Note: I don’t exactly know how far radiation damage would be occurring. I looked up what I could about Dirtybombs and the difference between them and Nuclear bombs. Just to be safe on our characters, the humans are always wearing protective gear.

“Do what you gotta do,” Hank said to Connor as they got out with the others. “I can’t be here forever. Strict time limit. Damn.” He looked around. “Feels like yesterday I was just here.”

“More than yesterday.”

Hank stared at Gavin, right in front of the old Police Station doors. What the hell? “What are you doing here?”

“My job.” Gavin looked toward Connor. “I have to make sure one of America’s favorite androids don’t end up deviant. That’s all we need, the best catcher to turn.”

“I agreed to help,” Hank protested.

“Yeah, well, once someone pointed out the fact that that android also had two little kids and a female to watch? Well, they decided a second more bias opinion might help in your new job too.” Gavin held his palm out toward Connor. “Oh, don’t worry, Connor. I’ll do my best not to get you killed if I can help it. This paycheck is pretty good. Otherwise, why the hell would Hank really be here? Just friendship? Please. Easy hours, easy pay.” He gestured to the suit he had to wear. “Hard dumb suit, still worth it. So get on with it. Your new bosses are waiting inside.”

Connor didn’t say anything at first. Kara, Max, Alice, and Hank all went in behind Gavin.

“Strict time limit to work in this vicinity,” Gavin pointed out. “Make the best of it. If you need to look at reports or anything, take the shit home with you.” He gestured to the unknown androids waiting in the middle of the office. “They are here.”

“Good, good.” The male android stood up and went toward Connor. He shook his hand. “Your job is similar to as before. Catch the bad guys. However, there are different standards now as to who you chase.” He handed a sheet of paper to Connor. “Don’t worry, several more copies will be left and even posted on the walls, in case you forget.”

“Information is already downloaded,” Connor said tucking the paper away.

“Yes, and that’s how important it is,” they said. “My name’s Dustin. The android next to me is Cherise. We’ll also be working with you. In fact, you shouldn’t have to worry about the hours so much, many of us will be taking turns down here, or staying down here permanently.” He gestured to himself. “I was the Deviant Hunter of Boise. Not much action, but always something everywhere.”

“Deviant Hunter of Chicago,” the woman said. “You won’t get everyone out here, there’s not enough room, but certain ones are being assigned to help the Deviant Hunter of New Detroit, considering the time limits and vast amount of androids that are generally drawn to this area.”

“Connor?” Kara asked. “Can I see one of those papers?”

She wasn’t going to like it. Connor handed her a standard paper. It was rougher than they had been last time. Much rougher. Getting caught taking down a donut, or not recharging, or recharging too much, or having severe phobias or disorders that were apparent on the surface. According to the new standards? Before Connor left with Kara last time, he would have been considered deviant. If they knew about Kara’s snuggling issue, she’d be deviant. Alice last time, she would have been considered deviant. North’s continued problem of hygiene and darkness, and even Josh’s sexual problems. Many of them would be chased down according to the new standards.

“This is way too rough,” Kara said to the others. “Everyone has a flaw, it’s a well known fact.”

“We have to be rough,” Dustin said to Kara. “I don’t like the new standards any better than anyone else. There might even be some cause to believe that according to that, every single android could be terminated.”

“Which is why it’s so loose,” Cherise added. “They want to make sure we can chase or take out anybody at anytime. In general, we should focus on those that are being the biggest nuisances.”

“But we won’t let everyone else come out of our peripheral vision.” Connor glanced toward Gavin, to Cherise and Dustin, and then to Gavin. “Because it’s our duty.”

“Yeah. Our duty,” Dustin said, getting the hint. “Of course we’ll keep everyone in mind. Right, Cherise?”

“Right,” Cherise agreed. “We’re wasting time. We’ve got reports of the worse androids around, and it’s likely that there are a bunch of androids that may be flooding this area soon when they find out Deviant Hunters are now in New Detroit.” She stopped to look at Kara. “Who are you?”

“Kara,” Kara said. “I used to be part of the Network.”

“Well? Everyone’s part of it now,” Dustin said. “Big. Little. Even the little ones behind you are part of T.A.N. It’s basically helping to run New Detroit right now.”

“Because the former leader’s gone,” Kara muttered quickly.

