, and it’ll be over. You’ll be safe. My Frisky. You’ll have your brother. Happy ending. The view of your boobs from here makes this a nice place to die.”

Oh, his weird humor, at the worst times.

“Frog, a frog. You’re a princess, right? Maybe if you give me a little kiss, magic’ll happen. Crap! Why didn’t I use that line when I wasn’t dying?”

Okay. “Stop your life force and I’ll try. I’ll just smack them however I can. Sans. Please.” Stop wasting life, please. Of all monsters. Not him. She bent down towards him. He has no lips. Duh, Frisk.

“Promises, promises? Gotta keep them promises. Except I ain’t got lips,” Sans said. “Do something though? You really . . . heh, just for your little joker?” He shook his head. “Nah, I’d never do that to you, Frisk. Wouldn’t make me any better than Rainandpour.”

Frisk watched him, remembering what her mother said. No decent man would entrap anyone like that. No, a man clearly world. But a monster. She curled him up closer to herself.

“I’m becoming a stuffed teddy over here,” Sans said. “Good to be me.” He didn’t say anything else though as Frisk kissed his teeth. ” . . . you wanted to do that?”

Frisk stared at him, patting his skull. “The first thing I’ve wanted to do.”

“Can’t wait for the next steps.” Sans pulled himself up higher. “Okay. Gotta survive now, I’ve got a potential girlfriend.”

Why? Frisk chuckled and held him tighter. My joker. She watched him stand up.

He was still glowing a little red around her. “Probably lost a few years off my life. But?” He reached down to her. “Worth it. Gonna spend the rest with you, right? No takesy backsys.”

Frisk felt herself beaming as she felt the strength coming off of him. Life force was soo strong. He whirled her into his arms and gave her multiple daggers.

“Your Momma Toriel told me what you could do,” he said. “Limited time and power. Show me what you can do and I’ll keep them coming.”

Gladly. Frisk held three daggers in each hand. She tracked each of the little monsters up ahead. They were getting closer when they saw the opportunity. It wouldn’t come back. She three the first two daggers to the left, one from the right hand to the left side on a tree, and one more into a hole. She moved up further, hitting anything that she could find. No encounter rules, just slaughtering the monsters.

The grieving, the sadness, and the bigger the monsters, the more they fought. Frisk held her ground, with Sans power backing her up, keeping them from hitting her by weighing them down. Then, the last one.

Alphys trembled as she kept her hands out toward them. She was trembling and looking away, trying to be brave.

“Almost over,” Sans said to her. “Pain’s almost over.”

“Right.” Frisk nodded to Sans. “Time to empty the Underground forever.”

She shot at Alphys.

Frisk felt herself lose her balance. She almost fell, but could feel Sans’ magic catch her. The terrain felt different. The dark abyss of the Underground was still all around them, but behind them was a beaming light. It was far away, but so viciously bright at the top.

They were back at Mount Ebbot.


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