1,000 years ago:

“It’ll be alright,” Sans insisted to his little brother. They both looked nervously ahead of themselves. “We are monsters. No biggie. We’ll be fine.”

“But everyone’s gone. Everyone’s gone,” Papyrus insisted. “Gone.”

“King Asgore made it. He’ll make sure we all survive okay,” Sans said, trying to bring some kind of ease to his little brother. They were scooted more forward though. Quicker and quicker.

“Is this it, Brother?” Papyrus asked him. “Tell me if it’s it? Are we going to be dust?”

“No, no way,” Sans insisted. He picked up his little brother, noticing the humans were getting more demanding of the speed. Sans was only about 8, and his little brother was 4. And they were all they had of each other now. “We’ll be okay.”

He looked down at the hole uneasily. “We’ll be okay.”

800 Years Ago:

“I am the same age as the princess today,” Papyrus said to Sans. “We are both eight. Does she play with skeletons?”

Twelve-year-old Sans shrugged. “I don’t know. Probably best not to mess with royalty though.

600 Years Ago:

“Don’t do this! Really, please?!” The human cried out as fourteen-year-old Sans handed it toward Undyne. “No, please! No!”

“Sorry,” Sans said softly. He meant it. He couldn’t do anything. The child didn’t know how strong it was, and they didn’t have a choice but to send it to King Asgore. If they didn’t, it could take out the rest of the Underground.

400 Years Ago:

Sixteen-year-old Sans didn’t want to do it as he saw another human going over the bridge. He just went through this not too long ago, but Papyrus was just ahead. He had to get it to Undyne before his little brother saw what happened.

20 Years Ago:

“Sans, be alert!” Papyrus shouted toward him.

Sans was minimally on alert, but he wished he didn’t have to be alert at all. He just caught a human nearly three months ago, and he just spotted another one. You’ll be number six. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right. But once it learned its power, it could wipe them all out. I was born monster, forced to live down here. You were born human, forced to fall and have this happen. Nothing can be done.

Just one more time after this. That would be it, just one more time. It was a little girl, pigtails, red hair too with glasses. They were all so young. At this rate, he wouldn’t even be twenty-four before he could breathe the sweet smell of fresh air again.

“Is momsy and popsy coming home soon?” Juleyard asked from his pencil drawing. “I can’t help it. Popsy is following momsy, and I don’t know why.” Juleyard said. “Al?”


Al was busy putting a puzzle together. “This spot here.”

Not there.

“Is too, it’s yellow,” Al said as he placed the piece. “Well, not quite.”

Hammer it in.

“I would never hammer it in,” Al complained. “Be nicer.”


That’s not smart, Flowey. Sans’ll figure it out.

He’s refused to look at you in days. He’s too scared you’ll find out he killed me. Makes everything perfect. Besides, I know how to handle Smiley Trashbag.

“His names Pop-pop, and this won’t last forever,” Al said to him again. “Once he knows you and Chara are kind of in me and Jule. Things aren’t gonna be real smooth.”

“I think Papyrus is more onto us than Sans,” Juleyard said as he moved toward Al. “I try to act like myself as much as possible at the beginning of the day. Oh and at lunch too.”

“Yeah, but nothing lasts forever,” Al reminded Juleyard. “Eventually, they aren’t going to be fooled. Then what?”

I don’t know. I saved Frisk with my power and Chara’s. He’ll have to give me a break there, right?

“Chara did not ask for that,” Al said. Chara tended not to be so interactive. She wasn’t exactly happy with what Flowey had done. Al had always been able to speak telepathically with his brother. It was a skelebros thing according to his dad and uncle. But now, he didn’t hear Jule. He heard Flowey.

Flowey had stolen Chara’s power, and his power, and gave almost all of it to his mom to increase her chances of living. Which was great, but Flowey didn’t quite do what he wanted.

Flowey told his momma that the next time she saw him, he and Chara wouldn’t recognize her, and he was almost right. Flowey was still technically there, but the Flowey Al knew was fading away little by little in memory. He was getting closer every day to his living self. Asriel.

And Chara? Well, that was a whole other . . . thing.

So far, Al’s momma hadn’t recognized anything. She was too consumed with her own problems, just like Sans. Al and Juleyard wanted to tell, but at the same time, they didn’t. What happened, it shouldn’t have happened, and there was more to it than just voices. Ever since they each seemed to join. Flowey with Al. Juleyard with Chara. They seemed to be even changing each other. So, slow and easy would be the best way to handle it.

If they could keep their Uncle Papyrus in the dark, but it wasn’t easy. A lot of the old pent up Chara and Flowey still existed making fooling anyone-

“How are you kids doing?!”

“Ah!” Juleyard bumped his pencil.

Al looked toward his Uncle Papyrus, standing right in the doorway, and smiled. Yeah. He was a lot closer, he didn’t have guilt riding on him. He completely opened the door on purpose, to see if anything was wrong. He could get away with that, since it was his room too. “Chilling. We’re chilling.”

“Oh. Good.” Yet, his Uncle still didn’t look impressed. “Tonight, Mettaton is giving your mother a break. I am starting a fabulous supper for us downstairs. We all deserve one big family night. With conversation.”

“Uh?” Al looked toward Juleyard, who looked back toward the pencil in his hand. “No? I mean, big supper? Like pasta oriented?”

“Like conversation oriented,” his Uncle Papyrus said back to him. “A lot has happened in the last few days, and for some reason, I feel more alone. I thought Sans’ job would have helped, but he sounded sad on the phone when I spoke to him. Frisk has not been in the right mood either.”

“Sounds like something that should be delayed then,” Juleyard said. “Let’s save it for another day. We can just go out, and we’ll be close to in bed by the time they get back.”

“Yeah, we need beauty rest,” Al agreed.

“ . . .” Papyrus looked from one to the other again. “I think there’s been a little too much rest. Now? I just want to do something real quick before I am preoccupied for hours downstairs.” He strolled over toward their art corner and picked up a couple of papers. “Very nice artwork. I will show Sans.” Papyrus seemed to have a stack of papers in his hands already. “I will see you two. Tonight. Around six, I will call you down. Do not be late, and no pretending to be sick either.”

Al scratched his nose. “Six?”

“After six,” Papyrus said, “but before it gets late.”




Papyrus tried to keep his spirits up as he grated cheese over the pasta. It was much less icy, a little warmer, and more cozy. It often made him feel better, but he felt quite odd. He knew something was going on with everyone. Everyone was keeping him in the dark.

Sans was happier that day, but that phone call that he was bringing Frisk home earlier because ‘he messed up’ made him sound terrible. It sounded like Frisk would feel terrible considering she lashed out at Sans.

And if that wasn’t enough, his nephews. His own nephews! Papyrus had ideas about what could be wrong, and it made grating cheese harder to deal with. He didn’t want to give into his thoughts. Sans and Frisk were too self-absorbed to see that the children were acting strange, especially towards the end of the day. They had both even started to get tired by 7:30.

Juleyard. Sleepy at 7:30? They claimed it was human sickness, but Papyrus had looked at them. They seemed well enough. Then Juleyard said it was stress, and they hardly came down.

He doubted that. He doubted it very much, and now that they were all having a night of open conversation? With the power of pasta, he was going to get to the bottom of things.


5:45 . . .


Papyrus smiled as Frisk and Sans arrived by the door. “How was the first day of working together?”

“Eh.” Sans shrugged. “No biggie.”

Of course, Frisk looked down herself. “It wasn’t the best day. I really just want to go lay down.”

“No, not tonight,” Papyrus said. “You have been healthy as a figurately human horse thing.” He gestured to the kitchen. “I made a big family meal! The kids will be down in a few minutes.”

Sans scratched his skull. “Not really in the mood. Think I’ll just grab something and eat upstairs for a bit.”

Well, get in the mood. Papyrus knew Sans wouldn’t be in the mood, but there was only one thing that would get Sans to stay, and that would keep Frisk from being so self-absorbed. Guilt. “I slaved away all day long at a stove, and you can’t grant me a single peaceful dinner?! I’ve been in here for hours, making the finest meal imaginable for you two as soon as I heard you would be home tonight!”

“Oh.” There we go. Sans shuffled his feet. “Mm. Okay, sorry. Um. Didn’t mean to be so selfish.”

“It’s not . . . um.” Frisk rubbed her ear. “Fine, okay. A quick bite to eat.”

“Great. Go to the table and I will get your kids,” Papyrus insisted. “Unless Sans would rather get them? Give them a ride downstairs?”

“Nah, it’s fine,” Sans said glumly. “Gonna wait over by the table with Frisk.”




“Suuup.” Al came over by Frisk and sat down next to her. “Um. Grubby grub. Yum.”

Juleyard didn’t make a sound as he sat on the other side of Sans.

Hm. Yes, whatever this was all about, Papyrus was getting to the bottom of it tonight. “Here everyone, here is bread.” He laid it out and watched them all.

No one really reached for the bread. Papyrus fetched the pasta. Sans begrudgingly reached for the bread first.

“Looks great, Papyrus.” His voice didn’t reflect his words. Frisk reached for the bread too. Then, Al. But, Juleyard didn’t.

“Jule,” Al said firmly. “Have some bread.”

“No.” Juleyard sniffled. “Shut up.”

Oh. Papyrus looked toward Sans and Frisk. Any correcting from them?

“Hey, you be nicer to your brother.” Good. Sans wasn’t as bad as Papyrus had thought.

“My brother’s an idiot,” Juleyard. “He’s a whiny, stupid . . .” Juleyard sniffled more.

Sans put down the bread. Even Frisk lifted her eyes to look towards Juleyard.

“Juleyard,” Frisk said, looking toward her son. “Honey, what’s wrong? You never say that.”

“Nothing’s wrong.” Yet, Juleyard still seemed upset. “I’m just, I don’t want bread. Is it wrong not to want bread? Do I have to feel bad about it?” He was wiping his nose on his sleeve. “I hate noses. I hate eyes. I hate this! I hate you!” Juleyard flew off the handle, jumped off the chair and ran outside.

“What?” Frisk ran after her son. Sans followed not too far behind.

“Dangit.” Al followed Juleyard out. “I guess it couldn’t last forever.”


Frisk approached Juleyard in the snow. What was wrong? She always knew when something was wrong with Juleyard. He was an emotional boy who could never keep anything inside. Maybe I missed it. Maybe I’ve been too upset. Lack of Flowey. Lack of forgiveness to receive. She even laid her burden down on Sans, when she shouldn’t have. Now, her most emotional boy was going through something, and she didn’t understand what. “Juleyard, honey? Talk to momsy?”

“I can’t. I don’t want to. I don’t want any of this.” Juleyard wept outside, sitting in the snow. “I want it back to the way it was. I don’t want to feel. Why does he have to feel so hard?” He rubbed his eyes.

