Several reasons. For one, I am not in a point in my life right now where I can even attempt to make a living with published fiction. The tides have changed, and you can ask just about any author what it takes to make it. That answer is resources I do not have. Therefore, I concentrate more on my fanfiction because I can write a chapter, do my own editing, and then put it up. I don’t have to write the whole book at once nor do I invest anything but my time.

Published fiction though is different. Although I design my own covers from years of experience, I can’t do all my own editing. Since I don’t make money, that kind of favor comes from only a few times from my husband. It’s another reason my books aren’t as long either. (A long book takes a good year if not more to collect for editing.) Even small books are expensive though to edit if you don’t have a job.

My husband helps me out though with editing. Usually for my birthday, Christmas, and income tax time. So that money or favor I have to make last for whichever book I want to publish.

And unfortunately, exclusive programs have made it much harder to keep traction for many without promotions. I keep my money for editing, not promotion? So, yeah, I probably won’t even come out in the black and stay in the red with my books. Hence why I use my own money to ‘make my books’ and not ‘promote’.

But I still love to write them too.:) And every penny earned off of them makes me feel a bit more proud.