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Welcome to the site. This is the home of my fiction. Mostly fan but eventually original too. You don't have to be a member (it's free) to enjoy the site, but for anything M or MA, you will have to consent each time to read it. If you become a member then it'll track your preference so that isn't a problem anymore. You will also be able to be alerted to your favorite stories.

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The Centre Dolls by Authormelanieray M
In the process of rescuing the past pretenders children from The Centre, Jarod...
Best Man Steals The Bride by Authormelanieray Teen
Poor Hojo.He used to be a normal guy, but now he's completely absorbed in his...
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Link searched for shrines and freeing the divine beasts before taking on Calamity...

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Minutes of Eternity by Authormelanieray Teen
Inuyasha never moved. His eyes stared, dead to the world, straight ahead. At...

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Jarod Hunter by Authormelanieray M
When Eddie, Alex, and Jarod try to escape the Centre, Jarod is left behind...

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Stories all fixed.

by Melanie @ 12/11/19 6:51 AM  
Italics and spacing are all fixed in each story so I will be concentrating on uploading new stories again for you. I just wanted everything to be fixed nicely for your reading pleasure now that I figured it out. Thank goodness for my old html knowledge or I wouldn't have been able to.

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