Conduit Tale

Souls and Science can be an unforgiving bitch.

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Hopeless and in despair, Sans never thought he could escape the resets and continues caused by FRISK that tormented his life. But, when he thinks the kid is possessed and stops FRISK once and for all he finds out ... that he never really knew anything after all.

No more resets. No more saves. No more hiding. Life will never be the same for the Underground.

Relationship: Because of the nature of the way this fanfiction works, there are several Frisks. He knows all of them, but Sans only falls for one, and she is definitely over the age of 18. This doesn't blossom until some time later though, as this is way more than a sweet romance. Buckle up for some tragic dramatic scifi-twisting to the fantasy world of Undertale!

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Used to be penned under Serena Spacey, Hence the title cover.

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction
Tags: Complete, Undertale
Length: Complete at 215,769 Words
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