Under Infusion Tale

Monster Marriage is A Complicated Thing

Monsters may be free, but there is a high price to pay for the one that freed them. Deciding Frisk is better off being a mystery, the monsters leave it alone for 14 years. Until Frisk is discovered. Undyne and Sans try to reach her in time, but she is left with a fatal wound. With even boss monsters unable to heal her, Sans heals her the only way left.

However, that was part of Gaster's plan . . . but Flowey was not. The result is wedding bells ringing twice for Frisk. Once to Asriel . . . and once to Sans?

*Frisk and Sans eventually.

About the Book

Penned under Serena Spacey once, hence the author name on the cover.

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Fanfiction.net (Teen)


Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Tags: Complete, Undertale
Length: Complete at 113,827 Words
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