“Stop,” Al instructed. “Don’t. Don’t start that.” Now, Al was starting to cry, but he was trying to hide it. “You’re making things worse!”

“You made things worse! You never even asked me!” Juleyard yelled through his sobs.

“Hey, hey, whoah. Easy, guys.” Sans tried to hold onto Al, but Al was outwardly rejecting him. “What’s wrong? Hey, come on.”

“Don’t. Don’t! Not now.” Al trembled. “I tried. I’m sorry. I’m sorry!” He fell to his knees and started to cry on the ground too.

Frisk tried to comfort Juleyard, while Sans tried to comfort Al. Neither of the children wanted to be touched though.

“What’s going on?” Sans huffed. “Al. You never get like this.”

“Sans.” Papyrus came up behind him holding some papers. He took off the magic holding the chains of Frisk together. Right now, Asgore wasn’t going to be terribly upset if he found out she was free to comfort her children. At least he hoped so. Now, back to business. “This is why we needed to have a dinner. I want to know what you’ve been hiding. You need to tell me, Brother. Because I have a sneaking suspicion there was more than a little fight with Flowey.”

“Uh.” Sans looked around. “What . . . do you mean?”

“Is Chara still inside Frisk?” Papyrus outwardly demanded to know.

Frisk looked toward Sans.

“This isn’t the right time,” Sans warned Papyrus. “Not the right time at all.”

“No.” Juleyard blubbered slightly. “I didn’t . . . I wouldn’t choose this. I wanted.” He took fistfuls of snow and started to hit it to release his emotions. “I don’t want it! I don’t want it!”

“Want what?” Frisk begged to know from Juleyard. “Honey, please! Momsy is getting worried. I-I want to help.”

“No, don’t!” Frisk tried to hold him again.

“Sans!” Papyrus yelled at him again. “Tell me.”

“This isn’t the time,” Sans said to him again, more firmly. He tried to comfort Al. “Kid, what is wrong? What is it? You hardly ever cry. Not openly, not like this. You don’t get like this!”

“Sans!” Papyrus demanded once more.

“No, Chara’s not inside her!” Sans finally answered him. “I didn’t fight Flowey, he gave his and Chara’s will to the babies inside Frisk, okay?! Our kids, our next kids are gonna have a piece of them in there, okay?”

“No, they won’t. Look.” Papyrus gestured to the kids, and then gave Sans some papers he was holding. “I combined all the days up by the times they drew, Sans.”

Sans looked through the drawings. They were simple drawings, the usual he would see from Jule and Al. Usually pretty happy. Juleyard was even getting used to drawing Sans and Papyrus. But around the 4:30 mark, things changed.

Al’s drawing were flowers. Lots of little miniature little flowers. And goats.

Juleyard’s were of terrible things. Knives, crying children, and even Frisk? Young Frisk. An evil Frisk. And what wasn’t evil, was Toriel. Asgore? Another goat?

Sans kept skimming, then looked back at Papyrus.

Papyrus nodded his head at Sans. “Now, we can have a conversation.”


Frisk was still trying to hold Juleyard. “Honey, please. Momsy’s right here, baby, please. Sweetie? Please!” Frisk was starting to become desperate. “Please tell me what’s wrong? Momsy will make it better.”

“You can’t.” Juleyard cried out to the sky. “You can’t! No one can! And shut up, I don’t wanna hear you!”

Frisk felt such a deep hurt inside when she heard that. “Juleyard.”

“I’m not.” Juleyard rubbed at his eyes. “I’m sorry, Frisk. I don’t . . .” Juleyard slumped his body into the snow. “Souls hurt. Souls feel. Souls have emotions.” Juleyard reached for the snow. “I had LOVE to keep me warm. Now I’m so cooooold.”



Frisk felt Sans hand on his shoulder.

“I was wrong.” His voice sounded different. Sans gestured to Juleyard. “Flowey and Chara aren’t gone, they are more alive than ever. That’s why they are hurting.”

“What?” Frisk didn’t understand.

Sans bent down to Frisk on the ground. He gestured to Juleyard. “That’s not Juleyard. That’s Chara.”



Chapter Twenty Four


Pat kept his eye on the ball as it came at him. The last ball he had missed and a random tempie took it. That was the trouble with lots of kids, sometimes being able to kick a ball wasn’t as easy. He began to bend his knee, readying for the strike.

His foot didn’t connect with the ball as he felt immense pain. He screamed and fell down, a large slice on the back of his leg bringing him down.

“Pat, what happened?” Gregory ran over first along with a couple of small tempies.

“I don’t know, but it hurts!” Pat tried to get up and hobble, but tumbled down again.

“Nobody touch him!”

Zeke’s voice rang so loud that almost every kid in the nearby area stopped playing. He raced over to Pat. “Don’t. Move.”

“Zeke, my leg.” Pat continued to cry. “It hurts, I don’t know what it was. I was kicking a ball.”

“I know.” Zeke looked over at Gregory. “I need towels, a water pail and a mop bucket.” He looked around and spread his arms out. “No one gets anywhere near him. Don’t touch the blood. Did anyone touch the blood?” He looked from kid to kid, but no one stepped forward.

“Ha ha, you can’t catch me!”

Before Zeke could yell fast enough…

That was the thing about children. Full of youth, full of energy, and so full of life. Lost Secret was a giant playground and kids played everywhere. There were no boundaries. He couldn’t blame the tow head pigtailed girl that ran right on top of the blood, running for a game of tag.

Zeke knew he had to react fast as she continued to run. He quickly picked the girl up, yanked her shoes off and put her back down. “Don’t move, don’t touch any blood. No one touch anything.” He kept the shoes near him while spreading out his hands, signaling everyone back all the way across the bloody running shoes trail. He moved closer to Pat as Gregory brought over the towels.

“Zeke?” Pat watched Zeke clean him up in a less than caring manner. He cleaned him as if he had been contagious. “Zeke, I thought you were gone today?”

“Almost done, Pat.” Zeke cleaned him up as he wrapped his leg in gauze. “Now don’t move.” He picked up the pail and water, cleaning the streets. “Listen up.” He gestured to all the children. “No one will play on this corner. This area is off limits. Repeat.” He watched the children. “Repeat!”

“No one will play on this corner,” many of the children mumbled.

Zeke helped Pat up. “You’re coming to the rewot, Pat.”

“The rewot? You mean, like your sacred lair?” Pat repeated as Zeke picked him up. “Am I allowed?”


Violet watched the stranger as she heard the elevator. She turned and saw Pat. “Is he okay?”

Zeke nodded for him. “We made it back in the nick of time.”

Violet looked over at Pat. “Sorry, Pat. Did Zeke tell you anything?”

Pat looked over at Zeke, then back over at Violet. “No.”

Violet went over to Pat and bent down on one knee. “Pat, those wicked men who took you some time ago made you a carrier of JNSQ. That is what Zeke and I have. You yourself don’t have it, but something has happened to your blood. Anyone who touches it might develop it. Or so we’ve been told, I don’t genuinely want proof.”

“I’m contagious?” Pat looked over at Zeke. “That sounds scientifically impossible.”

“How is it possible that heroes have superpowers?” Zeke put his hand on Pat’s shoulder. “We need to be smart about this.”

“Oh.” Pat looked at Zeke’s hand on his shoulder. “Does that mean I can’t play anymore with the other kids, Zeke?”

“Not right now,” Zeke answered. “We’ll get it reversed, but until then, you need to stay here.”

Zeke took care of the details below the rewot, while Violet watched Pat.

“Is this it then? Am I not allowed to play anymore?” Pat asked again.

“Like Zeke said, we’ll figure it out. It’s too dangerous right now. If anyone touches you, it could turn sour. We don’t even know if it’s true yet.” Violet patted his hand. “It’s okay though. You can stay on the rewot, Zeke and I both have JNSQ. You’ll be fine.”


Zeke spent time trying to find a loophole for Pat. He could keep quiet for Sammy who only stayed a few days in the rewot, but Pat would not be a short or easy case. Zeke needed a reason that Violet and he could keep the boy up there. Even though he was in charge of Pat, he wasn’t in charge of the law on the rewot. One person finding out and he could be suspended.

Letting Pat stay below in Lost Secret was not an option.

“So, Z, what is it this time?” Violet asked as she looked over his shoulder. “Lie again?”

“We didn’t lie, we just didn’t make a big deal out of it last time,” Zeke said.

“Oh, does that make your conscience feel better?” Violet chuckled as she hit him on the shoulder. “Silly little boy, Z.”

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

“At least I don’t have to date villains to feel wanted,” Zeke teased her as he raised his voice in a mocking manner. “Oh, Timothy, never mind all your faults, you brought me roses.”

Violet pursed her lips together in a pout. “That’s not true.”

“Sure, honey,” Zeke continued to mock her, “and then we’ll go see that show tomorrow, but I have to stop you drawing faces on the kids with a marker right now.”

“He’s never done that,” Violet said.

“Yes he did, he did.” Zeke pulled up some charts in his computer profile. “See? Right there.”

“Oh geez, Timothy did that?” Violet blinked as Zeke tickled her side. “Hey!”

“That’s what horses eat.” Zeke grinned at her, large and toothy, then went back to the computer. “There should be something here, V. I don’t get it.”


“Wait.” Violet placed her hand on the computer screen.

“You can’t push a button on a computer screen,” Zeke teased again.

“I know that. Do I look like I don’t know that?” Violet said as she gestured to the computer again.

“What?” Zeke asked innocently.

“Do you need real glasses, Zeke?” Violet covered the send button on the screen. “An email explaining that Pat has a contagion, that both of us share, so we can keep him safe. That is what you’re about to send?”

“We need to tell them something,” Zeke said. “Move your finger.”

“I don’t think you should, I think they’d rather send him somewhere else…” Violet looked back at Pat. “It’s not a smart idea, Zeke.”

“What else can we say?” Zeke backtracked on his email message.

“He can’t stay down there, he could infect someone. He needs to be up here. We could keep it quiet for a little while. By the time they know, we’ll have something figured out.” Satisfied that Zeke would probably take her way, she smiled and watched Zeke’s phone vibrate. “Someone’s calling you.”

Zeke reached for his phone next to the computer. “Zeke? Hello?”

“Hi Hottie, is my sister there?”

Zeke groaned to Violet. “This is yours. Change your cover, it matches mine again.”

“I got my cover first,” Violet said. “Go get a rainbow color.”

Zeke held the phone tighter, then talked back into it. “I don’t know if she’s here right now.”

“Wait, who is that?” Violet reached for the phone, but Zeke kept it out of her grasp. “That’s my phone.”

“You change your color. You are Violet, make your phone violet too,” Zeke complained as he finally let Violet have the phone.

“I don’t know why you want pink,” Violet said as she picked the phone.

“It’s not pink, it’s light red.”

“It’s pink.”

