Yeah, I don’t like it.:( There’s something off about the site now. It doesn’t feel the same to me. I don’t want to worry about it for days because I am in the middle of a coyote romance and Deviant Hunter of New Detroit’s newest chapter, (Lordy Markus and Connor and Kari, come on!) but I can’t let it feel like this.

Something needs to be done. I think I am going to deal with my original stories the same way I deal with my fanfiction, but just post a small link to where to get it, or if it’s currently free or you can read it write here on site or whatever. Less conspicuous. More integrated. I just? I don’t like this separation.

Hopefully I will edit this post later with a big old happy smiley face when I figure it out. I am playing around right now too, so don’t worry about any hullabaloo you see. *I am trying to get help for my writer’s theme too. I really love that theme. I hope I can get it fixed.


*I think I almost have writer theme fixed!* So excited. It wasn’t the theme, it was the break in the widgets. I am having to use new widgets and methods. If so, this site should be good to go very soon.:)

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