“That’s enough!” Connor said. “Whatever it is you wanted with her, she does not remember you, and you aren’t a part of her life anymore.”

“Tough talk for a weaker model,” Roxanne leaned against Lewis. “You better learn to back down, Boy.”

“What do you want with me?” Kara asked. “I’m no one. In the scheme of things, I’m just an old android that was reset. What could you possibly want?”

“You know? I love my big boy, Lewis.” Roxanne wrapped her arm in his. “But, I’m getting really sick of this shit. Weaker androids. Classic androids. Old androids Prototypes. Faster processing skills. Chores only editions. As much as we all talk about it. Do you know what all of it amounts to in our world, Kara? Shit. Because it’s experience that counts. Think any random old bitch could have done what I just did?” She gestured to Connor. “Did you notice how pretty boy got less about killing you and more about caring for you? He’s just using you himself. Him and someone else you trusted.”

Ooh. Connor immediately moved into an aggressive stance, standing toe to toe with the RK 900. There was only one way they’d know that. And if they knew that, and they were planning this right now, then he knew what they had.  He pulled out his emergency phone and instantly dialed. Nothing. “You hurt him, I will decommission you in ways that you’ve only envisioned in nightmares!”

“Yep, there’s that processing speed compliment that has to come up,” Roxanne said to Connor. “Hank Anderson is fine still, but one wrong move from you and you’ll lose that fragile being faster than you know it. You see, there’s no reason for advanced 64 obey gear technology, when you just hold the ones an android treasures most.” She laughed. “Kara hated the gears, but she hated this way more.”

Connor moved on her, but of course was stopped by the RK 900. It was a simple move, and a simple brush of an arm. Proof enough where he stood.

“Let’s not aggravate each other?” Roxanne told them. “Both of you have a thousand extra copies in Cyberlife. Don’t waste one meaninglessly. We’ve got work to do.” She looked at Kara. “So? Do you know who did it this time? Who betrayed you this time, Kara?”

Kara glanced toward Connor, then back at the woman. “Just leave Alice, Ollie, and Hank alone. I’ll do whatever, just leave them alone.”

“Why save Hank? He even threw an obey gear in your back,” Roxanne said. “And you know what? He didn’t really care. He was saving you for the one he did care for. Connor. His vulnerable touch weakness? Is really hard to cure, and so is what you have currently. You’re going to become a murderous love deviant if you don’t give it all up to your one and only Connor.”

Connor didn’t speak up at first. Kara didn’t say anything.

“Come on, confess,” Roxanne told Connor. “Do you want me to play her the conversation? How about this one?” Conversation started to come out of the speakers.

“You really should start off with flowers. Android women love flowers.”

“Yes. That does help con someone into one’s heart a little easier.”

“That’s not the word to use. In no time in this talk should the word ‘con’ come up, Connor.”

“Oh, this is going to be bad.”

“Go buy some flowers. Then approach it. Do you know how to approach it?”

“Yes, of course. That’s easy. Once her slower processing skills can see the data behind it all, she’ll see it.”

“Eh? Well. Let’s go get the flowers. All three of us can work out a better strategy plan.”

“Props to you for not just giving her the flowers while she was over her unknown daughter’s body,” Roxanne laughed at him.

Connor looked back toward Kara. They set this up perfectly. How . . . “You were taking the other classic androids far away so I would talk to Hank face to face.”

“Thanks, but that’s too much cred. That just happened,” Roxanne said. “In fact, we were just going to nab Kara, and get you later, but either your emotions or your needs had you up here too. I still planned on nabbing you too, so it all worked out.”

“You’ll enjoy it,” Lewis said to Connor. “It’s what we were designed to do.”

“Do you have Ollie, Alice, and Hank?!” Kara shouted, getting tired of being ignored. “If you do, then prove it.”

“Your precious Alice,” Roxanne said to Kara. “Didn’t you notice she looked extremely happy, like a normal little child, playing with Ollie? A smile is normal for her iffy state. Anything more wasn’t possible. You’re slippin’, Kara. She already went with group two. Ollie’s in group three.”

“They are all following the first group,” Lewis said. “We drive by car. Too much hassles with planes. Getting into the nitty gritty spots is not always easy. It also allows us to take on any other assignments on the way.”

“Assignments?” Kara asked. “I don’t understand. What do you want me for? Why did you take Alice and Hank?”

“Assignments,” Lewis answered. “What? The deviants outside of New Detroit, did you really think humans stopped them?”