“Is not.”

“Is too.”

“Is not.”

“Is too.”

“Violet, hello?!”

“Tracy?” Violet bonked Zeke’s hand lightly. “Why didn’t you tell me that it was my sister?”

“You didn’t say I had to.” Zeke stuck his tongue out at her.

Violet stuck her tongue out at him. “Hey Tracy, how have you been?”

“Oh, random, you know. Wabashaw took me for everything I had before he croaked. I live in a miniature apartment, and I’m stripping to make ends meet for Sammy,” Tracy said. “Did you hear that? I’m a stripper!” Zeke backed away from Violet some. “I show off my knockers for strangers now for good money!” Tracy yelled in the phone. “Did your Hippie Hottie hear that? I hope so. Is he uncomfortable?”

Violet scooted further away from Zeke too. “What do you want, Tracy?”

“Well, if me showing off my hooters and losing everything isn’t enough, then I don’t know. Maybe our lives? There’s some kind of monster plague going round. I mean monster, Violet. I watched a man literally melt to death in front of me during a lap dance!”

“Melt?” Violet’s nose and eyes squinted.

“I’m not asking for much, just a little help. I did try and get you out of everything. I did many admirable things for you over the years. At the very least, take Sammy out of Calibri. No one knows what is going on, and I don’t want to lose her to some mysterious disease. Not like we lost Kari.”

Violet groaned. “Tracy.” She looked over at Zeke. “Come down to Lost Secret, and we’ll talk about it.” Zeke mouthed something to her in surprise, but she ignored it. “Better hurry. I get off work soon, and you’ll need to talk to Timothy with me.”

“Violet, I know I don’t often say it, but thanks. We’ll be right down.”


Violet took the cover off the phone and handed it to Zeke. “Extra cover?”

“Change of heart?” Zeke smiled back at her. “Because of what?”

Buttering him up wouldn’t do any good, he already knew. “Tracy’s coming down. We might be housing Sammy again. Temporarily.”

Zeke moved closer. “This is a mean joke, right?”

“You heard her, I know you did,” Violet said as she wiggled the phone. “She’s a strip-”

“Yeah, I heard, and you need to turn the level on your phone down,” Zeke complained. “Is there any way you could tell Tracy not to call me Hottie while she is down here?”

“I know, I know.” Violet knocked the phone against her head. “After everything she’s done? What do you think?”

Zeke sighed. “I think she is your sister.” He waved his hand casually through the air. “Just because she made children lie and say I hurt them to put me on probation, that’s not much,” he said sarcastically. “Okay, we’ll deal with Sammy for a little while. Not forever though. We’ve already got Pat on board.”

“Oh, you remember me?”

Zeke and Violet looked behind them at Pat.

“Pat,” Violet smiled. “Hey, ummm…” She jiggled her fingers. With her and Zeke, she knew what to do in the rewot. Even with Sammy, she couldn’t do much. Pat would require something else. “How’s it going? Do you need to see your room? Your room, that’s right.” Violet stood up. “Go straight ahead, we have an extra mattress and blankets to the room on the right.”

“Yeah, but drag it away, Pat needs to go the groovy room!” Zeke lifted himself up out of the chair. “It’s got everything you’ll want. Games, videos, even exercise equipment.”

“The groovy room?” Violet walked behind him. “Isn’t he a little young for that room?”

“Not that groovy room,” Zeke warned her. “The groovy toy room. Come on Pat, want to play a game of Battleship?”

“Battleship? I’m terrible at Battleship,” Pat admitted as he was shoved into his room.

“That’s perfect because Zeke’s not good either,” Violet teased as she dragged the mattress in.

“I think I want to go to bed,” Pat settled on as he sniffed at the mattress. “Is it safe?”

“Here’s some blankets, and yes, it’s safe.” Violet laid some blankets over it, and Zeke topped it off with a pillow. “See you tomorrow, kiddo.”

“Sure. Since I can’t ever leave, I guess so.” Pat sniffed again and laid his head on the pillow.

“You will one day,” Zeke said, “promise. We’ll figure this whole thing out, and then you’ll be able to go back down and play again.”

“Sure.” Pat sniffed once more.

“Do you have a cold?” Zeke asked. “Maybe I should get you some more blankets.”

“He’ll be fine,” Violet said as she grabbed Zeke’s arm. “Goodnight Pat, we’ll be here.” She turned off the lights in the corridor and closed the door with Zeke. “He can’t stay here for long, we’ll have to find a way to cure him.”

“At least he can help out with Sammy?” Zeke tried to smile. “We have no more cribs, do we? All his family’s stuff was taken away, your meanie sister better give us something, man.”

“Well, man, I’m sure she will.” Violet scooted her shades up higher on her nose. “Come on, it’s been a tougher day than most.” She moved to the right to a door labeled Groovy Room.


Violet stared through her purple shades at the sky through the skylight on the rewot. It was a special filter that turned this part of the rewot into a greenhouse. It was filled with wonderful fruits, vegetables, as well as other things. One being what they were enjoying at the moment.

Lying on the ground, watching the night sky through purple hues and smoking some inspiration. She took a deep draw and let it go slowly, watching the smoke swirl in front of her. “Zeke, we’re going to have four people in the rewot soon.” She turned to see Zeke stare at the ceiling too. “At least it will be interesting.”

“That is a word,” Zeke chuckled. “Interesting. Eeenteresting.”

“Vedy Eenteresting,” Violet continued. “Here’s something else interesting. I know the little you in Lost Secret didn’t have this habit, wouldn’t be allowed. How’d you ever get to know this stuff?”

Zeke glanced at her once, then twice. “Mac,” he finally answered. “My personal reteaching instructor. He was a free spirit, like me. We kind of rubbed off on each other. It’s all natural.”

“It’s still illegal,” Violet said, “in other words you are being naughty.”

“So are you,” Zeke reminded her.

“I have no problem being naughty,” Violet teased him as she blew smoke through the side of her mouth. “Seriously, an instructor though? I wonder if Timothy would have been different if he met your Mac.”

“Timothy’s goals and physical weaknesses were taken into consideration,” Zeke reminded her. “He wanted the best knowledge, and to be the most normal of everyone. Mac’s school was laid back, they went out all over the world, and his staff didn’t even have schedules. They would never send him there.”

“You didn’t even have schedules?” Violet couldn’t help a small laugh. “Did you go to protests and stuff? I mean, just wondering.”

“I went wherever the instructor went,” Zeke answered. “Sometimes it was in the woods, out to the ocean, and…yeah sometimes we went to do rainforest protests, but it wasn’t all the time.” Zeke took a deep hit. “I learned enough to make it through,” he said as he slowly breathed out.

“I don’t know, Zeke, I mean, you are still here.” Violet gestured around her. “You still believe everyone is better off here, never growing up. No physical or emotional relationships?”

“I took the knowledge,” Zeke said blowing out the corner of his mouth, “but I never said I would apply it. Besides, the outside world is lifeless,” he said in a drawled monotonous tone. “It’s tedious out there. No playing, no real exercise, everyone’s overaggressive and overweight. Divorces, split custody, abortion, and accidental pregnancy. When you don’t experience the outside, then you don’t get in trouble.”

“Hm.” Violet rubbed her neck. “You do have me there. It’s a part of the risk, not everything is fantastic. I still remember my first kiss.” She rolled her eyes. “I was just a kid.”

“A kid? How old?” Zeke said as he turned toward her.

“Oh, eleven years old,” Violet said as she stared at the purple sky again. “Grade A jerk caught me between classes and planted one on me. I wiped the spit away while he ran giving a thumbs up.”

“You see what I mean?” Zeke coughed and lied back down straight. “There’s no respect out there. Something like a kiss, if one were interested, it shouldn’t be taken like that.”

“I took yours,” Violet reminded him.

“Yeah, but, that’s different,” Zeke said. “I approved it. It wasn’t that dreadful. Not slobbery.”

“Mine was slobbery,” Violet groaned. “I had a hard time wanting to get my own after that. I close mouthed kiss for a long time. A little annoying but JNSQ kind of kept them away when I got older.”

“You should reinsert,” Zeke said as he turned back to her. She had a funny, wide eyed expression on her face. “Change the memory’s feeling. Mac taught me that. Think about that moment again, and do something else entirely different. Instead of dwelling on how much you missed something or someone, just reinsert something else there.”

“It doesn’t really work that way,” Violet chuckled. “Sorry, I think Mac was on something at the time.”

“Try it. Remember,” Zeke pointed at her head. “Go back to when you were eleven. What you were wearing that day. The thoughts that plagued your mind back then. The look of the hallway you are walking down, the feel of people bumping you. What the ground felt like, the temperature around you.”

Violet closed her eyes for him and did as he said. It was actually an embarrassing, vivid memory of her childhood. The hallways were beige and the carpet was the ugliest shades of pink and yellow plaid. People whispered about their own lives as they accidentally brushed past her. She imagined the gum in her pocket she would chew in class when the teacher wouldn’t be looking. Her mind had been focused on a math test that day she hadn’t studied for.

“There. Now keep your eyes closed.”

Violet kept her eyes closed, but her concentration was breaking. He was talking about reinserting a memory, so was he going to try and kiss her? He wouldn’t. It was Zeke. She felt him move toward her and tried to still her heart (which was moving at a rapid pace). Zeke would know it wasn’t appropriate, not with her having a boyfriend. He would have been taught that, he knew that. He didn’t even like kissing. She felt him approach closer, his breath on her skin.

Violet started to laugh in strangled gasps as Zeke tickled both sides of her tummy. He knew exactly where she was the most ticklish at. “Zeke!”

“Say Diggery Doo does laundry at dusk,” Zeke laughed as he continued to tickle her.

“Diggery Doo!” Violet couldn’t concentrate as she tried to stop the tickling. “Does laundry at dusk!”

Zeke stopped and looked back at Violet. “There. Now remember being tickled when you have that memory instead.” He winked at her. “Slobbery memory closed.”

Violet turned away, still gasping in between. He may have been right. Instead of the slobbery feeling of an icky kiss when she thought of that hallway, she could feel Zeke tickling her. “You could have told me.”

“It wouldn’t have been as fun,” Zeke said. “Besides, I had to do something to help reinsert a new memory. What was I going to do?” He patted her on the back as they stood up. “Now, past bedtime. We need to get going.”

Violet coughed. “Probably right.” She proceeded to leave the groovy room beside him, but a part of her felt extreme guilt. As implausible as it would have been, a kiss from Zeke as a replacement would have been nicer.

Chapter Twenty Two


Violet, the Adventurer Sidekick, had recommended that Pat try to spruce up his new room with some drawings. Having lost his parents after his kidnapping, he wasn’t quite himself yet. However, like every other child in Lost Secret, he didn’t know them well in the first place.

