I have been writing for many years. My content spans more than a decade. Just like artists had certain periods, I did too, and it was marked with a new pen name. Nowadays, most of my work falls between Melanie Ray and Serena Spacey. If you get to ff.net and look inside the work, you will see different names too. All of the names I’ve ever used:

msmelanie (mostly just silly humor), fondestdesire (Rom Com Fantasy), paradoxiac (Comic Tragedy Romance), Paradox (about the same as paradoxiac, except that was strictly Animaniacs), Melanie Ray (Learning Romance, Drama, and Mainstream Professional Writing) and Serena Spacey. (My current Transformation mostly. It’s a Name of Experience. Usually Scifi Romantic Fantasy with Refreshingly new plots)

Right now I am writing somewhere between Melanie Ray and Serena Spacey, but I am trying to just lean to Serena Spacey. A lot of my covers feature either or both names too though, and if I draw some line in the sand, then it gets awkward explaining how I am both at different sites.