Author Melanie Ray
Writing is My Thing
What is Experience?

You will see a classification on the stories called Experience. This is it in more detail.

I debated on this decision. It's a tough one but I decided to go ahead and do it. I have been writing for years, ever since my first year of college. That would be the second half of 1999. I was there for the creation of fanfiction.net and I lived in a time where I expected six comments the next day after posting a short. It was different back then.

And I wrote terribly.:) My writing style hadn't been found, and it's very uneven and the way it's presented. It is just like any other person who just started writing fanfiction in high school.

But I don't want to hide it, I want to preserve it. I never deleted it after all these years from ff.net. Not only did I come from a different state of mind so I can never reproduce them again but?

It gives encouragement to young writers out there. So many times authors hide their worst works, and won't let anything be seen without expensive editors fixing it first. So you don't get to see the cold, hard truth. Everyone starts out the same way, the same level. It is with practice that our stuff gets better. If you are writing and you feel inadequate or you are scared to put your work out, check out my early work.

Practice and experience makes a huge difference in all things. Never be afraid of sharing your vision. Over the years, it might start small, but you don't even need any kind of training. Pick up some books, read, pick up some writer helper books if you want. Show don't tell books helped me and grammar books. But? Just practice. Just stay with it.

You serve an important purpose to someone out there with your words. There is a reason libraries were invented to serve the public. Don't forget that.