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PDF downloads

This option is for If you have problems with vision, or really prefer to read it via an ereader.

If you want to have a ebook download of my work (original or fanfiction), you are welcome to it.

For Fanfiction: You can go to my stories on Archive of Our Own: and get the whole story in a PDF format to read. Just click a story and then hit the download button in the menu.

Original is more tricky, I don't even want to put it on a free publisher and get singed anymore, so do this instead:

Use the contact me form and fill everything out. I will get back in contact with you. I will need the name of the book.I will only do this for completed stories.

I will only do it for stories in the form they are in at this site. I might be slow at getting it back to you, depending on how long the story is and how busy I am. I am a teacher/coach to my daughter at home, and school hours are important to keep. I used to publish professionally so I can make the book look fairly nice, however there is no editing/additional material inside of it. Some of the original work is at that standard, but not all of it.

Turning it into audio (fanfic or original):

Feel free to grab chunks of story and copy/paste into natural reader or another sounding vocal place to hear your stories instead.

Do not try and publish the original stories yourself:It wouldn't get you very far. Trust me.:) You will lose more money than you make. Why else would I give out my original books in this way? LOL.

Do not try and publish the fanfiction either obviously. My story is already in the most popular places so there is no need to. If you have a place you wish it were published at, contact me and I will add it to my list to check out for publishing.

Feel free to make copies of the download I send you to family/friends. I don't create some limit or barrier. It's all good fun.