Pat was a permie, but he never felt so permanent until now. He knew his parents didn’t want him living forever in Lost Secret. In fact, they had taken him away from all of this. To learn the business, to grow up and become the next in line after his father. That had been his future. Well, that future was gone.

The name Stanley, it was gone.

So, drawings. Yeah, it was all he had.

Pat started with a simple picture of a boy kicking a ball. Then he went and drew pictures of kids playing outside. Eventually, he found himself drawing what he used to: him in the future.

What he thought had been his future at least. Dressed up in a black vest with a green tie and business shoes. Growing up, running a large company. It was just a joke now. He looked over his shoulder, sensing Violet nearby. “Do you mind?”

“Sorry, room was open,” Violet apologized from behind him. In her usual purple and goofy Adventurer Sidekick uniform, she joined him on the bed. “Nice drawings.”

Pat shrugged his shoulders. “At least they aren’t girly.” He jumped off the bed and hung one near the bedside wall. Violet handed him some tape as he hung it up.

“I’m sure we can help redecorate,” Violet offered. “Maybe Zeke has something he could lend you?”

Pat shrugged his shoulders again as he picked up another picture. He drew his arm back and stuck his finger in his mouth after the strike. Paper cut.

“I know how that feels,” Violet said. “Need a Band-Aid?”

“No.” Pat took the finger out of his mouth. It stung, but he didn’t need a little Band-Aid. He was getting babied enough by Violet. “Aren’t there any other kids who need bandaged up? Newbies needing to learn the rules?”

“Always.” Violet stood up. “I get the hint. Just tell me if you need something, okay? Anything at all.”

Pat nodded and watched her leave as he hung his art up on the wall. It didn’t improve the room, but decorating it wasn’t his main concern today anyway. There was nothing left to be concerned about. He left his room and headed outside. Seeing two tempies passing a ball back and forth, he headed to the middle of the road and watched them play. Tempies. They would always have a place to go. Pat stuck his hands in unfamiliar pockets. Zeke had picked him up some tempie wear. Pants and shirts used for kids who were dropped off with nothing. His clothes had been confiscated along with everything else of his families.

“Watch it.” Pat caught the tempies’ ball as it sailed to him. Ouch, it had even hit his new paper cut.

“Time to go.” The tempies parent grabbed the ball out of Pat’s hands without a thank you. “Come on, Matt and Terry.” He threw the ball into the back seat with his sons.

“You’re supposed to see Zeke before-” Pat didn’t bother finishing as the man closed his car door. That was a pet peeve to Zeke, parents picking up without warning. It wouldn’t be long before-yep, Zeke was right in front of the car, asking the driver to come out. A few minutes later they left, and Zeke walked over to him.

“Pat, how are you today?”

“I am fine,” Pat simply said. “Don’t worry.”

“I’m sure Violet worries for the both of us enough.” Zeke patted him softly. “Are you playing tag this afternoon?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.” Pat didn’t say anything else as he walked away.


“Lost Secret was awesome!” Matt said to his dad as he sat down for supper. “Can we come back when you guys have your next vacation?”

“I don’t know, it was expensive, and the Guardian was a pain in the ass. You’re my kids, if I want you out, I should be able to pull you out. Testy.” Matt’s dad stretched as he and Terrence shoved each other in the back.

“Ah. Be good or none of you get dessert.” Their mother scolded them as she dished out some chicken.

“Any pie?” Terrence asked.

“Any cake?” Matt added.

“I made tarts, and don’t complain. The cook doesn’t come back until next week. Until then, I am cooking.” Their mother grinned. “I used to cook when I was younger. I think it will be great.”

“Used to. It’s been years since I’ve ummm…been able to enjoy your cooking.” Their father cleared his throat as he looked at the chicken. “You did check the temperature?”

“Yes, they are fully cooked.” She humphed as she began to take off. “Eat or there won’t be any dessert.”

“That might be a good thing,” he said under his breath as he began eating the chicken along with some mashed potatoes and gravy.

“It’s not that bad,” Matt said. “Not that good, but not that bad.”

“What do you mean not that good?” Their mother dropped a plate of tarts on the table. “Jerks. That is real cooking, not chef cooking. You’re lucky I can even cook, your father doesn’t know a thing about food.” She sat down and began to eat her food. “One each.”

“Do we have to have one?” Terrence said, looking at the plate of tarts.

“They are homemade,” his mother said. “They’ll be delicious, I spent all day on them.”

Matt took a bite and laughed. “Funny, it tastes like those crescent rolls out of a can. Did you make the filling or is it out of a can too?”

His mother slapped down his napkin. “Technically, they are homemade. At least I tried.”

“Honey. They were joking?” Matt’s father looked at him. “Still a little frozen, but you shouldn’t have done that.” He groaned as he looked at the plate of tarts. “Dig in, boys.”


Matt’s mother sighed as she waited in her room. It was difficult enough not having her cook there, he was still on his own vacation. She used to be able to make passable food, and it had tasted acceptable to her. It was terrible that they couldn’t respect it. If they hadn’t been born with silver spoons in their mouths, maybe her kids would understand better. She spent an hour in her room, waiting for one of them to apologize. After another fifteen minutes, she left her room. How dare they not apologize, it’s not easy to prepare dinner. She stomped her way to the dining room and opened the door.


The last thing she had witnessed at the gruesome scene in front of her before she fainted was one lone sweet tart on the floor, covered in blood.

Chapter Twenty One


“Lost Secret.” Elon cracked his knuckles as he stared out his window. “Finished, mark it as finished.” His hands reached for his collar and fixed it, in a gesture of confidence. If Shari Kari had given in, he wouldn’t have made it so grim. As long as she had yanked him along though? As much time as that stupid Kiddie had taken keeping her hidden away? They both had to pay.

Besides, Kiddie nor Violet would ever do anything. They were soft, not real heroes. They were closer to the babysitters of Lost Secret. There was nothing to fear except maybe a little jail time.

There were no signs of the plan working yet, Stanley Wabashaw had been like his father: Careful. No matter how careful the boy was though, the inevitable would happen.

All the protection and security of Lost Secret would shatter.

The relationship between Shari Kari and Kiddie would be finished.

Elon picked up his martini and stirred it as he listened to the radio. News was boring and the usual. Some petty crime here and there, nothing significant. Patience, it would show up.


He brought the martini to his mouth envisioning his next step. The nickname Delostean would be forgotten forever, as his new expert position would put him over everything: Even his mother and father’s reputation would be overshadowed.

The news would come, Shari Kari would come, and even Kiddie would not be able to stay away. They would all come, but he would wait.

All he had to do was wait.

And now, the end of the fluff. Hang on everybody, we’re colliding into something.


fun level 74 Original MC Sans and Frisk


“Come on, Shnookums.”

“I . . . I don’t want to.” Frisk looked toward Sans. She stared at the light loafers on her feet. He was carrying her. He’d been carrying her for three days now.

She had to eat her meat almost burnt. Her showers weren’t even lukewarm. Even her clothes, her clothes. What was wrong with her clothes? He wanted her to stay in long flannel pajamas. Frisk tried to talk to him. She couldn’t leave Sans. It wouldn’t be right, and who knew what it would do to him mentally?

He didn’t have Papyrus anymore. He didn’t have Grillbys. He had Alphys, but they couldn’t even talk about the Underground.She couldn’t leave, but . . . she did it all when she was younger. She left all the monsters alone. No matter what they did, she dealt with it and overcame. But Sans? It was like, a whole different person over time. And today, she swore it was like . . .he was gone.

“Don’t worry about it, Shnookums,” Sans said as he sat her down on the couch. “Everything’s fine. No need to worry about that old place ever again. All you gotta do is not hurt yourself, have the babies, and I’ll take the little human one and get it all taken care of. Then you can just rest it alllll off.”

Did . . . did he just? “The babies will be born. I will be fine to help.” Please. Please, no. She was on month three, and she could barely even recognize her jokey Sans anymore.

She’d kill to hear one of his off-color dirty jokes. If only he could have stayed Underground with her. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t be any different. A pun. One pun.

Alphys said he’d become more protective, and that he would change. But she never believed it would be like this.

Even his little light guiders. It was like she was staring straight through him, but no one was staring back. No one. “How about a date again, Will?” Frisk wasn’t one to jump in the sack with anyone, but at this rate, she was getting extremely worried. She didn’t just want to ask for anything like Alphys wanted her to, but at the same time? She didn’t want to see her Sans like this anymore. They tried a date earlier. Her insistence. If she could get a couple of dates beneath them, then maybe it wouldn’t feel so awkward to eventually do what Alphys suggested.

Because she couldn’t do this anymore. She was drawing a line. It started small. Then it was annoying. But now, she couldn’t even see Sans . . . inside Sans.

“Oh, that’s sweet,” Sans said. He moved toward her, like he was going to give her a kiss. Then just stopped. “Maybe later, Shnookums, the food channel is fixing healthy salads today. You’ll need that for the baby.”

Frisk looked on the other side of her and saw Alphys. One thing she didn’t understand though. “Rose?”

Stared at her. In a different way, but still just stared at her. She walked across the floor, sat down in a chair, and just stared at the television.

Sans changing was one thing, but why was Alphys changing so much too? Sans had a pen and a paper taking notes as he watched the food channel.He looked back toward her. “What’s wrong, Shnookums?”

Maybe. Maybe just something small. “So. Will you tell me something?”

“Your phrasing is wrong there,” Sans said. “You forgot the word can.”


And it was at that moment that she knew.

She knew. Only one person was that dull to understand a joke. Only one. “Let him go.”

“What’s wrong, Shnookums?” Sans asked, staring right through again.

“Yes. What’s wrong.” Alphys sounded even worse. “Shnookums. Oh. Wrong one.”

“Right one.” Sans continued to stare straight at her. “Don’t worry. Like I said. I’ll take care of the human when it’s born. Nothing to worry about.”

Frisk tried to move, but Sans got up.

“Can’t hurt yourself,” Sans said. “Sit down, Frisk.”

No doubt. No doubt. “Caleb, damn you, he’s my friend. What are you doing?”

“Oh.” Sans chuckled. “Finally figured it out, huh? Well, don’t worry, Frisk. I’m not here to hurt you. Like I said before, I want to help you rescue the Underground. Leave it to me. I’ll free the Underground, and then you can be with me. Just like you said you would when I freed it. Right?”

“That was before I was . . . well, Will is the father.” Frisk stared at him. “Are you using a disguiser?”

“Oh no, no, this is the big bony lug.” He waved his fingers. “I’m just kind of experimenting with him. Want to make sure his monster instinct didn’t go too far in the wrong direction, you know? Can even kinda get his personality to twitch around in there when I give him a little . . .” Sans grabbed his head and then let go of it. “The more I let his true personality come through though, Shnookums, the worse I get at control. Now.” Sans sat back down. “Sit down and let’s find you a way to make a healthy salad.”

