Not Ready Yet.

It’ll take a little bit of time to get it ready, but I will get there.

Basically, I know a lot of people like things like Kindle Unlimited because they can read everything they want from authors in the program for ten dollars a month. Well, as great as that is, authors really don’t make much through it. We really don’t, and we don’t get to post our books anywhere else. So, to counterbalance that, if you are someone who would rather stream and read quick (because you read lots of books) I set up my patreon for you.

Patreon is a service where patrons support their favorite artists. In return artists have tiers of donations and rewards for patrons.

I am a busy woman though, and you are busy people. So even though I am wide, I offer you streaming my books on Patreon. Do note, these are not Serena Valentine’s books. Those are in Unlimited. Not only that, I am a little more limited on what I should try for Patreon. So. Yeah. However, they are only $5.00 per month. I get a solid five from you, and you get to enjoy the books. What works better?

I even have a little starter set of books I’m not selling anymore that you can read free of charge.:)

It’s not exactly the richest way to make money, however, I want to offer a way to read all of these books to others too.

If you like them you can support them by buying them for yourself, or you could always leave reviews at any retailer to let others know if you like the books. Thanks.

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