Loving freedom, but knowing he can’t just let innocent new pretenders live their life in The Centre, Jarod makes a decision. With no plan to get out, and only the small trust of Miss P’s team to protect his sims, he and Parker will give new meaning to Sleeping With the Enemy.


Okay, this story is more tricky. For one, it is separated on Missing Pieces because I wanted to see how it did. I realize now that splitting the story didn’t make it any easier. (It involves some stuff from the books, but not much) and people seemed to follow either one just fine. So from now on, I am not separating it at other sites. Only on Missing Pieces.

Also, it is called Chameleon Contraceptive originally, but when I make a more subtle version for ff.net, even that name would be too naughty.:) So it is now Chameleon Protection.

It comes in three parts on Missing Pieces Though. Chamelon Contraception, Camille. Leanne. Parker. And Untitled (I haven’t made the third part yet. I don’t know if I just want to join it with part three or not or make it an official trilogy over there yet.