Under Reverse Tale (AKA Under Second Chance Tale)

Do you think that the worst person can change?

Frisk has been locked up for four years for trying to commit Genocide on the Underground. After another child comes down, she feels compelled to help and earns herself a new role: She defends the Underground from the human children trying to destroy it. Yet, there is a reason they all passionately keep going. Once an accident occurs, Frisk has to risk a messed up reset to let the Underground survive. It kills all current monsters and brings the old she had once killed back to life. Frisk will do whatever she can along with Sans and Papyrus to get to the surface and make the guilty pay to stop the falling children and end the Underground's torment.

However, not everyone is happy about being killed by her, and Frisk now faces a bitter Undyne and her Royal Guard suite, bent on exacting justice too. Against her.

About the Book

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Genre: Action Adventure/Romance
Tags: Incomplete, Undertale
Length: Incomplete
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