Ha, yep, simple title. This year (hopefully past this year) I want to go back to focusing on just a little at a time on my fanfictions. I had a lot of fun writing over the summer, and boy do I have a ton of new ideas and works! I also have a better look at what’s going on and what to expect in my future (hence my site coming back, I could afford to bring it back.)

This year, I have anew job but I don’t get paid for it. It’s my daughter’s education. I am barred on my own work during school hours, and I am there to help her now. It’s not homeschool, it’s virtual, but it is similar in that I can’t leave her side. There are several benefits to virtual, but because I have a focus (I have to have focus now, to make sure her work gets done), then I have to refocus on my own work.

Using my old writing tricks along with providing focus on certain stories to get them done instead of just randomly, I believe I have a much better option of getting my work back down to an art. I love writing in all fields, but just like a disorganized first time author, I have more than I should have chewed off.

Even with those hours, I still find I am working great on my works. The first stepĀ  though is to focus and get some stories done (the smaller ones) so I can focus on the bigger ones (the ones which have heaping plots). A part of me hates finishing stories, when I have to say goodbye and move on, but I think I am getting better enough in my field, I am starting to see that moving on isn’t as hard as I thought.

These next few months, this will be my focus:

Dead Shadow

The Centre Dolls

Chameleon Protection

Life Finds A Way

Lesser Pretender

I won’t take down my other stories I have up, but I won’t put up any other stories until I make some progress. This is the progress I want to make:

Chameleon Protection Done: This is tricky because it is a 3 part novel series. I have two parts done. I am thinking labeling it away from so much romance and then having a sequel to it later on for a part 3 might be smarter. I really love playing in this world because it’s the novel world, but I do already have another book planned for the novel world. To do this would get it on my ‘only when I’m ready to tackle it list’ and put a lovely end on this one. I liked the ending too, so I think it might be a good idea. I would just have to get it fully uploaded to AO3 which wouldn’t take long too.

Dead Shadow: Dead Shadow is a complicated story because it is my area for practicing my horror skills. I didn’t think many would like it, but it turned out people really did. It was a slow burn, but now it is hitting a popular status I didn’t predict. Dedication to this has really been popping up so I am thinking once a month for this at least. There is just such a different in writing horror than writing my usual work.

The Centre Dolls: I expect little progress because I want this one to be long and fun. I have lots of great characters, lots of situations, and I had no idea what I was tapping into when I began it. I thought it would be smaller with mini-er focuses but as I wrote it I saw so much more potential so it is a project. It might be months before I get to it, so it’s more of a probably since I am constantly writing on it right now.

Lesser Pretender-This is fun but shorter. I really need to finish this up. If I worked on it for like a week straight I could probably get it done.

Life Finds A Way- I definitely need to get this done! People love this story, and even though I get kind of wiggly in the plot line if I sit down and write on it, I could get this done in about a month or so. Plus I do have another DBH story in mind (See?!) so it would be good to get this story done.

I liked to rebel after I quit publishing and just get into every little story that I loved and wanted to write. Although fun and incredibly liberating it is also incredibly daunting. I hope that concentrating on these, getting them done, and getting myself back to a point where only two or three stories are in progress (or even one) could give me the focus I once had when publishing.

Do I regret doing this though? No, I don’t think so. For one, I had to see that I needed to feel free to move away and realize fans will come back and forth. It’s the updates and the lists you land on that matter. For two, I have a ton of wonderful storylines to pick and choose from that feel new and gave me more vibe into what I was doing again. Sometimes you have to just let your imagination flow to see where it takes you.

Although I did finish up a little so far, I could be doing a lot better. So I hope this plan really helps.

After I meet those goals, then I will start coming up with a new plan for the next leg of my work. Trust me, there are several legs before I can unveil anything new! (This structure may or may not change also depending on if something I was working before started to become a hit. I do like to make people happy and I will change plans if need be.)