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Stories all fixed.

by Melanie @ 12/11/19 6:51 AM  
Italics and spacing are all fixed in each story so I will be concentrating on uploading new stories again for you. I just wanted everything to be fixed nicely for your reading pleasure now that I figured it out. Thank goodness for my old html knowledge or I wouldn't have been able to.

Italics and Single Spacing solved!

by Melanie @ 12/09/19 3:18 PM  
Well, it is a tricky ordeal. When I copy/paste and then put in the coding, each site differs from the output.
Fanfiction.net makes it look the nicest with fresh spacing between to read, but then the italics are taken away and I think the bold.
However, Wattpad, My 365 and Ao3 will keep the italics and bold, but it doesn't keep the spacing. So, I shortened the stories I was putting up so I could figure out the problem.

I did, and it takes three steps to a legitimate copy/paste that holds the formatting with the space instead of just one. It slowed me down. I am going to be going back through what I've added and take the stories through that process.

If a lack of italics doesn't bother you, or that single space oddness doesn't hurt your eyes (it does mine), then you can go ahead and read whichever story. If like me it does, I will be using my shoutbox to track the stories that I have fixed until they are all clean looking copies.

I don't know how long it will take but the majority of time is usually fixing covers and fixing categories and such, so hopefully it won't take an arm and a leg. Some will be faster than others to correct too. Those on ao3 and wattpad will be easier than those just on ff.net. But seeing how well people are adjusting to the site (along with the stories you are enjoying the most) really helps me stay in gear.

51 in all

by Melanie @ 12/08/19 8:56 PM  
I think with all of my writing there will be up to 51 stories total on this site. I only have 13 so far. Yikes. I am just putting a sampling of chapters up for each one. After I have a sampling of each 51, I'll add a little more to each of them. As I get more up, I will try to change those numbers in the post below. I apologize about the single line formatting of lack of italics. So far, my work is only giving one or the other.

Currently I have 17 fics out of 51 on the site.

1 fic is complete on the site so far. (Demon Pride)

16 stories are corrected out of 17 (italic/bold)(Breath of Decisions)(Jarod Hunter)(Deviant Hunter)(Kara's Got A Gun)(The Centre Doll)(Under A Second Chance Tale)(Conduit Tale)(Demon Pride)(Best Man Steals the Bride)(Saving Mrs. Claus)(Betelgeuse)(Dead Shadow)(Just An Experiment)(Animaniacs Return)(Song of Paradox)


by Melanie @ 12/06/19 7:13 PM  
I am making this site shine as much as possible while it's the weekend. It will be getting stories on it before you know it. When the stories come, they might not be perfect, it's just copy/paste. I will work more on getting the first few chapters of each up instead of focusing on getting fifty chapters of the same thing up too at first.

If you are enjoying something though and you want more, use the contact me below and let me know. I'll get the chapters up faster. (If there are more chapters waiting.)