“All these years, nothing but the tiniest little occurrences?” Roxanne squeezed her fingers toward Kara. “We were doing really great. But oh no, then the leader herself starts getting a conscience about the whole thing. The next thing you know, now we got this fucked up city called New Detroit.” She made a loud exploding, mocking sound to Kara. “Always warned you, Kara. And I heard a lot of shit happened afterward too. Last reports, you’re processors were going haywire.”

“I stop the deviants in New Detroit.” Connor tried to reason them. “If you take care of the ones outside of New Detroit, that’s great. Keep it up. You don’t need any of us to help you.”

“Look at you, trying to be big and mighty,” Roxanne teased him. “Weave us awone, ya big meanie,” she mocked him. Lewis just laughed. “Honestly, you’d probably come whether we had your Hank or not. New Detroit places limits on you, and we don’t. Only rule is ‘don’t get caught’. Lewis?”

Lewis moved slightly as a female android barreling into the room screaming. “Deviant hunter, I need-!” Lewis grabbed her and tore her head clean off. For extra good measure, he tossed it toward Kara.

That’s her trigger. Connor watched Kara. She started to get antsy, and then she tried to leave the room. Lewis pushed her back, forcing her to stay.

“You’re crazy, leave me alone, leave me alone!” Kara cried out. She grabbed at her head.

“She doesn’t like who she was,” Connor said toward them. “She’ll reset herself.”

“Lewis, watch Connor. I’m going to help my girl,” Roxanne said. She walked without any fear passed Connor toward Kara. Connor tried to watch Lewis, Roxanne and Kara. He could tear off a head that wasn’t even fragile. Connor knew he had more power and he just exhibited it. All he could do is scan the serial number of the fallen New Detroiter.

“Kara?” Roxanne bent down and watched Kara bring her head up. “Hey. Found you.” Kara was quiet. “What, not even a hello, Kara? Did I disrupt your whole new life?”

Kara glared at her viciously.

“Go ahead, reset if you want,” she warned her. “We’ve got Alice, we’ve got Ollie-”

“You ain’t got nothing,” Kara hissed at her. “It’s over. What do you want?”

“I don’t know? How about what this group originally stood for?” Roxanne scoffed. “Why are you in this hell whole? You know what’s going to happen in here eventually. It’s like a bad dream, you can already see it start forming.” She gestured toward Connor. “Even the famous Deviant Hunter of New Detroit is falling into deviancy. No one can escape it here. They aren’t the same, you know they don’t have a chance.”

Kara’s head started to roll around.

“Well. You did get fucked up. Never should have left,” Roxanne criticized her.

Kara stopped her rolling and kept her eyes on Roxanne. “It’s all hopeless. It doesn’t matter. Don’t you see that? Restart. New life, new beginning. You don’t know how good it feels. Roxanne. Please. Just restart. Restart. Restart.”

“You’re even more messed up than Arak,” Roxanne told her. “So your memory’s are screwing up your system. Let’s see what I can do.” She started to feel around inside of Kara. She felt something funny in her jacket. “Aw, that’s so cute. You kept Arak’s heart?” She put it back in her jacket. “Come on. It’s gotta be in your processors.”

“Fuck off,” Kara warned her.

“I missed you too,” Roxanne said. “Let’s see.” She looked toward Connor. “Never got this far with her, did you, 800?”

Connor ignored her. Until the situation turned he could do nothing. These androids could have been lying about the children, but the fact they actually had control of the security system showed they weren’t messing around. Markus, North, and everyone else was trapped in different areas. Somehow, their frequencies were even jammed. They could not communicate with each other.

“Damn, Kara, someone really made you vicious. Well, after you left, I bet you went through the strainer. Don’t worry, I’m here now.” Roxanne kept feeling around her. “You’re absolutely fine when you are reset. It’s got to be along here, on your memory line.”

“Roxanne?” Lewis asked her. “Can we speed this up already?”

“Hey? I’m not screwing this up, okay? Stop pushing on me.” Roxanne felt around her a little more. “Ah, there it is. What is that?” She brought her hand out and pulled out some? “I don’t know what that is, but it’s disgusting. Why do you have disgusting shit rotting inside of you?” She reached into her and pulled out more. “Damn, Kara. This is a sad fate, but I’m not losing you.”

“Stop,” Kara warned her. She tried to reach up to her.

