Some books, and it’s more about genre confusion. But there are also other reasons. These are my top six.

  1. My daughter is getting older and sometimes she wants to look and pick up my books. She has wanted to read them, but she is ten. In a couple years, she’ll be in YA, but she already reads about YA. (She loves the Warrior Cats for example, reads all those books.) Therefore, I have softer tones and softer covers being made so she can actually read my books as she gets older if she wants.
  2. I don’t want to disappoint my audience: People expect certain things in books. No one’s written it as a rule, but it’s true. The more you write different kinds of levels of heat/romance, the more your audience doesn’t know what to expect. I get reviews from being surprised how sexy it had been to hating how sexy it had been, to hating the fact there was nothing sexy in it, to loving the fact there was nothing sexy in it. I want everyone to expect either sweet or fade to black scenes, with some vulgarity and violence. Therefore, it only makes sense to fix my books for the audience I want to hold onto the most: The ones who don’t mind sweet/clean/fade-to-black but know there might be some violence.
  3. I’m not good at sexy: Okay sometimes I am, but even readers of my fun stories pretty much point out, I’m not that good. Something should feel natural, and I don’t feel natural when I write those things. It shows up in my writing, so I’d rather concentrate on the plot and love and less of the physical.
  4. Softer books are what I love to read. In my spare time, on my own dollar, I want to pull out something with a great plot and usually a great romance with that plot. I usually don’t pull the excessively hotter stuff, or I end up skipping around scenes myself.
  5. I can’t write quick with books that aren’t soft: What I mean is, I manage to get stuck a lot more, and it takes a long time to get out of this writer’s block that forms when I have to write something sexy. When I just write the story without worrying about anything else, the story simply flows out of me.
  6. There are readers out there who want to read shifters and alien romance too without so much physicality! I love shifters and aliens, but I don’t love the books coming out so much. It’s just mostly sex, they are all objects, and I don’t much care for it. Especially shifters. Sure they look lovely and handsome, but I want to see that shifter shift. Use his power. I want the alien to be a real alien with it’s own culture and worlds. I just can’t do that when people see a sexy cover and expect nothing but physical touching.

It’s not to say anything is wrong with sexy. Heck, I have a completely nothing but sexy pen name coming! However, I want to be able to share with my daughter, adjust audience expectations to each name, and give everyone something fun and different.

So even my sexy pen name is going to have interesting stories to go with it.:)

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