“You are psycho!” Frisk said. “If you want to help free the Underground, then leave us alone! You have no right to take over the minds of my friends.”

“Chill, Frisk,” Sans said. “It’s fine. It’s not like I just dug right in and took over. I’ve been working on them for months, so that I wouldn’t hurt the monsters head.”

“Where are you?” Frisk demanded. “Where are you? How are you able to do that? How did you find us?”

“Well, Sans was pretty good about the whole disguising thing, and the name changing too. Never talking about the past, very helpful to your cause. Except.” Sans held his bony finger up in the air.”Once a punner, always a punner. Although I don’t understand the concept that well, my associates did. Once we saw which suspect monster had been found making a good degree of puns, it wasn’t too hard.”

“Let go of his mind.” Sans. Her precious Sans, manipulated by Caleb. For how long? For how many months? Working slowly over months. “Did you get Rose to tell me I had to sleep with him as some kind of sick joke?”

“Wh-what?” Sans took a step back. “No, of course not. I don’t want you touching this monster. You’re supposed to be mine.” She swore she heard him scoff. “He’s not worth it. Trust me, if someone good comes along to take care of you, he’ll back off. I know. I’m in his mind.”

How was she going to free him? It was clear Caleb planned on taking care of her, and that he wasn’t going to give their position away, but she didn’t want Caleb taking over Sans and Alphys. It wasn’t right. He seems to still be obsessed. I don’t know where he is, but I need him to leave it to get Sans back under his own control. 

“No, Shnookums.” Sans shook his head. “I don’t have to be in your brain to know what you are thinking. Even if you did manage to break him and Alphys out of here, where are you going to go? Only I know about you here.”

“Except that you’ve said our real names several times,” Frisk warned him.

“Oh. Oh yeah.” Sans shrugged. “Monsters might be watching you for those as keywords. I guess I forgot a bit. Well, it’s no problem. We can all pack up in the car and head on out.”

“To you?” Frisk questioned him. “You expect me to come to you?”

“Not much choice.”

There was always a choice. Caleb is still obsessed. Sans is completely taken over now. Alphys is so out of it, it’s like he put her in some standby mode. There was no choice. “Come on, Sans.” Frisk moved closer to him and hugged him.

It worked on her. Would it work on him? Would it help free him? At the very least, it might make him feel better. Frisk gently opened his mouth and tried to run her tongue along the back of his teeth.

She felt his whole body tense up instead of relax. She stopped and looked back at him.

“Frisk, don’t do that,” Sans said. “Don’t do that! Why are you kissing a monster? Don’t!”

Frisk came back over toward him and tried again. His body tensed up again, but then relaxed this time. She tried to get every tooth. She had no idea how it worked, but she wanted to make sure she got every tooth.

When she moved away and looked back toward Sans, she could swear she saw his old self in his light guiders.

“Don’t. Frisk.” Sans trembled. “Why do you keep kissing this . . .” he stumbled back and grabbed his head.

Then, she watched as he grabbed her and started to run.

“Run faster,” Sans demanded as he swung her outside and practically used his magic to open the car doors. He used his magic to loop the seat belt around her and him, and took off as quickly as possible.

Frisk looked back. “Alphys.”

“He’ll have a hard time getting me back,” Sans said to her as he squeezed the wheel. “He’ll probably use Alphys to track us down again.” Sans honked his horn at a car that stopped in front of him. “I can’t believe Caleb crawled into my mind! How?”

“I am sorry.” Frisk looked out toward the window. “I should have done something sooner. *I just thought that you getting more protective was a monster thing. I had no idea he was worming his way . . .” She tried to cover her face. “Alphys.”

“Buys us time,” Sans said. “I know, gonna miss her too. Best we stop saying her name though. Best we stop anything that could help them.”

“Tate and Kitty.”

“They’ll be fine. Caleb is obsessed to make you happy. Even leaving your little monster friends alive,” Sans said bitterly, “slowly dancing in my head.” He squeezed the wheel harder. “I don’t know where to go, Bonnie. I don’t know which direction to go. I just want to keep him out of my head!”

No more puns. The only thing Sans had left of himself.He couldn’t dress in his old coat and shorts. He couldn’t be with his brother. Couldn’t talk about the past. And now? Now, he couldn’t even say his puns.

Tate and Kitty were on their own. Alphys was on her own. But even them? Sans was right. She didn’t know the direction to go. What drove them closer? What drove them away?

“Kept saying it over and over,” Sans spoke again. “Frisk. Sans. Alphys. He did it, he made me say it all on purpose. He wants us caught, but why didn’t he catch us himself? Why was he making me make you eat salad? No, he’s obsessed and he wanted you. But then why would he be that stupid?”

“He’s still under some control,” Frisk said. “That still wasn’t Caleb. Not the Caleb I knew. The one I knew was gentle, shy, but sweet.”

“Gee, did I say I was in the mood to discuss old boyfriends that are better than me?” Sans sneered. Then he shook his head. “Sorry. I don’t know where that came from. Was that me? Is he trying to take over again?” Sans pulled over the car. “You’re not safe with me.”

“I’m not safe, period. No one is.” Frisk rubbed her belly. “I don’t know what to do now, Sans. Six more months. If Caleb had control of Alphys, he’ll have control over your bank account.”

“Yeah. Least of our troubles,” Sans said glumly. “If we don’t get you to your mom, I think you’re dead.”

Mom. Dad. Chara. Sans knew just as well as she did. Caleb had put a million red flags over them, and out of his ‘protection’, they were now a hotspot. Driving wouldn’t do any good. Trying to hide wouldn’t do any good. In fact, she knew it wouldn’t do any good as she started to feel woozy. “Sans.”

Sans knew the importance of what was going on. He checked her soul again.

The twins were growing again.

They were dead found.

“It’s only three months,” Frisk said again.

“I don’t . . . I don’t know which way to go,” Sans warned her. “Sorry. But. I think the chase might be over.” He looked out in front of him as he slammed his bony hands on the steering wheel.

The babies would die.

Frisk would die.

If they chose to run away the wrong way . . .

South. West. North. East. Frisk blinked her eyes. Which way? “Sans. I am-”


Sans held her in his arms. She went out like a light. He didn’t know if he should even attempt to drive anymore. Any determination his monster self had was draining fast. Pathetic. I couldn’t be more pathetic. It should have been Papyrus. At least he never had the chance to be a pathetic dad. He would probably just screw them up.

His wife. He never did what he was supposed to do as a monster.

His kid. He split it’s soul into two, hurting it before it was even born.

Twins. Couldn’t even get them to be born.

He did everything he could, but his pathetic ass couldn’t do anymore.

It just couldn’t do anymore . . . he watched as monsters began to descend along the side of the car.


Huh? Papyrus?! Sans watched as he saw his brother jump from the roof of the car along with Undyne and Prince Asriel.

“No one is hurting the punky princess,” Undyne warned them as she swung her spear.

Asriel held his ground too. “Leave my sister alone or you’ll have me to answer too.”

“Sans!” Papyrus pulled open Frisk’s door and grabbed her. “It’s not safe out here.”

“You’re telling me.” Sans got out of the car and followed Papyrus toward a van they were driving. Papyrus held Frisk tightly. Much better than what he could do. “Your minds free?”

“Yes. Again.” Papyrus gestured toward the van. “Get in. We need to discuss some things.”

“They are making the babies older.”

“I know.”

“I don’t know which way to go, Papyrus. I’m. I have no idea what to do,” Sans admitted.

“I know.” Papyrus looked toward Frisk. “Your wife is in very deep trouble. There is only one thing left to do, but it is very risky. Prince Asriel insists it must be done, and he is even willing to go over Chara’s head to do it. But, if we do this, it could be very dangerous.”

“What else is new?”

“It could kill the little monsters.”



End of Chapter


*Over the last few chapters, Sans protection seemed like he was fussing over her safety with little whims. While monsters are all different, this isn’t what a skeleton’s protection was supposed to be like. Also, Caleb’s mind is shattered. One side gives him what he wants, and the other side keeps it from him. So while he wants to protect Frisk with Sans more than anything, his control of Alphys keeps trying to get Frisk with Sans at the same time. His worst dream come true.

Multiverses: When a multiverse is revealed, I will share info about it below. Until then, only the key letter remains. Some are important, and a couple only show up a bit.

fun level 74 Original MC Sans and Frisk
fun level 72 D
Fun Level 75 K
Fun level 73 18
fun level 65 M
fun level 66 Missing Frisk: This dimension is missing Frisk and missing Asriel. Gaster is alive and well, and works with Sans and Papyrus. It contains a machine that increases the strength of a soul heart.

fun level 71 MN



fun level 74 Original MC Sans and Frisk




While his mind may have been manipulated Underground, Sans missed so many things. He missed his brother and hearing him go ‘Nyeh he he!’ all the time. He missed Grillby’s like crazy. Nobody but nobody made a burger like that guy. But the one thing he never thought he would miss? The snow.

He took it for granted. He’d lived near the snow almost as far back as he could remember. Even when he lived far back by Hotlands, he also didn’t have this new problem either.

Snow. Lava. Underground. Never had to worry about . . .grass.

Sans stretched his neckbone as he walked across the yard. As soon as he and Frisk freed the Underground, he was paying somebody to get the grass out and some dirt in, and some cactuses. Southwest style. Then he’d never have to mow.

Then again, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal. Just a wiggle of some magic. He kept his magic power bottled closely though, so he had to push the dumb, heavy lawnmower across the grass.

“Morning, Will.”

Sans looked across from him and saw Joe, his next door neighbor. He almost wanted to crack up laughing the first time he met Joe. A neighbor named the most common name for humans. “Hey, Joe, whaddaya know?”

“Nothing big-big, off to the store.” Joe shoved his hand in his pocket. “Say, how’s your missus doing?”

“Getting better,” Sans said. “Thank goodness. Bonnie can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Luckily I got my mom to help.”

“Well, hey, that’s good,” Joe said. “Megan always had problems during the first two months, then after that she was much better until about month 6. Then she was worse.”

Yeah, Sans was glad the first two months was over. Every once in awhile, Frisk got bad enough he had no choice but to strike a match. She even almost throttled him once. Pregnancy really was more than life changing, it was body changing. At least on the inside. On the outside, she was still about as skinny. “See ya ‘round’, Joe.”

Although mowing the lawn was a pain in the butt, the freedom was probably worth it. No one ever mentioned or even seemed suspectful of him and the others. On the contrary, Joe even invited Sans to go to the bar with him sometimes on Saturday nights to hang out.

“It’s getting drier,” he heard from beside him. It was Alphys. “Can you water it afterward?”

“I think having brown grass might be a new aesthetic experience,” Sans said. “Where’s Shnookums?”


“Heat level fine?”


“Not using knives?”

“Nothing. Dangerous.”