“TAN always gets what it wants,” Cherise said to Kara. “It’s obvious you’re an older member to it. Just keep your head down, do what it says, and you’ll be fine.” She picked up some reports off the table. “Dustin and I already spotted the usual deviants circling. There are bound to be more later so we’ll go and take them out. Study what we have so far. These are the deviants that seem to be having the most trouble as the radiation sanitizers.”

“Was the night for recharging given back as I was told?” Connor asked. He started to look through the reports. “Are these on a computer?”

“Not yet. It’s best not to put anything down electronically yet, until we know what’s what,” Cherise said carefully.

“Yes, you know the Network well too,” Kara said to Cherise. “Better go catch them deviants then.”

“Well, I’ll just take my funny looking ass and park it right over here,” Gavin said as he sat in Hank’s old office chair. He brought out a briefcase he’d stashed behind there and had papers. “Just go about your work. I might ask you a few questions here and there but I can pretty much guess how things are going.”

The only thing I have on my side is he’s getting paid well. Connor looked toward Hank. Gavin took his spot on purpose.

“It doesn’t matter, Connor,” Hank said as he found a seat nearby. “Just do what they want you to.”

Connor took a seat at a different desk and looked through things. Kara and the kids stood. The first day, Connor had planned on bringing them just in case something happened. He didn’t honestly even like Kara being at home with the children alone during the day. They had already had more than a few strange looks that they lived on actual residential property.

With Gavin too, it might be a good idea to let them stay home on the days he had to come by. Considering they had more Deviant Hunters, it made sense why he only worked twice a week now.

“Come on Max and Alice,” Kara said. “Let’s go get some of your toys.” They walked outside the station. Connor followed a little behind, not knowing how many deviants were already running around. He saw no one though as Kara got the kids their toys. Not many, but enough to hold them over for a little while. They all went back inside and Connor took a seat.

While he looked at his papers, he saw Hank and Gavin both writing. Hank was probably writing positive. He had no idea what Gavin was writing. He likes the paycheck. Don’t let him distract you. Security cameras have been turned back on so he can’t lie, and Hank is on your side. It would be fine.

“Hey,” Gavin addressed Connor. “You drink that blue blood soda shit? Huh?”

“Yes, I do.” Honesty.

“Fine. What about your little android rats?”

“I don’t have android rats,” Connor corrected him.

“Those little misfits.” Gavin pointed to Alice and Max who were now playing in the former Chief’s office with Kara.

“Kids aren’t rats,” Hank said for Connor. “Kids are kids.”

“Oh. Pardon. Already stepping on feelings,” Gavin complained. “Fine, do the short and stubby androids drink your blue blood soda?”

“Yes,” Connor said. “We don’t drink or eat anything else. It’s imperative to have something to drink though to-”

“Got it, don’t need a life history,” Gavin said as he checked it. “What about your hot and horny girlfriend, she drink it too?”

Hot and horny? “Kara is neither of those things,” Connor objected.

Gavin just laughed. “Ain’t what I heard. I mean, aren’t you technically just using her as a prostitute, but you pay for her with protection instead of money?”

What? He is simply trying to get to me. Connor kept his cool. “It’s an android thing. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Yeah, sure I don’t. Nah, ’cause I could see,” Gavin pushed him. “She’s got a cute little haircut and perfect body dimensions. If I didn’t know she was an android, I’d hit that.”

“Why would you want to hit Kara?” Connor asked. “Your statement makes no sense and I’d like you not to threaten her please.”

Gavin laughed, while Hank just shook his head. “It means I’d fuck her, Connor. Hit that means I’d fuck her. What about you, you hit that yet? Or is that still too advanced for your functions?”

Connor looked toward Hank.

“Asking the damn questions to Connor is better than that method, Gavin,” Hank said.

“But not as fun though,” Gavin said looking back toward Connor. “So? Have you or have you not fucked that ‘lovely Kara’ of yours?” He held up his paper. “Need to know. Chop-chop.”

“No,” Connor admitted. “I haven’t.”

“Knew it,” Gavin said as he filled out his paper. “Hasn’t hit it at all.”

“Write like that and you won’t even last a day,” Hank warned Gavin.

“Oh, don’t worry. Wrote it real nice,” Gavin said. “Just saying out loud what I really meant. That’s all.”

