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Why do you put like a smidge of Hispanic in your stuff?

My later stuff only. I am working on incorporating more of who I am into it. I am part Caucasian (My mother was all Caucasian), part Latina (My dad was full Latino. My grandma was from Mexico.) My married name shelters the Rodriguez in my maiden name. Lately, I have been trying to reconnect to the roots I felt denied. It wasn’t my parents fault, they wanted to make me appear as white as could be. No one seeing me thinks I am half Latina at all. Some of that culture still came to me though because I grew up in an all hispanic neighborhood. My father worked for a meat plant that was popular for many hispanics to work at, and so my schools and environment were highly influenced by the area I lived in. I know why my parents did it, people see me and have no idea I am part anything, I’m just all white to them. No bias. It also means, I see bias I wish I didn’t see either, or know about. I also don’t full out want to put out Hispanic books because I don’t speak Spanish. But yeah, you can read it again. I don’t speak fluent Spanish. I wasn’t really allowed to learn, my mom at least shunned it. She encouraged us to learn anything else for the foreign language credits...

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Why Not Distribute Equally to All Sites?

For Fanfiction: Now this is a fantastic question. I used to be able to achieve this however it went. The reason the sites are never equal though are because of the follows and alerts. They? They are awesome, and I love them as a reader. As a writer too, it’s nice knowing people want to know when your latest thing is out. Yet, when you start writing a new piece or adding more stories, guess what? They get notifications for every chapter. So if I commit to say, distributing ten new chapters everyday to different sites, then that is ten notifications being shoved into people’s mail. That’s even more annoying if it’s from stories they aren’t interested in. I don’t mind as much. They usually just follow a story, but sometimes (and becoming more popular for me), people are granting me favorite author status. In and of itself, that is great! I have reached a real level there. However, when my Pretender fans are watching their email get filled to the brim each day with lots of things that aren’t their sauce, that gets annoying I am sure. I think AO3 has something similar. I know Wattpad does. I used to just take hours and hours adding at least twenty five chapters to try and catch up. I have a lot of work out there. It bogs me...

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Spine Chillingly Tough

Releasing new work across my fanfiction platforms is easy. Releasing work across the publishing world is tough. I tend to cower and get scared a lot because of who I am. I am getting a lot more comfortable though. I think letting certain aspects go really helped in the pursuit of what I wanted to do, as well as not being afraid to let certain aspects in. I was going to release underneath a new pen name, but so much has been happening, even that seems daunting. It’s best to stay under Melanie Ray for everything, to avoid confusion in all directions. I don’t mind that my free writing and non-free writing and journaling are going to mix. I honestly should let them because keeping up will get increasingly difficult. I used to have all day and every day to write whenever I wanted, but now I have a great responsibility. Even though it isn’t a ‘job’, it is an important position I can’t shirk. My daughter is beginning virtual school and for the last two weeks I’ve homeschooled her (because her date of acceptance wasn’t close enough to the date of release of her first school.) With virtual, I will have to stay even more adamant to watching over her and the house. (Thank goodness I don’t cook now.) This means that things like publishing aren’t something I...

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