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Summary: Loving freedom, but knowing he can’t just let innocent new pretenders live their life in The Centre, Jarod makes a decision. With no plan to get out, and only the small trust of Miss P’s team to protect his sims, he and Parker will give new meaning to Sleeping With the Enemy.

Okay, this story is more tricky. For one, it was separated into three different stories on the site Missing Pieces (well, two different as of this writing) because I wanted to see how it did. I realized that splitting the story didn’t make it any easier. (It involves some stuff from the novels, but not much) and people seemed to follow either one just fine. So from now on, I am not separating it at other sites. Only on Missing Pieces.)

On Missing Pieces they are actually called Chameleon Contraceptive, Camille. Leanne. Parker and the third is Untitled (not up yet.)

Also, it is called Chameleon Contraceptive originally, but when I make a more subtle version for, even that name would be too naughty.:) So it is now Chameleon Protection.

It comes in three parts on Missing Pieces Though. Chamelon Contraception, Camille. Leanne. Parker. And Untitled (I haven’t made the third part yet. I don’t know if I just want to join it with part three or not or make it an official trilogy over there yet.

Reading the novels over again, I realized like with Unexpected Changes, that the ending probably wasn’t coming anytime soon. It’s been about 2013-2014 since we’ve had a new Pretender novel, with one graphic novel still having only one viewing sneak peek and nothing else. (Shattered Doll.) After cruising around on Missing Pieces and seeing there was nothing there made for the novels too?

Well, I decided to take on a more ambitious Pretender project. I always thought Unexpected Changes was the only one I would do, so I could have a cannon like ending to the series in my head. It turned out it wasn’t though, I did have more thoughts and it all started to open up once I started to read the novels again. The characters were so abruptly different. I mean, yes, they were similar to their TV counterparts, but the thing I liked about the novel? This was the creators creation. They had full control, not some TV execs. It didn’t need to be a certain way to appear on ABC or NBC. (I’m sorry, it’s been so long, I don’t remember which one it had been.) Anyhow, yes it was them?

But it wasn’t them. They didn’t have to treat the series with kiddie hands for censors and we got to see the true characters they wanted. The depth of Miss Parker, I love her in the novels. She is so much worse, and yet, you know there is something to it all. Same as Jarod. He’s got that naive innocence but dropping him straight down into Harlem, it changed him. He was sweet, yet his manic side, I could see it easier in the novels. My portrayal of him in my work is still not half as good as he was in the novels. His intelligence, it’s beyond transparent with the words and procedures he uses.

I also thought the new characters were kind of neat (I loved Daphne), and it felt almost like an alternate universe, a more modern universe where things were not even half as easy as it was in the 90’s. Technology has come a long way, and I really wanted to show it in this book. I also knew though that not everyone who loves Pretender bought or read the novel, and I still wanted to make it enjoyable to them. I think that’s another reason I tried dividing the story but on other sites kept it together. It seemed to be the same amount, novel or not. They just wanted their Pretender, 90’s or novelwise.

I do have plans to re-enter the novel world of Pretender again, and I do have a third part to Chameleon Protection coming soon as well. I just can’t stay away from that world. It just makes the world of Pretender feel newer again, and it only inspires new ideas for new books.