• Undertale

      (Complete)Conduit Tale/ Reckoning Tale/ Infusion Tale/ Genocidal Pacifist/ Momma Toriel Didn’t Raise No Pacifist/ Under Prison Tale                                    (Incomplete Tales) Amalga-Mates, and two Untitleds so far.

    • Detroit Become Human

      (Complete) Kara’s Got A Gun/ (Incomplete) Deviant Hunter of New Detroit/ Untitled.

    • Beetlejuice

      (Complete) Betelgeuse, Second Time Around, (Incomplete) Dead Shadow

    • Old Tales

      Links to profiles to find my Animaniacs, Inuyasha, and other older tales.

    • One-Offs

      One series idea, just one that wouldn’t leave me alone so I had to write the story. (Incompletes) Series Pretender: Unexpected Changes/ Series Zelda: Song of Paradox. Series Sonic Games (Early STH)


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