She was using knives. Sans gestured to the grass. “There ya go, finish up, I’m heading inside.” No way, no knives. Sans headed toward the kitchen. Frisk was a decent cook, but so was Alphys. “Bonnie?”

She jumped and he saw her cutting carrots. “Hey, Pookie.” She tried to hide the knife, but he took it. “Just cutting carrots. I have to cut carrots.”

“I’ll cut them.” Why did she have to take such risks? He grabbed the knife and sliced them slightly, then noticed her finger. “Bonnie Shortensweet, what is that?” She wasn’t trying to hide the knife before. She was trying to hide a cut!

“It’s very small and not a-” He grabbed her fleshy hand and held it in his bony one. There was a large gash right across it. “It’s really minor, barely a cut.”

“You need a band-aid.”

“I don’t.”

“That thing will get infected, Bonnie.”


“It’s just . . .” Frisk sighed, she knew he would do that. Sans wouldn’t let her do much of anything. Even to cook. Of course she had to be able to handle a knife. How did they ever go from ‘Are you willing to risk your life’ to ‘You need to put something on that cut before it’s infected!’. The cut was barely even visible. She had worse paper cuts. But, Sans just got worse with the pregnancy.

She had hoped the new names, new disguises, new locations, and easier living style would keep him leveled out and chilled. No. Such. Luck. Every week he seemed to have another new concern that she had to consider being careful about.

He didn’t like her driving. She could get in a wreck. She wasn’t supposed to mess with knives. She could get hurt. Alphys did the majority of cooking because grease could strike her. She could only bathe in lukewarm water, hot could burn her skin.

Her skin. Hot water could burn her skin in a bath.

She had addressed the problem more than once, but each time, it didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to. Alphys was correct that his monster instinct would get stronger. Frisk had a feeling he was going to be telling her that he needed to carry her from room to room because walking was dangerous soon. She could see it coming because his overreaction only grew every time she actually did something that he was afraid had happened.

“See? I told you that you could hurt yourself.” Sans left and came back with a band-aid, ointment, and first-aid spray. “Let me see that. Does it hurt? I leave outside to mow the line, leave you for just a little while by yourself and look what happens. Are you okay? Why are you messing with those dangerous things?”

Personally, Frisk felt like she was probably one of the most patient pregnant women on the face of the planet. Anyone else might have snapped by now. “I just wanted to try to cook something. Accidents happen.”

“They shouldn’t,” Sans said. “You should just let Rose cook. I’ve told you that. She’s got better tasting food anyhow, so just sit back and let her have at it.”

Most. Patient. Pregnant. Woman. “Sans. I wanted to fix something for myself,” Frisk said again. “Please, give me a break.”

“I did just then, but Will you get back with the program?” Sans said. “Will you? Will you?”

Oh yeah, she slipped on his name. Dang, double trouble, if she wasn’t careful-”

“You are carrying the only cures to the ailment of monsters,” Sans said, picking her up. “You need to take better care of yourself. Let’s go lay you down.”

“I’m not tired.”

“Well, I have to finish mowing the lawn,” Sans said. “I know, you can sit outside with me.”

“I could mow the lawn,” Frisk muttered. “I used to mow my lawn. I can’t hurt myself mowing the lawn.”

“No way, that thing is too dangerous for you, Shnookums.”

“Pookie!” Frisk yelled at him, starting to kick her feet as he carried her outside. “I need some space!”

“I gave you space today,” Sans said as he brought her out and sat her down on the front porch. “Rose insisted I try, and see what happened? You cut yourself.”

“Damn.” Frisk crossed her arms. “This isn’t fair.”

“Don’t worry,” Sans said to her. “The first couple of months are over. It’ll be easier now, you are on your third.”

“The pregnancy isn’t what is irritating me,” Frisk almost growled. “Pookie. I want to make lunch. I want to make my own lunch! I want my salad and my sandwich!”

“Rose can make it,” Sans said.

“I want to make it!”

Sans just whistled at her. “Calm down, Shnookums, that’s not good for you. I promise, we’ll get you a salad and sandwich in just a bit.” He shook his head. “Don’t let your hormones get in the way.”

“It’s not my hormones. It’s not my hormones,” Frisk whined. “It’s you!”

“Sure it is.”

Alphys came toward her and gave her a sandwich with a small salad.

Frisk bit into it bitterly.

“Hey there again, Will.”

Frisk watched as the neighbor Joe greeted Sans. He seemed to wince as he looked at her.

“Hey, Joe, whadda ya know?”

“Hey there.” Joe waved a little nervously toward Frisk. “Hope the wife’s feeling a little better?”


“I’m fine,” Frisk said bitterly. “Peachy freaking keen.”

“Yah. Okay. Good luck with those mood swings, friend.”

“I won’t miss the swings when they are gone, that’s for sure, buddy.”

Frisk ate her sandwich bitterly, catching Alphys gaze at her again.

For the babies. It was just for the babies. She just had to put up with it until the end of the pregnancy. Just the end. Only the end.

But how much more bad was Sans going to get with her?



End of Chapter



Multiverses: When a multiverse is revealed, I will share info about it below. Until then, only the key letter remains. Some are important, and a couple only show up a bit.

fun level 74 Original MC Sans and Frisk
fun level 72 D
Fun Level 75 K
Fun level 73 18
fun level 65 M
fun level 66 Missing Frisk: This dimension is missing Frisk and missing Asriel. Gaster is alive and well, and works with Sans and Papyrus. It contains a machine that increases the strength of a soul heart.

fun level 71 MN

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Disclaimer: I do not own Animaniacs. Yakko, Wakko and Dot and all of the other characters belong to their own respective owners. I only created Tiger and Caress and some other original characters. I claim no rights to any of this. This was made purely for entertainment. No profit is made off of this.

Just An Experiment

Chapter Fifty-Six: Fixing A Mistake


Yakko groaned as he felt himself land. He had no idea where he was at.


‘Wakko and Dot?’ Yakko started to slowly get up.

“Do not interrupt! This was his choice! If you interrupt, both of you will go to jail for 50 years!”

‘Warner law?’ Yakko recognized those rough words.

“Don’t do anything stupid sibs! I just couldn’t . . . keep trying I guess. And uhhh, give my best to the new-”

Yakko knew exactly where he was at. ‘Oh no. No, I interrupted this?’ He thought back to the strange comments the others were saying. He had been too groggy and happy he was back in 2007 to care. Groggy, he was groggy? He looked around and quickly moved over to the darkest corner he could. Oh yeah, he knew where he was. 1994, right before Zenny remembered who he really had been. Yep, he was inside the suits’ vehicle where his past self was about to come.

Yakko watched as the doors opened. Fortunately, his past self had had his eyes closed. He just walked in and was shut in. He felt too miserable to open his eyes. Still, that wouldn’t save the present Yakko for long. ‘Oh crap! What if I see myself? What do I do?’ He looked down at his satchel. His past self had already been drained by the suits and the situation. ‘Ouch. Sorry myself.’

Yakko wacked his past self with the satchel filled with cookies. ‘Whoah. Talk about beating yourself up over a situation,’ he chuckled. He pulled a power cookie from his satchel and stared at it hesitantly. ‘Friend or foe, I really don’t have much choice. I know what’s outside those doors.’ He quickly ate the cookie then buckled his satchel back. It was up to him. He flung the doors open.

Actually, the doors almost fell off the hinges. That was a powerful cookie! Yakko saw strange expressions on Dot and Wakko’s face. He saw Zenny looking desperately at an Eternal. Then, he saw Aroma being pulled to Florgy. “O-oh-oh. What do we have here. Oh no, no. I don’t think so.” He gently hopped out and ran over to Aroma. “You’re not going anywhere.”

Aroma just looked strangely at Yakko. He seemed different somehow. Didn’t he just have the stuffing knocked out of him before?

Yakko pulled on the rope she was being dragged with. “Back off. I don’t have time to deal with this. Literally speaking here.”

“You back off! It’s already agreed!” Florgy yelled angrily. He didn’t know how Yakko got so powerful again, but he didn’t care. “Aroma is mine!”

“Because of some contract?” Yakko scoffed. “I’ve gone through way worse for her. You better renounce that contract or you’re gonna regret it.”

Wakko and Dot just stared with dropped jaws.

“Sir, we will not repeat-”

Yakko held his hand out to quiet the suit, but instead had actually somehow blasted him backward. “?!” He looked at his hand. With a wave of his hand, he just took down a suit. ‘Had a feeling they wouldn’t be a biggie.’ The other suits were all starting to gather around Yakko with great caution.

Aroma just stared at Yakko. “Yakko, what’s going on?”

He looked back at Aroma. ‘She’s still just as pretty.’ His mind wandered back to their romping fun kiss before The Tiger interrupted. She had wanted a decent kiss back then. Well, now wasn’t the time or place. With the way everything had been going though, who cared if it wasn’t the time or place anymore though? Who knew when he’d get another chance? Yakko pulled her close to him and gave her a deep kiss. It wasn’t the decent kiss she wanted, but it was something he needed at the moment.

“Get off of her! She’s-”

Yakko just tilted Aroma over while he kissed her and gave a small wave of his hand at Florgy. Florgy flew backwards several feet. Wakko and Dot just stared like zombies. Probably. He was too busy at the moment to pay attention, but he did overhear them.

“Whoah, hey.” Dot’s voice. “Wakko? Remind me never to make Yakko mad after today.”

“You can say that again,” Wakko’s voice agreed.

Yakko finally lifted Aroma back up. “Listen up. This won’t make sense now, but don’t ask me to clear this up for you later, I won’t understand.”

“What?” Aroma looked at him confused.

Yakko leaned closer to her ear. “Just remember, when you can’t find me in the lightning anymore, grab Enchantment and get out with Warner and Hope. Tell them I told you they had to!”

Aroma just looked at him strangely. “What?”

“Here.” Yakko handed her the Eternals Tiger gave him.

Aroma took one out of the bunch and held it close. “I don’t understand.”

Wakko and Dot quickly ran over dragging Zenny.

“Yakko, you had more?” Dot said angrily as she took all of the Eternals except the one Aroma kept close to her. She shoved them at Zenny. “Here! Now, remember!”

Aroma put the Eternal away someplace safe as she looked back at Yakko. She didn’t understand his meaning, but she would remember his words.

Yakko watched as realization started to hit Zenny finally. He knew what was next. ‘They’re going back to 2007.’ He kept his mouth shut though. He couldn’t let them know. He could only change so much. With everyone concentrating on Zenny, he quickly made his own escape.


To Tiger’s home…

Tiger was watching Rita and Runt sleeping in their old bed peacefully. Those two never missed a moment to catch some shuteye. He looked back behind him when he heard Yakko come back. “And?”

“I told her,” Yakko smiled. “She should be fine now.” Yakko looked over at the timestream. “Tiger, do you really not know what Warner was talking about? With making you little again?”

