I make nothing off of my fanfictions. I make no profit, it’s just for entertainment and practice. I also learn lessons I never would have known without fanfiction. As such, I usually follow a certain etiquette with my work.

Undertale: I love writing in Undertale because it’s a simple game with so many choices. That means I can really create so many stories behind it and my characters can always change a little more. While there is a standard to how each acts, they also have some give and take in different directions too. It is also kind of a big popular category, so that hurts and helps. Big category can have toxic fans and great fans. I just put my work out there and hope the right fan finds it.

Undertale is the creation of Toby Fox. Toby Fox had been very open to fan adaptions, so it’s very easy to write in Undertale.

Pretender: My heart constantly breaks at the way Pretender ended! Sure I have the movie, but so many things were left undone. It made me reach out and start to write for the property too. While I usually don’t write for novels, (because writing on writing has always felt more like a slippery edge to me) I do write for the novels. There are only two, but it’s enough to get a crack into that new world of Pretender being more modernized (not in the 90’s and so much tougher to escape.) Hardly anyone writes on it too, so goofy me likes to tread there.

Pretender belongs to Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle. Since they themselves approve Missing Pieces (A Pretender fansite that also houses fanfiction), I tend to keep all of my things there, and the latest updates there first before distributing them anywhere else.

Beetlejuice or Betelgeuse I tend to dabble in. I don’t know why, there is something inside of me that tends to reach for that otherworldly feeling sometimes. Also, I am practicing my horror skills right now.

Tim Burton is Tim Burton. He doesn’t seem to have a problem with transformative works. I can’t find anything outright for or against, but if you read some of the quotes he’s given over time, it doesn’t sound like he would want to hurt fanworks.

Animaniacs: I love Animaniacs! But, um? They do make me feel strange about writing them due to Warner Bros. It was more of a money domain issue, but the fact they were pushed back and fans pushed back about domain names from Warner Bros in the past always makes me feel uneasy. It is probably the reason I haven’t written a new one in some time. However, Steven Spielberg, I’ve never found anything about him caring about it. So? I love to write it but I try not to. Everything I have written on ff.net and AO3 used to be written before, it’s just been updated more to standards. Wattpad tends to give it the most love too oddly, while the other sites rarely show as much interest. Which is fine, I’m used to older categories not getting as much interest. I suppose that’s another reason I don’t have much of a problem with it.

Inuyasha: I haven’t written in Inuyasha for a long time. I think it’s because I still have some inner hurt about losing some of my early Inuyasha on ff.net. Same reason I had to remake my Animaniacs. (Policies change on what is and isn’t allowed.) Hundreds of reviews just gone. But? I have been thinking one day of rewriting my work up to the modern standard again and rereleasing it with added changes. It wouldn’t have nearly the same reception, and I’d really have to want to write into it again.

Inuyasha is Rumiko Takahashi’s but more than that, it’s from Japan. Anything from Japan I never mind writing about because the country thinks differently than the America I live in. They even have doujinishi (fan comics) people can actually sell. Many creators got their start in doujinshi too. Although I don’t sell (ever, and I live in America) it makes writing Japanese animation easier.

Gundam Wing: My first property used for fanfiction! I wrote in this like crazy. Some of my absolute worst works that can never be fixed reside in here. Besides the amateur writing, there are couples I wrote about that later manga pieces revealed were related.@.@. I would have to write something from scratch to write in it again. *Smiles wickedly* Not that I’ve never had anything. Okay, I did, one time. I had a close plot to The Sixth Sense. It was coming out at theatres and I just started on chapter two. I immediately quit, I felt weirded out suddenly writing something with the same plot.

But it turned out the plot and the endings were different, so I should have kept going. Considering I am trying out horror a little, I might start bringing it out. Might. Just might.

Yoshiyuki Tomino and Sunrise are the owners. It’s from Japan. Enough said there.:)

Ranma: I have one fic. It went a couple of chapters. It’s never seen the light of day. It’s written on old paper. I like to read it across it sometimes, but I doubt I will ever do anything with it. I would have to figure out how to balance different languages. If I ever do write and finish it? I would have to consider it a masterpiece of mine.

It’s from Japan. Enough said. Another Rumiko Takahashi. She is so awesome. (All of these creators are awesome.)

Detroit: Become Human: Modernized games tend to have a lot of fanwork community. Most creators these days accept that and since it isn’t exactly a novel, I don’t mind writing in it. The creator himself seems more into his own creations of games than anything the fan community does.

Five Nights at Freddy: I haven’t written it. I will one day. One Shot.

Scott Cawthon is the creator. Modernized games and creators are used to the fan community. His game made it so big in the first place because youtubers picked him up and pulled him into the spotlight. (At least that is what I think. Similar to Undertale.)

Sonic: Ah, here is where we get into some territory. First of all, Japan. First of all, Game. Both of those seem like this would be ripe for fanfiction for me to create. But? There was a huge issue with what I will call Saturday Morning Sonic. There are many Sonic cartoons, but this particular one was picked up for comics. That gave it a different origin too. Now the original creator of said comic had a huge problem with his work later on after he left, and . . . such a big issue. You can read about it online.

Anyhow, I do not have a problem writing Sonic as long as it is not the same version of the comic. I respect those rights and wishes of the creator so none of those characters can be in it. Since the love interest I will always see him with is there? It means I seriously doubt I’ll ever write any romance in Sonic. In fact, I am more obsessed in the horror aspect of Sonic.EXE which is more of a meme and creepypasta or crappypasta. I like to see if I have the writing chops to really make it terrifying. I use very little characters and stick with more of the original games (Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic and Knuckles, and Sonic 3)

Zelda: Absolutely, who couldn’t resist it? Do you know how often I like time travel and far away lands? You bet I write Zelda.

Zelda is a Japanese game of Shigeru Miyamoto, the Great Game Creator.