All of my Gundam Wing Books I am going to keep off-site unless I see a strict need to bring them here. Gundam Wing is a show I love. Honestly, it was the very first show that made me discover fanfiction in the first place, and it was the first fanfiction I ever wrote. As thus, there aren’t a ton of stories from it that I would . . . want to salvage.

I made Gundam Wing when I was in more of a humorous romance stage. It was fun, and I did really enjoy it, but I don’t foresee myself going back into it anytime soon, and none of my little Gundam Wing Stories were ever taken down from except one. They are all decent with no cussing basically. Very Teen or below so I don’t see having a problem with them.

I also wrote many of them before I even entered the end of Gundam Wing the series, saw Endless Waltz, or read any of the comics. As such, there are certain developments between certain characters that just feel awkward now.

You can visit my direct profile at here and see all my assorted Gundam Wing titles. Be forewarned though. These are around the time of 1999 and onward when they were created. You aren’t going to be getting high quality, there will definitely be amateurish writing, and so on.

FAQ: (Appears again on FAQ Page)

Do you plan on doing anymore Gundam Wing?

I do have one story that I never put up, never got too far into, but basically fell in love with. The reason I didn’t put it up though was because it was about a boy who was even more sensitive than Quatre. He could see and talk to spirits. It was chilling, and I wanted him to be picked up by Quatre and the other pilots, who would be able to find a way to help him cope with his extra sensitive ability.

Yeah, except it was like a couple months before The Sixth Sense trailer came out! I was sooo mad, I never picked it up again. Still, it had a really good concept, and I loved the fact it would be my first venture into horror. So, there is a slight chance I may write it just because I did love the aspect of it. It’s just at the time I didn’t see it as being something I should suddenly be writing. However, I did actually make a cover for it. So . . . we’ll see.

You will be able to find all of these stories at Each one has been linked for your convenience. All of them are entirely complete.

Sugar High One-Shots

From Yummy Milkshakes to Sour Pilots

No Need for Girls!- Tenchi Muyo/GW Crossover

The Wu Wufei- 3×3 Eyes/GW Crossover

What’s The Worst Thing That Could Happen?


The Trouble with the Truth Worlds. (A Series of books based on the same concept with the same characters.)

The Trouble with the Truth: The Original Premise.

The Trouble with the Truth II: Time Marches On: Sequel

Heero’s Trick or Neo’s Treats?: Technically a third? Short. Based on Halloween in this world.

And Then There Was Six: Takes place before the Original Premise, a turn in the original story made all the difference in it.