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Published Samples [1]
Sample Chapters along with Behind-the-Scenes Information.
Just For Fun [4]
Just for fun no profit. Hobby Writing based off of TV shows, Games, and Movies.
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Free to Read Limited Time Stories/ Extra Stories for Published Books.

Published Books
Books will come quite fast as I am hitting publish on the books again. Mostly changing back matter. These are my older books. My newer books will take more time to come out. When they come out, I will add more information about it with links.

An Apocalyptic Fairytale Series

Saving Mrs. Claus (Out Soon)
Missing Cupid (Out Soon)
Paradox Valentines (Out Soon)
Project Wolf (Out Soon)
Paradox Wolves (Out Soon)


Smoke Bomb (Out Soon)
Sweet Cure (Out Soon)
Runaway Blaze (Out Soon)
Shadow (Out Soon)