“I don’t know.” Tiger shrugged. “Even if there was, would anything be any different?”

“I don’t know. I always figured that’s what I had to do though.” Yakko gave him a hopeful smile. “Are you sure there’s no way to do that?”

“There’s nothing Yakko, alright?” Tiger groaned. “I don’t understand what Warner was talking about, and there’s no way to make me little again.”

Yakko kicked some of the loose rock on the planet. Now what? “So.” He rocked back and forth on his heels in boredom. “What exactly do you do here?”

“Mostly play,” Tiger said. “Instruments, tag, whatever I can.” He stood up and started to run. Yakko followed him at his own steady run. They ran over the ground, over hills, wherever their feet took them until Tiger stopped. “Here.” Tiger gestured to a mound of entertainment. “This is pretty much any material thing I’ve ever had. Help yourself.”

Yakko strolled over to the pile and looked around. Guitars, saxophones, at least a hundred paddleballs, comics, Animaniacs merchandise of every kind, movies, stereos, everything was there! “Big on Animaniacs, huh?” Yakko smiled proudly.

“Well, you guys were in it,” Tiger chuckled. “You guys tore it up back then!”

“Yeah, we did ‘tear it up’,” Yakko said. He strolled over to a grand white piano. “Hey, hey. Now that’s what I call taste. You play?”

“I play everything.” Tiger grinned. “Why?”

“What do you play?” Yakko sat down at the piano. He looked through the music that was on the piano in surprise. “Chopin? Beethoven?” He blinked. “Didn’t picture you for classical.”

“Whatever’s got the feels,” Tiger simply replied.

Yakko played a couple of notes to see how in tune the instrument was. “This is what you’ve been doing for the past three and a half centuries? How often did you get out to see anyone else?”

“Besides The Tiger?” Tiger sighed. “Not often.”

Yakko continued to play. The kid actually had a bit of a funny bone, it just wasn’t developed as much as it should have been. “Hey. Knock-knock.”

“Who’s there?” Tiger answered.

Now Tiger would play with him, but he couldn’t think of a good joke worthy for the moment. “Uhhh, shoot.”

“Shoot who?” Tiger asked.

“Shoot, I forgot an exact joke,” Yakko chuckled. He started playing an old Animaniacs song on the piano. He had only meant to play, but Tiger went ahead and started to sing.

“~I am the very model of a cartoon individual, my animations comical, unusual and whimsical. I’m quite adapt at funny gags, comedic theories I have read. From wicked puns and stupid jokes to anvils that drop on your head!~”

Yakko stopped playing in surprise. “Hey, you know that old song?”

“I know all your old songs,” Tiger said proudly. “I’ve been stuck here for centuries, what do you think I did all day?” He started to climb up a nearby tree and hung upside down. “Everything from your classics to two liners, I know it all. Go ahead, quiz me.”

Yakko didn’t need to quiz him, it was obvious Tiger knew a ton. “You’re a lot different than I originally pictured you Tiger.”

Tiger pulled a frame out of nowhere and put it in front of his face. “How’d you picture me? Like this?”

Yakko smiled. Yeah, he had a funny bone alright. “Hmm…”

Tiger recognized that look. “Don’t think so hard, you’ll bust a gasket. Then that’ll cost you seeing as there’s no repair men anywhere near here.” Yakko was still giving him a funny look. “What?”

“Nothing.” Still, Yakko couldn’t stop staring. ‘Maybe he really is mine?’

“What?” Tiger whined. “Now what?”

“Did The Tiger ever tell you that you weren’t mine?” Yakko had to ask.

Tiger frowned. “Back to that? Does it really matter?”

“I don’t know,” Yakko admitted. “I’m Aroma’s male though, so I’m still your dad either way.”

“Well, that’s great. If you flip a peanut butter and jelly sandwich over, then it’s still a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” Tiger chuckled.

Yakko laughed too. “So, I bet you know all my songs then too?”

“Sure!” Tiger commented. “Know them all really well.”

“Oh yeah? Even my hardest song ever?” Yakko smiled. He started to play on the piano. “~United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru;
Republic Dominican; Cuba, Caribbean; Greenland; El Salvador too.
Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Guyana and still
Guatemala, Bolivia then Argentina and Ecuador, Chile, Brazil!
Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Bermuda, Bahamas, Tobago, San Juan.
Paraguay, Uruguay, Suriname and French Guiana, Barbados and Guam.”

Tiger laughed and took over singing.

“~Norway and Sweden and Iceland and Finland and Germany (now in one
Switzerland, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Italy, Turkey and Greece!
Poland, Roumania, Scotland, Albania, Ireland, Russia, Oman
Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Cyprus, Iraq and Iran.
There’re Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, both Yemens, Kuwait and
The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Portugal; France, England,
Denmark and Spain!~” Tiger grinned as he flipped out of the tree.

‘Hey, he’s pretty good!’ Yakko thought to himself. He jumped on top of the piano and went a capella.

“~India, Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan, Thailand, Nepal and Bhutan.
Kampuchea; Malaysia; then Bangladesh, Asia; and China; Korea; Japan.
Mongolia, Laos and Tibet, Indonesia, the Philippine Islands, Taiwan.
Sri Lanka, New Guinea, Sumatra, New Zealand, then Borneo and Vietnam.~”

Tiger ran over and jumped on the piano himself. “~Tunisia, Morocco, Uganda, Angola, Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Botswana!
Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Gambia, Guinea, Algeria, Ghana!~”

Yakko and him both laughed as they started to do the little dance Yakko did when he first did that song. Then, they both finished the song together in a perfect harmonious tune.

“~Burundi, Lesotho and Malawi, Togo, the Spanish Sahara is gone!
Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Liberia, Egypt, Benin and Gabon.
Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya and Mali, Sierra Leone and Algier.
Dahomey, Namibia, Senegal, Libya, Cameroon, Congo, Zaire.
Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar, Rwanda, Mahore and
Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Yugoslavia …
Crete, Mauritania!
Then Transylvania!
Monaco, Liechtenstein, Malta and Palestine,
Fiji, Australia, Sudan!~”

They both started laughing at the end.

“That was perfect! No one’s sung it that well besides me,” Yakko couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re good, Kid!”

“What do ya expect, momma was a natural singer.” Tiger said proudly.

Yakko didn’t know what to say to that. He just looked at Tiger up and down. He looked too much like him, sounded too much like him.

“Oh yeah, you ever watch her in her past? She was awesome. She really knew how to rock the joint. Day in and day out, day in and day out, day in and day out, that’s all she did for awhile until she got a steady job. Did she ever tell ya? You can watch her past self in the timestream, she was really awesome and keeping it real back then!” Tiger grinned at Yakko.

“Yeah sure, she was ‘keeping it real’,” Yakko said. He could clearly tell where Tiger had spent his time growing up besides just the rock they were on. “You keep saying no one remembers when you leave an area, right? Have you seen anyone else?”

Tiger smiled sadly. “She grew up real pretty, didn’t she? I’ve managed to talk to her a couple times, but she never remembers. I could give her an Eternal, but she doesn’t need to remember me. I put her through way too much. I put them all through way too much.”

“What exactly do you know?” Yakko asked. He had to watch his footsteps. He didn’t want to say anything Tiger wasn’t ready for.

“I know I kidnapped myself,” Tiger admitted. “No need to worry about that, Yakko. I know a lot. I’ve seen a ton. I’ve been to that future, it’s not pretty.” He leaned back on the piano and stared straight up into the sky. “It was hard to swallow at first, but I know it’s the way it is.”

“We’re changing things left and right.” Yakko leaned back on the piano and stared into the sky as well. “We’ll find a way to save the universe.”

“Yeah, sure.” Tiger didn’t sound too happy. “I know. The universe will be saved when I die.”

“No,” Yakko disagreed.

“Face it, I’m the one who’s supposed to bring about the end,” Tiger said. “I just don’t want to go quietly into the night.” He frowned. “I’ll go kicking and screaming and do my best to bring my other self down before it’s too late.”

“He’s not really you,” Yakko said, trying to cheer Tiger up. “He’s a waryes.”

“Yeah, but I’m the coward deep inside of him who doesn’t care. I know,” Tiger reminded him.

“There’s gotta be another way.” Yakko tried to smile confidently. “Okay?”

“What? Make me a little warner? That still don’t make sense Yakko.” Tiger groaned. “What good would it do?”

“I don’t know, but anything’s worth a try,” Yakko answered back. “There must be something to how the scientists made you change. You heard the same thing over and over.”

Tiger frowned. “I knew it. I knew something fishy happened that one time. You were in the cell with me, weren’t you?” he sat back up. “You stopped me, almost got whatever kid I was assigned to beat up killed, and then you just left. You did, didn’t you?”

“I couldn’t change the past. Not without changing the future,” Yakko reminded him. “There’s so much I want to do. I want to get Wakko and Dot back. I want to get Aroma and Zenny. I want to get the kids back. I want to go home to our water tower and just live happily ever after. Why is that so hard to get?”

Tiger didn’t say anything back. There was nothing he could say. Yakko and him were at a standstill. He couldn’t leave The Tiger frozen in time forever without making the universe rip apart. If he went back though, then that was it. It would be pretty much the final showdown.

Yakko was still thinking in different terms. He didn’t understand how to make Tiger little again. Warner sounded like it was a sure thing. What was he missing? “I feel like yuck again.” Yakko’s belly made a strange groan.

“Welcome to time travel,” Tiger said. “Destiny wants you somewhere again.”

“Well, can destiny give it a rest?” Yakko whined. “I’ve already done destiny a favor today.”

“If you ignore it, the feeling just gets worse,” Tiger reminded him. ‘”I know. I was really busy running with my life, but that little stunt back there with Florgy made me have to interrupt.” He groaned. “Letting Florgy have mom, that wasn’t having good repercussions on time, I can tell you that.” He stood up. “I had wondered at the time why the guy was flat on the ground when I arrived.”

Yakko looked over at Tiger. “You mean, you really had to stop him?”

“What? Did you think you could just change the past and run away without changing anything?” Tiger frowned. “That took some effort to undo. A ton of Eternals I really didn’t want to waste.” He shrugged his shoulders. “The paper and the events are gone, but Florgy knows in the back of his mind what happened.”

“Florgy,” Yakko groaned. “What a pain that guy was.” He yawned. “I wish I could rest first, but not the way my tummy’s going.”

“Once you get where you need to go, you’ll feel better.” Tiger reminded him. “I’ll see you later, just remember to come back.”

Yakko nodded and stood back up. He pulled both the pink and purple lightning balls out. He didn’t know which one was calling to him. “Ohhh…” He groaned. “This feels horrible!”

