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When you know what book you want to read, click my profile above and find the book to read it off site at They are always in alphabetical order there. There are some books that are very old that will appear in another page called Falling Down Memory Lane. I don’t recommend reading those without remembering I was basically in high school back then in the early 2000’s. Use it for inspiration to see how far you can take yourself looking forward. Not for luxury reading.

For Undertale Fans, please check out Under Prison Tale. Even though it isn’t on, it could have been. The cursing is mild and there is nothing sexually explicit, however the content is monster slavery which strikes it from all sites on AO3. So if you like your Undertale, please check there to read it.

The same for Animaniacs Fans, Just An Experiment, except it is for the songfiction inside. doesn’t allow songfiction, it’s the only reason you can’t read it. It breaks without the songfiction.