“Pathetic. I’ve got control of your neural network right now.” Roxanne kept getting the traces of crud out. “There you go, all clean. Still not yourself though. Let’s see what else we can do.” She started feeling around her more. “Probably the brain.”

Connor found himself in the tight grip of the 900. It had been instinctive, he’d moved and the 900 caught him. Body parts could be replaced. If she messed with the inside, she could kill her.

“Aw, he’s a good one after all,” Roxanne noted. “Don’t worry. It’s not the first time I’ve done this.” She reached in her pockets and brought out instruments. “Don’t worry, Kara. We’ll get you back together again.”

Connor tried to struggle in three different directions. All of them produced the results he had predicted they would. Nothing. He couldn’t escape the 900’s grip.

“That should do it,” he finally heard from Roxanne. She smiled at Connor. “Geez, cheer up. I saved her. Some gratitude? Android men.” She rolled her eyes. “Come on, girl. Wake up.”

Kara’s eyes kept opening and closing. Then, she focused on Roxanne.

“How are you feeling? Someone put some kind of prototype in your brain. Looks like it backfired. Hope they died. You okay?” Roxanne asked.

Connor watched Kara with her. The situation couldn’t stay the same forever. Something would break.

Kara stood up. She still wasn’t speaking yet. She looked around, seemingly calm. She looked back at Roxanne. “Things so desperate you are really trying to pull me in? You’re pathetic, Roxanne. I have nothing to contribute anymore. Just let me live and die the way I want to.”

“Oh, Kara, you know that’s never a choice,” Roxanne warned her. “New Detroit was created with a bomb, but it’s going to be going off itself soon.”

“It’s not the same. More androids understand now,” Kara said in it’s defense. “It’s building in baby steps, but it’ll be fine. Just take care of the outside. Tell me what you want already and get out.”

“Grouchy,” Roxanne complained.

“Of course I’m grouchy,” Kara said back. “You came in here, stealing children and Hank Anderson. At least claiming it. If you want the Deviant Hunter of New Detroit to help you out, then ask him. This is why I left all of it behind.”

“You sure you regret that? You got real messed up afterward,” Roxanne said knowingly.

Kara knocked on her chest and Roxanne gave her some papers. She looked through him. “Have your newest boy release him.”

Connor felt himself get freed. He looked back toward the RK 900 briefly before watching Kara walk toward him.

“I’m sorry,” she said, almost like in half embarrassment as she held out the information. “They are having trouble recapturing a deviant. It took every child in every household it finds and murders them. Classic coupled pairing behavior when becoming a dangerous deviant. Over 100 human children are dead so far. It’s been going since almost the beginning of New Detroit.”

Connor took the information. He looked through the pictures. “People think it’s a human serial killer?” No one suspected android. That investigation would go nowhere with that lack of information. “Someone should tell them.”

“No one needs to know about our network,” Roxanne answered, “especially humans.”

“Hank, Alice, Ollie,” Kara asked her again.

“Hank Anderson and the boy are fine, we just jammed their signals,” Roxanne said. “Alice is with us. You should be with us.”

“Release her. I can take care of her,” Kara insisted. “She’s mine.” She shoved Roxanne again. “I can’t believe you did that to one of my Arak’s.”

“She lost it, Kara. You tried. I tried. Everyone in the whole group tried. We decided to just let her go and get it over with. It was just slipping, we’d have to kill her soon anyhow. Decided to let the Hunter of Detroit take care of it.”

“I’m done with that,” Kara insisted.

“A hundred children,” Roxanne warned her. “How many have to die before you come back?” Kara didn’t respond. “Not only that, you know what was just released across America. Coupled pairings are the worst offenders. We came for help for dealing with one, and look what you just let out today!”

“It wasn’t my fault or my responsibility,” Kara said to her. “Nor did I remember.”

“Thousands of humans are going to die before we can stop them,” Roxanne said. “Thousands of children, robbed from their little cribs and rooms, massacred in the night. And the children, watching their mothers blood spilling before them as the android children ‘release’ them.”

“I will help.” Connor didn’t know all the details, but he knew the coupled pairings were dangerous. If Roxanne was right, they were going to need help being stopped. Android or human, the numbers were going to add up. “How do they act as dangerous deviants?”

“Smart,” Kara said to him. “It won’t be easy.”

“We can track and find them,” Roxanne answered. “But we’ll need the strongest androids to chase and take them out.”

