Why are the Time Painters and Parallel Time Travelers . . . parallel? (I know it’s a mouthful.)

This series, in the beginning, tried to make it’s way through winding dimensions, not just planets. It held every genre, and had sweet mixed with some terribly sexy stuff. It made it impossible to market, and those who liked one thing, was bound to hate the other eventually. Confusing and complicated, even I had trouble reading through it sometimes, instead of just enjoying it. While it’s nice to think while you read, the purpose of reading is to enjoy it.

It just didn’t work. I loved my characters, but to go from sweet and whimsical to hard and dark? It didn’t work. Plus, dimensional other selves visiting other selves, I knew I couldn’t do that. So when I came back to publishing? I was bringing it back, but in a way that the genre crowd who read my work (Romance) would appreciate.

Time Painters

Soft and lighthearted, I keep it as nice as I can because our repeatable little MC’s are between children/tween/teen at any given time. 12-16. The higher end of age could encourage more, but when a series doesn’t go further than those ages? Oh dear. You can’t advertise sexy times with child time travelers. Does not happen. Let alone with a dash of horror, not happening. I also lightened up their past, and made their travels and scenes more integrated into who they were helping if I could.

They have small parts, but are repeatable little additions that keep it all in balance.

Parallel Time Travelers

Is there any doubt seeing why I separated them? For one, you can’t have a romance and deal with everything that happened beforehand. No. That’s genre confusion. Instead, the Parallel Time Travelers will talk about flashbacks every once in awhile, but stay the course. A story can’t be everything, and I know what I want these to be. While dark, they also bring in the light. Light into new paths. Light to a character who’s suffered through hell, to get a second chance to make things right. A second chance for a character who was always seen as evil, to have the chance to be seen as good.

It used to focus from light to dark to light. Now it’s dark to light only, which makes the atmosphere breathable. Open. A fun world to start visiting.

I also played with different ideas with dimensions (Time Painters meeting the Parallel Time Travelers). That will eventually happen and having selves meet selves without a clear definition of what is going on, is ultimately too confusing on the head.

So it’s easy to see why I changed them. I am coming back. I will bring them back, but I will bring them back right. In a way everyone can enjoy them.

(There are other arcs that were within them that didn’t include the travelers. They are being made into their own stories.)