“I know you’ve at least kissed her?” Hank said. “That it?”

“We have kissed, hugged, and we sleep in the same bed,” Connor told Hank. “And that is fine.”

“Seen her in her birthday suit?”

“What is ‘birthday suit’? Connor had to ask.

“Naked. Nude. No clothes on. You’ve got to have done that, right?” Gavin asked him. “Skin on or skin off, whatever your kink. Sleeping right next to you, she had to at least give you that?” Gavin watched him. “Nope? She at least wear some sexy pj’s?”

Was that really on Gavin’s work? “She looks nice in her pajamas.”

“They are just regular pj’s,” Hank said to Gavin. “I live with them, I know that.”

“Wow. I can’t even believe how pathetic you are still, Connor,” Gavin said. “I’m off to go talk to her. Maybe I can hit it.”

”Just ignore him as best you can,” Hank told him. “He gets off on being an ass.” Hank looked back toward Gavin. “Be nice around that little girl. You deactivated her skin in the past. Don’t think she forgot that.”

“I’ll be nice as nice can be,” Gavin said as he went into the former Chief’s office area.



”Taking care of your kids?” Gavin asked politely as he went in to see Kara. “I have some questions I need to ask you.”

”Me?” Kara asked. She watched him carefully. She still remembered what he did to Alice and her in the past. Deactivating Alice’s skin. Humans didn’t know better. Still. He was crueler than most.

”Yeah. Sorry to disturb you.”

“No, it’s fine,” Kara insisted keeping herself sounding casual. “What is it about?”

“Well, you all passed with Connor, and you don’t have anyone assigned to you yet, so I’m supposed to share watching over you as well with Hank.” He smiled. “No problem. Extra pay. Any reason the kids might be off?”

“No, the kids are fine,” Kara said. She looked toward Alice. She glanced over to Kara a couple of times, but she was keeping her cool. “We’re all fine.”

“Good. Well, I just have some basic questions to fill out for you,” Gavin said. He showed her the paper. “Some are a little personal.” He shrugged. “Work is work.” He looked at the paper and started to ask her simple questions. Everything was going fine until? “Um. You kind of? Pardon, you have a distinct smell coming from your mouth?”

Kara covered her mouth. Oh no, he could smell the garbage on her breath. She didn’t drink her blue blood orange soda that morning. Connor never mentioned it and Hank was too polite. She almost thought it was gone for good. “Sorry. You just need to move away a little.”

”Why does your breath smell?” Gavin asked again. “I need to know.”

Of course. Observer. If she didn’t explain he might assume she was unbalanced and eating trash. “Years ago I replaced a trash compactor.” She looked toward him, swearing she almost saw a smirk. You haven’t changed at all.

”Some humans,” Gavin said. “And how many guys have you crossed your circuits with?”



Connor gathered his things. They could only stay so long with humans. He had met more Deviant Hunters too, as well as the next pair on duty after him. Gavin had mostly been with the kids and Kara. He had checked on them more than once, but Kara assured him they were fine. It was probably even good for Alice.

Connor knew Gavin was just trying to make him fret mostly anyhow. Kara, Hank and the kids headed outside. Grabbing folders to study, Connor was almost out the door. Day one, not dead by Gavin so far. Although? The few times Gavin did come to see him, he really pushed it. It was so much easier before he had free will with that guy.

”I was wrong, Connor,” Gavin said from behind Hank’s desk. “She isn’t horny and hot, she’s a horny skank. Know the definition of skank?”

Don’t answer. “I have to be getting home now. Goodbye, Gavin.”

”She wouldn’t quite fit the definition, but the fact she literally ate trash as a trash compactor?” Gavin just smiled. “They don’t get much trashier than that.” He got up and started to pass him on the way out. “Good job, Connor. Never lost it against me. You get an A for the day.” He looked back at him as he left. “But you also got an F in standing up for your family.”

What?! “I take very good care of them.”

”You let me call your girl a skank, Connor.” Gavin shrugged. “You know, the one that let 41 guys hit it but not you? So technically she is, but even when your girl is trash, you can’t let others call her trash. Bad manners. Gotta show you know your manners, or you might be unbalanced. Just doing my job. See you in a few days.”

” . . . Shit.”





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