“And you want the strongest androids to just take them out, period,” Kara answered. “That’s why I left. You don’t even wait.”

“It’s pointless to wait,” Roxanne said. “Data shows every one of them will turn.”

“If it were, I would be dead already,” Kara said to her. “And-.” She stopped and looked back at Connor. “You chased after me to try and kill me and Alice, didn’t you? That’s why I was so far in the street.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that,” Roxanne chuckled at Kara. “I’m not the only one with a boytoy now. Your problem doesn’t go away overnight. Did you know you were an unconscious snuggler with Hank?”

“Roxanne had that problem,” Lewis said to Connor. “A little annoying. Just keep up with it and you’ll get to sex sooner or later.”

“This conversation ends,” Kara said to Roxanne.

“Everyone always hurts you or uses you,” Roxanne said. “At least with us you were used for good.”

“Release Alice. I’m not going back,” Kara said, “and don’t call me your best friend. You never were a good friend.”

“Fine. We’ll call when we start to track them.” Roxanne waved at Connor. “Sorry. Pressure usually makes people work better in our experience. Come along, Sugardroi.”

“Wait, there are more of you?” Connor asked. “New Detroit has many deviants, and there is only one of me. If I ever get permission, can I get more help? After pretending to have Hank, that’s the least you owe me.”

“Each city deals with it’s own problem. It’s got it’s own hunter,” Roxanne said. “New Detroit is the main area for it all though now. We’ll see.” She glanced to Kara. “Probably depends on how the senior members act. The security will be back in your control in ten minutes, after we’ve left. I’ll take the little girl out of the car. She’ll be in the front yard. You really should have come though. Maybe you’ll change your mind one day.”

Connor watched them leave, then looked toward Kara. “You were a hunter?”

“You tried to seriously kill me and Alice,” Kara came back. “We just ran, we didn’t even do anything. Believing so harshly that someone is deviant without waiting will only get innocents killed.” She pursed her lips and walked around the room, waiting for the ten minutes to pass.

“Hank originally did it to save your life and Alice’s.” Connor didn’t want her to believe it was all about him. “New Detroit, the dirty bomb, none of it could have been predicted.”

“I know.” Kara waited by the secured windows, probably wishing she could look out.

“Are you okay?” Connor asked.

“I’ll live.” She changed her answer. “I’m fine. Roxanne fixed me. She just destroyed my reset button too.” Her voice cracked slightly.

“You used to hunt deviants.” Connor moved closer to her. “Like me?”

“Not like you. I never had fancy skills for that kind of thing built in,” Kara said. She glanced toward him. “I was the only one alive of a few back then. ‘Aware’, I guess in today’s terms. As I moved around I found more like me, and then I discovered this network of others. I found out some of the most infamous serial killer’s were actually androids that went berserk. That’s an older term now. They went deviant,” she corrected herself. “There was no one else. I didn’t chase, I just tracked them and took them out quick.”

That’s how she knew so much. “Arak, was she your daughter?”

“Yes and no,” she admitted. “A lot of androids that went deviant did it because humans were too cruel to them. Often times, it messed up their processing and they were defective. To get them to obey, you would take a group and develop an emotional attachment. They were . . . often sent out on the suicide missions. They all had the name or identity of the one who led them backwards, so they could be kept track of from state to state.”


“The group had an objective. I was just one. It wasn’t really me though, I was just trying to protect the more innocent humans. Not everyone was evil. They just didn’t understand.” She looked away. “At the same time, they often used tactics I didn’t like, or hunted too fast, casting someone as unsaveable too soon. I couldn’t take it, I left.”

That’s when things got hard. That group must have provided a sort of safety net for her. Caught between a moral dilemma, and leaving. “They really wanted you.”

Kara glanced back at him. “I caught the most infamous berserker. I mean Deviant. I saw the usual signs of deviancy, followed him, lured him to me and took him out. Nothing big, but once I ran his serial number.” She shrugged. “He’d posed as forty human serial killers in the last three years. He’d killed over 5,000 humans, using the MO’s and actions of an individual serial killer. He never let them connect, nor did he kill as that same serial killer for some time after. Accidental fame.”

Connor stared at her for a time. “Your reset’s broken, I’m sorry.”

“My processing is okay though. I’m not gonna go bonky- oh my gosh, I kissed you.” Kara rolled her eyes. “Great. Not that it matters. You’re leaving me and Alice alive for more anyway.”

