Most likely, everything I write isn’t up your alley. So for your convenience, you can subscribe to any of these feeds on your RSS, so that you only see the category updates that you want to see, and nothing else.

(If you don’t have an RSS reader, I recommend Feedly because it’s free [no money in my pockets], it’s what I use, and you can separate things nicely.)


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DO NOT FEED FROM You will get oodles and oodles and oodles of content with limited naming and it’s hard to tell what chapter went with what category let alone book. You’ll only frustrate yourself. (I know, I get frustrated with my own links sometimes.)

A chapter will only be on the default and not on the feed though until I hit the Final Draft so readers only get the final work once. If you like reading my work in progress editing that changes inside the chapters all the time (adding descriptions, changing events, names of characters, etc.,) you’ll have to physically come to the site to see those changes.