“Yeah, it ain’t nice,” Tiger commented. “If you do something bad to the timestream and stay near it, you’ve gotta expect it,” he smiled. “Why do you think The Tiger does his best to minimize his involvement with you guys? Well, when he stayed here with me. He was sick for about the whole first year. Still got real bad belly aches now and again. Heh, served him right!”

“It doesn’t make sense though. When I mess with the past, the rip just gets bigger,” Yakko protested. “Why would it want to hurt itself?”

“Are you positive it’s because your changing the past?” Tiger had to ask. “Are you absolutely sure it’s not ripping because you won’t fix the damage? Or maybe, it’s just time for everything to end?”

“I don’t know anymore,” Yakko whined weakly.

“Either way, it’s calling to you. It wants something,” Tiger replied. “All you can do is what you can do.”

“Good philosophy,” Yakko smiled. “Well, whatever. As long as this bellyache will just go away.” He groaned. “I’m really starting to hate time travel. From here to there and there to here! Eh!”

Tiger brought over a couple of Eternals. “Here, I don’t know where you’re going.” He handed them to Yakko. “Be careful. I don’t know which lightning is calling to you, so don’t associate with your past self or any of your friends. Understand?” Yakko nodded. “Take care Yakk. I’ll see ya when I see ya. Just don’t get lost, alright?” Tiger chuckled.

Yakko nodded again. He’d do his best to stay out of the way. Now, where was he going to go? He opened up both balls and closed his eyes . . .

Disclaimer: I do not own Animaniacs. Yakko, Wakko and Dot and all of the other characters belong to their own respective owners. I only created Tiger and Caress and some other original characters. I claim no rights to any of this. This was made purely for entertainment. No profit is made off of this.

Just An Experiment

Chapter Fifty Three Part One: Wakko Steps Up

Wakko fidgeted with his fingers nervously as an observer came by. “W-well?” Over the last month, Wakko had gotten used to the routine. So, even though it would eventually happen, he still wasn’t quite prepared…

When the observer nodded his head. “Success. 41591 has been conceived. You’re a father.”

Wakko and Centric both stood there, not knowing how to act, when the observer just walked off. Wakko looked at the ground. Centric preferred the ground as well, but tears were welling up in her eyes.

‘They never came.’ Wakko closed his eyes as he realized the truth he had been dreading. His family was never going to come for him. He had trouble swallowing, his throat had become so dry.

Centric just went over to the other side of the glass and laid down. She couldn’t help a small cry that escaped as she heard the screams around them again. ‘It’s come. The day I enter that room! The day that I might die…’

Her small cry hadn’t escaped Wakko. He walked over to her. ‘It’s happened, there’s nothing I can do now. I have to be brave now, no one’s coming for us. I have to be the brave one for…f-for my family now.’ Wakko tried to smile at Centric. “It’s okay, Centric.”

Centric ignored eye contact and closed her eyes. She couldn’t help as another cry got awake. Then, a small choke. Her mouth was too dry, she couldn’t help it.

Wakko crouched down beside her and pulled her to him. “It’s gonna be okay, Centric. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.” Wakko firmly but gently took her chin and made her face him. He smiled. “It’s gonna be okay. I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re not gonna die, don’t worry!” he laughed. “You remember how powerful we are.”

“The procedure is sooo unstable,” Centric finally yelled as she broke down on him. “I don’t wanna die!”

“You won’t.” Wakko said very firmly. He kept his kidding aside and spoke to her seriously. “I won’t let you or the baby die. I promise.”

Centric stared at Wakko. He looked so sure of himself. So confident? “How?”

“A warner is as powerful as their zaniness. Their happiness, Centric!” Wakko laughed. “I’m really zany, you’re really zany, and this baby will be zany.” He chuckled. “Why, were the zaniest warners in here! We’re sure to be fine.”

Centric smiled at him. “You’re so positive, Wakko. I…I can’t help but believe you.”

Wakko grinned. All those years, Yakko had always been the big brother that pulled him and Dot through anything. He’d always been the solid stone. Now, it was Wakko himself who had to be the strong one. The rock to hold them together. Pretty amazing what the phrase ‘You’re a father’ could do to a guy.

“Well, I-if it does survive.” Centric began to believe. “How will I know how to be a good mommy?”

Wakko shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, Centric. You’ll be a great mommy though. And, I’ll be a good dad. Somehow.”

Centric nodded. “I really want to believe you, Wakko. That were gonna be okay. So, I am. I will. I will!” she said with more determination. “We’re gonna be just fine. You, me, and Wakko Junior!”

“…Wakko, Junior?” Wakko didn’t know how he felt about the name. “I guess that would be his name. What if it’s a girl though?”

“It won’t be.” Centric became sad again. “Once a warner is first pregnant, the sex is always known the first two times. The first is always male and named Tiger. The next is always female and named Caress. Still…” She smiled at him. “Until he’s born we’re allowed to refer to him with any name we want.”

“Then it’ll be Tiger.” Wakko knew that quite well. “Then a Caress…then an Enchantment…” Wakko nodded his head. “I get it. Technically, it’s a boy. I’m…gonna have a son.”

“Yeah…” Centric groaned. “He’ll be good, but then he’ll mature and become a natural warner guy. Oy . . . “

Wakko chuckled. “Hellooo Nurse!” He laughed. “If he’s anything like me, he’ll be hard to handle!”

“And hard to feed.” Centric chuckled. ” . . . maybe it won’t be so bad. Together, we could do it. Right?”

“Right!” Wakko said confidently. He smiled as he thought of another little Wakko running around shouting at pretty women. ‘I thought I’d be terrified like Yakko. At least angry and upset!’ “I’m nervous, but I’m not really mad.”

“Huh?” Centric looked at him confused. “What do you mean?”

“Yakko,” Wakko replied. “Yakko was mad and clueless. He went up and down, and he didn’t ever know how to take it. The best he could do was recite things out of books. Or act like an Uncle.”

“Oh yeah, I remember . . .” Centric smiled at Wakko. Wakko had always spoken so much of his family. “You’re different than him, Wakko. Your situations different too. He found out when he had three little warners and one on the way. He just found out he had a female. All that’s different from you. You know what’s happening, and you’ve been here for everything. You being nervous is natural, and I’m really nervous too.”

“Yeah.” Wakko was finally getting it. “I’ve been here. I’ll be here for them, no matter what.”

“For the birth.” Centric grinned. “For their first day in the universe. For their birthdays, for every day, for everything,” she smiled. “I still think I was too young to be a mommy, but it doesn’t matter now. Young or not, I’ll be a great mommy.” She looked happily at Wakko. “And you’ll be a great daddy.”

“Yeah.” Wakko started to grin. “Yeah. I’ll be a great daddy.” He lifted Centric up unexpectedly. “And I’m going to figure out how to get us out, Centric! I won’t just wish and hope anymore, I’ll find a way! You, me and the baby! We’ll all get out safe and sound!”

“Wakko!” Centric held onto his neck tightly. “Easy! Don’t drop me!”

“I’ll never drop you,” Wakko said confidently. “You’re my female, I’d never hurt you.” It was only then that Wakko realized what he just said to Centric. “Well. You are. Technically?” Wakko tried to cover up his boldness. Way too bold for him. ‘She always does this! I always say something I’d never say to her!’

Centric blushed a bit, but kept it under control. “Okay, Wakko. I know you’d never hurt me.”

Wakko set her back down carefully. “Sorry. I-I don’t know what came over me.”

Centric tried to stop blushing. “You were excited about being a dad. I understand.”

“But . . . Zenny wasn’t.” Wakko thought back to the moment in the warner hangout on Anima with Zenny. “I’m sure he wasn’t. He felt the same way Yakko did.”

“I doubt that,” Centric replied. “Parenthood, I don’t think it’s the exact same for anyone. It’s pretty personal, Wakko. Zenny sounds like he’s a warner who’s fine with it now. Yakko sounds like he’s terrified of fatherhood, and you’re…well, excited.” She chuckled. “I thought I’d be really sad, but I don’t know. I think it might be kind of nice, if everything turns out okay.”

“Everything will turn out okay,” Wakko said confidently. “I’ll keep your zaniness up while I’m there. You’ll be laughing so hard you’ll barely feel anything.”

“I believe you.” Centric bounced up and down once, she couldn’t help it. Wakko made her feel so confident in everything. She didn’t know how, he just made her feel so safe and secure and happy. She couldn’t help but give him a great big hug. “We’re gonna be okay.”

“Yes,” Wakko proclaimed as he hugged her back. “We’ll be fine. You’ll be fine, and the baby will be fine. You’ll be a great mom and I’ll be a great daddoo!”

“Daddoo?” Centric chuckled. “What’s a daddoo?”

Wakko smiled knowingly. “Earth reference, something we said back then.”

Centric smiled. “Alright Wakko, you’ll be a great Daddoo.” She giggled. “As long as I’m not a mommoo. That doesn’t sound very good.”

“Mmm . . . beef.” Wakko chuckled. “It’s what’s for dinner!” He noticed Centric’s blank look again. Another Earth comment she couldn’t understand.

“41590-45.” An observer came over and looked at Wakko. “If your offspring survives, it will be designated a pet. The male Tiger will receive a Lagamorph. When your next one comes along, she will receive two perspicacityPeromyscus’.” He wrote down something on his chart, dropped a cookie in a bin and left only saying two words. “Female specimen.”

“What’s a Lagamorph?” Wakko asked confused.

Centric shrugged her shoulders. “They’re always so technical who knows?”

Wakko shrugged his shoulders. “How come they get pets? My nieces and nephews never got pets.”

“I don’t know. Maybe they’re just trying it out.” Centric sighed. “Nothing’s for sure here. One minute, it’s this way and the next it’s not. Like the pregnancy cookies they’ll give me.”

“You’ll be fine,” Wakko said with confidence once again. “Believe me. I’ll be right there to coach you through everything.”

“I believe you, Wakko,” Centric smiled. “As long as you’re there, I know we’ll be fine.”

“So. Let’s see.” Wakko walked over to the bin the cookie went down into. “Ooh, yummy. I wish I was pregnant, that looks good.”

“You can have a bite,” Centric giggled as she took the cookie Wakko handed to her.

“No thanks. I’m male, it could do anything to me. It might make my hair fall out,” Wakko smiled. “Then I’d look like a hairless dog.”

Centric just chuckled with him as she ate her cookie. It didn’t taste bad at all. A small mediciny after taste, but it tasted very sweet, like a fruit. “A hairless warner,” she chuckled. “Those are pretty rare. Still, this is pretty good…”

“Well…” Wakko took a second to think about it. “No, I think I’ll still pass.”

“Why, Wakko Warner, that might be a very smart choice.” Centric just chuckled as she finished her cookie. She tried to forget that she had no idea what she was putting inside of her. She had to stay positive. She would stay positive. With Wakko by her side, she could do it!

With Wakko by her side, she could do anything . . .