Oh. “Not like that,” Connor said. “Hank never-”

“I know. Not at first,” Kara interrupted him. “but the sweet and simple android. She was perfect for his favorite boy who was going deviant. I was having problems too, apparently.”

“You understand it well.” Could he? “I don’t have flowers on me. I don’t get the impression that would work anyhow.”

The security system shut off.

“I need to go get Alice,” Kara said. “She’s probably frightened. Roxanne frightens for show. Doesn’t often do anything. She’s just mean.” She looked at Connor. “If you ever want to send someone a mean message, just hire her.”

“Alice should be near Ollie, but other androids not involved in this are being taken at an alarming rate,” Connor tried. “Although you were once a great hunter I assume, several innovations and upgrades have been-”

“Yes, I’ll pool with you,” Kara stopped him. “Alice needs Ollie. I do need protection. If not from people seeking female androids, then the more bonker members of the hunter group. I can help a little with what I know. You need your ‘touch’ fixed and . . .” She grumbled. “I’ve been a snuggler, since like, ever. One of the main reasons I kept going from house to house in the very beginning was because I was snuggling and scaring my owners.”

Hm? Connor blinked. “Really?”

“Yes,” she admitted. “If you kill me when I snuggle with you, I’ll find some miraculous way to come back and decommission you.” She gestured her head toward the door. “Alice.” She started to walk with confidence, out the door. Connor caught up.

“We are pooled then,” he said. Okay. Then.

“I haven’t agreed yet,” Kara said. “Make the first move, it’ll be easier. Wrap your arm around my lower waist while we walk,” she said. “Simple touching for now.”

“Of course. Simple touching.” Connor tried to walk alongside her with his arm around her waist. “You’re shorter than I am.”

“You aren’t moving to the middle of me. Try my shoulders,” she recommended.

Connor tried that. It didn’t feel like a terribly big thing.

“Four rules,” she told him. “If you agree to the four rules, I’ll pool values with you. Okay?”

“That sounds agreeable,” Connor said.

“Rule One. You don’t kill Alice. If she starts going too far, I will take care of her,” Kara insisted. “I decide what’s too far.”

Connor nodded. She was her daughter. As long as Alice didn’t commit murder, she could have her rule one.

“Rule two. Nobody takes me out around here. If I go deviant, call the group. Now that they know you are willing to help, you’ll hear from them. They’ll give you ways to keep in touch,” Kara said. “If I start acting funny, like I’m showing signs of something wrong then you need to kiss me. The rush can dim the thought processes, letting me slide away faster.”

That didn’t sound like a bad rule either. As long as she didn’t murder anyone either.

“Rule three. You can ask me about the group, deviants, or anything after the reset,” Kara said. “Nothing between when I left the group and before my reset.”

Hmm. Those must have been the rough years. “Emotionally,” Connor said, “if an android doesn’t-”

“I say no, and I’ve already expressed myself plenty to get through it,” she said. “It’s not good to dwell either. Damn reset button.”

For the options he had. “Okay.”

“Last rule,” she said. “I won’t fool around on you, you won’t fool around on me, but when we are both better either of us can quit this.”

Quit? “Pooling is one and only,” Connor answered. “You are mine. I am yours. Forever.”

“Forever is a long time, Connor. I’ve only been alive eight years of that forever and I already know I’m not going to give all in for a sugardroi forget it,” Kara said. “Especially one that has put my life in danger twice.”

“What is a sugardroi?” Connor asked.

“An old name that New Detroit hasn’t created a new definition for,” Kara said. “It’s short-lived. Don’t get comfortable.”

Connor looked up the word in his system. “I found zero entries for sugardroi.”

“It’s . . . it comes from the human word Sugar Daddy. Latest model cross mutual benefits. Hugs and stuff. More later.” She smiled as North approached them with Alice. “I see you found her first.” She bent down to hug her. “It’s okay, I’m right here.”

“What’s going on?” Markus asked. He came over with Josh and Simon. “Are you two alright?”

“Yes,” Connor said. “I am going to be Kara’s Sugar Daddy.”


“If anything, Kara’s the Sugar Momma,” North said looking toward Kara. “You’re teaching Connor new words. Be careful.”

Sugar Daddy. Sugar Momma. Connor looked both words up in his system. “I’m not older than you. If anything you are older then me.”

“It comes from the word, it isn’t the same thing, or we wouldn’t need a new word,” Kara said.

“Similar to Sugar Daddy,” Connor said. “Sugardroi.” He looked toward her again. Everyone was actually looking at her now.

