Welcome to the site. This is the home of my fiction. Mostly fan but eventually original too. Before you go too far, notice the dropdown box on your page. (In the footer.) That has four different ways to view the site, so that your eyes can feel happy while you are here reading. You don't have to be a member to enjoy the site, but for anything M or MA, you will have to consent each time to read it. If you become a member (which is free) then it'll track your preference so that isn't a problem anymore.

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by Melanie @ 12/06/19 7:13 PM  
I am making this site shine as much as possible while it's the weekend. It will be getting stories on it before you know it. When the stories come, they might not be perfect, it's just copy/paste. I will work more on getting the first few chapters of each up instead of focusing on getting fifty chapters of the same thing up too at first.

If you are enjoying something though and you want more, use the contact me below and let me know. I'll get the chapters up faster. (If there are more chapters waiting.)

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