Melanie Ray too I suppose, and Serena Spacey. Serena Cooler. Violet Cooler. Yeah, they are all me.

I used to publish back in 2009. Every once in awhile I would come back out and try again. Then again. Then again. I would eventually have to quit though each time. I suffered through terrible migraines, and the stress of selling and writing and marketing just exacerbated it too much. I kept trying because I love to write, but the body cannot handle everything.

I eventually turned it off for what I thought was for good in early 2017. I didn’t even want to deal with the few nickels and dimes coming in from retailers so I took my books all down. I was disappointed in myself, and disappointed in some of my stories. The stress not only killed me, but some fantastic storylines I rushed. I went into writing free fiction for fun. Yes, authors do that. Although we tend to be in the minority.

Anyhow, I had found out what caused my migraines. While I still get some headaches, I am now in control. (Weather humidity increasing or decreasing rapidly mixed with gluten.) Gluten just made everything worse. When I quit gluten, I was free. I wasn’t stuck for three days in darkness and immense pain. It was over. It’s been over, but I felt such guilt about leaving everything.

So, I decided if I went back, I wanted to be more honest. If I had pen names, I wanted people to know about them. I wanted to take the series I botched up and make the books stand alone respectively and sing just for themselves. Less series, less storyline, more adventures. More fun! More plot. I even accepted my skeleton in the closet book. (Death by Cake) and restructured it’s two books in the series afterward into one. (Sweet Cure.)

Life is an unsure journey. I want to take the risk of riding that journey onward, because when you are gone, the words you wanted to write? Will never be written.

I now go under one pen name, Melanie Ray Rodriguez. (Melanie Ray Spacey Rodriguez is too long.) It’s a harmony of the names that have meant the most to me, including my maiden name. It is long, but I wanted the name to be . . . a part of all of the real me’s it took to get here.:) (Ooh! MRS Rodriguez! Oh, now I come up with that. Pfft Shorter too. Eh?)

Yeah, I need to just stick with writing no matter the case.:)