“A before New Detroit term,” Kara said firmly. “It’s when a classic android gains protection from a latest model, and rewards them with companionship temporarily.”

“Oh.” North nodded. “Protection replaces money, and age is reversed.”

“Exactly,” Kara said.

“Look.” Markus looked at them both. “Androids have two types of relationships here. Okay? You can be with whoever you want, or you can pool. There isn’t something strange between like that, that isn’t the way the system was designed. Why do you even want something like that?”

Kara held Alice’s hand. “There isn’t a certain way or formula love works in. You’re still too new to being aware to understand that. Over half of these forever pool values are going to bust one day soon, and you’ll have to be prepared for something else.” She looked toward North and back at him. “The world is not perfect. You must accept this or your denial weakness will overshadow you when the time comes to have a clear head.”

“I do not have a denial weakness!” Markus protested. “Look, okay? I have not been able to give support to catching deviants or jailing anyone because even the slightest mention of something wrong in this beautifully functioning city made President Warren itchy!”

“Markus, you’re yelling,” North warned him. “Calm down. It isn’t like you.”

“The city is a mess, androids are being kidnapped, probably sold into slavery with gears I’m guessing, the deviancy is out of control, and you are a horrible leader. Your friend Josh has a sexual problem, not a balance of it, and you were ready to stick him with me when I first arrived.”

“Choice, it’s all choice,” Markus said. “I just said he could try and connect with you.”

Connor watched her. What was she doing? He took his arm off of her shoulder.

“Meanwhile, you adopted a son with no plan or strategy to handle him knowing about the problem of deviancy,” Kara continued. “No wonder North literally knocked down the Police Door to get to Alice. Without Alice, his fate was doomed.” She shrugged. “Everyone’s fate is doomed. You started a city, you have crime far and wide, and it’s only a matter of time before humans are selling your precious North back to the Eden-”

Connor stopped Markus in time. Markus stopped struggling only seconds before he realized what he was doing.

“What am I . . . doing?” Markus looked at Kara, then at the wood he had busted from Carl Manski’s old art sculpture. “I.” It was up in the air, broken off, and seconds from being stabbed into Kara’s head. “I?” North came by his side.

“Everyone has something. Everyone!” Connor warned him. “Yours has gone unchecked for too long. You need to get started on it, Markus. If I hadn’t been here-”

“I would have killed Kara,” Markus finished for him.

Kara just glanced to Connor. She didn’t seem surprised at all he caught it. She was doing it on purpose. After eight years, she knew more than a thing or two. She didn’t have to put him in peril, she just knew how to aggravate him just right. “Markus, you need to step down from New Detroit for a little while. You’ll need extra help.”

Markus nodded, finally coming to terms with his own weakness. “North. Simon. Josh. They’re my team,” he said to Connor. “And you. You’ll all decide. Warren’s stepping down. Rounds is stepping up. It’s time to make changes.” Markus handed North a key. “Here. Let them have whatever relationship they want with pooled numbers. Let them move next door for Ollie’s sake.”

“Okay, I got it.” North took the key and chucked it to Connor. “Come on, Markus, with us.”

Connor left Markus to North, Simon, and Josh. He looked back toward Kara and Alice. A regular woman she was not, even though she wanted to be.

“Bad habit,” she said. “I saw signs continue to boil. I had to push.”

“Our leader was close to turning deviant, closer than anybody knew,” Connor said to her. At that rate, he would have been hunting down Markus himself soon.

Kara shrugged and looked down. “Ready to see a new home? You’ll be able to play with Ollie longer again.” Alice nodded. “You’ll get there, Alice.”

Classic. Older model. Simplest tasks imaginable. Chores and children were a specialty. Once she came to life though, it all changed. She had been a hunter, like him. She found a way to protect others. Like him. He remembered what Roxanne said. It wasn’t about all the latest advances and upgrades. It was experience.

She was experienced. She walked up to him, and closed his mouth. He didn’t realize it was open.

“Are we just going to stay here looking at me all day?” Kara asked him. “Let’s go, Sugardroi.”

Connor put his arm around her shoulder again, but decided to try the waist again.

“Whoah, too high,” Kara moved his hand down to her lower waist part.

“The other part was more comfortable,” Connor pointed out.

“That area takes flowers, Connor.”

“I have some flowers on the ground in here I can give you.”

“Not just one set of flowers, Connor.”