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Welcome to the site. This is the home of my fiction.

You don't have to be a member (it's free) to enjoy the site, but for anything M or MA, you will have to consent each time to read it.

Fanwork fans: Most everything has been moved to here, so that you don't get confused between work. However, I did leave some of my highest rated work here since over a thousand people were reading it.

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by Melanie Ray @ 05/18/20 7:07 AM  
You are probably seeing some oddities if you are heading to Amazon to my published books. Don't worry, I know they all look a little different. The layout, the terms of fiction grading, the mailing list, etc. will be added to it soon. My first step in retrieving books in so long though is a long process of approvals with baby steps like name changing. When I rush it, I lose reviews and get emails. However, I am stepping my foot on the gas at a good speed so this should pass by relatively fast.

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